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A Ambivalentanarchist

(It's all good, Grace. Looking forward to your post!! :))

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(Okay. I'm just finishing homework that needs to be sent to a teacher tonight, then I'll have those posts up. It'll be two hours, max.)

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Renesmee: *She had been watching from the sidelines as her co stars filmed their scenes. She always loved watching and observing, along with acting. She had grown up surrounded by these types of things, what with her parents being involved in it, and she had always hoped that when she was old enough that she might be able to experience something like this. And now that she can, she was doing all she could to take it all in. This was her first major role that wasn't a commercial or indie film. It was a t.v. Show, completely different than what she was used to. She couldn't wait to start her own scenes. Until then, for now, she was happy with just watching. She played with her hands and pressed her lips, a small nervous grin.*

(Hey, so I have this idea for Bella. I can't really picture in her being an actress. So I was thinking I'd make her a writer, maybe an intern?)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(That might be cool... Except I don't know how much she'd come into contact with the other characters as a writer. Maybe she'd spend some time with Carlisle or Esme... If you really like the idea, sure we can do it, although if you want her to be on the younger side she'll have to be an intern, a higher up writer would have to be older.)

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(Hm... Okay... Well I also had this other idea that maybe she would be an assistant to an assistant? Lol.)

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(I had school. Hopefully will get to a laptop soon)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Maybe she could be a "gopher" like Gabriel? Oh! Alice is going to fire her current assistant... Maybe Bella could be her replacement? I know she's not really fashion oriented, but I could see her doing the job well simply because she's a diligent worker. And okay, Grace. :))

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(I had both my posts, but they deleted themselves. -.- Here we go, haha.)

Rowan: *She assessed Rylee's expression, a small frown crossing her own features. If this next actor wasn't up to par, she'd have some trouble. She knew when she had casted Rylee that she would have to find a decent male lead. So far, no luck. Hopefully she would be able to will away her pessimistic attitude, at least for this final audition. She nodded a little, crossing her arms in front of her as she leaned back in her chair* Alright then.. Come in! *She called to the young man, who was standing just outside the room now*

Seth: *He found himself wringing his hands in front of him as he entered the room, before either of them could notice, he rested his hands at his sides, taking a few deep breaths to prepare himself* You can do this, bro. Seriously, you prepared. *He stood in the room, a shy smile coming to his face* Hi- I'm Seth. Seth Clearwater. *He stuck his hands in his pockets to keep from fidgeting, his eyes moving from the director to Rylee. She was really pretty, he'd give her that. And her name was really familiar... but he couldn't yet place where from. Hopefully she wouldn't expect too much of him.. he rolled his eyes. He just had to stop doubting himself. He glanced over at Rylee again, meeting her gaze* It's nice to meet you.. Rylee, right? *He hoped his voice sounded as calm as he was aiming for, and not as nervous as he felt*

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(So this is in response kinda to the last two posts.)

Esme: *She laughed at his remark, a small grin lighting up her features* I'm sure I'll feel the same way then as well. *She went quiet, then as the crew finished their final adjustments to the set, the lights dimming to create the evening scene. She glanced over in approval as the photographer began to take stills, her eyes watching the facial expressions of the actors as they worked. As the scene wrapped up, holding for the stills, she watched intently, knowing well that these would be the selling point for the show- what would get many of the viewers interested. Sure, they had already begun to release a few pictures, but this would be the most important. It would be the moment that all viewers would keep watching just so they could reach it. After a few moments, she moved over to the camera, putting on one of the sets of camera to begin looking over the footage, something she would have to do countless times before the footage was sent and ready to be edited into its final form. She found herself incredibly focused as she gazed over the footage, jumping slightly when she heard Carlisle beside her, his voice quiet through the sound of the headphones. She pulled them from her ears and let them rest on her neck. Her voice was quiet as she answered, nodding slightly* I like it. Those two are magic together, honestly. I think that's what we needed. That and a good story. We have both of those here. *She paused* And technically-wise, these shots are sound.. *she shrugged slightly, glancing over at his expression, her thoughtful gaze meeting his* Do you think we need the extra shots?

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(I'm up for the idea of her being Alice's assistant. I think she'll be great at it too! Plus, she'll still be running into the other characters when needed. :) )

Rylee: *She waited impatiently for the next guy to walk in. Her arms were crossed over her chest and she was staring down at her feet when he finally walked in. She looked up when he introduced himself. His voice sound nice but then again so did the other guys. For all she knew, he was probably just another pretty face with no talent. She could hear the nerves in his oice when he addressed her directly. She stared at him, bored, looking him up and down. He looked young enough, cute, but can he act?* Yeah.*Her brows furrowed slightly, surprised that he hadn't heard of her. She was pretty big right now. She was on every magazine, people wanted to know her, to be her friend. People googled her name constantly! How did he not know who she was? This guy lives under a rock or in a cave... She smirked at her own thoughts.* Rylee Morre. With the introductions out of the way, can we start now? *She turned her head, breaking away from his gaze and looking to Rowan with a raised brow.*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Hello! :) Sorry I pooled for a day. I had a lot going on. Here now and catching up!! :))

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Carlisle: *giving his head a little shake* No, no, we shouldn't. It's a perfect take. Really, it would just be a waste of everyone's time. There are other things we will probably have to work on. You know.. Our next scene is the scene with the supporting actor, Jacob Black. *sighing a little as he quickly checked to make sure they weren't being listened to* I'm not sure exactly what the story is, but apparently there's some bad blood between those two. Whatever it was, I had to step aside to separate them at the party last night, as I'm sure you remember. I gave them a stern talking to, but who knows how seriously they were taking me. I'm going to loose my mind if it happens again on set. *shaking his head to get himself back on track as he finished up his tangent* In any case, I'm not sure we'll get the shots we need for it on the first try. Considering their anonymity towards one another, I doubt they've taken the time to rehearse. It'll be at least two goes around with everyone being professional. And if they're not... *deflating a little* In any case, it really is too late to be recasting now. They're going to be professional and I'm going to make sure of it. This project has too much potential to be tanked by a couple of bruised egos. *leaning down after a moment to kiss Esme's cheek, the stress melting away from his face as he did* If all else fails, I could always have you talk to him... God knows no one could never stand to hear you tell them you were disappointed in them. *his expression brightening a little at the words* Especially Renesmee... But, then again, you are her mother. *glancing around after a moment* Do you know where's she gotten off to? Last I saw, she was with you. Did she go to get something to eat? Or did she have tutoring today?

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(Just finished me homework! Am working on posts now. :)

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Seth: *he nodded, his voice sounding slightly unsure now* Yeah, sure. *He glanced at the director, to wait for her call on what would happen next*

Rowan: Alright then. *she frowned very slightly, and if one didn't know better, it could be mistaken for exhaustion. She was tired, but this young man's nervous attitude was making her unsure that this one would work- almost positive, really. What she was looking for was confidence, and clearly this kid didn't have it. She took a small breath and looked at Seth* We're going to start from scene two. You would be the TA, currently in college, Seth. You're both in the classroom after class. You're having a conversation with Rylee's character.

Seth: *he nodded again, taking a breath as he took his hands from his pockets* Kay, man. Don't freak out now. This is nothing... *he forced a smile* Yeah, okay. I know it. *And he definitely did. He'd been practicing this scene for over two weeks. Granted, it was in front of the mirror, or friends, but that had to count for something. He sat down at the table that was meant to be a desk, for audition purposes, and opened up the book that he supposed was meant to be a prop*

Rowan: *she pressed her lips together, nodding slightly* Okay. *She pressed the button on the camera to begin rolling* Alright. Screen Test 9, Seth Clearwater. And.. action.

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Esme: Good, that's good. *She nodded, glad that they wouldn't have to take another take, satisfied that the footage they had already had was well above par. *She paused, listening as he talked about Jacob Black, a small frown falling across her gaze. She crossed her arms, thinking* Hopefully, they will be able to be professional. I certainly don't think they want to jeopardize any work that we've done to put the show together.. *she sighed a little* And I'm sure they take you seriously, Carlisle. Everyone seems to. *Her expression lightened, a small smile appearing on her face* You have done nothing but earn respect. *She shrugged, the smile fading as she looked over at him* Anyway, if it comes to it, I will talk to them. *She said the last part almost nonchalantly, suddenly sightly distracted when he kissed her cheek. She noticed then just how stressed she'd been, how they both were, most likely. *Her expression brightened further at the mention of Renesmee* She seems to happy to be here. I mean, she always has been that way. *She smiled, taking his hand and squeezing it once lightly* But to be part of something, I mean. *She paused, glancing around the immediate area, and over to where she had been sitting earlier in the day, wondering if their daughter might still be sitting in one of those chairs* I'm not sure, to be honest.. She probably went and found something to eat. *She shrugged slightly, but in the back of her mind, knew that she would wonder, at least until she showed up again..*

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M JacksonMiracle

(My turn to be sorry for poofing....but here for a few hours tonight, and maybe a couple tomorrow afternoon in between work and a Sunday School party. It's just been a super busy week.)

Jasper: *standing behind Robyn, with his arms wrapped loosely around her waist his chin brought forward to rest on her shoulder, nuzzling her neck like the photographer instructed him for several shots before moving into a new position sitting on the front porch step with his back against the stage house, one knee propped up and his other leg straight, and Robyn between his open legs sitting half-way in his lap and half-way on the porch step, all the shots felt a little odd to him, but he knew that the final product would seem intimate and romantic, just enough to entice young women viewers into watching more of the show, especially the pilot, hoping for lots of young romance, and the final scene would give them just enough of what they wanted for them to keep watching. Breathing out a sigh of relief when it was all over and they were dismissed back to their trailers or to get something to eat from craft services which ever they chose to do, already headed for the studio door, his robe tightly tied around his waist* I don't know about you, but I'm kind of starving right now. I think I'm going to hit craft services before heading back to the trailer to dress for the afternoon shoot.

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M JacksonMiracle

Jacob: *setting aside the script he had been studying when Embry agreed to go over the very short scene they had together right after David had met Eric for the first time, standing up from the chair he had been sitting in and moving to other side of the trailer just in front of the couch* We can use the couch for the desk in the station house for now, go ahead and take your place, I'll enter from the left, just like the stage is supposed to be set up. *waiting for Embry to get in place before moving to his mark and taking less than a second to channel all the animosity he felt toward the real life Jasper Whitlock into his character, stomping angrily across the floor to where Embry waited for him at his makeshift desk* [David] Dan! There you are! Where have you been? No time for that now. We've got a very serious problem. I was just over visiting Scarlet. Looks like she's made friends with that new comer in town. I don't like it, not one little bit. You smelled his trail. You know exactly what he is, as good as I do. We're going to have to double up on all the patrols now. From what he was saying to Scarlet, he isn't about to go anywhere anytime soon. I swear if Scarlet hadn't been standing right there I would have.... *cutting off his words like the script called for so that Embry's character could interrupt his rant*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Hey, Miracle! :) It's really good to see you. I understand you've been busy. Honestly, this seems to be a busy time of year for everyone. Anyways, I'm here for a couple of hours, too! Hopefully we can make the most of it!!)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Carlisle: *chuckling a little to himself* Yeah, she's getting to be independent, isn't she? *shaking his head a little* Remember when she was little, and she would want to come on set to cling onto the edge of your dress, and climb my leg like a tree trunk? Before she got involved in acting... When she was just here to be with us? There wasn't one moment where she wasn't either under your nose or mine. Now she's... She's almost always off on her own, it seems. *a sentimental gleam in his eyes as he set his headphones down, briefly catching the photographers words as he finished the shoot and dismissed them to their own devices, not minding in the least bit that the other man had gone ahead and done it, after all, he and Esme would have walked back to alert the crew by now if they'd been planning on doing a second take* The way the time has gone by... It really takes me off guard, sometimes. It seems like just yesterday I was rushing you to the E.R. after you broke your leg on set... Then there was our first date, courtesy of the hospital cafe... *sighing a little* Renesmee being born... *laughing at himself after a moment* Come on, let's go have something for lunch. Maybe we'll see her there.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *almost stepping on a stray nail as she hurried after Jasper, her breath hitching a little as she danced around it, all the while rushing to close the robe around her and hide the revealing nightgown that she currently wore* Oh crap—! That could have been bead. *mumbling to herself until she finally fell in stride beside him, blinking as she seemed to put her train of thought back on track* I, um, yeah. I guess I am a little hungry, now that I think about it. Something to eat sounds good. *following him to the craft services area, where an array of different snacks, finger foods, drinks, and more substantial BBQ and Sandwiches were laid out buffet style for everyone* You know, I had an awful time finding my trailer this morning... And I don't think I could have made my way here without directions. I mean, this place is just so... Huge! *laughing softly at the understatement as she continued* Have you worked on this set before, or are you just kind of used to the way things are laid out here? I mean, every time I've gone on a set, things have been laid out differently. Are there like, some really obvious signs I'm missing? *taking a plate as he began making himself up something to eat, dishing herself up a turkey sandwich and a few portions of watermelon on a toothpick, smartly steering clear of the BBQ that was the star of the buffet for practical reasons*

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *fixing a pulled pork BBQ sandwich with very light sauce and a side of chips for himself, and grabbing a fresh bottle of water before leading Robyn to a quiet table off to one side of where most of the crew were digging in to their own food, carefully using a fork and knife to cut his sandwich up into bite sized pieces before eating each one with the fork, using more caution than was necessary to keep both his costume and his makeup clean of any bits of food that might try to escape* It's not really that difficult to make your way around a set. But to answer your question, yes, I actually have been on this set before. In fact, "Second Sight" was shot just on the other side of the studio from here. Most sets within the same studio are set up in a similar fashion. And some things are just universal regardless of the set or studio. The trailers are always going to be the furthest thing from the public parking area. Craft services will always be as close to the center of the set as possible. Stage numbers will always start at the public parking and go up in number from there, even on one side and odd on the other. Wardrobe and prop buildings will always be adjacent to each other on the opposite side of the stage buildings from craft services. There's also a press room close to the public parking and tourist entrance. Honestly, you should have received a map of the studio layout when they gave you the part. I'm surprised they forgot it. *chuckling a little* Just stick close to me and I'll make sure that you don't get lost, little lady. *winking playfully at her* So, honestly, other than almost getting lost on set, and tripping over wires that the stage hand didn't secure well enough, how do you feel about how the first day of your first starring role is going so far?

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *taking tiny, delicate little bites from her own sandwich as she listened to him speak, being extra careful not to muss her makeup, although, it had been fine after their little make out session in her trailer, even her lipstick hadn't budged. But, she liked to stay on the safe side, which meant not pushing her luck any further than she already had* I'm not that little! *giggling a little as she hedged him under the table with her foot in a very playful way* I'm like 5'9". I mean, it's too short for most major modeling industries, but that's pretty tall. I only look little next to you because you're a giant. *smiling teasingly at him, her grin widening at his next words* My first starring role... I like the sound of that. It's a little less surreal now, I guess... I don't know what I expected it to be like. I was so nervous before we got on set... I mean, I told you I was, so you know. It's new, and that can be a little scary, but honestly it's been great. It's new in the best way. I mean, being on set for so long is a little disorienting, and I'm still getting used to it, but I'm just so... Excited! *laughing as a rush of energy seemed to crash over her* Everything is so big and new, but in the best way! There's all the sets, and my own trailer, and this big, complicated character to take on—a character I love—that I get to do these emotional, revealing scenes about. It's even better than anything I ever imagined. You know, I thought the only difference would be a pay raise, but starring is really a whole other experience altogether. It's just so different. *beaming happily as she carefully popped a watermelon cube in her mouth* I think it's going really well. I mean, I would have rather I hadn't gotten lost and almost face-planted on the ground, but I'm willing to take the good with the bad. *taking a swig of water as she polished off the last of her plate* What about you? How do you think this role is going for you? Still feel like it's going to be one for the books?

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *taking a long swallow of his water* Absolutely still going to be some kind of record setter. Know how I know? The cameramen. Watch them during this next scene. Watch their eyes, if they track the camera position and the angle of the shot and all that, then you know they aren't really watching the scene unfold, they're just watching to make sure they get the shot. But if they track you and your movements and then operate the camera accordingly to capture the whole picture, then you know they're actually paying attention. And it makes for a more convincing shot too. If you get the cameramen interested in what you're doing, then you know you can capture the attention of virtually any audience. These guys see films and shows being put together from nothing every single day. It's their job. It takes a lot more to hold their interest than it does the average person. Trust me on this one. By the time "Second Sight" wrapped up, I'd lost the cameramen. That's why I wasn't surprised when the studio decided not to renew the show for a sixth season. As long as the cameramen stay intrigued, you'll have a captive audience, lose them, and the show will be cancelled in less than a year. Never fails. Watch them. You'll see what I mean. I actually think that my most challenging scene for the day is going to be the one coming up. I'm comfortable working with you at this point, and we've created some really good stuff so far, but working with Jacob.... *shaking his head* That's going to be something else entirely. Not to mention that in this scene we see more of Eric's past demons than in any other. Every other time he's had to deal with something from the past, or is confronted with the reality of what he is, he's been immediately accepted in spite of it, or he's lied about it so no one was any the wiser. When David sizes him up, he can't escape what he is, and although David never comes out and says it, Eric can sense it, and it makes him feel more exposed and more raw than he does at any other point in the pilot. Even when Scarlet catches him, and he promises never to lie to her again, and begs her for her help in finding his humanity, he still isn't really facing the evil of what he is. But when David accuses him of trying to ruin the town, he has to admit that while it isn't his intention to do so, it really is optimistic to think that isn't what's going to happen. He's already ruined so much else before, he's doomed to repeat those mistakes again. It's that thinking that also leads him to asking for Scarlet's help. He doesn't want to be that monster that David sees him as, but as long as David sees him that way, Eric can't escape seeing himself that way too. At least that's how the character comes across to me, and hopefully it'll be the way I can play it.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *nodding along, her elbow coming to prop itself up on the edge of the table as she leaned in, a clear sign of her interest if the animated way she was conversing with him wasn't enough* Oh, I completely agree with you there. It's a hard scene... But more so because there's so much going on beneath the surface, you know? Everyone in that scene has a kind of secret, something to say, but that they don't want to, or won't, or can't. For Scarlet, it's how afraid and intimidated she is of Eric. She's a strong person, her parents died years ago, leaving her pretty much alone in the world. She has no siblings, no close relatives, just a few people she grew up with in this little, rural town. She's someone who stands on her own feet... But Eric scares her, makes her feel like she needs help for the first time in a long time. And then there's Eric and David. They both have these other sides of themselves, a vampire and a werewolf... Or a 'shifter' as the book calls it. Either way, they both have this other, primal side to themselves that they can't completely control. I mean, at the beginning of the story David hasn't committed the kind of horrors Eric has, but he knows he's capable of them just the same. It's part of the reason he and Eric clash so much... They foil each other, they're different, but at the same time, they have the potential to be a lot alike. We see that throughout the story, from their supernatural abilities, their relationship with their respective mentors, their romantic interests... They highlight one another every time they bump heads. Which is why I think it might even be... A good thing that you're working with Jacob. *quickly explaining herself at his expression* As long as he's professional and you're professional... It shouldn't matter if you hate each other. I mean, your characters hate each other. You're a method actor, right? Just channel it. It'll make it that much more convincing. *gently* I know you two have some... History. And honestly, hearing about it, I'm not surprised at all that there's some animosity there. But you don't have to let that affect your work. I know it's a lot easier to say something that it is to do it, but... Don't give him that much power over you. This is a great show, and you're a great actor—and you're the star of it. The biggest way to stick it to Jacob is to not care. I'm sure the only reason he acted the way he did last night was to get a rise out of you... Show him he doesn't bother you and I'm sure he'll tire of hearing himself be an ass quickly.

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *blowing out a lungful of air* Yeah, like you said, easier said than done. *pointing his finger to stress his next thought* But you are right about one thing, I can channel what I'm feeling for him into my character. In fact, I dare him to try to pull one of his stunts on sets. There is such a thing, when playing characters that are mortal enemies, as intentional animosity. When one of the two actors intentionally tries to steal the scene from the other to force an extra layer of conflict into the script. It's never really been pulled off exactly right before. It always feels off. Less then genuine. Like one of those reality shows that you can tell has been staged in just such a way. Maybe that's something that we can build up to eventually. And if it works, it's really going to be legendary. *giving her a half grin as he collected their trash and disposed of it* Time to head back to the trailers now anyway for a quick change and a little touch up before being back on set. *blinking in surprise when his phone started to ring* It's Mel. He knows I'm filming today and not to bother me. I better take it. *putting the phone up to his ear* Hello? Yeah..... *his eyes going wide and his jaw dropping slightly as Mel relayed some obviously disturbing news* What? That's impossible. No...no...you've got to be kidding me, that isn't right......S***.....ok, ok, I'll deal with it.....yeah, yeah, I know......I know....call Tom, have him draw up the paperwork, I'll call Jennifer and let her know what's going on....I still have another scene to shoot this afternoon, but I can arrange it for tomorrow morning.....no, no, I guess that'll work.....ok, if you think it's best.....I don't know....six o'clock, that'll give me time to shower after we finish shooting....yeah, yeah, I know, I know.....I'll call you if I have any trouble writing it. *hanging up the phone and letting out a heavy breath, mumbling to himself* It never ends. *shaking his head as he dialed another number on his phone* Hey, Jennifer.....Yeah, I know, Mel just called me.....Tom's taking care of it now.....I'm going to have a press conference at 6, so around 6:15 so that it leaves time for questions, but not too many......I have no idea.....Yeah, that's what Mel said....Wish me luck.....Ok, I'll see you then. You're the best, Jen. *disconnecting the last call, and shaking his head in bewilderment as he started back to his trailer*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(OMG THE SUSPENSE!! I want to know what happened SOOO bad! I really hope you don't fall asleep before I reply!!)

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M JacksonMiracle

(LOL! Doing my best not to! :) )

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *standing along with him to make their way over to their respective trailers when his phone started to ring, at first she was just going to leave and give him some privacy to answer the phone call, but something deep in her gut stopped her at his initial reaction* Something's wrong. It has to be wrong. Really, really wrong. Jasper never looses his cool like that. I mean, things with Jacob were one thing, but even when we were stormed by the press at the In N Out, he was pretty much as cool as a cucumber. Of course, that's something he's used to dealing with, it isn't a surprise it didn't phase him, after all this time. *her brow furrowing and the knot in the bottom of her stomach growing increasingly tight as the phone call continued, her ears unwittingly straining to try to hear the other end of the conversation, wanting to know what exactly had gone so wrong and upset him so much, but not being able to hear anything she understood* Wait, Jasper. *calling out softly after him when he finished his second phone call and took off immediately for his trailer, hurrying after him and grabbing his arm gently to stop him, not hard enough to actually hold him back, but hard enough to let him know that she was there so he could stop of his own accord. When he did, she found herself a little winded at the hard look in his eyes as he spun to face her* I... I'm sorry. I just... I... *fumbling uncertainly for the right words* Do you... Do you want to talk about it? I mean... Everyone's taking lunch. We have a minute before we have to be back on set. *wincing a little at her own stupidity when he didn't answer right away* Of course he doesn't want to talk about it. I'm such an idiot. He's already probably going to have to face the press about whatever it is. I shouldn't force myself on him as well. Maybe... Maybe I should just give him some space.... I mean, if I was in his position, I would want.... Someone to lean on, but... But if it's what he needs... I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to intrude. I just, uh... *giving him a small, unsure smile, trying her best to be comforting as she briefly rested a hand on his arm* ...I'm here if you want to talk about it. Or talk about something else to take your mind off of it. Whatever you need.

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *quiet for a long moment as he just stared back at Robyn, unsure how exactly to share the disturbing news that he had just learned, finally hanging his head and quietly whispering the dreaded words, quickly scanning the area to make sure that no one else was within earshot* Ralph was arrested this morning right after dropping us off at the studio. He's being charged with endangering a minor, as well as several counts of other... *clearing his throat meaningfully* crimes against children. *his voice vacant and not making eye contact as he continued* His daughter called 911 after he....after he threatened her. Not for the first time, I suspect. Anyway, uhm, my lawyer is drawing up the paperwork now to have him dismissed from my service. But even though I'm firing him now, the fact remains, he was a trusted part of my staff, he was my driver, my bodyguard. A member of a celebrity's staff that gets arrested is a sure fire way to put that celebrity in the worst possible public light. Mel's been getting calls all morning. He wanted to make sure I was on lunch before dropping the bomb so that I would time to process before going back on set. The press is demanding that I make a statement. I have no idea what I'm going to say, but following Mel's advice, I'm holding a press conference at six, after we're done shooting for the day. Jennifer will be here with the car to pick us up right afterward. I can't focus on all the obvious stuff like how he passed an extensive background check, how I'm shocked he would do this, how I've met his daughter, and the thought that he would do that to her is appalling. I need to turn this around somehow. Flip it into a PSA after school special of sorts. Ralph was a bad man, yes, but his daughter should be commended for standing up to him like this, finally telling someone what was happening. No kid should ever suffer like that. So much of this kind of crime goes unreported. So, like this brave young woman, every kid should have the courage to stand up when it counts, tell someone if they're being hurt in any way by an adult or even another child. That's the message to get out here. It's the only way to avoid complete public embarrassment over my stupidity in hiring such a jerk. I can't afford any bad press right now. None of us can. The show can't, the studio can't, and that's all this is going into if I don't turn it around at 6.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(The big reveal... Man, it's so sad, though! Gosh! And Ralph seemed like such a nice guy...)

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