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Okay guys! Everyone's had ideas for fights and parties and the big crazy day idea soooooooooooooooooooo this topic is going to be used to advertise when these ideas you guys pitched are going to be happening. :D Please remember any ideas for parties and such go in Poll and all the ideas for fights and such go in Suggestions!. Rule suggestions are welcome as well. :) If you have a query about the date and time, PM anyone of the moderators, especially the most frequent ones like Missy, Celia , Emily or me :). Check regularly for updates on event dates and times. We only want you guys to have a good time.

-Your moderators. :)



Beach Party- This is going to take place on a beach outside of Forks so vampires can also attend. The weather will be a good day with obsured sunlight as to prevent exposure of the vampires and hybrids. Any physical fights should be avoided, especially between vampires and wolves; if conflict is occuring (like a verbal fight) someone should break them up before it gets physical. There will be a bonfire at the beach party in the night and food will be provided. Anything fun really can be there :) go wild. This'll be on the 1st September, 2012. The time of the event will be at 8-12pm.

Vampire Vs. Wolves Fight- This'll be exactly what it says. A vampire Vs. Wolf fight in the Forks forest by the treaty line. Persons who only play humans or people who wish to play other characters that are vampires or wolves may by Rent A Char which will be a topic created for these people. However, if the character you wish to rent is taken, you either have to get another or talk to the person who plays and discuss whether its alright. Persons who don't wish to participate can proceed to roleplay on the designated Rp topic. 3 to 4 days before this event persons may being to post which characters are going to be participating in the fight - if you are Renting one, please put RAC in brankets beside it. This event'll be on the 8th August, 2012. The time of the event will be at 8-9:30 pm.

The Mysterious Isle Esme- This'll be a week when all characters'll be dumped on Isle Esme where they'll find: Warlocks, Witches, Hybrids of various species, Children of the Moon, Shapeshifters of many different forms, Mermaids and Sirens. The characters to be played that are not the norm will be posted in the Rent A Char topic that will be created. 3 to 4 days before this event persons may being to post which characters are going want the new characters for this event . This week will begin on the 19th August and will end on the 25th August,2012. The time of the event will be ALL DAY UNTIL THE END OF THE 25TH.

*Any questions? PM a mod :)*

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