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A Firestorm Nauralagos

This thread is for anything related to writing that doesn't fit into any of the other categories.

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1/20/2013 . Edited 6/16/2014 #1 Report

Hi, Firestorm!!!

I have a question about writing cliches (I hope that I spelled that right...) and how to do a cliche in a non-cliche way.

What I mean by that is, sometimes I really like a cliche- for example, good girl falls for bad boy that actually has a good heart- but I find it really hard to portray the cliche in a non-cheesy way. Does that make sense? I have a hard time trying to put my own kind of spin on the old cliches since they have been done so much and usually end up seeming the exact same way.

This is to anybody, by the way. I would love to know of any suggestions that you guys have.



6/16/2014 #2 Report
The Dimenssionalist

What you're talking about is more of a trope than a cliche.

Anyhow, how to do a cliche in a non-cliche way would probably be to put it interesting situation. Sure you good have the time old story of a good girl falling for a bad boy with a good heart, but say they aren't teenagers in some cheesy high school environment. They could be demons or snakes or sentient PS4s that fall in love in a volcano or something. If you have to use a trope, just use it in an interesting way.

6/16/2014 #3 Report
A Firestorm Nauralagos

I don't suppose anyone is extra good at writing duel scenes? I've been trying to write the one in Journey chapter 31 for about 5 months now ... -_- In case you couldn't tell, it hasn't been going well. Rebecca le Beta of Awesome has been helping me with it some, but I figured that any other ideas would also be uber helpful. Am dying of Writer's Block. xp xp *Flails*

10/14/2014 #4 Report
M BuBuWinter

I'm not super good at writing it, but half-way decent if you want me to help. I'd have to see it though. xP

10/16/2014 #5 Report

How do i write on fanfiction

12/28/2014 #6 Report

Okay, I see what you are saying. Thank you, Di Knight.

Vimbini: What exactly are you having trouble with?

Firestorm: I'm not great at fights either. For fight scenes, I recommend thinking about a pinball machine. You know how the ball dashes around at some points, but at others it is smooth and slowly picking up speed? Fight scenes are sort of like that. There are sometimes rapid fire moves (shown by short sentences most of the time), and, at other moments, there is a break in the battle. The fighters need to take a breather sometimes to compose themselves and calculate their next move.

Also, you don't have to say every type of attack. You can suggest it. "He threw a punch at me. I dodged it." could be "His fist whipped threw the air where my head was only a moment ago." In addition, it might help make fight scenes more interesting if the opponents have contrasting styles. Maybe one is a more jab and kick, quick moves fighter and the other one is a more smooth moving, planned out attacker. I like to picture the fight in my head like a movie.

I hope that helps.

12/28/2014 #7 Report
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