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A Ambivalentanarchist

We will use this topic to cover our new role playing schedule, in which our current role play will be changing every 3 months. We will be switching between old and new topics to allow us to explore new ideas while continuing topics we've enjoyed through continuations (i.e. a "part 2") and reboots. I've gone ahead and put the first two topics up, and as soon as we start a topic, a discussion can begin (hopefully here) on what the next topic should be after that one. Feel free to post any questions you may have as well.

August 2014 - "It's All an Act!"

September 2014 - "It's All an Act!"

October 2014 - "It's All an Act!"

November 2014 - "Coven Rule Reboot"

December 2014 - "Coven Rule Reboot"

January 2015 - "Coven Rule Reboot"

February 2015 - New RP Topic

March 2015 - New RP Topic

April 2015 - New RP Topic

May 2015 - Old RP Topic

June 2015 - Old RP Topic

July 2015 - Old RP Topic

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