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Chase & Cassie's Wedding
M anonymousturtlelover

Garrett: *giggles and nods pretends to 'shh'* thhhh

Felicia: *watching*

Bryan: *glad for her friend*

8/30/2012 #61 Report
A Breeoxox

Aden: *smiles and nutches Feli* Soon. *kissing Ana's cheek and messing a bit with Gar's hair*

8/30/2012 #62 Report

Cassie: *looks at her dad, shocked* Thank you. *whispers back and looks back at Chase, takes a deep breath* I, Cassnadra Audree Brooks take Chase Brendon Andrews to be my loftly wedded husband. *looks into his eyes* I remember the first time we met. I was looking for Jer when I say you ouside working on that silly car of yours and now that's led to this day. *smiles softly* We've been through so many ups and downs and we were gifted with our four beautiful children and I wouldn't be any happier to be your mate, your soul mate and soon, I'll be your wife. I'll treasure every minute with you, Chase and I'll never take anything for grated, especially our love. I'll always and continue to love and cherish you until the end of time.

Aubree&Olivia: *in unison* Awww!

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M anonymousturtlelover

Bryan: *feeling overwhelmed and how she might never be as happy as every one else is, quietly and sneakily walks off without anyone noticing* (sorry :P)

Felicia: *doesn't notice*

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A Breeoxox

Aden: *frowns* Where'd Bry go?

CHase: *smiles* I love you. *smirks* And the car's not silly

8/30/2012 #65 Report

Cassie: *giggles and smiles when she hears the priest pronounce them husband and wife*

8/30/2012 #66 Report
A Breeoxox

Chase: *strokes her hair and kisses her softly and lovingly as everyone applauds*

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M anonymousturtlelover

Bryan: *runs to where Embry killed her "parent's" and where they were burned, sits down while tears run down her face, screams in pain and sadness and throws the flowers and rips part of her dress, collapsing onto the ground on her hands and knees crying*

Felicia: she probably just went to the bathroom

8/30/2012 #68 Report

Cassie: *kisses back and smiels against his lips, mumbles* Finally, I"m your wife. *continues to kiss him*

8/30/2012 #69 Report
A Breeoxox

Aden: *frowns*

8/30/2012 #70 Report
A Breeoxox

Chase: *smiles picking her up and kissing her more* I love you

8/30/2012 #71 Report

Cassie: I love you too. *pulls away and rests her forehead against his chin because of the height difference*

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A Breeoxox

guys back to rp 2

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