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How do you write fan fictions and publish them.

I'm sort of new so I need help

3/12/2017 #1 Report

Switch To the Desktop/Tablet Mode, then go to your account press publish, and then new story. However since you are new you might not be able to get in because it says something about waiting 12 hours to reduce soam but after that your good

3/26/2017 #2 Report
Michael Cipher

what if you have it on Android how do you write a story on it?

4/15/2017 #3 Report

Me too

4/22/2017 #4 Report

What if you don't have a tablet or desktop and you want to do it on your phone?

6/20/2017 #5 Report
Landon Avery

OK, so I want to write a story but I know veeeeeeeeeerrrryy little about computers in general and the problem I'm faced with is that in the "Doc Manager" where it says "choose File" I click on it and choose one but none off them are "compatible" and I'm not sure how to get one that is. Also I have 2 HTMI files but for one it says "htmi you have uploaded an empty document or there is an error in processing" and the other one says "You are attempting to submit a HTMI file but it dose appear to be a proper formatted HTMI file" and I'm not sure what to do about any of it.

What do I do?

7/23/2017 #6 Report

HELP!!! I have an android and a passion to write and zero knowlegde how to write a story here!!! What can I do???

8/20/2017 #7 Report

Okay. SO... I understand how to submit stories but I have no idea where to actually write the stories, format them, or make them "compatible". Can someone help?

By the way I DO have a desktop to write the stories on.

10/7/2017 . Edited 10/7/2017 #8 Report

How do I write on the app

12/31/2017 #9 Report

help me plz oh wait i got it i is ninja jk ark rules im on ds by the way

6/20/2018 #10 Report

is it not possible to write on a comeputer

11/25/2018 #11 Report
niaj itsirhs

how do i writing stories on fanficition and i only have a smart phone no lapton no computer i don't know ho to start writing nd the publish it help me

12/20/2018 #12 Report

You mean HTML

1/2/2019 #13 Report


2/2/2019 #14 Report

I guess you'd just go to the regular desktop site on your phone then? idk.

8/8/2019 #15 Report


i'm new here and have encountered the same problem as you which is ' i understand how to upload but i don't know where to write and then how to make compatible for posting '

can you please help me ?

1/24/2020 #16 Report
Dev Sagittarius Black

Hello there, I know the problem new writers face so here's an answer to those I m dividing my answer as- *Those who have already written the story and have it sitting on their hard drives. *And those who wish to write a new story and are using Android (sorry but m not an iOS fan) So let me tell you the necessities first- -You need to have a desktop or if u are using Android then u will have to switch to the desktop mode (I can help you if u can't find it). - You need your own account. -New fanfic writers are prevented from uploading stories for at least 12 hrs from the moment they created their account. This you should have crossed that time lag. Now I m really hoping u have successfully followed each of the above and are using either a desktop or desktop mode on your Android. Click on ur username on ur top right corner . A new page will open which will be ur dashboard. You will see a list of things like- account, publish, image manager, alerts etc. You will have to click on publish. Now you will see dialog boxes saying doc manager, new story, manage stories etc. Click on doc manager. It will lead u to a new box where it will ask u to create a new document you will have to put ur story's title there. You will be provided with 2 options beneath that title saying file upload or copy n paste. Now this is where I will part- For those who have their story already on their hard drive pls make sure it is not having coloured texts and is of MS word or the given out formats if not then either change it or write anew. You can then click on choose file and upload your file in a regular way and then proceed to save ur document. For those who are writing stories with Android. You will be clicking on Copy-N-Paste. A new dialog box will appear providing you the area to write your story. You can write it there and save the document. NOTE- Do make sure that ur document is saved in Story format and not in DocX format. Because only story format is publishable. After this things are common for both users. You will move back to the left side coloumn and this time u will be choosing new story instead of doc manager. U will get a new dialog box where u can write ur story's title, summary, characters, rating and finally u will be asked to upload ur story from doc manager. Choose your file from doc manager and correctly type in the captcha and finally publish it. Hope this helps...Personal questions can also be asked via pm. Happy to help, and welcome to the new Authors. Regards, Dev

3/16/2020 #17 Report
dum as a door

thank you so much for the help

5/4/2020 #18 Report
Red Flamboyant

Hello. ive been sign in more than 12hours and had open the desktop mode. But no "publish" tab appear. what shoul i do?

5/25/2020 #19 Report

And why exactly must we wait 12 hours?

5/28/2020 #20 Report

Hello! I'm new too! I really don't know how to even get a page to start writing. PLEASE HELP!

7/4/2020 #21 Report

I'm using an apple iPad and am on safari and I can't find the bit to change it to desktop so when I go to account it only has those switches

2/4/2021 #22 Report

I don't see what you're talking about

1/15 #23 Report

How to switch to desktop mode in mobile

3/13 #24 Report

Here is the perfect guide for beginners on how to write a story after reading this blog I successfully completed my fiction story.

7/4 . Edited 7/4 #25 Report
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