Kaizoku 9/2




Attack Names


Ranma-chan awoke on the floor of the Thousand Sunny's dining room with a massive headache. He then looked around taking stock of his surroundings. Ryoga was in the doorway stirring slightly, while everyone else was pretty much in the same place they were before they had all blacked out. Some of the Straw-hats were also stirring. Akane also looked like she would be up sooner than the others. That surprised Ranma-chan a bit but she did have very strong willpower, so that was probably the case. Luffy, Ryoga, Sanji and the swordsman then arose from unconsciousness.

"Ung, What the hell happened?" Ranma-chan asked no one in particular.

"Wow, that was just like when we entered the mystery hole." Luffy commented.

"What the hell's a mystery hole?" Ryoga asked.

"He means a portal," Sanji clarified. "Any way we should see where we are."

Everyone who was conscious then made their way outside. There they saw nothing but ocean, with a huge storm on the horizon. Nothing seemed too out of place to Ranma and Ryoga, until a giant see monster swam by only to get eaten by an even bigger sea monster.

"Hey Ranma, do giant sea monsters exist?" Ryoga asked.

"I think smaller ones exist, but I don't think that there are any that big near Japan. Did you get us lost somehow? I wouldn't put it past you to accidently do that somehow." Ranma-chan replied.


"I was only asking, Sheesh."

It was then that Akane walked onto the deck.

"Do any of you know what happened?" she asked.

"No clue, but we don't seem to be anywhere near Japan anymore." Ranma-chan answered her. "Any way we should probably figure out what's going on after everyone is awake again… and learn each other's names too."

After everyone had awoken, they gathered on the ship's deck for introductions and to figure out where they were, as to lower confusion they decided to go with introductions first so that they could better communicate. The male Straw-hats also brought their bounty posters with, except for Sanji. Luffy went first.

"I'm Monkey D. Luffy, and I'm gonna be king of the Pirates!" he said with his usual grin.

"Roronoa Zoro" the green haired man introduced himself.

"I'm Sanji, the ship's cook and Protector of beautiful ladies." Sanji said.

"I'm Nami, the navigator." Nami said.

"I'm Chopper, the ship's doctor." The tanuki*(?) said.

(*Tanuki = Raccoon dog, an animal that looks kind of like a cross between a raccoon and a badger, just google it.)

"Did that tanuki just talk?" Ranma-chan asked only a little supprised.

"Baka, it's not a tanuki," Akane said. She then studied Chopper for a moment, "it looks more like a jack-a-lope. You know those Bunnies with the horn that live in America."

"um, Akane," Ranma-chan began, "you know those aren't real right."

"I'm a REINDEER DAMN IT!" Chopper yelled.

"He's so cute!" Akane squealed before giving chopper a hug.

"Baka! I'm not happy that you said that. Kono yarō*." Chopper said while doing his happy dance.

(*Kono Yar ō = You bastard)

"… You sure look happy." Ranma, Ryoga, and Akane said.

"I'm Nico Robin, the ship's archeologist, and historian, If there is anything about this world you need to know just ask me."

"I am Usopp, great warier of the sea, and good friend of Sogeking, the master sharpshooter."

"I'm Franky, the Sunny's SUPER carpenter. If you damage the Thousand Sunny then I'll make sure you regret it." The cyborg said.

"Yo ho ho ho ho ho, I'm Brook the ships musician." The living skeleton said.

"If you're a skeleton, then why do you have an afro?" Nabiki skeptically asked.

"I had very deep roots, yo ho ho ho."

"Yosh. Now it's your turn." Luffy said.

"… ano, could we get a change of clothes first, I'm kind of tired of being in my bathing suit." Akane said.

"Akane's right, if we're going to be here a while we'll need some clothes, and we have no way to pay for them right now." Nabiki added.

"And plus I wanna change back." Ranma-chan complained.

"But of course." Robin said leading them to the Girls' bedrooms. (Only Akane, Nabiki, and Ranma-chan were in their bathing suits.)

The other two both found something that perked their interests from Nami's old outfits and left to change. Ranma-chan however, was having a harder time, being both shorter, and refusing to wear girly cloths, especially the under garments.

"I'm not wearing this." Ranma-chan said flatly indicating the offending outfit.

"It is going to be hard to find clothes for you if you keep on rejecting everything." Robin told Ranma.

"But I'm a GUY! I can't wear this!" he said holding up one of Nami's old skirts.

"I'm confused by this, you certainly don't appear to be a male."

"Yeah, yeah, I'll tell you when I introduce myself; I only want to explain this once. Anyway can I just borrow some of the captain's cloths or something, they look like they would stretch the most to fit my current chest size better." Ranma-chan said indicating his breasts.

"I do not think that should be a problem, but we should ask Luffy-san first." Robin said before going out to ask Luffy.

After she returned and told Ranma-chan that he had permission to borrow Luffy's cloths, he quickly but on one of Luffy's red vests and a pair of shorts, remerging to button the vest before leaving. Akane and Nabiki were already waiting for them on deck.

"I'll go first," Ranma-chan said, "But first can someone please get me some hot water?"

"HAI!" Sanji said rushing off to get Ranma some water. He returned shortly with the water.

"Thanks." Ranma-chan said pouring the water over his head triggering the curse to revert. The Straw-hats then watched in awe as Ranma-chan transformed from a well endowed red-headed female to a well toned black haired male. "I am Saotome Ranma, heir to the Saotome school of Anything Goes martial arts." He said striking a pose.

The results were varied. The straw hats other than Sanji and Luffy were shocked. The group who had come to ship with Ranma (excluding Kuno), simply sweat-dropped.

"FOUL SORCERER SAOTOME, WHAT HAVE THY DONE WITH MY PIG-TAILED GODDESS!" Kuno shouted assuming a fighting position.

"Can it Kuno," Ranma said planting his foot in Kuno's face.

Luffy looked very confused for a few moments as he contemplated what had just happened. Then he came to a conclusion. "OI! SANJI! Get me some mystery water too!"

Said cook, however, was too busy being devastated that the beautiful girl had turned into a guy. "WHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?" he cried, the memories from the 'place that shall not be named' came pouring in. "Wait, you- you're not an Okama, are you?" he asked shakily.

"WHAT?! HELL NO!" Ranma yelled at him.

"Oh thank God."Sanji visibly relaxed at this. "Though I wish that he hadn't. played this cruel prank on me." he added quietly.

Meanwhile, in heaven…

God sneased.

"Ha ha seems like someone's talking about you," Catastrophe said.

"Yeah I guess you're right." God giggled to her best friend.

"GAME SET!" then played from the T.V. "THIS GAME'S WINNER IS, ROY!"

"Yatta*!" Catastrophe yelled.

(*Yatta = I did it/ I won)

"DAMN IT" God shouted.

"Rematch?" Catastrophe

"You're on Cat!" God said.

The two then returned to playing Super Smash Bros Mêlée®.1

Meanwhile, back at the plot

Ranma had just finished explaining the Jusenkyo curses (very tragic story), complete with a live demonstration, courtesy of Moose. Luffy, still confused, slowly pieced together the information in a way that made sense to him.

"So you guys," he indicated, Ranma, Moose, and Shampoo, "fell in mystery puddles and now water makes you transform like Chopper?" Luffy said still very confused.

"Meh, close enough." Ranma said, realizing that Luffy wouldn't get it anymore no matter HOW many times he explained it. Just like how Kuno would probably never understand that he WAS the pig tailed girl.

"Anyway, I'm Tendo Nabiki," Nabiki said.

"I'm Tendo Akane, Heir to the Tendo school of Anything Goes martial arts."

"I'm Hibiki Ryoga."

"I Shampoo."

"I'm Mu-Tsu"

"I am the Blue Thunder of Furikan High, Tatewaki Kuno!"

"More like the True Blunder." Ranma said under his breath.

Then Ranma saw the approaching storm was very close now.

"HOLY SHIT! IS IT RAINING FIRE!?" Ranma yelled utterly shocked and off guard.

Nami then took control and started ordering people around, "Luffy, Zoro, get the sail, Sanji raise the anchor, Franky ready for a Coup De Burst, everyone else just get out of the way." Nami then ran to the ship's wheel to turn it in the direction of one of the log Poses, preferably one that was pointed away from the fire-storm. Unfortunately the only needle pointing away from the storm was highly unstable. 'Of course, only one way to escape the storm and it happens to be going to a dangerous island. Just my luck.' She thought, as the storm was now almost completely surrounding the ship.

"COUP DE BURST!" Franky yelled as the ship blasted away.

When they finally landed Ranma was more than just a little edgy and disturbed. "Okay, can someone tell me what the happened back there! Why the hell was it raining FIRE! I mean SERIOUSLY, how is that even POSSIBLE? And how the how the hell was the ship flying? ARRRG! This is making my head hurt."

"The Sunny wasn't actually flying, we just launched ourselves a Kilometer, as for the raining fire bit, that's probably because we're in the New World."

"Ano, I don't think that it rains fire in America." Akane said confusedly.

"What's an america? Can I eat it?" Luffy asked confused.

"America is a continent, and it's sometimes called the new world." Nabiki explained, "Seriously, didn't you learn any of this in school?"

"All of the male Straw-hats then simultaneously asked, "What's school?"

"I believe a school is a place where a personal tutor teaches many people at once. They are somewhat uncommon and generally only affordable by nobles." Robin said.

"That sounds BOR~ING!" Luffy said.

"You have no idea."Ranma replied, "You're not even allowed to fight there."

"Not that that's ever stopped you." Akane said.

"Anyway we would not know what America is anyway as I believe that our world is separate from yours." Robin then went on to explain the dynamics and such of the one-piece world, including the tale of Gol D. Roger.

"So do you know how we can get back home?" Akane asked.

"Unfortunately I am unsure of how to do this." Robin replied.

"YOSH! Until you guys go home you can be our nakama and stay with us. OI! Franky! We need you to make them some beds!" Luffy was very happy at getting new friends. He then looked confused, "Wait where'd the other guy go."

"He's right, Ryoga's missing." Akane noted.

They then herd a muffled shout of 'WHERE THE HELL AM I NOW?!' and were unsure of how they might have missed that before as it was still quite loud. They were then able to track Ryoga down using his shouts. When they found him he had somehow managed to find his way into the pantry, which was locked. They then watched as he wandered in a circle looking for the door, before once again shouting. "WHERE THE HELL AM I NOW?!"

"Ya know Ryoga, only you could manage to get lost in a closet without even opening the door." Ranma said to the eternally lost boy.

Luffy laughed at this, before a flustered and frustrated Ryoga yelled at him to shut up. They then led Ryoga back to the deck after telling them that they were invited to stay with the Straw-Hats until they could get home. The rest of the day went by relatively uneventfully with Ryoga only getting lost on the ship five more times with Luffy finding it funnier each time, even turning finding him into a game. During dinner Ranma was seated next to Luffy, being one of the few people whom could actually Defend his food against him. Ranma then suppressed the Straw-hats by not only defending his and Akane's food from Luffy (Akane was on his other side), but actually managing to steal some of Luffy's food. The two were then kicked by Sanji for their atrocious table manners. Several hours and six more games of 'Find Ryoga' as it had been dubbed later, the Nerima gang (Everyone from Ranma verse) turned in for bed, along with most of the Straw-hats.

Meanwhile, in heaven…

Chaos carefully approached his older sister and waited for her to finish the round in Super Smash Bros. Mêlée®, as to interrupt her in the middle of a match was suicide.

"TIME UP!" came from the TV's speakers as the match ended. "THIS GAME'S WINNER IS…" God and Catastrophe leaned closer to the screen, greatly anticipating who would win. "KIRBY!"

"YAHOO!" God yelled jumping up from the sofa while throwing her arms in the air to emphasize her victory.

'Good, she won that means she'll be in a better mood.' Chaos thought, noting that his chances of surviving what was to come mostly unhurt go up. "Ano, excuse me, but could I talk to you a sec Onee-chan."

God groaned. "Why, what did you do this time?"she inquired.

"Well, uh, you see, Hobbes kinda, might have, accidently sent a few people to another dimension, including my Champion, Maybe, and I was wondering if you might help me get them. Please." Chaos said a bit nervous.

God looked at her youngest brother flat-eyed and asked, "Why should I?"

Catastrophe just watched the conversation, a bemused smile on her face.

"Um, because I'm not powerful enough to bring them back in the other dimension alone and you love me?" he tried.

"And…" God waved her hand for her brother to continue.

"Uhhhhh, you'll get to go on a pirate adventure like in One Piece?" he offered.

At this she perked up, "Really?! Well that changes everything, but I'm only going if Cat can come too." She said crossing her arms.

"Okay sure, I was going to invite her anyways, I mean if we're going to be a pirate crew we should have at least five people; which reminds me, can you help me convince Fate to come if it comes to that?"

"Sure. Oh by the way I want to be the captain. I think that it's only fair, I mean, I am the oldest after all." God then turned to Catastrophe, "So you gonna join us Cat?"

"HELLS YEAH! That sounds like FUN!" said goddess yelled enthusiastically.

Chaos then went to Fate's study where he found his older brother writing.

"Hey Fate, would you…" Chaos began.

"No you can't borrow my pen." Fate interjected before Chaos could finish.

"Oi, that's not even what I was going to ask; Besides if I wanted to use your pen I wouldn't ask. Anyway, I was wondering if you would join me, God, Cat, and Hobbes on a quest to save my champion form another dimention?"

Fate shrugged and said, "I suppose I have nothing better to do."

Yosh, to the Tree-fort! Planning is always better in the tree-fort!" Chaos yelled.

"Yay! CLIMBING TIME!" Cat yelled.

Once they had gathered in the tree-fort Chaos laid out a basic plan.

"Okay so first we should come up with 'Earth Names' so that we can blend in with others better. I mean I doubt that anyone would take us seriously if we claimed to be Higher Celestial Beings. I think that I'ma go with Calvin."

"I think I'll go with Katelyn, that way you can still call me 'Cat'. Um my last name'll be um… Tsuna."

God thought for a moment, "I think I'll go with Rune. Hmmm hey what do you two think aur last name should be?"

"Don't care." Fate said.

"Watterson." Chaos said.

"No." Fate and God said flatly and simultaneously.

"Elard?" God said.

"Fine," Chaos grumbled while Fate simply shrugged.

"Grumio." Fate said clearly uninterested in the whole affair.

"And I will be…" Hobbes started.

"Just plain-old Hobbes." Chaos said, "you don't need a new name."

"Hmm," Hobbes thought aloud, "I guess you're right, besides, you can't improve upon perfection."

They then went about planning their crews name and details about their ship and such.

Dawn, back at the Thousand Sunny…

Ranma awoke earlier than usual for him, as he was very stressed out from being stuck in another world. Part of it was that he was worried about how he would protect everyone, especially Akane. He decided to go out to the deck and do some katas to help him calm down. He soon became deeply immersed in them, putting his thoughts and worries aside for now. After finishing his third kata he was caught off guard when he suddenly heard a voice behind him, jumping slightly.

"That was very impressive Ranma-san, you seem to take your skills quite seriously." Robin said with her usual kind smile.

"Oh Robin, it's you. When'd you get there?" Ranma asked her.

"I have been here the whole time Ranma-san; you seem to have been troubled by something since the firestorm yesterday. Would you care to talk about it?" she then asked.

"I don't need…" Ranma started before being disarmed by Robin's smile, similarly to how Kasumi's smile would cause him to drop his emotional guard. He sighed before continuing, "Yeah, I guess so. But don't go telling the others."

"Of course. Now what has been troubling you Ranma-san?" Robin Replied as Ranma took a seat on the bench next to her.

"Ever since it rained fire I kinda realized that its way more dangerous here than back home, which in and of itself isn't a problem, but with Akane and Nabiki here I'm worried one of them will get hurt. Especially Akane because she's always trying to help even if it gets her in way over her head, hell she's almost died a few times because of it. And… and… and I'm afraid that the next time, it may not be almost." Ranma was silent for a few moments before continuing, "I… I worry about Akane and I really don't want her to get hurt. I don't need to worry about Nabiki because she knows that she's not a fighter and when she is in a dangerous situation she'll just use the closest capable fighter on her side as a meat-shield, she doesn't try to help especially if she could get hurt. I guess I kind of wish that Akane was either capable enough to help, or would stop trying to help and putting herself in harm's way in the process. Hey, um, please don't tell anyone about this, okay."

"Do not worry, Ranma-san, I will not tell anyone anything unless you want me to. If I may say so, you seem to care about Akane a lot, Perhaps you should try teaching her how to fight better so you will not need to worry so much." Robin suggested to him.

"I… I do… and I'm not sure I could teach her. She gets frustrated very quickly and never seems to actually listen to me. I'm not sure she would even listen or try anything that I would try to teach her. Also the Tendo school of Anything Goes focuses much more on weapons and on the ground fighting, where as I only have basic weapon training as the Saotome School of Anything Goes focuses more on hand to hand and aerial combat. So I'm ain't sure if what I could teach her is even compatible with what she already knows. I guess that I could try to modify some of my katas to include weapons though. Thanks for listening to me, Robin, no one else seems to do that."

"You're welcome Ranma-san. If you would like to talk again let me know; I would be very interested to learn about your world."

"You'll probably wanna talk to someone else then, I don't know much other than martial arts. But when it comes to that, I'm one of the best there is." Ranma said walking off to return to his katas. The sun had about finished rising by then and the rest of the Straw-hats and some of the Nerima gang had started to rise.

AN: 1 in Smash Bros. Mêlée if the language is set to Japanese then instead of saying 'Time!' or 'Game!' the announcer voice says 'Time Up!' and 'Game Set!' respectively. I have done this myself out of curiosity and if you don't believe me then just look it up; also God and Catastrophe's first game was a stock match.

On a separate note, I will be drawing God, Catastrophe, Chaos, Fate, and the Heavenly Tiger and posting their pictures on my Deviantart page at

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