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It's All an Act!
A Ambivalentanarchist

Alice: *immediately slowing the boat to a stop and rushing to the back of the boat, her chest clenching painfully in worry as she waited for Gabriel to resurface, signing in relief when he emerged from the water perfectly in tact* Oh, thank goodness! I thought you might have hit one of the rocks, or... Or... *letting out a long breath and allowing herself to smile* I'm so sorry about that. It's a little dark to be going so fast out here. I... I probably should have been paying better attention. You really could have gotten hurt, and it anything had happened to you... I don't think I would have been able to forgive myself. *rushing forward to embrace him as he unstrapped and climbed into the boat, heedless of the fact that his wetsuit was soaking her clothes as she held him tightly, releasing after a very long minute* I... I'm sorry. Maybe it would be best if we headed back to shore. It is getting late, and we have an early morning tomorrow.

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M JacksonMiracle

(Sorry, Mom called.)

Jasper: *nodding enthusiastically* I would really like to go with you and give you the chance to show off. It sounds like it would be a very enjoyable experience. *raising an eyebrow playfully at her invitation* I don't suppose that it would be the worst thing ever. In fact, I would be honored. *smirking slightly as he took a sip of his wine before pushing his chair away from the table, then helping her out of hers, and leading her onto the dance floor with his ever present hand on the small of her back, waiting a split second to be sure that she was steady on her feet before leading her in a very simple slow waltz.*

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M JacksonMiracle

Gabriel: *holding Alice tightly to his chest and breathing in her scent, very aware of how much she needed the contact with him to assure herself that he wasn't injured* Hey, hey, I'm fine, I'm fine. I promise, see, I'm good. I've had a lot worse than that before. I use to play football in high school, it teaches you how to avoid serious injury in favor of a slightly less treacherous path. I was able to fall away from the rocks without any trouble. *kissing the top of her head, then her cheek, then her mouth before she finally calmed down enough to let him go.* You're right it is late, and we do still have the final day of filming for the season tomorrow. It's going to be a big one for everyone, and we need our rest. But I think that I'll take the wheel this time. *giving her a teasing wink as he pulled in the line and took off his skis and stored them back in the hull before returning to the Captain's chair at the front of the boat and giving it just a enough gas to get off to a slow start as he turned the wheel towards the docks.*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(I understand. :) How is she? Settled into the new place alright?)

Robyn: *beaming happily as he led her thought the steps of the dance, gracefully following his lead as they swayed together to the soft sounds of the violin playing in the background, their shoes clicking against the stone patio beneath them in a perfect rhythm as their bodies inched closer and closer together* You're a good dance. Although, I expected as much. I'm sure you know everything from the cha-cha to the mamba with all the dancing you've done on screen. *her hand quivering just a little in his as they slid even closer, but not faltering in her steps as she felt the butterflies in the bottom of her stomach flutter* I didn't know when I should tell you... But, right now... I don't know, it just feels right. *whispers, as her eyes bored into his* Jasper, I'm in love with you. I... I know it's soon, and I know I've been preaching taking things slow... But the way I feel about you is something I couldn't slow down if I tried. *swallowing when he stopped moving, her voice growing softer as she continued* It's okay, if you don't feel the same way yet. I know it hasn't been that long, but I—I do. I love you. I just couldn't hold it in any longer. You're perfect; you're kind, and understanding, and so honest, in everything. I admired you, before, as an actor, but now that I've gotten to know you, as a person... I can't imagine my life without you in it. You make me so happy, you make me feel more alive than I ever have. Sometimes that scares me, but... But at the same time, it's so amazing. *letting out a trembling breath when he remained silent* Oh, god, Jasper, please say something.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Alice: *sighing and collapsing into the seat beside him as he pulled of toward the docks* I'm sorry, I know I overreacted. I just... I really care about you Gabe. If something were to have happened... I know it didn't, but the thought of it happening... It really scares me. *giving him a tight smile as they came to a slow stop at the correct stall* That little scare aside, I really did have a good time. It's lovely out here, on the water. Maybe, after filming is wrapped tomorrow, we could meet up at my place? I could give you a cooking lesson, we could make dinner together, you know, make a night of it. Of course, that's only if you don't have any other plans. *shyly, as she she stepped off the boat beside him, holding the picnic basket she'd packed for the occasion as he tied the back securely to the dock* If you do, then there are always leftovers. We could always do it some other time, when you're free.

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M JacksonMiracle

(still living with her aunt, but yeah, she's doing better than she was at first)

Jasper: *laughing slightly* Honestly, most of the on screen dancing I've done has been country line dancing or just random moves that don't even have a name. Formal ball room dancing is a completely different story. I muddle through it, but I'm far from an expert. Just like with languages. I've always been a dabbler, never really sticking to it long enough to be perfect. *his mouth popping open just a fraction at the words that he had wanted to hear ever since the day that he had met Robyn, but was it too soon? Did she really mean it? Was it just the whole romantic feel of the evening that inspired the words? He knew better than that. Robyn was never one to rush her words. She always thought them through so carefully. Surely this was no exception. He studied her carefully and thought back through everything she had confessed to him. This was real. This had to be real. A slow smile spreading across his lips as he slowly responded to her* And here I thought I was going to get to be the first one to say it. Robyn Summers, I've loved everything about you since the day we met. I thought that I knew what love was, but I didn't know anything until I laid eyes on you. Yes, it's fast and yes, it's scary, but that's ok. Love can make what was once a seemingly impossible thing possible. I'm not just saying this because it's what's expected, it's what I actually feel, what I've always felt. I love you and when we go to that premier party, I want to make the official announcement, put all the rumors to rest, and just come totally clean. I want to confirm once and for all that we're in a serious relationship. If you aren't ready for that, it's fine, we don't have to do it, but I just wanted you to know, I'm ready.

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(Ooh ooh. So I like the idea of Seth having a bond with Sarah, but never actually imprinting on her. Obviously, he won't be too happy with her getting killed, it'll make him a little bitter, but that would be good b/c of the darkness. Seth, being pretty optimistic, is gonna need something to make him less energetic and optimistic. That can be a part of it.

Also, I kinda really wanted to have Seth be alone in this rp, because then he can focus on the pack more. In past rps, he's always been more separate and not really been all that interconnected with what's happening in the reservation. This way, he can be talking with everyone else much more. )

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M JacksonMiracle

Gabriel: *stepping off the boat and tying the line to the post as he listened to Alice's adorable ramblings, finally taking her hand in his and reaching out to tilt her chin upwards so he could look her in the eye* Tell me, who else would I have plans with? You, darlin', have a permanent spot on my calendar, all day, every day. There is always time for you, and I never make plans with anyone else, leaving it constantly wide open for you. I know we never put it in words, but since I've been spending time with you, it's only been you. I've been exclusive and I intend to remain exclusive. I know that's an intense thing, especially in our world, but I mean it. I love you, Alice. There's only you. *holding his breath in anticipation of her response, was it too much? Too fast? Would she be totally scared off now? Did he still have any kind of chance?*

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M JacksonMiracle

(Hey, Grace!! And yay!!! Glad you like the idea. Can't wait for it now!! :) :) )

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(Yesss. This new topic looks really good. I'm excited too. I think everyone's gonna get much more involved than in the past. (:)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(I'm glad she's doing better. :))

Robyn: Jasper!! He loves me! He loves me, oh, God, he loves me! He wouldn't lie to me about something like this, he wouldn't pretend. Oh, I can't believe it! *laughing joyously at his words, leaning forward and using the advantage of the high heels she'd chosen for the evening to press her lips against his, first in a series of softer, more innocent kisses, then finally in a deeper, more meaningful kiss as she moved to wrap her arms around his neck* I think this is the happiest I've ever been. *whispers against his lips and she lowly lowered the heels of her feet back down onto the ground* Of course I want what you want, of course I want to tell people... I mean, it's not that I need to. I know that this is real, that we're real. We would be even if no one ever knew about it. But... I can't say I don't want to be honest about it. I do. I want to be able to brag about how amazing you are, I want to tell people how much I love you. As much as I love acting... I don't like having to act when it comes to you, even when it's with other people. *grinning suddenly as she leaned up to plant another kiss on his lips* Oh, it feels so good to finally say it. I love you, I love you, I love you! *chuckling when they were interrupted by their server returning with their first course, a light blush coloring her cheeks at the knowing look on the older gentleman's face as he glanced at them*

Antonio: *his thick Italian accent permeating his voice as he choose to speak english for the benefit of them both* To be young and in love, hm? *transitioning back into Italian as Jasper led Robyn back to her seat so they could eat* Tu sei un uomo fortunato. (You are a lucky man.) *nodding his head to Jasper respectfully* Spero che tutto è alla vostra soddisfazione. (I hope everything is to your satisfaction.) *bowing a little as he silently excused himself so the couple found enjoy their meal*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Hey, Grace!!! :) I'm glad you agree; and I totally think Seth going solo, as it were, will be a great thing for his character. He'll be much more involved than in the previous Coven Rule RP. In fact. I've made a lot of the changes in the RP so that more people are involved. :) I'm glad you noticed!)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(I love all the love in the RP today!!! :))

Alice: *her usually loud and boisterous voice coming out in a soft mumble, a rarity for her* I... I just meant with the crew, you know, for drinks or something. Not another girl. *meeting his eyes, her voice becoming just a little louder, a little braver* I would have been awfully jealous if you were seeing someone else. I know that sometimes people do that here... I've always found it odd. I mean, for me, if I'm seeing someone, it's because I think they're great, and I don't want to see anyone else. I guess, I'm just old-fashioned that way. *offering him a slowly growing smile* I... It is... A big thing. I know that. But... I love you too. I thought I had everything, a good job, a nice condo, the kind of wardrobe I always dreamed of— *laughing a little at herself* But all of that seems kind of silly when I compare them to you. Nothing compares to you, or the way you make me feel when I'm with you. *reaching up to caress his cheek with her hand, then standing up on her toes to meet him half-way in a gentle kiss*

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *giving the server a thankful smile and a nod in return* Grazie. (Thank you). *his attention once more completely on Robyn as they sampled the appetizer dish. The reason there were so many courses at nice restaurants like this one is because each course only has a very small amount of food in it. But it was enough to satisfy them* You can't honestly tell me that you prefer a fast food burger and fries to this. *alluding to what he considered their first date, and their first run in with the paparazzi* It's just so much richer and full of flavor without all the grease. There's nothing like Italian done right.

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M JacksonMiracle

(Hehe, it's contagious! :) )

Gabriel: *deepening the kiss for just a moment longer before finally, reluctantly pulling away and allowing her to catch her breath* It's getting chilly out here. For California that is. *wrapping his arm around her shoulder to provide her with extra warmth as they walked back to his car since he wasn't wearing a jacket that he could have offered her instead* Come on, Cinderella, let's get you home before midnight or your carriage may just turn back into pumpkin and me into a lonely ole scarecrow. *offering her a smile as he opened her car door for her, unable to resist planting another kiss on her lips as he did so before running around to his side of the vehicle and climbing inside*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *chuckling softly, the smile that hadn't yet left her face growing even wider as she remembered how difficult it had been to convince him to got to in and out burger, rather than a fancy, private restaurant, one that probably wouldn't have been too different from the one they were eating at now* I guess my tastes aren't as refined as yours. *pointing to the pasta she had just taken a bite from with her fork* I'm not going to lie, this is delicious. It's probably the fanciest thing I've ever eaten in my whole live. But, each kind of food has it's own good qualities. This is seasoned, and rich, and wonderful. But, there are only a couple of bites of it, and I have to remember which fork I'm supposed to eat with it. Although, thankfully, I don't have to actually remember. I can just watch you. *winking at him playfully as she continued* I guess you could say that I prefer the simpler things in life. It's nice to indulge, once in a while... *more seriously as she finished off her small portion, washing it down with a small sip of wine* I don't know, I know I can afford it now, or whatever, but I like doing things... More simply. You know that about me. It just feels... More honest to who I am, I guess. I mean, tonight has been amazing, but I don't think I'll ever feel like I belong in a place like this.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(It is when we're playing Cupid, lol! :) By the way, I wanted to talk to you about our idea for Gabriel/Robyn in the Coven Rule RP. I was thinking about how they would end up in Jasper's custody. At first, I thought he might buy Robyn, but then that would leave Gabriel. And, since we already have so many characters, and because we really want to make it personal for the Elites, we could have Bobby and Susan be the first big targets to be taken out by the Sanguinists. We could say that when they first signed up to work for the Capital, they had to make a will in case the worst should happen, and they left all their belongings to the Major in the case that they both died, and since Robyn and Gabe were both possessions... What do you think?)

Alice: *grinning from ear to ear as she sat shivering in the passenger seat, her smile growing that much brighter when Gabriel turned on the heat like the gentleman he was, to make sure that she was warm, before he worried about pulling out of the parking lot to take her home* Thank you, for tonight. This had been amazing. We should take a trip out to New England sometime, I could take you out on the waters there, on a real, wooden sailboat. It's not nearly as exciting as a speedboat, of course, but it's... Otherworldly. When you go out to the harbor on a clear night and look up at the stars, it's like you're in another time, another universe, away from everything else. I'd like to share that with you... Someday. *reaching her hand out to clasp his from across the console*

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *thoughtfully* I guess I can't really say that anyone really belongs here. Evolutionary speaking, I mean. Who in their right mind would place people in an elegant restaurant with white table clothes and napkins and charge an outrageous price just to throw some meat on a grill for a few minutes and make such a big deal over the selection of fermented fruit to drink? It's an indulgence, a treat. If you think about it, everyone here is an actor, playing the role of sophistication when they could get almost the same experience out in the woods snatching up prey for themselves and just eating it raw. It's not a pretty thing to think about. But it proves the point rater nicely that no one belongs in a place like this or even at the In and Out Burger for that matter. We belong in the woods, hunting and gathering. But there's no sophistication in that. No reward. No joy. *reflecting for a moment as he finished his appetizer and the main course and side vegetables were brought out. A sudden look of panic crossing his face* Oh, goodness, you think I'm nuts now don't you? All that existential crud. Just trying to provide an argument. Guess it kind of makes me look crazy though, huh? Sorry, no more, promise.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *quickly* No, no, I don't think you're crazy at all! *smiling warmly at him when his initial panic seemed to be, at least partially, quelled* I like hearing your opinions, they're always so unique, and refreshing. I don't want you to feel like you can't share them with me, no matter how out there you might be. And really, that's not that far out there. I mean, I didn't pay as much attention as I should have on the pre-history I studied in high school, but it really is amazing how far we've come. "All thanks to our big, lucky brain", my teacher used to say. That's one of the only things I remember about that section. That's what makes us different from the apes; well, that, the opposable thumb, and bipedalism. I mean, that's not really what I meant.... I guess I just meant that I still feel a little out of place here, in Hollywood, with all these fancy things. I mean, I'm not ashamed to say that I had pretty humble beginnings. I grew up in a rough area, and there was a time I wouldn't have even dared to dream about eating at a place like this. I guess it's still just a little surreal to me still. What's happened with my career, and meeting you... It almost feels like a dream. Sometimes, I think I might wake up, and none of this will have been real, and it almost seems like a more realistic outcome than everything that's happened. I guess... I don't know. It's kind of like what I talk to Bayleigh about. Life can be hard sometimes, and because of that we come to expect the worst of it. And then, when good things come to us, they can seem to good to be true... *shaking her head a little* I guess I really need to take my own advice, and stop doubting it.

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M JacksonMiracle

(Amazing! Makes total sense and maintains where we want to go with it! :) Let's do it! :) )

Gabriel: *squeezing her hand gently* I'd like that. You know, I've almost forgotten how brilliant stars can be when they aren't out-shined by city lights or blocked from sight altogether by clouds of pollution. And you're welcome to come out with me again, anytime you want. The boat's always open to you. *a short time later, turning the corner that led on to Alice's street* Morning can't come soon enough. I'm going to miss you until then. Probably won't even get to see you until lunch break, and then only if we're lucky. Everything is so involved for the last day. The most technically complex ones and the most emotionally taxing for the actors are always the ones saved for the very end. I'll probably be stuck running back and forth between lights and sound all day. The props are less important tomorrow and can practically take care of themselves. The real excitement is going to be in lighting. The final cut of it should blow audiences's minds.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Great! I hoped you would like it!! :))

Alice: I know... It's going to be a hard day. There are so many shots, with so many people... Which means I'm going to be going, and going, and going. I mean, my new assistant, Bella, is wonderful. Maybe not the most fashion-forward intern I've ever had, but she's friendly enough, and a hard worker. But even with her it's going to be a stretch for me to make sure everyone is dressed and ready to go on time for everything. I almost miss the days when light and sound didn't favor you so much so I could snag you once in a while. *giving him an impish smile that let him know she was only joking* In any case, we have a date after the set closes for the season, so at least we'll see each other, even if it is at the end of the day. *allowing him to open up the door for her when they reached her driveway* Make sure you refrigerate all those leftovers. And if you heat up the pie, it should be divine after 30 seconds in the microwave. *her smile falling a little as he walked her to her door, knowing it was time to say goodbye* I really hope you sleep well. You're going to need your rest for tomorrow. *hesitating only a moment before she kissed him, more deeply than she usually dared to*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(I'm so excited for the Coven Rule Reboot!! I have to say, I am the teensiest bit [correction: very, very] tempted to just get a jump-start on it now. There. I said it.)

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(I was wondering if you'd end up doing that too, Biv. LOL.)

(I hate when you're about to say something, but you completely forget what it was.)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(What do you think, Grace? Would you be up for starting things a few days early? P.S. I hate that too. Especially when it's in a fully formed sentence, and there just that ONE WORD you can't remember... Making you look and feel really dumb.)

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(Yeah. It might be better to not try getting posts up for a new topic on a school night. I actually have motivation today.. hopefully that'll carry forforward throughout the week..)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Great! And what about you, Miracle? What are your thoughts?)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Well, I think Miracle may have poofed on us. Darn.)

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(Haha, I kinda realized that.)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Okey dokey, well I'll go unlock the topic, so you can get a head start, how does that sound? :))

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M JacksonMiracle

(the bugs were better for a bit, but they came back with a vengeance when I tried to add a fresh vinegar/soap mixture, so had to make an emergency trip to the store for more supplies, hoping that by the time I wake up they'll all be gone this time. It's becoming exceedingly difficult to concentrate with them buzzing all over the place. Tried to hide in a different part of the apartment like you said, but when I went to the kitchen to get some food, they followed me! :( I give up!! I surrender!! Just come eat me up!! :( :( Turning out the light early and pulling the blanket over my head and hoping for the best now. I'll be back tomorrow if I survive the night. )

Jasper: *tilting his head to the side, reflecting on her words as he sipped his wine* Now those are some very wise words. I agree, you should pay attention to them. This life can seem surreal sometimes with how overwhelming it is. But it's very real. You just have to keep telling yourself that. I know I'm always trying to offer you tricks of the trade, but really there's no trick to this one. There is nothing that says just because you're famous now, that you have to embrace the Hollywood lifestyle. Just keep being yourself. Stay true to what you believe, keep doing the small things that you actually enjoy. If that means eating at In and Out Burger instead of some swanky Italian place then that's fine. You'll be happy, audiences will be happy, the network will be happy, and in no time at all you have a bunch of teenage girls following you around everywhere you go. *taking a few bites of his food* I have a confession. The way that I stay to true to myself and sill maintain the dream of being a famous actor. Sometimes on the weekends if I'm not filming or hanging out with you, I like to drive out to this small horse farm in the mountains and go riding.

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