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OC Sheet!
M Luce The Genius Panda

Here you could make your OC


First Name:

Last Name:




Personality Pros/Flaws/General:

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: (if hybrid please specify)

If Wolf specify which pack:

Appearance: (if wolf please include color in wolf form)

Link to appearance: (optional)

Extra: (optional)

12/28/2011 . Edited by missixtyme, 10/10/2012 #1 Report
Dauntless Nephilim

First Name: Christian 'Chris'

Last Name: Gray

Gender: Male

D.O.B: 24 December 1817

History: His parents got killed during world war II. He live in France street ever since then. When he nearly die after he got beaten by the mafia around there, he met a vampire guy and changed him into one of them. Chris nearly kill his own creator that changed him because his creator abused him, but he manage to escape. Now he's wandering around alone. He never stay in one place for more than 10 years. He like to smoke and drunk because it's the only thing that keeping him distracted or playing around with girls.

Personality Pros/Flaws/General: Sometimes mysterious and he could be a complete d*** one moment and then turn into the sweetest creature on the planet the next. He's a spoil little brat, flirty, love having fun in teasing around, once he already close to someone he's kind and sweet. Very stubborn, sometimes blunt. He play mind games. Bipolar. Charming but he have commitment issues.

(lmao what a mess :P)

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: Vampire

Appearance: 6' feet tall. Dark brown hair almost black, dark blue eyes, but changed to red when he's hungry. Sexy shaped pectoral and abs. Pale obviously. Have a crooked smile and adorable dimples.

Link to appearance:

Extra: He have the ability to teleport.. (if he can't then, he have the ability to change memories) and have a sweet France accent :P

12/28/2011 . Edited by Luce The Genius Panda, 12/28/2011 #2 Report
M Luce The Genius Panda


Welcome to the Dark Side of Twilight :)

12/28/2011 #3 Report
A Breeoxox

First Name: Mia

Last Name: Grace

Gender: Female

D.O.B. January 3,1720

History: Was born and raised in poverty as an only chilg. Her parents died when she was 7 and she basically raised herself because she had no one else. When she turned 14 she had already had a good paying job and as she grew older worked her way up to stardom as a professional model. Is stunningly beautiful and remains one. Has one love of her life being her son Jace she had when she was 15 and another Adam when she was 25 before she was changed by a vampire hunting. Is actually bisexual

Personality: Shy, calm collected but proud, confident and arrogant when you get to know her XD

Hybrid between Human and Vampire

Appearance: Blonde, blue eyed, dimple cheeked beauty


12/28/2011 . Edited 1/29/2012 #4 Report
M Luce The Genius Panda

Accepted! For the hell of it XD

12/28/2011 #5 Report
M Controlled.Chaaos

First Name: Adriana

Last Name: Gonzales

Gender: Female

D.O.B. October 31, 1868

History: She was borned and raised in New Mexico, by her mother, father and grandmother. All of her family was very strong cultured latinos, so when she was born on October 31st, known as the Day of the Dead, her whole family frowned upon her. She grew up locked away in her room, no one new that she even was born. One night while she was sleeping, her father came into her room and r*** her. He cut up her stomache leaving scars for her to look at for her entire life. By the time she was 18 she had been r*** every night but her father, and her stomach/upper thigh were covered in scars. One night she ran away, it was in the middle of a thunder storm. She came across a vampire, who just happened to be feeding, and changed her. She learned the ways of a vampire quickly, she also learned that she had a gift. She could control all the elements. When she was 140, in vampire years, she had an attack causing her to turn into a hybrid.

Personality: Extremely shy, push over, doesn't find her self attractive, can b!tch and complain when she wants to

Hybrid between human and vampire

Appearance: brown hair, brown eyes, dark skin


12/31/2011 . Edited 12/31/2011 #6 Report
M Luce The Genius Panda


Welcome to the Dark Side of Twilight :)

1/1/2012 #7 Report

First Name: Abigail (Abby)

Last Name: Brenson

Gender: Female

D.O.B: January 7 1844

History: Abby ran away from a foster home when she was only five years old and ended up on a boat which took her to the United States. She was quickly adopted into a respectable southern family, she was always sneaking off and speaking with the slaves because she felt that they knew her better than anyone because many of them had been seperated from their families. Abby loved the south and her adoptive family, she fit in quickly and was one of the most beautiful girls in town. Her life changed for the worst when the civil war, the man she was engaged to be married to left to fight along with her adoptive father and brother leaving her and her mother alone to tend to the house. THe first year was difficult for Abby and her family because they had to struggle with slave rebellions which only stopped due to their friendship with Abby, as well as with food shortage and many of their supplies being cut off. In the summer of 1862 when Abby was 18 a vampire attacked her house hold, killing everyone but Abby. The vampire chose instead to save Abby due to her different looks which he considered beautiful, after Abby's change she discovered what this vampire did and quickly killed him. She also discovered that unlike many vampires her apperace remained much the same allowing her to still have her some of her looks only enhanced. She's spent most of her life as a nomad choosing to live off of animal blood instead of human.

Personality: Very happy and bubbly person, very rarely gets angry and hates violence. Very rarely will raise her voice or swear because she is against it, the only time Abby will stand up to anyone is when she feels strongly about something and will never go into anything half heartedly

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: Vampire.

Appearance: Bright blue eyes which change with her mood, dark brown and black hair, short at only about 4' 10"

Link to apperenance:

Exta: Abby collects powers which are used on her giving her the ability to use them as well. Though she doesn't do this often or on purpose, and only keeps the powers which she believes will help to protect her in the future.

1/2/2012 #8 Report
M Luce The Genius Panda


Welcome to the Dark Side of Twilight :)

1/2/2012 #9 Report
A Rose's Blush

First Name: Aria

Last Name: Keeloha

Gender: Female

D.O.B: June 20, 1995

History: Aria was born on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. She was raised in the water, growing up on the beach, swimming, surfing, and wind-boarding. She was wonderfully happy with her parents and her older brother John. Unfortunately last summer, Aria's parents and her brother went out on boat ride while Aria stayed in and went surfing with three of her friends. Around 8'o'clock that night, Aria got a call from her local police that both her parents and her brother had drowned after their boat had hit a rock and sunk. After a terribly horrible couple of month of figuring out where Aria was going to go, the funeral, and packing and preparing to move, Aria went to live with her elderly, disabled aunt in Forks which is where she now lives with a newly acquired phobia of water.

Personality Pros/Flaws/General: Sweet, sporty, relatively outgoing but kinda shy, innocent, sensitive/major phobia of water, proud, has a little bit of a temper but only when insulted/ has accepted her family's death and is a generally happy, fun person, normally.

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: (if hybrid please specify) Human

Appearance: (if wolf please include color in wolf form) dark, cappuccino brown hair that falls in loose waves to her mid-back, large, wide, deep blue eyes framed in long, black lashes, is skinny but toned, is relatively short only 5'5, and has a golden tan from all the Hawaiian sun

Link to appearance: (optional) (Her but with deep blue eyes)

Extra: (optional) Has an extreme phobia of water and the doctor

1/7/2012 #10 Report
M Luce The Genius Panda


Welcome to the Dark Side of Twilight :)

1/8/2012 #11 Report

First Name: Colbie .

Last Name: Cachosuosa .

Gender: Female .

D.O.B: February 14th 2000 .

History: Her mom was rapped by a vampire. When Colbie began to form the doctors thought in was some kind of worm in her stomach or cancer. However then her baby began to form. She began to notice that the baby was killing her and when she finally gave birth, her mom died in birth. The doctor was astonished at the beauty of the baby, and sent her to adoption. When she was smart enough (Age 2) she looked like 12 and had already ran away so no one caught on, that she was something supernatural. She had been a nomad ever since. She is moving around a lot because the Volturi wants to kill her or make her join them.

Personality Pros/Flaws/General:

-Pros: She is very head strong and easy to get along with. She has a sense of humor and doesn't mind hanging out with guys.

-Flaws: She has a Can Do Attitude and thinks she can do a lot. Then because of this she never turns down from a fight.

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: (if hybrid please specify): Hybrid (Vampire/Human.)

Appearance: (if wolf please include color in wolf form):

- Colbie has Auburn Red hair that glows red and gold in the light.

- She normally has Amber Red eyes, except when she's hungry in which she has Blood Red Eyes. (You Can Really Tell The Difference.)

- She has Fairly Pale Skin. However it has a light tan tint. It's not that noticeable though.

- She stands at 5'8 and has a Statuesque figure.

- She's Hot.

- Looks like if she's 17. Stopped aging at 7.

Link to appearance: (optional) N/A(x

Extra: (optional) Her power is called Little Devil, she can look at you and unlike Jane who's pain is a mere illusion. Hers is real, and flames erupt from your skin and the pain can be unbearable. She is wanted by the Volturi. She won't mind joining the Olympic Coven.

1/9/2012 #12 Report
M Luce The Genius Panda


Welcome to the Dark Side of Twilight :)

1/9/2012 #13 Report

First Name: Ashton

Last Name: Rivers

Gender: Female...obviously lol

D.O.B: September 29, 1990

She is a Vampire/Human Hybrid

Appearance: About 5"4, shoulder-length blonde hair, not skinny she's "thick"

Extra: She's very closed off. She has been through a lot and has built a huge wall around her heart and refuses to let it down for anyone.

1/27/2012 #14 Report
A Breeoxox

ACCEPTED! XD We shall see Shelby!

1/27/2012 #15 Report
A Breeoxox

First name: Jaceson

Last name: Grace

Gender: Male

D.O.B: July 31st, 1735

History: First son of Mia Grace, a single mom who is mated to Leah :). Dad died trying to save his family and as a result she leaned more to girls. Has a younger brother named Adam. Is currently in love with his fiancee Adrianna. Has 2 twin daughters as well ^^

Personality: Outgoing, a bit snobbish, sometimes sarcastic, funny :P


Appearance: Blonde hair brown eyes 6'1


1/29/2012 . Edited 2/12/2012 #16 Report
M missixtyme

First Name: William

Last Name: Doesn't know.

Gender: Male

D.O.B: Doesn't remember.

History: Will was changed in about the 7th century. He was born and raised in England, but doesn't know exactly where or when. He had a sort of come to when he was changed; forgetting much of his past and becoming a whole new person. He has emotional un-attachements sometimes when a old memory comes back to him. He is very loving of Elizabeth, but that is basically all. He is very evil and uses his power of influence to persuade people into doing what he wants. He is very controlling at times when it comes to the Volturi when he became part of it in the 10th century.

Personality Pros/Flaws/General: Evilness, but not to Elizabeth :D

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: Vampire


I think that sums it up! :D

Extra: (optional) Part of the Volturi Guard.

1/29/2012 #17 Report
A Breeoxox

First Name: Elizabeth

Last Name: Hans

Gender: Female

D.O.B. December 12, 1102

History: Worked in an empire of men and trained women in England, making them independent and hard, to an extent evil. Lost parents after vampires killed them and grew to be a beautiful woman. Became a vampire when she was 21 and trained newborns for Volturi for centuries. Met William and feel in love with him and 200 years later they got married and are a part of Volturi.Is a related to Caius & friend of Aro & Marcus by her mother and they are very close.

Personality: Sorta evil but never to William :D and sweet if she trusts you


Appearance: ;)

1/29/2012 #18 Report
A Breeoxox

First Name: Jeremy

Last Name: Young

Gender: Male

D.O.B.: April 23,1994

History: Born in Miami Florida of Gina & Greg Young. Bascially was a player. :)

Personality: Crazy, sweet and loud



2/12/2012 . Edited 8/18/2012 #19 Report
A Breeoxox

First Name: Hanson

Last Name: Craig-Andrew

Gender: Male

D.O.B.: October 1, 1988

History: Born and raised in New York into a working family of 2 embassadors and so has become a bit of a workaholic and is very good at his job but supports his only daughter Kathryn as they live in Seattle with his fiancee Abby ^^

Personality: Romantic, resevred and sophisticated



2/12/2012 . Edited 2/22/2012 #20 Report


2/24/2012 . Edited 8/15/2012 #21 Report

First name: Tuyen

Last name: Pham

Gender: Female

DOB: May 18 1995

History: Born in Vietnam raised in the United States

Personality: Nice be can be mean

Species: Human


Extra: Bi-lingual

2/24/2012 . Edited 8/16/2012 #22 Report
A Breeoxox

Accepted! :)

2/25/2012 #23 Report

First Name:Jamie

Last Name: Smith

Gender: Female

D.O.B: June 30,1995

History: Her dada died when she was little she only had a mom growing up. She always traveled because her mom had to travel with her job. She t*** up gymnastics when she was 5 and feel inlove with it. She has won many gymnastic chapionships and state titles. She learned to make new friends everywhere. Three times her mom t*** her out of the country to France, Italy anf Germany. She had to learn all three languages and is fluent in those languages.

Personality: friendly, caring, sweet, loving, kind, daring, hates when people backstab her

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: (if hybrid please specify): Human

Appearance: *her hair is blonde, has green eyes and she has a nice tan*

Extra: She loves to swim, surf, bake and gymnastics

2/26/2012 #24 Report


2/26/2012 . Edited 8/15/2012 #25 Report

First Name: Vincent (Vince)

Last Name: De Luca

Gender: Male

D.O.B: May 8, 1989

History: Grew up in New York City with his American mother and Italian father. His parents moved to California for his dad's job and he moved to Port Angeles once he was 20. He saw Victoria when she was creating he newborn army and has been trying to figure it all out. Once he hears about all the animal attacks that had been happening in Forks he moves there in hope of getting more information.

Personality: Likes being in casual relationships, but doesnt like anything serious. He is a player and sees nothing wrong with cheating. He doesnt care about what other people think of him, but if you are someone he cares about, which is very few, he will protect you. He doesnt go out looking for fights, but will defend himself if need be

Species: Human


Extra: He always wears sunglasses no matter what the weather to hide his eyes, has more of an Italian accent than a New york accent, but tries to hide them both. He also speaks fluent Italian and lives alone in a house that looks like with servants that he respects and a garden that looks like and and the path leads to

2/26/2012 . Edited 7/22/2012 #26 Report


3/3/2012 . Edited 8/15/2012 #27 Report
A Sinner. A Lover. A Hopeful

First Name: Ava

Last Name: Shay

Gender: Female

D.O.B: 4/10/1999

History: She is stuck in a twelve year old body when she was bit by a vampire. Her father who had a little vampire in him and her mother who was a shifter. Since she was a hybrid like Nessie but a wolf/vampire when she was bit only half of her changed. She was changed when taking an Alley way home from school. She is from Seattle. She is wanted by the Volturi so she is trying to hide. She ran away from her hom and left her parents in the mist.

Personality Pros/Flaws/General: Once you know here she is fun and bubbly but she is also really shy

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: Vampire/Wolf Hybrid

Appearance: She has Brown hair and Tan skin, Blue eyes *In wolf form* White fur Blue eyes Short

Link to appearance: Human

Extra: Wolf photo

3/4/2012 . Edited 7/11/2012 #28 Report

First Name:Ella

Last Name:Lost



History:Ella was changed when she was 17. She is kind and couldn't bear to kill humans so she starved herself till she realized that animals could be used as food. Doesn't remember anything from her human life.

Personality Pros/Flaws/General: Pros: Kindest person you will ever meet, helpful, not fake, will always tell the truth to you, won't lie to your face, tells it like it is, loving Flaws: innocent in many ways, mistrusting, etc.

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: (if hybrid please specify) Vampire

Appearance: (if wolf please include color in wolf form) Has gold eyes like Cullens, 5'11, curvy, pale, dark curly hair.

Link to appearance: (optional)

Extra: (optional)

3/6/2012 #29 Report
M missixtyme

Sounds good to me.


3/8/2012 #30 Report
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