André Harris hissed with pain as the raven haired girl washed out his open wound. Blue sapphire spirals covered the palm of her hand from were the clear water emerged. She wasn't being gentle with the water she released instead the water emerged in huge gushes drenching the ground beneath André. He lay shirtless on his stomach against the forests murky floor that was filled with needles from pine trees and puddles from was a large gash on André's back from where he had roughly landed when he had tumbled down the hill. His ankle was braced using a torn off bit of fabric from Cat's red dress.

They had barely outrun the army of soldiers Durka had sent after them by running down a hill so steep it should counted as a cliff. The horses were too afraid to venture down hill and rightly so because the four children each fell and hurt themselves, André being the worded offender. Cat was fine for the most part only a sprained arm from the awkward position she landed in, lying on her arm. Beck had hit his head off of the same rock that pierced André and was having his head wrapped by Cat. Jade was barely hurt at all only more bruises and scratches to add to her collection.

André though was terrible, he landed on a pointed rock and Beck repeatedly told him he was lucky it didn't impale him. It did leave an awfully deep gash which Jade was trying to clear from any dirt before she wrapped it.

"Be careful." André scolded as another dose of ice cold salt-water washed through his cut stinging him. He hissed again.

"Hold still I'm almost done." Jade promised. She closed her long white fingers down over the palms of her hands. The blue swirl soon disappeared leaving behind none of it's gorgeous light but instead droplets of water running down Jade's fingers. She dried her hands against her filthy skirt and picked up the make shift bandages for André. She helped him sit up since he was since light headed and used his grey cardigan to put pressure on the cut before using more pieces of Cat's dress to keep the cardigan secure.

"How do you feel?" Jade asked once she had everything tightened on him.

"Sore." He mumbled.

"Stop being such a baby you're fine now." Jade groaned and sat cross legged against the tree stump André was once lying down on. "I'm so tired. What time do you say it is?" Jade asked with a yawn and stretched out her skinny arms.

"About 7:30. I'm hungry." Cat informed as she finished off the bandages on Beck's head.

"We won't make it over night. Durka's men will come back for us, we have to keep moving." André grunted and attempted to stand up.

"Sit down soldier. You're still too light headed." Cat ordered him. He groaned but listened to the girl.

"He's right though Cat. Beck how far away is that person you said you knew?" Jade asked looking across at Beck.

"I'd say from here, 2 hours at the least." He guessed and scratched at his back.

"We'll have to go. We don't stand a chance if we don't keep moving." Jade ordered. She helped André up and he wrapped his arm around her neck and the other around Beck's.

"I don't know guys. Why can't Beck just fly us over?" Cat suggested with a fake smile, she knew very well why they couldn't.

"Yeah and be caught for using that strong magic." Jade snapped sarcastically.

"You used magic to clean André." Cat argued.

"Different story." Jade mumbled. Cat rolled her eyes at her.

"Cat you know Durka has a Seri who will sense us if we use magic, Jade had to use hers to help me, you saw how bad I was." André said as he was dragged slowly with half of his weight on Beck and Jade's shoulders.

"Yeah but we can move fast with Beck, the soldiers won't be able to catch up." Cat whined as she trudged slowly behind them.

"But they will and then next thing you know they're going to have our memory's washed and become zombies in his stupid army." André snapped. Cat flinched, usually André is the one who is the nicest to her. She tried to act like it didn't bother her.

"Fine but I don't like the idea." She said with her nose in the air.

"I'm so bored." Cat whined. "Can we do something?" Cat asked with big pleading eyes looking over at the others.

"Like what?" Jade asked with hitched breaths since she had half of André's dead weight on her shoulders.

"How about we play a game?" She suggested joyfully, making a full 360 spin, her arms wide out and her red hair flowing outwards.

"What sort of game?" Beck asked.

"We could play eye spy." Cat noted and used her thumb and index finger to make a circle around her brown eye.

"All there is here is grass and trees." Jade grunted turning down Cat's idea.

"How'd you know I was thinking of trees?" Cat asked in a happy state of shock.

"Why don't we just all get to know each other properly instead of playing a game?" Beck suggested. Jade rolled her crystal blue eyes.

"I already know stuff 'bout André and Jade." Cat argued crossing her tanned arms over.

"Really? What's André's mother called?" Beck asked.

"Well I don't know everything." Cat scoffed.

"Exactly, c'mon. I ask you 20 question, you ask André 20 question, André asks Jade 20 questions and Jade asks André 20 questions." Beck nudged. Cat smiled at him and nodded her head.

"I think we're going to have to stop, it's getting dark." Jade noted.

"We're almost there, please just keep going." Beck pleaded.

"I-I can't." Jade panted and dropped André off her shoulders. André attempted to steady himself out but toppled over dragging Beck with him.

Jade pulled her shirt off her shoulder revealing a big blue bruise. "Wow you bruise easy." Beck stated. He helped André up off the forests ferny floor and walked over ti the dark haired girl.

"Not exactly a trait I like." Jade mumbled and rubbed the bruise with her skeleton fingers.

"Did your parents have it?" He asked moving closer to her and pushing her black hair off her shoulders.

"I don't remember. I think my dad might've. I hate him though." Jade snapped.

"How come?" Beck asked curiously. Cat who stood behind Jade scrunched up her face and shook it angrily as if he shouldn't of said it.

"He sold me out. He knew Durka was paying big money to find the four with the affinities so he brought me to his castle when I was only six and he kept me there as a slave until I first proved I could master water." Jade said slowly.

"I'm sorry." Beck muttered awkwardly.

"You didn't sell me Beck, but you DID get me stuck in the dark forests with the biggest and most well trained army after me. Cheers." Jade said sincerely but it grew into sarcasm at the end.

"Em guys." André hissed drawing their attention towards him. "There is someone over there." He hissed in as low a voice as possible.

"We're closer than I thought!" Beck rejoiced and grabbed Jade's hand pulling her towards the man holding the light in the clearing.