I sighed as I took one last look at myself in the mirror, the freckles on my arms had faded with the winter. Wearing nothing but a slip I watched Anne as she grabbed a piece of silk material and lifted it to my face. Darkness surrounded me as Anne tied the blindfold up tightly.

My maids helped me as I stepped blindly into a dress. It felt heavy today, well, heavier than last time. "Are you sure I can't see it?" I teased.

"No Lady, it's a surprise." Lucy said firmly.

"I can't believe in just over a week we will be calling you princess." Mary cooed.

They continued draping things over me, whispered instructions for me to lift my arms, stand up straight, lift my foot. I tried to catch the murmured conversations but I wasn't upset when I didn't hear more than a few words. I liked surprises, most of my dresses had been surprises but this one was the one I was most excited about.

I drifted off into my own land, where the only things that mattered were the flower arrangements, the bridesmaids dresses, the food, the music. There were a few things to worry about too, like if I could pull of being regal in front of a those royal families that were coming, whether the rebels would attack, would the rest of the beautiful selected hate me?

Twelve months ago I was still another member of the Selection, one of the Elite, the one who had made the huge mistake on the report and nearly got herself kicked out. Yep, that was me. Mary had fully removed the blindfold before I came back from memory lane.

"Hmm?" I said wistfully, remembering that someone had said something.

"Oh look Lucy," Mary giggled "she's got that look in her eyes again."

I attempted to wipe whatever expression I had on off and smiled, hoping that they would leave me in my room in peace. I dressed quickly into one of my favourite day dresses and the girls left in a flurry of excitement. Lucy reassured me that the dress will be perfect. As if I doubted them.

I sat down at the piano tucked into the corner of my room, there was another grand piano in my sitting room but whenever I sat at it it seemed to luxurious for me to play. I got through halfway through a song then a light knock at the door joining Maxon's and my rooms. I stood up and swept the door open completely.

"Hello my dear," Maxon whispered, wrapping his arms tightly around me as he gave me a quick squeeze. I smiled, hit by another wave of memories, our first conversation, our second, our first conversation after he proposed and ended the selection.

"America, my dear," he raised an eyebrow to see if the phrase was okay, when I didn't object he continued. "You need to wipe that shocked look off your face, people will thing I played eenie-minniee-minee-moe to pick out of the three of you."

"Maxon Schreave," I responded to calmly, drawing out his surname.

"What? Now you don't like my last name?"

"I like it a lot actually," I teased, "I'll like it even more when it's mine." A mischievous grin spread across his face. "And" I said, making my tone more serious "I think I'm okay with you calling me your 'dear' now." I got pure pleasure from the look of excitement that spread across Maxon's face.


"Yes, as long as you promise to never call anyone else that."

Maxon let go of me but held my hand as he led me to his balcony, I could see a small candlelight dinner set up. "I told everyone that unless it was an emergency I was not to be disturbed until after breakfast tomorrow." He explained as he took the seat opposite me.

Throughout the dinner he spoke of the Japanese royal family who now couldn't come to the wedding because of an earthquake in Japan yesterday. Three other royal families had arrived today, including the French. Maxon's cousins, who I had yet to meet, from Wales were arriving tomorrow and he was bursting with excitement.

I felt guilty as I couldn't concentrate on the words, my thoughts turned to our wedding, more importantly our wedding night. As excited as I was, there were things I didn't want to tell Maxon, things he was going to find out. I knew that I'd have a lot of explaining to go.

After a butler came and cleared away the plates Maxon stood up and pulled me out of my chair, he held both my hands in his and pulled me close, my forehead rested on his chin. My eye flicked upwards into his, I couldn't believe how loved he made me feel just when I looked into his eyes. I moved my head so I could see all of his face, I took a moment to study it.

"Can you believe it?" I asked him.

"No I can't."

"Nine months ago you picked me, nine months ago you ended the selection." He lips moved quickly to mine, the kiss immediately filled me with the warmth you only get from kissing someone you love. All too soon he pulled away, a small smile played across his face and he slowly shook his head.

"America Singer, I picked you on the very first day."