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Jace & Rachel's wedding!

Cherish: *notices Cassie* Hey Cassie!

10/14/2012 #31 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Preist: I now pronoucne you man and wife you may kiss the bride

JAce:*kisses rachel deeply**has one eye barely open look towards chase to see if ehs cueing him to go before the moon shines in*

10/14/2012 #32 Report

Cassie: *sighs* Chase stop being a baby, you know she doesn't like you. *leans over to his ear* It would seem to someone else that you were interested in Aubree by the way your acting.

10/14/2012 #33 Report
A Breeoxox

Chase: *shaking head at Jace**gets up and goes to the car, still grumpy*

Rachel: *smiles and kisses him back hugging**whispers* Don't worry its a half moon tonight

10/14/2012 #34 Report

Cassie: *follows him* Chase, what's the matter?

10/14/2012 #35 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Jace:*whispers* full babe you can see it through the clouds we gootaa go *grabs ehr ahdn and races out the door adn into the car where chase is waiting*

10/14/2012 #36 Report
A Breeoxox

Chase: *shakes head* Doesn't f*cking matter...let's go home.

Rachel: *runs with him to the car* (bbl guys doing HW)

10/14/2012 #37 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

JAce:*hands start to become claws as he gets Rachel intot he car*NOOOOO! CHASE GET EHR OUT OF EHRE *groans in pain as his body feels like its on fire*&*darts into the woods trying to get as far away as he can*

10/14/2012 #38 Report

Cassie: *hurt by his words and nods* Alright, dear. *gets into the car* I love you, Chase. *says softly and affectionately*

10/14/2012 #39 Report
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