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"The old Doc punches hard. That's what I learned yesterday…or today, I guess, who gives shit it's the same darn thing."

Mary Eunice flinched at the curse word, and smiled shyly. She didn't know the kind of language, she had never in her entire life, said it, or any of them.

"What made him hurt you?" She asked, Kit was hesitant.

"I ehhh. Hem, well I wanted to see how far he'd go, you know, his anger. What made him most angry."

"and?" she looked at him, full of hope and curiosity,

"And…he loves…to protect you. Yup. Conclusion, Sis. So we can take that as an advantage."


"So many questions, not enough…huh. I guess we do have time. Lots and lots. The answer to your question is simple. You ask him what to do and he'll do it. Promise."

"Wha— why?"

Kit and Mary had been hiding in a closet for almost two hours planning for the next day. Kit remembered this room really well, Thredson was held hostage. He didn't know if Mary knew this, although if she did, she'd probably be creeped out.

"Because a woman can power over a man," he smiled, "all you have to do is play innocent. Make him think you want him, that you'll give him a reward in the end."

"But that's mean. That's using him. And I can't do that. I know he has…feelings for me. He…" she didn't know if she should tell him about the Doctor's suicide, then again, if they had to work together, they'd have to share each other's experiences in the Asylum. "He would. You're right. But I don't know how,"

"You knew? Why didn't you used that knowledge before? It could have saved me from getting hit in the face."

"Well, you didn't ask. I was possessed by the…dark thing. I know pretty much everything."


"I'm sorry Kit."

"Yeah yeah I know." He smirked, she really was adorable. Innocent and sweet, pure and shy.

"So what do we do now? I've ignored everyone. I'm pretty sure Dr. Arden is looking for me. And Lana! What should I do about her?"

"Listen, don't worry about today. At least we know how things run here without us interrupting. Obviously I'm meant to meet Grace, and you're meant to drag Lana in here. What is the one thing you have not changed all?"

"I—I don't know. I guess maybe…Willie. Willie, yes I-I forgot about him,"

"Holy shh-ah-cow. Holy cow…who's Willie?"

"Hopefully not lunch."

"Oh, gotcha. Ok try to save the bastard."

"Kit!" she giggled.

"So much for not swearing huh? Anyway, save him."

"But…how? I'm always too busy. And what if I'm too late?"

"Wake up an hour early, get the keys to his cell and free him. Let him free. Let's see what happens. After all, we screw up, we always have the next day."

Mary nodded. She knew he was right. Kit told her what to do next after freeing Willie. (LMAO) and he told her of what he will do. If all goes well, he promised to show her how to control Arden.

"You'll have him wrapped around your little finger," he winked at her.


Although she probably had an idea. After all, she'd seen how the devil had done it.

"As for today, just do whatever. I'll actually be a good boy. Can you do me a favor though? Try for practice. Ask Arden not to collect me. The hell with Lana, just distract him."

"Ah, ok. I will. Any ideas?"

"I'm thinking." Kit looked up at the ceiling, lifting an eyebrow, holding his chin, "Got it," Kit looked around, searching for a sharp object. When he finally found one, he took Mary's arm, and held up the broken glass he found on the floor. "Tomorrow, this will be gone."

"What!? That's your idea? How am I supposed to explain this to him?"

"My guess is, you were supposed to meet him, like now? Tell him you were distracted by a room you found and accidently slipped and fell and scratched yourself with broken glass."

"He's too smart. He won't believe that. He'll think it was someone else."

"He'll be distracted by your wound he won't care. As long as you tell him it was no one. Get him to stay with you for as long as you can. Think of something fast. This is a test."

"But I always fail on tests!" She said worriedly. Kit rolled his eyes.

"Fine, practice. It's just practice. Ok, you ready?"

"No!" she squealed. But it was too late, he took the glass and made a large deep cut, from left to right.

Mary had her hand over her mouth, holding her scream but letting out some tears.

She ran straight to Arden. It wasn't an act, she was completely freaking out by how much blood there was. Fortunately, she caught him before he left his office.

"Sister I was just about to go look for you," Then he noticed the cut. She didn't have to explain what happened, she couldn't, he practically carried her into his office, and placed her on his couch, took his tools out and went straight to doctor mode.

She couldn't believe how worried he looked. He was determined to make her better without questions.

"Sister…uh, you're going to have to take off at least the top part of your costume, so I can stitch up the cut." He felt odd and uncomfortable. He had never seen her without her habit, let alone her undergarments. Mary tried to unbutton her habit, but couldn't with one hand.

"C-can you unbutton it for me?"

He was glad she was looking away, for he was shaking. He was having a hard time breathing, and tried to put it aside. It was harder since he finally unbuttoned the gown, and for the first time, see her in a white slip dress with spaghetti strips. He was glad for that slip of hers, instead of her wearing some even more revealing ones. Luckily the slip was opaque.

After that it was easier to treat her.

She cried in agony. She realized that every time she did, he would have guilt on his face. He was hurting her while at the same time trying to help her stop the bleeding.

As soon as he was done, he sat down next to her, and took his hand and placed it on her cheek, making her look at him, and cleaned her tears away from her soft gentle skin.

"Are you alright? Who did it?"

"I-I," She closed her eyes, she didn't know how to lie. So she lied to him with her eyes closed. "I'm so clumsy. I didn't see where I was walking. I fell and accidently cut myself with broken glass. I-I'm s-sorry," She stuttered. She was now crying uncontrollably, trying to gasp for air, but failing each time.

"There's nothing to be sorry about, Sister, it happens."

"Please don't tell sister Jude,"

"I promise I won't." After a minute of silence he quickly remembered she was half dressed.

Mary of course noticed as well. This brought her to the time she realized she was being possessed. She was in bed, sleeping, then finally woke to find Arden there, making sure she was alright. The devil noticed the way he looked her. She was in her nightgown, with nothing under it. It was the first time he saw her with her hair down, and no habit on. And he was lost in her. The Devil read his mind, oh how he was drowning in her beauty. It was there that the Devil thought, oh what fun it would be, to play with him.

She couldn't believe she was taking notes from the devil herself.

"T-thank you Doctor." She pretended to forget that she was half dressed, and hugged Arden. He was surprised by her action, she could tell, his heart was beating so fast she could feel it. She didn't know how much she needed a hug. She hadn't had one of those since before all of this. This time, she cried for real. He held her tight, and let her cry on his shoulder.

She cried for what was going on. Her life was complicated. She didn't know what will happen to her after all of it. She was lost in a screwed up world, with the worst people. And it's up to her and Kit to fix it all. She couldn't handle the kitchen during dinner time. What made her think she can handle all of this? She held hugged him tighter. Even if the devil said it, it was true. He had always made her feel safe.

"Sister. What's going on?" He asked in a low voice, he knew there was something wrong with the young nun. She wouldn't cry that hard for a cut.

Mary loosened the hug, to look at him, his face was inches away, and Arden couldn't help but look her eyes, and then her lips. Oh how he wished to kiss those cupid bow lips.

"I'm just tired of messing up. I don't know how to do anything. And now I'm making you lie for me."

"Oh sister, I-I would do anything to help you. You do the same thing for me, remember?"

Mary Eunice smiled, and nodded. She realized that it was still early. Even if she left an hour later, she knew Arden would still have time to collect Kit. Now she didn't know what to do. Drugging him would have been easier.

What would the devil do? It was the worst question she had ever asked, but she was desperate. Kill him would be the answer. But she would never ever do that. So she ignored that for now. She decided to listen to Kit. Use her Innocence. Though she had already been doing that. She found herself shivering, and realize she was half unbuttoned.

"I-I'm sorry doctor, I forgot I was like this. Can you please button it up for me?" She was wrong. The devil wouldn't have killed him, she'd use herself as a weapon. Her innocence and her body. Minus the dirty talk and the giving herself so easily.

She slowly let go of their embrace, let her hands slowly go into the habit's sleeves and turned around for him to button up the gown. She took her hair to one side, and 'innocently' showed her neck and back. His hand brushed her back, as he was trying to get rid of the hair that fell on her back. He swallowed hard. She too was having a hard time. She had never been touched before, and it felt good. She had been alone for so long, especially during all this, she had forgotten how it felt to be touched at all.

After she buttoned up again, she turned to him and smiled.

"I'm glad I have you in my life. I don't know what I'd do without you. You've been saving my life since I got here."

He chuckled. "Oh Sister you have no idea how much you mean to me."

She knew he wasn't lying. He had said that before. It was after he found both her and the monsignor both in bed. They were outside, with the death creatures on the ground, and Arden on his knees after failing to shoot himself in the head.

She shook the image out of her head, and smiled instead. Ignoring the gruesome memory. It was at this moment, she realized that she wanted to save him. Before all this monstrosity, she had one belief. There is always a second chance. And if Kit said that Arden would do anything, maybe he would give up all that evil, and be good. For her.

She couldn't help but smile, and forgot where she was. She didn't care though, this day didn't matter anyway.

She once again fell into his embrace, but this time, closed her eyes. His body rested on the arm of the couch. His plans were unsuccessful but he didn't care, he had her in his arms. He too fell asleep.


Mary was heartbroken. She wished she woke up in the arms of Arden. The day was erased and now she is back to this. She rushed out of bed, and quietly entered Jude's office, took the keys, and…freed Willie. After that she continued on her day.

As soon as Kit was in the common room, they quickly met each other, in a corner where no one could hear their conversation.


"I did it. He's gone. I also made sure he made it past the creatures. I don't know what will happen to him, but if he keeps going to the direction I led him to, he'll run into town."

"Wonderful. And hey, Arden was off my back. Congratulations. How'd you do it?"

"I'd rather keep that to myself."

"You didn't, I mean you…"

"What? Wait no I didn't have to do anything, he took care of the wound and we just talked. Then he fell asleep. I left him there. Went to bed and that's it."

"Oh. Well that was easy. I guess he's really desperate to have you."

She forced a smile, she didn't want to tell him just yet about her plan.

"I bet."

"Ok, gotta got. I need to meet Grace." He winked at her, "Wish me luck."

Mary shook her head, "Good luck."

She didn't know how Kit ended up in solitary. Again. But it was his plan anyway, so worried about her own. As long as Lana ends up in here, she was good to go. It would be around this time, where she would here about Willie's passing. Or rather, murder. She wanted to at least hear that they realized he was missing. No one really did.

"Poor Willie." She whispered to herself.

She quickly cleaned up the common room before Jude would barge on her cleaning the checkers. Jude would probably remember Willie if she did.

"Sister Mary Eunice, when you're done cleaning around here, I want you to help me cook, the monsignor and I have a meeting and I want dinner to be perfect. God knows how much that man works hard. We need him to be happy and fed."

Mary Eunice nodded. "Yes Sister Jude." Mary found it odd, Jude had never asked her this, even in the original day. Maybe she had wanted to ask but couldn't because Mary was crying too much about Willie. Jude probably forgot to ask her.

After helping Jude, Mary was back to her original schedule. She and Arden were now in the kitchen, talking like they did before. Mary couldn't stop thinking about what had happened in his office. She felt hope.

"Do you hear that? They sound like they're getting hungrier,"

She was worried though, If Willie is out of the equation, what are the creatures eating tonight? The bucket he handed her this time, was full of cow, pig and chicken meat. She knew this because the smell was rather familiar. It was the smell of grocery meat. Why didn't he do this before, she didn't know. Maybe the creature liked human meat more than animal meat.

She knew she'd run into Lana. But she so badly wanted to find another way for Lana to get committed into Briarcliff, without getting into trouble.

She did. She realized that Lana would eventually get in, but how was the question. She hid behind the bushes, threw rocks in the direction where the hidden tunnel was. Lana quickly followed the noise and went in. Mary waited a good ten minutes before she herself could get into the tunnel. She ran to her room before Lana could get caught, dressed into her nightgown, and fell asleep. Hoping that their plan worked.


Mary woke up, saw her calendar and realized their plan didn't work it was the same day. Mary nearly had a heart attack. She tried to hold it in. When Frank told her Kit was here, she rushed in to Jude's office and told her of the news.

She was, once again, next to Arden, waiting for Kit to come out of the van. As soon as he did, Mary cried, as soon as Kit's eyes landed on hers. Arden heard her weeping, and was confused by her actions.


Mary woke up. It was a nightmare. Just a nightmare. She closed her eyes once again, afraid of looking at her calendar, when finally she decided to take her chances. It was the next day. She was so happy she nearly fell out of the bed. She cried once again but this time they were happy tears.

For some reason, the day before, only felt like one, instead of many. It was like a dream, and with every second that passes, she'd forget the small pieces of the days that were wrong, and only remembered the right. She shook her head, trying forget about it, and decided to start her day.

She tried not to look excited as she speed walked it to the common room to find Kit. As soon as she spotted him, he smiled so big, it seemed as if the smiled could leave his face any minute. The too each other, and hugged it out. There really was no one there yet, so no one noticed.

"It worked! It was because of Willie." She said, after she let go of him.

"Who knew huh? I can't even remember all those day except when we freed Willie. Do you?"

Mary Eunice shrugged, and shook her head, "Not really, no. Do you think that a good thing?"

"Hell yeah it is. Yesterday is history, and today is a mystery. Even though there were a lot of yesterdays."

Mary smiled. "Do you remember what happened today? Bec—Oh no."

"What? What's wrong?"

"It's today, I know it's today, when the devil comes." Mary was on the urge to cry, her hands started shaking, and her eyes were now watery.

"Not if we change it. Calm down, I won't let anything happen to you, ok?" He held her in please, with his hands on her shoulders and shook her gently to get her attention, making her look at him. "Hm? I promise. We're here together. Ok. That's the difference between now and then. I have your back, and you have mine."


"Alright. Now when does it happen?"

"The end of the day."

"We can work with that."

"What if it has to happen? What if I'm meant to—,"

"No. It's not going to happen because it wasn't meant too. Remember, we're both here for a reason. It don't make sense if your…you know, and I'm here alone. It would be for nothing. Ok trust me."

"I trust you."

Kit looks around, found the clock and noticed it was almost time for his talk with Thredson.

"Now, I have a meeting with psycho Dr. Bloody Face, ok. Try not to do the same thing as you did in before ok. We need to see what we need to fix in order to get through today."

"Wh-what are you going to do with Thredson?"

"I'm gonna tell him that I know his secret."

"but what if today isn't like yesterday? What if tomorrow does happen?"

"It won't. You and I both know that."

Mary looked down and sighed. "I wish I didn't. What if he tries to kill you?"

"Then I'll wake up again." He winked.

As soon as more of the patients came in, Mary left and Kit went on to talk to Grace.

Mary was walking around the hall of Briarcliff, when she overheard the guards talking about Lana and Jude's request to fetch her for some shock therapy. That's when she realized, that yesterday wasn't a yesterday. Her freeing Willie was a day before yesterday. Which means, Kit and Mary skipped a day. Her calendar was simply not changed because her yesterday self didn't change it.

This was important information. This awful punishment wasn't going day by day, but only the day big things happened. The devil arriving, and Kit meeting bloody face.

She wanted to run to kit and tell him, but realized it was too late. He'd already be with Thredson.


Kit didn't know if he'd act crazy or stay sane. He knew he wanted to scare him, he wasn't afraid anymore. This was just a day that probably won't exist anyway. He was just glad he was done with all that beating from the day before. Yeah sure he'd wake up again and find his face fresh and clear form the bruises, but he never got used to the pain.

He decided to go insane. The guards were practically dragging him to Thredson. Kit yelled and spit and even laughed a little. It was actually sort of fun. As soon as he saw Thredson, and was close enough, he spit in his face. Thredson stayed still, took a handkerchief from his jacket pocket and wiped off the spit. He cleared his throat as the two guards forced Kit to sit down. Kit laughed his ass off, enjoying the moment. He was proud of himself for that move.

"Hello Kit."

"Fuck you. I know your secret." He laughs again. After he stopped laughing, he leaned in close to Thredson, and whispers, "You're bloody face." And laughs again.

Thredson was surprised. He looked up at the guards, who were a couple feet away, making sure Thredson was safer from the maniac.

"Is…is that what your telling everyone? Are you with guilt Mr. Walker?" He swallowed "Do you express your guilt with anger? And blame?"

"Shut up! You skin peeling freak!"

"Mr. Walker, you need to calm down. I'm here to help yo—,"

"Bullshit. You and I both know I'm right. You have dark secret doc. You have a love for innocent women, and you especially love their skin. So soft, so smooth. You dance in it. Don't you."

Thredson took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down.

"Why are you blaming me for your mistakes Mr. Walker?"

Kit stood up and violently hit the desk that was separating him from Thredson, and brushed out everything off of his desk and threw them on the ground.

Thredson signaled the guards to take Kit away. "Well, that's enough for today Kit. Thank you for your time." He said, as he got up and walked away.

"You're a special one aren't ya?" one of the guards said, as they were taking kit away.

"You got the wrong guy. Thredson is the murderer here. He killed them."

"Yeah sure, and my mother robbed the bank. Enough of this fairy tale crap."

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