"Bring forth the child!" Durka yelled loudly, his voice echoing through the marble hall. He sat up on the black wooden thrown with red velvet cushioning starring bellow at his guards. His hands were clenched so right that his knuckles had gone white and a bright purple vein was popping out of his hand.

Two armed soldiers holding a young boy up by his arms. His legs that weren't touching the ground were kicking around in frustration.

"Drop the boy!" Durka ordered. They dropped the boy roughly and he landed with an 'oof'. "State your name child!"

The boy didn't answer and angrily rubbed his sore arms. "Your name!" Durka repeated angrier.

"Beck." The boy answered angrily.

"Beck? Beck what!"

"Don't get angry, Sir. The boy is an orphan. He doesn't possess a last name." One of the soldiers said quietly.

"Silence!" Durka screeched angrily and black lightning shit from his hand knocking the soldier down. Beck looked up at Durka with fear. He attempted to run but the other soldier grabbed him. Beck looked up at Durka, just by his look it was obvious that he wasn't a force to reckon with.

He had long hair, as dark as night slicked back off his face. His right eye was covered with a black leather eye patch but peaking from the top and bottom of the patch as long pink line could be seen. He had a dimple in his square chin which was covered by a triangular shaped beard. He was wearing a leather shirt with the collar bedazzled. Along the middle of the shirt was several large round silver buttons engraved with Celtic cymbals. He wore tight dark trousers and knee high house riding boots. His skin was sickly pale and his limbs unnaturally long. His long pointed nails were painted night black and upon his left, middle finger was a sliver ring with a large square red diamond in the middle.

"Quit starring boy! Are you or are you not the peasant with the affinity for air?" Durka yelled. Beck nodded meekly. "Show me." He ordered.

Beck lifted a scrawny tanned arm causing the sleeve of his worn out cotton shirt to fall to his elbow. He swished his arm softly, knocking over a stand for holding ceremonial candles.

"Perfect." Durka mused and a sick smile painted onto his cold face. "Take him to the others!" Durka yelled abruptly and left his throne.

Two soldiers dragged the weak boy down several flights of stairs to the underground basement. The smell of rotting food and wet was sickening. Water leaked from the roof and onto the stoned floor. There was a multitude of cells lined up against each other some had men chained up in them others had people leaned up against the cold stone dying. Of course the soldiers didn't care at all. They pulled Beck to the cell at the far right and opened it quickly opened it and aggressively tossed him inside the cell.

Three curious faces looked up at him. The soldiers slammed the door shut behind Beck causing him to jump. The three other faces looking at him seemed the same age as Beck.

The first one Beck saw was a petite girl with bright red hair and dark brown eyes filled with fear. She seemed of high class since she wore one of the richest gowns Beck had ever seen. It was ruby red with ruffles around the sleeves and hem of the dress. It had lighter red flaps at the side of her dress accenting the hips she barely had. But judging by the outfit again it seemed that she was in her a while since there was a multitude of tears and scratches on the rich silk material.

The second Beck saw was a boy no older than himself. He seemed of common wealth, enough to feed him enough and give him decent clothing. He had on a white shirt and a green vest on over it. He wore puffy pants of the same color but didn't have any shoes on displaying his dark skinned feet which had gone rough and crackled, though not nearly as bad as Beck's. He had rich brown eyes and dreaded hair down to his chin.

The last one in the cell was another girl. She wore the typical outfit for a female child slave working at the manor, which consisted of a short loose-flowing black skirt and a white blouse. Her knotty black hair was tied back in a bun. Around her wrists and ankles were broken shackles and at the back of her legs Beck could make out irritated skin from lash marks.

"Way to go, now we'll never get out!" The black haired girl lashed out standing up from were she was huddled in the corner. She started to push Beck against the rusted metal cell.

"Jade, relax." The boy said pulling 'Jade' off of Beck. "You know he had to, or he would've been fed to Sparky." André said rubbing her pale arm in an attempt to calm her down.

"That ridiculous beast does not have a name so don't start giving him one!" Jade snapped at him before returning to her corner.

"Hi I'm Cat!" The red haired girl announced happily from were she sat on the wooden bed hanging off the wall.

"Em.. hey I'm Beck." Beck said awkwardly.

"Well Beck thanks to you we'll never get out of this hell hole." Jade snapped. André shot her a glare but Jade remained unfazed.

"Guys we gotta calm down." André said loudly. Jade rolled her crystal blue eyes and stuck her tongue out at him.

"Were are you from Beck?" Cat asked chirpy unlike the other two.

"Everywhere sorta. I'm an orphan." Beck said scratching at his arm.

"Ooh, so is Jade." Cat said joyfully as if not having parents was something to celebrate.

"No! I have parents!" Jade barked at her from her corner.

"Yeah but you never got to see them for like six years." Cat murmured. "You can sleep here Beck." Cat said with a smile pointing to the other wooden bed bellow hers.

"That's my bed!" André argued.

"André don't be rude we have guests." Cat hushed him in a very mother like tone.

"Cat he isn't a guest, he's a cellmate." Jade explained dully, her voice being droned out by the fact that her head was hurried in her bony knees.

"It's fine I don't need a bed." Beck said with a fake smile.

"How gentleman like." Cat swooned and put the back of her hand up to her forehead pretending to faint. Jade rolled her eyes and André huffed.

"So why are you all here?" Beck asked sitting down in the corner opposite the wooden bunk beds.

"Same as you, idiot!" Jade snapped.

"You guys control air?" Beck asked confused. His mentor had told him that he was the only one with the power to control air left alive.

"No we complete the unity." Cat laughed. "Your the only air master out there."

"So if your not air masters what are you?" Beck asked cautiously.

"I want to throw a cinder block at his head, does he not know anything?" Jade asked rhetorically standing up in her corner.

"I have the power of fire, André has the power of earth and Jade has the power of water." Cat explained happily.

"I would've thought of Jade as more of a fire kinda gal." Beck laughed. Jade folded her arm and rolled her eyes.

"I have the power to squish you with a whale, don't push me." She warned.

"Not when we're in this cell." André grunted.

"Why not?" Beck asked confused. Surely if her powers were nearly as strong as Beck's she could call the ocean that was only across from the castle.

"The cell is magic proof." Cat sighed sadly.

"Well why are they even keeping us here anyway?" Beck asked confused.

"He really knows nothing about the prophecy." Jade told André loudly.

"What prophecy?" Beck asked expected of Jade's grunt.

"Y'know the light and dark prophecy." André said sitting back in his bed,

"No." Beck said stretching out the 'o'.

"The light one is we save Farwaygrove from Durka's wrath." Cat said happily pulling at the ruffles on her dress.

"Or the dark on, we cause or own demise." Jade finished.

"What makes us so special? I'm only thirteen!" Beck exclaimed.

"Beck we're the unity. We're going to save Farwaygrove." Cat announced happily.

"Shh, Cat!" Jade scolded angrily.

"Durka has to wait for all of us to turn thirteen before he can take action with his plan." André informed.

"That's good. How old are you three?" Beck asked hopeful.

"Me and André are both thirteen. Jade is twelve." Cat said calmly instead of her before bubbly attitude.

"When do you turn thirteen?" Beck asked Jade.

"Next week." Jade mumbled toying at her broken shackles.

"Then we have to work fast at getting out of here." Beck said and started to kick at the metal bars surrounding three of the four cell walls.

"It's no use Beck. We've already tried." André said.

"Well I amn't going to rot here." Beck spat and shouldered the gates.

"You heard André, Beck. Durka's men will let us out next week and we'll have our memory's washed and be forced to be his soldiers in the battle front." Jade informed not once moving from her corner.

"You said the magic never worked inside the cell. Have you ever tried outside the cell?" Beck asked sticking a scrawny tanned arm out.

"There is no use using magic outside of the cell when you have the power of earth." André groaned.

They watched as Beck swished his hand and the master key fell off it's hook by the stairway. He then swayed his hand up and the keys lifted off the ground. He motioned for the keys to come forward to him and the slowly bobbled in the air towards the very last cell. The other prisoners watched and cheered Beck on as he did so. Beck finally grabbed the keys and undid the lock on the door.

"You would think if they're smart enough to magic proof the cell they'd be smart enough to stop us from doing that!" Cat laughed and jumped down from her wooden bed.

"You guys wait by the stairs, I'm going to let everyone else out." Beck ordered.

"What are you suicidal? There is a million guards up there, you're lucky there isn't one up here." Jade snapped angrily finally standing up from her corner.

"I know what I'm doing just go!" He said. Jade glared at him and ran up the stairs with the others. She heard the clanks from each lock falling to the floor and more and more prisoners making there way to the stair way slowly pushing the others closer to the top.

"Beck what's your big master plan now?" Jade asked angrily as she began to be smashed between André and the stone wall.

"Just open the doors and let the others run." He yelled. Jade opened the door slowly and hid behind it along with Cat and André as she did so. The hungry and tired prisoners ran quickly through the castles ground floor looking desperately for an exit before they were going to be recaptured and more than likely executed.

"You're mad boy." Jade whispered shaking her head of black curls.

"I know someone who can help us you just have to trust me." Beck whispered. "Hold on." He ordered in a hushed tone and grabbed onto Cat's and Jade's wrists. André grabbed onto Jade and a large white cloud formed beneath them. It lifted them out of the door and up higher and higher.

"Beck we're going to crash through the ceiling!" Jade yelped shielding her head. André winced and Cat let out a shriek, but they all went silent when they past through the solid roof with ease. Beck maneuvered the cloud and landed them safely outside the castle gates.

"Oh my. Oh my god." Cat repeated rocking back and forth once the landed.

"Relax Cat. We're fine." Beck said kneeling down and rubbed the red heads back comforting her.

"I think you spoke too soon. Run!" Jade yelled fear evident in her eyes.

The three others turned there heads around and let out loud fearful screams and ran as fast as the could into the misty, dead forest.