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Character Tryouts
M El Lobo de Rey

Alright this is where you audition for a cannon character

6/10/2013 . Edited 6/10/2013 #1 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Alright Obi Ill start the try out and when we finnish i will pm you if you passed or failed

6/10/2013 #2 Report
Beginning Again

Okay! :]

6/10/2013 #3 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Angelus:*sitting in a tree watching a human slip by* *sees Caius* oh joy what did i do to bring the volturi here? Did i kill too "conspicuosly"? *chuckles*

6/10/2013 #4 Report
Beginning Again

Caius: *robes draped around him loosely and hood up. He looks up at the figure in the tree, a slight scowl on his face* You mock the Vollturi, if it were I in ruling place that Aro has claimed, you would die simply for that. *his voice is chillingly calm, and his face a stone mask of patience while the venom boils in his veins from the offense directed at his coven*

6/10/2013 #5 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

(lIttle Heads up Angelus is feared slightly by the volturi he detests them and always breaks teh rules but he had enough followers that they couldnt simply kill him so they hired a gypsy group to place a curse on him sealing his human soul in him but now its been broken forgot to emntiont hat earlier XD)

6/10/2013 #6 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

(not feared much though :P)

Angelus: I always mock your pathetic attempts to corral everyone

6/10/2013 #7 Report
Beginning Again

(So basically, it's Angel from BTVS? lol, kk!)

(I'll post a new on)

caius: *robes flow around him easily, his hood falling back slightly as he lifts his head to look at the man in the tree. He gives a slight scowl, but hides his discomfort quickly and naturally, putting on a mask of calm and collection* Angelus, always a pleasure to see you about. *his tone is just a might sarcastic, though he tries to control himself and not lose his temper*

6/10/2013 #8 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

ANgelus:*snorts* like hell it was you Marcus and Aro that infected me with that pathetic excuse for a soul i ocne had *angry*

6/10/2013 #9 Report
Beginning Again

Caius: *hums slightly in agreement* The soul is a foul and hindering thing to have, though you deserved it a great deal. You disobeyed a multitude of laws set down fora reason. If it were up to me, I would have built an army twice as large and killed every one of you. *his temper is beginning to slip. He tries to rein it in a bit, but decides it's better left to it's own devices, as it will only come out on his family later if he doesn't at least allow it a few moments to breathe*

6/10/2013 #10 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

(good good alright time to switch to a diff char)

Sam:*walkign through the woods thinking abotu Emily*

6/10/2013 #11 Report
Beginning Again

Caius: *in Forks dealing with a pesky immortal child created by a traveler who so happened to stop in the area. He's just finished cleaning up and has sent Jane and Felix off to survey the area for any further threats or misdemeanors that need dealing with when he catches the scent of one of those mangy mutts that call themselves 'Shape Shifters'. He scowls and looks around, lifting his hood back around his face and slipping his hands into his sleeves as he turns his torso to the side to watch the surrounding forest, waiting for Sam to emerge from the trees*

6/10/2013 #12 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Sam:*burts through with Andrew, micheal, James, serenity and Connor* *snarling at Caius*

6/10/2013 #13 Report
Beginning Again

Caius: *looks around at all the people with him, his nostrils burning from the stench, and a low growl escapes his chest cavity. he drops his hands to his sides and kneels into a defensive crouch, ready to protect himself if it comes to that. His fingers for the shapes of claws beside him, his teeth bared like an animal*

6/10/2013 #14 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Micheal:*phases* what are you doing here leech?

6/10/2013 #15 Report
Beginning Again

Caius: *glares at Michael, his irises slowly darkening, blackness spreading through him as his rage begins to take over. He growls loudly, his claw like hands brushing against the grass before he places his fingers down on the ground to get better leverage when he charges. Which he doesn't do yet, instead waiting for one of them to attack first so he has the upperhand*

6/10/2013 #16 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Micheal: explain yourself Leach! Why are you here! *snarls* *sam, james, Connor, andrew and Serenity still pahsed circling Caius*

6/10/2013 #17 Report
Beginning Again

(I thought he was phased. Shifters can't talk in wolf form O.o)

6/10/2013 #18 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

(he pahsed to human)

6/10/2013 #19 Report
Beginning Again

(Oh, *facepalm*)

Caius: just cleaning up a mess. There was an immortal child, and that's against one of our biggest rules. was just leaving with the guards I brought with me when you came through.

6/10/2013 #20 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Micheal: eyah right

6/10/2013 #21 Report
Beginning Again

Caius: *glances at the ple of ash in the middle of the field and then looks back at him, lifting a challenging eyebrow and keeping his face straight as he returns to a standing position, relaxing his hands and feeling his eyes return to the bright red of a recently fed vampire*

6/10/2013 #22 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Micheal;*nostrils flare* you leechs are jsut disgusting lets go guys *phases and leaves with Sam and the others*

(now for the loast one)

kairi:*wlakign aroudn the woods of Forks*

6/10/2013 #23 Report
Beginning Again

Caius: *temper now entirely dissipated, walking quickly through the forest searching for Jane and Felix so they can go back to Volterra*

6/10/2013 #24 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

kairi:*is human by smell* *bumps into him* hey watch it....your eyes are an intresting shade of red

6/10/2013 #25 Report
Beginning Again

(COM, I'm guessing?)

Caius: *smirks down at her, only his eays are turned down in her direction while the rest of his head stays held high* That they are, my dear. *he says, glad that he has her alone as the hunger once again rises in the back of his throat fro teh scent of her blood so close to him. SO many years to control his hunger, and yet he still has yet to learn the trick his brothers seem to have picked up. The shade of his eyes dim slightly, but do not turn black as he has already fed and doesn't need to again.*

6/10/2013 #26 Report
M El Lobo de Rey


Kairi: tell me something....are you thirsty right now? *rests her hand by her side*

6/10/2013 #27 Report
Beginning Again

Caius: *frowns and tilts his head down slightly, his eyes opening a bit more* How do you know of my species? *his voice is now stern, while his face stays in the habitual cool stone mask*

6/10/2013 . Edited 6/10/2013 #28 Report
M El Lobo de Rey

Kairi: *cracks ehr neck* My name...Is kairi Summers *pulls the dagger out* and im what you might cvall a slayer *tries to stab him*

6/10/2013 #29 Report
Beginning Again

Caius: *chuckles loudly* Oh, a slayer, then? *grabs her arm, easily twisting it around and flipping her onto her back on the ground. He slowly pulls the stake from her hand and turns it around in his own, examining it* And you believe this petty little instrument will harm me? *he holds his hand out, palm up, and shoves the stake into his hand. The tip flattens and frays, looking more like a fan when he pulls it away* Well, it was a noble try. But I'm afraid you've got the wrong idea. Don't follow the image given by pop fiction, young one. It knows not the true face of a vampire. *he hisses and quickly leans down, moving in to bite her neck*

6/10/2013 #30 Report
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