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Lost Reboot
A Ambivalentanarchist

This RP is a reboot of our last Lost RP! :) It's based on the basic premise of the Lost TV show, so, while being inspired by the series, you don't need to watch it to understand what's going on. :)

Most of the main characters are survivors of a plane crash that strands the surviving passengers on a deserted tropical island. Native shifters live in the center of the island and manage to fend off the giant Child of the Moon that roams the island.

The same rules as last time apply! Here they are:

1. The island is inescapable. Explanation: Because of unusual tides and the unusual magnetic properties of the island, any boat or raft that went off shore would just be sent right back to the beach. Of course, that doesn't have to stop our characters from trying!

2. Your characters must make shelter, find something to eat, keep a good supply of fresh water and sleep to stay alive. Or, if you're a vampire, pretend to do all of those things and hunt your prey when no one is looking. ;)

3. Contact with the outside word is impossible. Period. You can try if you find the black box on the plane, but you'll only get an echo of yourself. Electromagnetic interference once again.

4. The CoM only comes out when the moon is full. It only roams the jungle and tends to feed off the wild boars that inhabit the isle. Although, it is extremely volatile and will attack anything it comes across.

5. The shifters are generally friendly people, although they don't speak our language. They live in the centre of the Island where they survive off a farm, complete with domesticated animals. They have crudely constructed homes and are very intelligent. They are strong enough to fight off the Com, but seem unwilling to kill the beast, or even the vampires among us, as pacifism is one of their base beliefs.

6. The island is vast, and full of resources, so one wouldn't have to worry about cutting down too many trees, eating too many plants, or hunting too much wildlife.

7. The plane was destroyed, so there is no hope in reconstructing it, but there are plenty of supplies you could harvest from the planes stores or luggage that was stored as a carry-on or in the undercarriage of the plane.

I really hope you guys all enjoy this! :) Feel free to PM me with any questions. Biv

4/17/2014 #1 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(First! :) Posting this so you guys can get started, will be getting on my own characters after I finish my HW! :))

Captain: *over the P.A. system as turbulence rocked the plane back and forth at an alarming rate and with enough force that the luggage overhead, and unbuckled passengers went flying* Everyone, listen up... I am sorry to tell you that we won't be landing in Volterra, as planned. We will be making an emergency landing in Fiji. Please fasten your seat belts and remain calm. *turns off the P.A. system, sweating bullets as he did his best to right the plane. But, it was no use. Nothing he tried seemed to change their course. It was like they were being magnetically drawn to the island below* We're not going to make it. Oh, god... All these people... *his heart thundering as he tried even cutting and restarting the engine to prevent a crash, to no avail. He braced himself as the plane flew into a death spiral, impacting onto the island, screams filling the air as they did, dying himself upon impact due to the exposed nature of the cockpit, along with the majority of the crew*

4/18/2014 #2 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(Okay, HW is done, catching up now!! :))

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(Awesome! I'll get my posts up once I finish printing my homework!)

4/18/2014 #4 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Peter: Oh h*ll no! *growling beneath his breath as the announcement rang out throughout the plane* This is NOT happening! First, we're dragged off onto a plane to Volterra to meet with those stuck up sons of b*tches without notice,and without so much as a choice—like they think they own us—and now we're f*cking crashing? *gripping his armrest tightly to keep himself from lifting out of his seat as the cab of the plane rocked violently* Well, they can just forget about me swimming my a** there, because that is certainly not going to happen. They can either get us another plane or those clock-wearing b*stards can can it! *glancing over as Charlotte as he heard the engine die, then start again, likely a last-ditch attempt by the pilot to save them from a crash-landing, his hard expression softening a thousand degrees as they made eye contact* It'll be alright. We won't burn. There isn't enough fuel left in the engines for this thing to explode properly. *whispers soothingly to her as he took her hand, squeezing it gently* It'll be alright. I won't let go, darlin', I promise you.

Charlotte: *nodding her head slightly, steeling herself for the jolt, the blood, the panic, the metal flying everywhere that she knew was sure to come when they made impact* Okay. I trust you. *squeezing his hand tightly as they waited, although they didn't have to wait long. It was only mere moments after she had finished speaking that they violently impacted with the beach. Screaming erupted around them as the plane first broke into two, then three pieces, one, the head of the plane, where most of the vampires had been seated in first class, the second was the midsection of the plane, and the last was the tail*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(That's great, Grace! :) :) :D)

4/18/2014 #6 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Alice: *her eyes wide and horrified as the Captain's words rolled over and over in her head, even as she lied unharmed in the scattered remains of the plane that was supposed to take them to Volterra* No, no, no, no... So much death! I... I... Why didn't I see this? I should have seen this! This shouldn't have happened! I could have stopped it. I could have stopped us from getting onto this plane. We could have taken a flight to Rome, then taken the train to Volterra. I... I could have prevented this, all this death. A simple bomb threat to delay the plane might have been all that it needed. Or a few, guiding words to the captain during the flight to keep him off this course, to avoid whatever winds made us go this far off course.... *blinking out of her thoughts as the continued screaming around her, and the blood in the air, finally caught her attention* I can't just sit here. I can still so something. There have to be survivors. they have to be alive. I just... I have to find Carlisle! They'll be hurt—they'll need him. He'll be able to do something for some of them, even out here, away from the hospital and the lab. *already beginning to shift out from the metal and debris she had been trapped under, hoping no one else would notice the extraordinary feat, glancing around as she managed to sneak out from under it* Oh, why did he and Esme have to sit in coach? They could be anywhere!

4/18/2014 #7 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Clara: What?! Emergency landing?! *fearful tears gathering in her eyes* What does that mean? Is there an airstrip? Are we going to make it to the airstrip? *unable to truly process the gravity of what was happening until the plane hit the ground and her cabin began to crunch in around her, screaming fearfully as she ducked down in her seat, curling her body as tightly in on itself as she possibly could to try to protect herself, the fetal posture coming to her mind as a protective position from something someone had said sometime during an earthquake drill at school. She stayed curled up in that position as tightly as she could, frightened tears flowing from her face as the metal and objects around her finally stopped moving, but she was trapped, stuck between the bodies beside her, people who she didn't know whether they were dead or alive—although she feared the latter from their silence and stillness—and a heavy sheet of metal above her, trapping her in her seat* ...Help? *calls out uncertainly, her quiet, unsure voice thick with tears* Somebody?! *louder, banging on the metal with her hands raptly, bruising and splitting her knuckles with the force as she heard the way her voice was echoed back at her* Please?! Please, help me! Help me!! *beginning to sob hopelessly when the sound was simply echoed back at her, realizing that the material was muffling any and all noise she might be making; she was stuck here, with the dead* Please, god... Don't let this happen to me. I beg you. I beg you, please. I just want to live. Don't let me die here. *closing her eyes as she brought her aching and trembling hands together, praying as she continued to cry softly, hoping beyond hope that in the chaos, someone would find her, would help her*

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M JacksonMiracle

(Guess who's here for at least a little while tonight!!! Working on catching up and making a post or two now! :) )

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(YAY!!! :) :) :) Welcome back, Miracle! I'm so glad you're here to christen the new RP with us!!!)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: What... What happened? *gasping in pain as she picked herself up from the pile of debris she had landed in, her right hand instinctively moving to cradle her left arm when she registered that the majority of the pain she was feeling was radiating from her left shoulder. Something was wrong with it, but it was the last thing on her mine as her eyes scanned the scene around her in absolute horror, her mind reeling as the last moment before the crash came back to her* We... Something was wrong with the plane... Something bad. At first, I thought it was just normal turbulence. And then, that announcement. I remember fumbling for my seatbelt, and then... *wincing a little at the memory of being knocked it the head with the hard sided suitcase that had knocked her unconscious just before they'd hit the ground. In fact, it was more than a memory. Her head still throbbed. Her body ached all over, scraped up in more than one place from the little pieces of metal and glass she had found herself in. And then there was her shoulder. When she looked at it, it just looked wrong. It hurt so much that she almost hoped it was dislocated, otherwise it had to be broken* Even if it is, I guess I'd have to count myself lucky. *tears running down her face as her eyes flickered around her once more. She stood there, in sheer shock, hopelessly lost. There was so much blood, so much death. In every direction, she could hear screaming, she could see red, scattered along with the metal scraps that remained of their aircraft* ...Why?

4/18/2014 #11 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *untangling her oddly twisted body from Emmett's arms once the initial chaos from the impact of the plane seemed to subside. She was already checking him over for injuries as he did the same to her when it seemed that all at once the humans on the plane went from screaming in terror to crying out in pain, with only a few split seconds of air in the middle to catch their collective breaths* I'm fine. I'm fine. *she hurried to reassure him at his insistence that she let him look her over more closely before he would allow her to move* Emmett! Look at me, I'm fine, this can wait. There's way too much blood in here right now and way too many other humans needing our help for you to keep fusing over me. We have maybe five minutes before the smell becomes so overwhelming we'll have to leave or risk hurting one of the few humans that are still alive. There's less than a third of the number of heart beats as there were before, and many of those are fading fast. If we want to help any of them, we have to keep our heads on our shoulders. So, stop worrying about me, and let's do some good while we can still stay on top of the blood lust. *giving him a long look before he finally allowed her to move away from the twisted metal around them* Listen. *tilting her head to one side as she clearly heard a female voice calling out for help, then pointing in the direction of the sound* Over there. Come on. *allowing Emmett to lead the way as they approached a mass of metal that seemed to be covering at least three bodies, only one of which still had a heart beat, banging on the metal to get the girl's attention, then raising her voice and hoping that the one human who was alive underneath the wreckage could still hear her* We hear you, it's going to be ok. There's some.....tools....something that we can use to get you out up here, we just need you to lay still for a minute so we don't hurt you. That's it. Just stay still, and we're going to get you out. Good. *exchanging a quick nod with Emmett before checking to be sure no one was watching before they worked together to peel back the twisted metal, and rip away the girl's seat belt, hoping that the trauma of the moment would keep the girl from asking too many questions about her rescue and that she would just take it for granted they had indeed found some invisible tools to help move the metal and free her.* Are you hurt? Can you move?

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: Well this is just perfect. *letting out a heavy breath as took a quick assessment of the humans in what use to be the seat in front of him, determining quickly they were both deceased, likely the man had died from a heart attack induced from sheer terror. His age and the lack of visible injury confirmed his guess. The old woman next to him was partially decapitated from what looked like a chunk of the plane's wing.* Where did Alice go? She was just here a second ago. Oh, well she can take care of herself. I just need to get out of here. There's way too much blood for my liking, and Carlisle would kill me if I exposed us now. I have to..... *his head suddenly snapping to the side as an aroma so pleasant as to be made of gold reached his senses.* What is that? I have to have it. *before he could fully realize what he was doing, he was moving across the plane and down the aisle to the overwhelming aroma, like flowers blooming in Paris. He soon deduced that the angel belonging to such a fragrant bouquet was a young girl. She was still alive, injured, but not badly. But unfortunately for her, she did have several small cuts that were bleeding out slowly, just enough to entice him, and the monster inside of him. Slowly kneeling down next to the girl, he ran one hand down the side of her face, gently tilting her head to the side, and sending her wave upon wave of peace to ease her passing, his lips moving closer and closer to her, whispering as he narrowed gap between them* I'm afraid that you aren't going to make, dear. But I will make your passing as painless as possible.

4/18/2014 #13 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Clara: *freezing in complete and utter shock when she heard someone banging back on the metal above her* Someone... Someone heard me! They found me! They can help me. Oh, merciful god, thank you, thank you, thank you! *unable to speak or move for several moments before she replied* Yes!! Yes, okay! There isn't a lot of room to move... But, I'll, I'll be as still as I can be. *biting her lip anxiously as she waited for them to use whatever tools they had found to try to peel back the metal, keeping her hands clasped in prayer and her head bowed* Please, God, let this work. I'll be so good, I promise. I'll be the most honest, most faithful, most devoted Catholic in the world, I promise you! *blinking when she saw the light above her, and felt herself suddenly freed from her seatbelt* T-Thank you! Thank you! I t-thought I was going to die! *letting out a trembling breath* Thank you, god. Thank you, thank you, thank you! *tears of relief falling from her eyes as she took the hand Emmett offered her up* I... I think I can move... *wincing as he pulled her to stand off to the side of the wreckage, her entire body ached from the position she had been forced into, but she didn't feel like she was in any real pain, not really. She was sure she had a few bumps and bruises, but nothing that might need medical attention* I... I'm okay. I think I'm okay. *sniffling as she looked down back into the pile of metal and bodies she was pulled from* The people next to me, I think they're... Dead. They... They haven't moved, this whole time. *her voice tight with emotion as new tears fell*

Emmett: *the smell of blood around them was incredibly inciting, but, contrary to what he had expected, the masses of dead bodies around them were making him feel downright sick, so sick he thought he might even vomit if he did give in to the urge to eat, his own voice thick with unshed tears as he looked between Rosalie and Clara, whispering to the former after a long moment* You should get her out of here, away from the wreckage. Go up the beach. She's not bleeding... You'll be okay. You're the strongest of us. I have faith in you. I'll help the others as much as I can. I promise, Rosalie. We... You're right. We have to help them. We have to help the ones we can. Not doing anything... Well, it's just as bad as killing them ourselves, and I'm not ready to have that blood on my hands.

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M JacksonMiracle

Spencer: *eagerly typing a report out on his computer when the announcement was made* I guess that explains why the onboard wifi has been so finicky this time around. So, we'll make a quick stop in Fiji and then on to Italy. I just hope this trip is worth it. If it helps Bayleigh then I'm sure it will be. *when the plane's turbulance suddenly increased and the sounds of the engine stopping and starting again slowly began to make itself known to him, he looked up from his computer to be met with Bayleigh's terrified expression. Without thinking, he wrapped his body around hers and forced her to protect her head. No matter what was happening now, if he could insure that Bayleigh lived, that she made it through this with as little injury as possible, then it would all be worth it. Those were his last thoughts before he blacked out.*

Bayleigh: *her voice hoarse as the dust in the air threatened to overtake her asthma. As if having diabetes wasn't bad enough, she had to be blessed with respiratory issues as well.* Spence..... *she wheezed out, shaking the unconscious boy next to her* Spencer, come on, wake up, please wake up! *tears streaming down her face as she tried to move, only to realize that her ankle was crushed between a large piece of carry on luggage and the back of the seat in front of them* Ow! Come on, Spencer, please wake up, I need you. You can't die on me now.

Spencer: *blinking his eyes and groaning as he came around to the screams and cries of his best friend* Bay... *blinking a few times as the world around him came into focus before moaning in pain, quickly taking inventory. His head hurt, and a quick exploration of his fingers told him he had blood streaming down the side of his face from a gash just above his eyebrow. His ribs hurt. Really bad. They were probably cracked. But the good news was that he could breath, which meant even if his ribs were broken at least none of them had pierced his lungs. That was a blessing because Bayleigh would have panicked and not known what to do. After all a field trach wasn't something one could learn just from watching "Grey's Anatomy". He was the one taking first responder courses in the hopes of one day being a doctor, not her. No, Bayleigh was more of the makeup artist type. She currently worked the Clinque counter in Dillard's. He worked in the lab at the hospital. They wouldn't even cross paths now if it wasn't for the fact that they had been best friends since preschool* We need to get out of here. But it might be awhile before I should move on my own. You're going to have to help me. Can you do that?

4/18/2014 #15 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *blinking rapidly as her attention was drawn from the terror around her to the most perfect, handsome man she had ever seen. He swept gracefully into her line of vision, and like something in a dream, it didn't make sense, but she didn't seem to care. He was just so beautiful, so captivating. She felt drawn to him, but she couldn't move. She was frozen in sheer awe as he knelt down next to her so that their faces were almost level. And then he touched her, his skin cold, smooth, and perfect as he caressed her face, subtly craning and exposing her neck to him. she shivered at the touch, and the cold of his skin might have broken the spell he had her under if it hadn't been for the overwhelming tranquility he was bathing her in. It was so potent, that it simply evaporated everything else. All her fear, all her pain, it was like they didn't exist. She was on cloud nine, in the most peaceful dream she could have ever imagined. She closed her eyes as her heart lulled to a slow, even beat, clinging to the feeling as his lips moved closer and closer, not knowing or caring that they were aimed at her neck* Oh, please, don't stop. *murmurs raptly, completely oblivious to what was about to happen next* It feels... So good. What is this? What's happening? Did he... He say something about... About dying? No. No, that couldn't be. I'm not dying, am I? This... This has to be a dream. I'm dreaming.

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M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *giving Emmett a tight smile* Don't take too long, Em. Please, come find me soon. *easily supporting most of the other girl's weight as she forced their way out of the wreckage and onto the beach, helping her to move a good distance away from the carnage before daring to speak again.* I'm Rosalie. The goofball back there is Emmett. *looking around at the other humans milling about on the beach, looking lost, probably in shock. Some of them were sitting and staring at nothing, others were walking around in circles mumbling to themselves* It's going to be dark soon. We need to get everyone organized. Take stock of any immediate injuries. Get a fire started. Goodness only knows how cold it's going to get once the sun goes down. Once we get everyone off the plane, we can go back and look for luggage, or food. Or anything useful. Care to help me out here in the mean time? We need to get everyone to focus on the task at hand. Find some paper and pen if you can and start writing down the names of survivors, and confirmed deceased. If we can find the passenger manifest, it'll help us know if we're missing anyone. If they need medical attention, leave them here, otherwise send them up the beach to me and we'll get that fire started. Can you do all that?

4/18/2014 #17 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Carlisle: Find as many survivors as you can, and take them up the beach! Our children can fend for themselves—these people can't. I'll be there as soon as I can to treat the wounded! *swallowing tightly as he watched her go, rifling through all of the baggage he could see within sight* It has to be here somewhere, it has to be! *running a panicked hand through his hair before he began to look through the rubble. But, no matter how hard he searched, he couldn't find his medical bag. He'd packed it, just in case fighting had broken out on the trip to Volterra and he needed it to treat Renesmee or one of the Quiletues who had travelled with him. But now, when he needed it most, it had disappeared* There's no time to look for it now. I'll just have to make due with what I can find. God, I hope it's enough. These people need my help. There's so many, so little time. Every moment that passes, another heartbeat stops. *silently cursing himself as he heard the noises of a very alive Bayleigh and Spencer only feet away from where he stood* Don't try to move him! *calls out, urgently, as he approached* I'm a doctor. *his voice much softer, more subdued, and compassionate as he reached him* I just need to make sure you don't have a spinal injury. *looking Spencer over carefully, knowing from a cursory glance at Bayleigh that she didn't have more than a scratch on her* You back, does it hurt? Any numbness, anywhere? *his eyes flickering briefly to a metal support only a inches away, silently praying that it hadn't hit Spencer on it's way down*

4/18/2014 #18 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *smirking slightly* I don't think I could stop right now even if I wanted to darlin'. You simply smell too delicious for that. You'd think I would have learned my lesson by now. *chuckling deeply as he took in her divine expression as he lowered his lips to her neck, his teeth poised to pierce the tender flesh, mere milliseconds away from being able to taste what would surely be the most exquisite blood on the planet* It just smells so good not to. I know I shouldn't. But I don't have the strength to stop myself. Better to spare her agony of all of this anyway. Death all around. I know all too well what that does to a person. Yes, indeed, better to spare her now. And I'll get something good out of it as well.

4/18/2014 #19 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: I'll do the best I can. *resisting the urge to lean down and kiss her before he left, as powerful as it was, because right now, every second counted* I have to be a man she can be proud of, I have to do better. I have to be better. *striding meaningfully back toward the wreckage of the plane, his brow furrowing in dismay as his eyes landed on his brother, with his lips pressed against a young girl's neck* NO!!! Jasper, no! *booms as he dared to move that much faster, at a speed beyond human comprehension, one that would be just a blur to their eyes* Sh*t! I should have known! I should have gotten him out of here first! And now I'm too late!!! Almost a decade without a slip, ruined because we were all too thoughtless to look after him. It's so bad that I almost want to, I should have known he would be tempted!! STOP! *growls, as he forcefully tackled Jasper away from the girl, into a pile of broken metal* You can't, Jasper, you can't!! *working that much harder to pin him when he realized the other man didn't have her blood on his lips yet, he hadn't tasted her. It wasn't too late after all* Think about all the hard work you've done! *he hissed, against the other man's ear, as he tried as hard as he could to keep the experienced fighter beneath him for just a few minutes longer* Don't throw it away! Not now! Please!

Robyn: *inhaling sharply when Jasper was suddenly pulled away from her and she was knocked on her back, whimpering as the projected emotions evaporated, leaving only confusion, fear, and pain* W-W-What? *whispers to herself, sniffling as the tears came anew, scuttling backward in fear as the noise as Emmett and Jasper's fight caught her attention, filching as they moved at a speed and with a force she couldn't comprehend* This is a dream. This has to be a dream. There's no other explanation. This isn't happening.

4/18/2014 #20 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Spencer: *shaking his head as the doctor appeared seemingly out of nowhere, grunting in pain as the man started to examine him for injuries, hissing slightly as he touched a particularly tender place* No, no, not my back. It's fine. My back is fine, my neck is fine. I probably have a concussion. My ribs are the worst. Three. Maybe four of them are cracked. I don't think any of them are actually broken, but I can't tell for sure. *hissing in pain again* Just want to get out of here. Stop worrying about me, check on Bayleigh. She has asthma, all this dust can't be good for her.

Bayleigh: *fiercely shaking her head* I'm fine. Really. I'm not hurt. I can still breath just fine. *turning to the doctor* It's acute asthma, it's never even been bad enough for a regular inhaler. *placing her attention back on Spencer* You on the other hand, are not ok. You're bleeding, you were unconscious for a good three or four minutes, and broken ribs?! Spence, let the doctor take care of you, please. *her tears starting anew as she bent over as best she could and started to work on freeing her ankle, although it was to no avail, and only served to secure it in place more. She could feel it starting to swell a little, but wasn't nearly as worried about that as she was about Spencer's injuries.* Please, doctor, tell him that he has to listen to you. He always has been stubborn, don't listen to him. Do what you have to do to take care of him first.

Spencer: *taking notice of Bayleigh's struggles with her ankle* What's wrong with your ankle, Bay? Is it stuck? Can you get it free? Do you need help? At least I can move around freely. Well kind of. You're pinned to your seat. Now who's the one that needs the medical attention? *trying his best to slide past the doctor to get to Bayleigh and help free her. No matter how polite and professional the other man was being, he had to insure himself that Bayleigh was ok first, even if it meant actually going against the other man's orders to stay still*

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *snarling angrily as he managed to wrench himself free of Emmett after a full minute of scuffling, causing the body of the plane to rock almost as much as it had during the crash* Let me go! Just let me go! *glaring menacingly between his brother and his would be prey, spitting venom as he spoke* Get her away from me! I don't want to see her again! I can't promise that I'll be so careless as to let you stop me next time! I'm out of here. Just..... *starting to run away from the girl and his brother and then stopping and freezing in place as he felt her emotions, her real emotions for the first time, whispering so low that only Emmett could hear* She's scared. Tell her there was a small carbon monoxide leak that made her hallucinate me. It'll be better for everyone if the humans think I'm one of the countless dead in the crash. Tell the family I swam home. I can't be here with her. She won't survive if I get my lips on her again. She will die. I don't have the strength not to feed on her. Just smell her. That sinful scent should be illegal to humans. *not looking back again, and not pausing as he headed out of the wreckage of the plane and carefully watching to be sure no one noticed him, he ran for the water, determined to swim for home.*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Clara: Hey. *sniffling to try to gather herself, allowing the other woman to support her weight, although she was sure she could walk, she did hurt pretty much everywhere* I'm Clara. *wincing a little when they stopped and Rosalie allowed her to try to hold her own weight. Her body was pretty bruised and battered, and she knew she would probably be feeling it for the next week—or more, but they had bigger things to worry about at the moment* I... I'll help any way I can. *blinking a little* I... I hadn't even thought of what we were going to do next I mean... *shaking her head a little as new tears stung at her eyes* They don't exactly go over what happens after you crash when they tell you how to inflate your life vests and use the oxygen masks. *taking an unsteady breath* We're not going to be able to do all that on our own. We're going to need help. We should... We should try to gather everyone in one place first. Then, enlist the people who can help. Someone will know how to make a fire. There have to be a few people strong enough to move the wreckage so we can look for the luggage or food, or a manifest. And... And some people who can help bury the bodies. *sucking in a sharp breath at the thought* They deserve to be buried—they need to be buried. *raising a trembling hand to wipe at her tears* I'm okay, I am, I promise. I just... It's a lot, you know? *sniffles, obviously having difficulty with the situation, but drawing on the calm and confidence the other woman exuded* It'll be alright. It... It has to be. Somehow. We should check with the people here, first, see who's injured and whose not. Anybody who can can come back with us to find any other survivors.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Carlisle: Both of you, stop! *orders with equal parts authority and gentleness that only someone like Carlisle, someone who had been a doctor for centuries, and the father of six vampires could command* You're only going to hurt yourself if you keep tripping over one another to help each other. I'm the doctor. Let me help you, please. I will be taking care of both of your injuries. I'm not going to leave either of you until I know you're both fine and well. *looking to Spencer* Spencer, was it? I'm going to have to ask you to move as little as you can, at least until I reset those ribs. If you have broken one, and it punctures a lung, we're going to have a real problem on our hands. *turning to Bayleigh now* Bayleigh, right? *stilling her with his hands* I'm going to have to ask you not to move, either. Please. *once he was satisfied that neither of them was going to suddenly jerk about and exacerbate their injuries, he set about removing the heavy metal bar from Bayleigh's ankle. He knew a normal man would have had difficulty doing it, although it was little more than a feather to him, so he made a show of flexing his muscles and gritting his teeth before he flung the offending object aside with a grunt* There, now, let me have a loot at this... *kneeling down to look at Bayleigh's ankle, it was a little swollen, and definitely twisted, but, as he poked and prodded at it, he realized that her muscles, tendons, and bones were all in tact; she was very lucky. Probably thanks to the man beside her, she would escape the plane crash with little more than a sore ankle* It's only a sprain. You're very lucky. Try to stay off of it for now. When we have the chance, we'll try to elevate it. That will keep the swelling down. *turning to Spencer after listening to her breathe for almost a full minute, satisfied that she wasn't going to have an attack, at least while he finished examining Spencer* Now, may I, please? *asks as he moved toward Spencer once more, to check and reset his ribs, then to check him for a concussion*

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M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *taking a deep breath and giving Clara a few minutes to catch up mentally and emotionally before continuing* I know, it's a lot, Clara. I do. But if we think about everything all at once, nothing gets done. My dad's a doctor, he's still back at the plane helping get out whoever he can. You've seen Emmett. You know how strong he is, he's still there too. There are others there as well helping get people out. That part is covered. Our part is here. We don't have much time to think about this. We have to act before it gets to be too late or too dark to see what we're doing. I agree that it is important to bury the dead. But with any luck, we won't even have to worry about that. The minute that plane dropped off radar, I'm sure that search crews were dispatched. The sooner we get a fire going, the easier it will be for them to spot us. I already know how to make the fire, I just need able bodies to help me do it. Just follow my lead and try not to think about everything all at once. Just think about isolating the injured for medical attention, finding out who's alive and who's still missing and getting the fire started. Those are priorities right now. I've already checked my cell and there's no signal, not even on a 4G network, so there's no way to call for help, to alert anyone where we are. I would say to go for the radio in the cockpit and hope it's still working and we can reach someone on it, but I don't see anything that looks like the nose of the plane, do you? That leaves a fire as our signal to search crews that the plane is here and there are survivors. Account for the injured, account for the missing, plan for rescue. If you want to start listing people's special skills or strengths that can be used later, you're free to do that as well, but that comes later when we've taken care of the injured, located the missing, and sent a signal for where we are. Got it? Are you ready to do this? *looking back down the beach toward the crash site and wishing that Charlotte or Esme or someone would think to come on up the beach to where the survivors were gathering to help her get things started and to stave off the impending panic as long as possible among the humans there.*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: Jasper—! *hisses after him in indignation, but doesn't actually move towards him at the other man's words* No... She couldn't be... His singer, could she? *inhaling deeply to test the scent, although he knew it was a bad decision. If he hadn't been hungry and tense before, he certainly was now* Sh*t, that burns! But, it's not just her... It's all the blood. She's... I mean, she smells good, really good. A fine wine in the vampire world, but not that much better than Bella was, and she bled around Jasper and lived to tell the tale. Sort of. *frowning as he moved to approach the frightened girl, frowning and trying to soften his expression and his voice, moving slowly like he was approaching a frightened animal as he walked forward* Hey... It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you, I promise. *holding up his hands in surrender* I just want to help you. Let me take you away from here. My father's a doctor. He'll be around here somewhere... He can help you with that shoulder, I bet it hurts.

Robyn: *frowning in confusion as she looked between him and her shoulder, still wary, and very, very afraid* W-What happened? I... I thought... *her soft, trembling voice trailing off as her recalled hazy images of Jasper, so close to her, and the utter and absolute peace he'd projected onto her*

Emmett: You must have blacked out. *lies, convincingly, as he moved closer* Let me help you, please. *finally taking the last step towards her as she nodded her assent, careful of her injured shoulder as he helped her to her feet, hoisting her into his arms to carry her back to Rosalie and Clara, and hopefully, Carlisle would be there soon, too*

Peter: *growling fiercely as he emerged, dripping wet from the water the moment Jasper approached, snarling as he passed him on his way up the beach* Don't bother, Major! Something's wrong with this f*cking current! It keeps sending us back toward the shore. I could be half way back to Texas by now, but no. *snorts derisively* Instead I'm stuck here! *waving his arm dramatically toward the water at Jasper's expression of disbelief* Go right ahead. I can't don't blame you for being skeptical, because this is un-f*cking-beliveable! *laughs humorlessly as he took Charlotte's hand to help her out of the water, ever the gentleman, despite his anger* Come on, darlin', might as well start "burying" these bodies. Might as well get at all this blood before it gets cold.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Clara: *wiping at her face to try to clear it of tears, she knew crying wasn't going to help anything right now, but a part of her couldn't help it. She was sad, she was scared. And everything just seemed entirely and wholly overwhelming at the moment* You're right. *exhaling shakily* You're right. I know you're right. Someone will be coming for us, they have to be. Pilots... they radio air control about everything. He had to have let the air towers know about the crash. And... And I'm sure the plane had a GPS on it somewhere. But, it might have been damaged, or it might not be very precise; we have to let them know where we are. *taking another deep breath to try to steady herself* And even if we didn't, I'm pretty sure places like this are like the desert... You know, hot during the day, but cold at night. Even if they don't come today, we'll need it to stay warm. We just need help. It'll need to be a big fire, like a bonfire, so we'll need lots of dry wood, and some bigger longs, plus whatever you need to start it. *her eyes gleaning over the people around them; most of them were in no state to be helping, however* Let's gather as much as we can while there's still light. I know how to make a fire pit, and you know how to start one. *nodding in the direction of the forest as Emmett approached with Robyn in his arms* Let's hurry. The colder it is, the harder it'll be to start, right?

Emmett: *gently setting Robyn down near the other women* Shh, shh, it's alright. I know you're scared. What's your name, huh? I'm Emmett.

Robyn: *sniffling as she clutched her aching shoulder* R-R-Robyn. *glancing over at Clara and Rosalie, then back toward Emmett quickly*

Emmett: I promise my dad will be back to help with your shoulder soon, okay, Robyn? *glancing over his shoulder toward the remains of the crash, although the mere thought felt like molten lava being poured down his throat* Would you two stay with her, for a minute? *lowering his voice so only Rosalie could hear, just for a second* Jasper attacked her. I convinced her it wasn't real, but she's still freaked. *raising his voice again* I need to find dad. He can help with the wounded here.

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(So I don't think I'm gonna post yet tonight. i'm going to just assume Esme's already up the beach trying to make order and is speaking to people and keeping who she can calm while Seth is coming up the beach and volunteering to look around or help with what he can. Edward is around helping who he can that is still alive too, once he sees that Nessie and Bella are okay.)

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(Okay, Grace. Busy with homework?)

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Bayleigh: *riveted in place by the soft words and gentle tenderness the young and very handsome doctor exuded. In fact, if she didn't know any better, she would say that she might even have a small crush on him. Of course, that could just be a hero complex, something she had read about before but had never experienced. Wincing only a little when the doctor examined her ankle, amazed at how despite his obvious effort, he was still able to toss aside the metal bar crushing her ankle, managing to hold back her wheezing despite the dust in the air, just giving a small cough when it got to be too bothersome* Thank you. *studying him for a minute* What's your name, doctor? Uh....Doc? I mean, what you would like us to call you?

Spencer: *only relaxed and satisfied once he could see that Bayleigh was indeed as ok as she could be given the circumstances, rolling his eyes and giving her a half smile when her expression shifted to one of admiration for the doctor who was spending his valuable time helping them, instead of moving on to other more critical patients and survivors of the crash, but despite that admiration, it was his hand she was now holding, lacing her fingers together with his own as the doctor shifted his attention back to his ribs, weakly protesting the change in his focus, but allowing him to work regardless* They're fine. There's got to be others worse off than us. *even knowing as he was saying it that the doctor wouldn't go back on his word and that the other man was there to stay as long as they needed him, to help them with their injuries before moving on* No countdown if you have to set them, just do it. *screaming as the doctor did indeed find a rib out of place and quickly slid it back where it belonged, almost causing him to pass out again from the blinding, white hot, pain, panting when it was over and tightly clinging to Bayleigh's hand, easing his grip just enough that he didn't totally cut off the blood flow to her finger tips.* Ugh....it's going to be months before that feels normal again.

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