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Chase & Cassie's Wedding
A Breeoxox

This topic's made for Chase and Cassie's wedding. :) Everyone's invited.

8/22/2012 #1 Report
A Breeoxox

Opened topic for the wedding :)

8/30/2012 #2 Report

Cassie: *steps into her wedding dress, Aubree helping her getting ready*

Aubree: *zips the dress up and wraps the pink, floral sash around her waist* Marci, can you find me the hairband and get it ready, so I can get her hair done after this?

( (Everything in the picture is being used)

Derek: *helping his brother by, tying his tie* I can't believe you don't know how to tie a tie, Chase.

8/30/2012 #3 Report
A Breeoxox

Chase: *waiting at the alter in happy*

Jeremy: *is the best man, punching Chase's arm playfully smirking*

Chase: *laughs and slaps Derek's hands* I'm freakin fine! I had Aub do it.

8/30/2012 . Edited 8/30/2012 #4 Report

Aubree: *takes it, smiling back* Thanks. *speedily fixes her hair into a french roll with it teased neatly, puts the hairband in securely*

8/30/2012 #5 Report

((O.o wait, is his mom gonnna her magic and have her parents there? JW.))

Derek: Well, I'm fixing it, it looks too girly. *chuckles*

8/30/2012 #6 Report
A Breeoxox


Chase: *rolls eyes* Mom!

Rosie: *laughs and does it herself* Go to your girlfriend! *smiles and leaves for a momment knocking on Cassie's door*

8/30/2012 #7 Report

Derek: But she's with Cassie. *whines and stands next to his brother*

Aubree: Chase, Derek and Masen, you guys better not be on that other side or your gonna get your Yankee butts kicked! *opens the door* Oh... hey Rosie!

Cassie: *looks back and giggles* Smooth Aubs smooth.

8/30/2012 #8 Report
A Breeoxox

(you'll see hun :P)

Rosie: *laughs and kisses all of their cheeks**smiling* Hello Marci. I'm Rosie Chase's mom. *turns to Cassie* Oh Mija you look amazing. *holds her face* Ready for your dad to walk you down the aisle honey?

Oliva: *runs to Derek* Shut up *laughs and sits*

8/30/2012 #9 Report

(Bridesmaid dresses are this , but in the pink color!)

Cassie: *blushes, but gaps at her* W-what?

Derek: *laughs* Your a bridesmaidget back up there! *kisses her and pushes her lightly in the direction of Cassie's hideout*

8/30/2012 #10 Report
A Breeoxox

Olivia; *laughs and runs back unseen* Marci?

Rosie: *smiles and opens door furthur and lets her parents walk in and kiss each of her cheeks*

8/30/2012 #11 Report
A Breeoxox

Olivia: *smiles* You'll look great too

8/30/2012 . Edited 8/30/2012 #12 Report

Cassie: Mom, dad! *hugs them tightly*

Aubree: I have the dresses for us, ladies! *wiggles her eyebrows and point to the dresses hanging in the corner*

8/30/2012 #13 Report
M anonymousturtlelover

Bryan: *is watching from a distance, phased*

8/30/2012 #14 Report
A Breeoxox

Her parents smile and hugs her.Mom: *smiles* Honey you look amazing *crying* Dad: *smiles and strokes her hair* Our princess

8/30/2012 #15 Report
A Breeoxox

Aden: *in suit with Feli, carring Ana**wondeirng when Bry'll come home*

8/30/2012 #16 Report

Aubree: *senses Bryan and walks over to her* Hey. *smiles*

8/30/2012 #17 Report

Cassie: (Lol, their names are Cassandra and Austin) Thanks mom. *smiles softly and wipes her mom's eyes, leans into her father's touch* Thank you papa.

8/30/2012 #18 Report
M anonymousturtlelover

Felicia: *smiling wearing a long dress with a flower in hair, caring Garrett in a little suit*

Bryan: *nods*

8/30/2012 #19 Report
A Breeoxox

Rosie: *smiles and leaves*

Cassie: *smiles and sniffs* I'll wait in the pew.

Austin: *smiles and kisses her cheeks* My beautiful girl

8/30/2012 #20 Report

Aubree: Would you like to join us and Cassie? We have an extra dress that's yours, Cassie said so. *smiles*

8/30/2012 #21 Report
A Breeoxox

Aden: *smiles* Well don't my little girls and little man look dashing. *tickling Anna whose in a little dress and shoes*

8/30/2012 #22 Report
M anonymousturtlelover

Bryan: *shakes head and whines sadly, looks around trying to say that she is keeping watch for un-wanted vamps*

8/30/2012 #23 Report
A Breeoxox

Jer: *sneaks back and kisses Marci's cheek*

8/30/2012 #24 Report
A Breeoxox

Jer: *smiles and nods* I know but I want a kiss

8/30/2012 #25 Report
M anonymousturtlelover

Ana: *giggles and puts fingers in mouth*

Felicia: and you look handsome dear

8/30/2012 #26 Report

Aubree: *chuckles* It's alright, if there is any sign of trouble Derek and Masen will go and investigate. Come and have a good time, you deserve it.

Cassie: *nods at her mom* Thanks dad. *hugs him tightly*

8/30/2012 #27 Report
A Breeoxox

Aden: *smiles* Thank you my queen. *sitting after slapping CHase on the back**bouncing Anna on his knees and kisses his son and wife*

8/30/2012 #28 Report
M anonymousturtlelover

Bryan: *sighs and nods*

Felicia: *smiling* how exciting

8/30/2012 #29 Report
A Breeoxox

Jeremy: Nuh uuuhhh a real thing!

Cassie: *leaves*

Austin: *smiles and hugs her* Are you ready honey?

8/30/2012 #30 Report
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