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Introduce Yourself! :D
A Breeoxox

Welcome Al dear :)

10/13/2012 #31 Report
Sammi Writes

My name is Samantha but everyone calls me Sam or Sammi. I have been writing Twilight Fanfiction for a little over 2 years now and roleplaying for about year. I hope to make some friends and just have fun!

10/20/2012 #32 Report
A Breeoxox

Welcome dear :)

10/21/2012 #33 Report

Names Thomas. I Rp as mostly what it says on my profile. I like many things I get along with any one. I dislike people who are bullies and make fun of people. As for any other Information about my self Pm Me Somethings I don't like talk about so ya. Fav People from Twilight Jacob, Alice, Emmett. I like to Rp a lot Started on Facebook with a good friend of mine. Still learning Have issues with spelling but other that that No problem. Most of Rps I do have major Polt twist I have good plot ideas and everything else. If people like Naruto, Powerrangers, Twilight, yughio or any tv shows read my fics

3/5/2013 #34 Report
A Breeoxox


3/7/2013 #35 Report
Beginning Again

Hi everyone :] I'm Taneshia, but everyone calls me T, Ohana or Kat. I play Caius Volturi, and I'm really looking forward to meeting and RPing with everyone :]

6/10/2013 #36 Report
Review Whore

Hi everyone! I'm Preonna, I'll be roleplaying as Kate Denali :)

8/1/2013 #37 Report

Hello! Love the forum for dark twilight. All I do is read and write them. I'm a twimom and fan. That's why I faved this forum. I'm also team Volturi all the way! Looking forward to reading about you all. Love and hugs my people:)!!

3/15/2014 #38 Report
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