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It's All an Act!
M JacksonMiracle

(Oh, and yeah, I'm good skipping on to Coven Rule Reboot. You can lock this one if you want to Biv. :) I'll get started on the new one tomorrow instead! :) )

10/26/2014 #661 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(I'm sorry about the bugs, Miracle! :( I had a similar situation with some hornets once, when a few decided to nest up on our balcony a few years ago. As for gnats, I texted my mom about your problem, and she said that lemon is pretty good at repelling them. Apparently, gnats hate the smell of lemon. If you have any lemon, you could make some lemon water to spritz down your bedroom to keep them out. And you could spray yourself down, too, if you're not afraid of a little lemon. If it's a continuing problem, maybe you should try it. Anyways, hopefully they'll be better tomorrow and your trap will take care of most of them! Really looking forward to the new RP!! :) I have the whole day off tomorrow, so if I don't get up a post tonight, I'll have one up early tomorrow! :))

10/26/2014 #662 Report
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