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Beginning Again

First Name: Tora

Last Name: N/A

Gender: Female

D.O.B: 30,000 BC

History: Tora was born in 30,000 BC, in a villiage where the only language was of clicks and ticks. Each person was given a name based on their status in the tribe to which they were born, for instance 'Tick click clikc tick click tick tick' could mean 'Chief' or 'Jacob' depending on to whom it referred. Tora was known as 'tick' due to her young age and low rank. When she was 11, she began working with the women to gather food and make sure the young one's were taken care of. At 15, she was promoted to 'Tick click' because she stood up against an enemy tribe and they backed down. As women were not considered in the highest sense, they weren't rewarded very greatly for their accomplishments.

When she turned 18, she left the villiage. It's not known specifically what she did, or how she did it but it's said that she created something that was forbidden by the God's, and they cursed her. They made her a monster, who needed blood for water, and could not digest food. They gave her a guilty concous so she could feel the pain of murdering even with her need for blood. They made the curse contagious so anyone she tried not to kill would be marred by this great demon, as well. Hense, creating the first vampire. She has created many over the years, and is the only vampire who can turn animals.

Personality Pros/Flaws/General: She's very strong willed, but has a knack for being overly forgiving. She doesn't get close to people often, but when she does, she gives them all the love and care she can possibly muster, whether it be platonic or sibling love, or the love of a mate. She's guarded, due to personal history which she prefers not to share with any.

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: (if hybrid please specify) Vampire (first vampire ever created)

If Wolf specify which pack: Appearance: (if wolf please include color in wolf form) Long brown hair, with a long, slender face and plump red lips, red eyes, and pale skin. Her hair as a slight curl to it, though it's more gentle waves than actual curls. Her build is petite and feminine, standing at a height of 5'4.

(The other two options are N/A)

6/10/2013 #151 Report
M El Lobo de Rey


6/10/2013 #152 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

First Name: Tanto

Last Name: Ateara

Gender: Male

D.O.B: Unknown

History: He is a ntive Quillete he ahs avoided technology his whole life

Personality Pros/Flaws/General: kind creepy when you first meet him. has a Crow on his head adn face paint.

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: (if hybrid please specify) wolf

If Wolf specify which pack: Loner

Appearance: (if wolf please include color in wolf form) Black hair tan skin face paint white and black ((Johhny Depp Tanto)) Pure black wolf with white detailing

7/19/2013 . Edited 7/21/2013 #153 Report

Name: Audrey Emilia Robertson

Nickname: Auds, Audi

Gender: Female

D.O.B: May 18

Age: 19


Growing up with her parents, Trisha Robertson and William Robertson, they seemed like a good, wholesome family but when no one was around, William would be on drinking binges and would become aggressive towards both his wife and daughter. These weren't always happening when Audrey was younger, they were few and far between and William had only ever been aggressive to his daughter when his wife wasn't around or he couldn't find her. But as Audrey had gotten older, the binges were happening more and more until they were constant and her father had both Audrey and her mother living in fear. As a result to her unstable life at home, she didn't make many friends but they ones she did had never came over to hang out or spend the night because she was afraid that her father could hurt them and that was something she didn't want to happen.

As she entered her teenage years, her family had already moved several times before landing in Forks, Washington only because her father had randomly laid his finger on a map or Washington one night he was drunk, so to keep him happy, they packed up and moved. Also around this time, boys started to take notice to her and her body as she started to fill out more which only caused her to be even more self conscious of herself than she already was. So a way to keep the boys at bay, she just secluded herself from them, denying their offers for dates to dances or going to the movies until they eventually just gave up and labeled her as the 'Ungettable' or 'Prude' or anything else they could think of. Finally after she graduated high school, she was able to get rid of them and be boy-free but the saddest thing is that she thought she'd finally escape her home life, but her father demanded her to stay at home as she completes college.

Personality Pros/Flaws/General: Very compassionate person, always trying to help people and put them before her own self. Her self confidence and self-esteem are low from the abuse from her father and the taunting from kids at school. Very loving towards people she holds close to her heart, which are very few, and she loves to indulge herself in either reading or fashion.

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: (if hybrid please specify) Human

Link to appearance:

Extra: Works at a local boutique to help keep her out of the house and put a little extra cash in her pocket, it also works out in her favor since she has a good discount on the clothing and whatnot.

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M El Lobo de Rey

both accepted!

7/21/2013 #155 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

First Name: Richard

Middle Initial: B

Last Name: Riddick

Gender: male

D.O.B: Unknown

History: He is a wanted murderer. he was sent to a no daylight slam and got a shine job done on his eyes s he can see in the dark.

Personality Pros/Flaws/General: hes very shut off and doesnt like being told what to do. hes animalistic at times


Appearance: Bald with silver eyes. Wears welders gogles over his eeys to protect form teh light.

Link to appearance: iddick.jpg

Extra: He has two knives he keeps at all times and is on the run from the law. he is 26 eyars of age. The bounty is a quarter of a million.

7/24/2013 #156 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Holy......dream girl accepted

7/24/2013 #157 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

First Name: Jessica

Middle name: Caitlin

Last Name: Rhodes

Gender: Female

D.O.B: Januray 1,1988

History: She has been abused since she was 5 and got r*** from 13 to 18 all by her father. She stabbed and killed him in self defense just before her 19th birthday. She has scars on her back where her father got her with the whip. She has his name burned on her back shoulder where he used a lighter and a clothes hanger. She prefers to hide the scars. her mother died when she was 13 that being the start of the r***. She moved from foster home to foster home while her psyche stabilized but the homes were no help so she ended up moving in with her cousin Ariana and her aunt and uncle. She moved into her own home for the first time at 22.

Personality Pros/Flaws/General: She rarely sleeps at night because she is haunted by the many nights f r*** and abuse she suffered from her father. She hides the scars. She listens to heavy metal music and never wears anything that could expose her back

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: Human

If Wolf specify which pack:

Appearance: Brownish blonde hair, Brown eyes. Wears a short sleeved shirt and skinny jeans with converse shoes.

Link to appearance: Dz0bbTukh1

Extra: She is Arianas cousin through her mothers side

7/25/2013 #158 Report

First Name: Draco

Last Name: Wolfe

Gender: Male

D.O.B: May 25, 1985

History: Not a whole lot is known about Draco, he tends to make up stories about himself to mess with people. His mother died when he was younger from suicide, the only actual person in his life that loved him. His father was a violent drunk who beat him severely, giving him many of the scars he bears today. As he got older, he started to fight back against his abusive and sadistic father, but it was to no avail. But after many years of abuse and torture, he finally escaped it all. He murdered his father in a violent and bloody fight they got into when he was 17. Draco ran away and they never found him, but that would not be his first victim...

Draco is now 27 years old, he's an escaped convict on the run with a love for causing chaos. He could be branded as a terrorist, although he has the look of an average person, ignoring the scar on his right eye. He has no obvious motives and wants nothing logical such as money. People like him just want to watch the world burn.

Personality Pros/Flaws/General: Clever, Cunning, Smart, Charismatic, Sadistic, Manipulative, and a little Crazy.

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: Human

Link to appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?um=1&sa=N&biw=1366&bih=596&hl=en&tbm=isch&tbnid=IQQ3j5yaFC2fPM:&imgrefurl=http://danceproject.info/music/hip-hop/4058-eminem -the-real-slim-shady&docid=vUA_DwseYH3oLM&imgurl= amp;w=600&h=372&ei=yMDxUZfVMcfOqgHw5oCwCQ&zoom=1&ved=1t:3588,r:55,s:0,i:264&iact=rc&page=3&tbnh=175&tbnw=256&start=35&ndsp=21&tx=118&ty=69s

Extra: He has a scar going down his eye from his father, a grim reminder of his father and his first murder.

7/25/2013 #159 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Accepted twice!

7/25/2013 #160 Report
Sofie Clearwater

First Name: Haily

Last Name:Berett



History:She was bit at a young age(only15) and has been wondering the world ever since. She is not kind to her victims but does enjoy to play

Personality Pros/Flaws/General: she is majorly rudebut can be nice

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: (if hybrid please specify)vamp

If Wolf specify which pack:

Appearance: (if wolf please include color in wolf form) red hair and pale with red eyes

Link to appearance: (optional) 43/4/c/vampire_kiki___crimson_by_darkest_b4_dawn-d 5d351a.jpg (change her eyes to red)

7/31/2013 #161 Report
Review Whore

First Name: Faith

Last Name: Sigo

Gender: Female

D.O.B:May 19, 1994

History: She's native American and just moved to Forks for college. Her parents died in a car crash when she was 15, she basically raised herself. She has no close relatives.

Personality Pros/Flaws/General: She's kind, caring, and has very good patience. She can help anyone that has a problem, listens well, and talks at the right time. It takes alot to make her mad, but she's very stubborn. Sweet, patient, loves helping people, a college student, hates mind games, takes people's emotions seriously, and is kind of blunt.

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: (if hybrid please specify) Shape-Shifter (meaning she can turn into any animal or human)

If Wolf specify which pack: No pack

Appearance: (if wolf please include color in wolf form) Light Brown

Link to appearance: (optional) 8o1_500.jpg

Extra: (optional)

8/2/2013 #162 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

First Name: jake

Last Name: Tyler

Gender: male

D.O.B: December 2,1993

History: His dad died in a car crash. jake could ahve driven btu his dad begged to drive isntead while eh was intoxicated. He hasnt been able to elt his failure at stopping his dad go. He is very sensitive abotu it and when someone makes fun of his dad he beats the crap out of them. Him his motehr, and yougner brother moved to forks for a change of pace after Orlando FLoridia and Iowa. he is very fit and an underground MMA fighter.

Personality Pros/Flaws/General: He is evry shrot tempered especially about his father's accident.

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: Human

If Wolf specify which pack:

Appearance: short brown hair, brown eyes

Link to appearance: c0d9f8f9e8ba391257cc_thumb.jpg

Extra: he is the beatdown champ in Florida and has a youtube vid of him ebating up a football player and several fo him fighting other guys.

9/6/2013 #163 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Accepted :P

9/6/2013 #164 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

First Name: Steve

Last Name: Evans van der Harten

Gender: Male

D.O.B: idk the current year but hes 25

History: Singer for the band Omnia

Personality Pros/Flaws/General: hes Pagan. Hates big corporations

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: Human but wishes he was a wolf.

If Wolf specify which pack:

Appearance: hard to describe his hair style

Link to appearance:

Extra: (optional)

12/7/2013 #165 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Accepted XD

12/7/2013 #166 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

First Name: Marcus

Last Name: Uley

Gender: male

D.O.B: January 1 1989

History: He was born in Upper New Jersey. He spent most of high-school trying to figure out who he was. Marcus is darker skinned than his parents, who are both white as ghosts except his dad who's your average Guido. One day a man named Joshua Uley shows up at the door claiming to be his dad. when Joshua tries to strike his mother, Marcus phased and attacked him. Marcus ran off to La push in search of the pack there after his mother died of a heart attack. He met up with his Half Brothers Micheal and Sam. He has since joined the pack and is living with Sam and Emily in a spare bedroom.

Personality Pros/Flaws/General: He is very protective of his mother, no one is allowed to insult her. He only speaks English with a slight Jersey accent.

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: Wolf

If Wolf specify which pack: Main (Jakes pack)

Appearance: V cut body, ripped with muscle both on the body and between his ears. Black hair, brown eyes. hes brown furred with gray splotches.

Extra: Rped By Shadywolf313

12/15/2013 #167 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Accepted CX

12/15/2013 #168 Report

First Name: Elsye (El -si)

Last Name: Burns

Gender: Female

D.O.B: June 29, 1850

History: Elsye was born in A small town in England as a vampire/Human species. She lived a quite healthy and wealthy life until her age of 6 hen she feel in love and had her first child. After giving birth her parents took the child and Edison her. Elsye ran away to America, hopefully to start a new life. Sometime in the early latish years of 19th centuries she had befriended the Masen family. She found their only son rather attractive, in personality and body. She fell in love with and they dated for only a short while. Edward, though, didn't love her as much as he thought he should. One night while he as looking for her. He found her killing a animal. Elsye explained to him what she as and how much she wished they could be together forever. Edward said he'd think about it. After while his family fell sick of the influenza and she went to meet him. Using her power to erase his memory she did which made him more weaker. She left soon after and never was seen again. She had moved to Seattle Washington to beginner a new life and hope of learning of her true love. (not Edward LOL)

Personality Pros/Flaws/General: She is a sweet, kind, and caring person. She has a mind of a mother that most people admire. Pros- She can learn to control thirst if needed (She is a hybrid meaning she can survived both but decides on surviving on both :)) Flaws - After erasing edward's mind of him knowing her she had felt she had lost herself. So bring him up at all kinda breaks her depending on what you ask.

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: (if hybrid please specify) She is a vampire Human hybrid

Appearance: (if wolf please include color in wolf form) she has long wavy brown hair that falls to her waist. She stands at 6' ft and as a curvy skim body. She has a forest green eye color with thick dark eyelashes that make her eyes seem more beautiful. She Also has beautiful high cheekbones, perfect eyebrows, straight nose, strong jawline, and full lips. To some men she noted ot be very alluring and pleasure to company.

Extra: (optional) Has the gift of erasing.taking memories. ALso can give back what she took.

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M anonymousturtlelover


12/17/2013 #170 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

First Name: Erin

Last Name: Unknown

Gender: Female

D.O.B: unknown

History: She doesnt remember anything from her past she barely remembered her name.

Personality Pros/Flaws/General: shes very easy going.

Vampire/Human/Wolf/Hybrid: (if hybrid please specify) Wolf

If Wolf specify which pack: black pack

Appearance: (if wolf please include color in wolf form) short blonde hair and blue eyes, Snow white fur.

Link to appearance: (optional)

Extra: (optional)

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M anonymousturtlelover


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