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Coven Rule Reboot
A Ambivalentanarchist

Starting this November! :)

The Coven Rule Reboot is still an AU RP in which the Cullens rule over the vampires of North America. However, there are a few, key differences:

This time around we're going for a slightly darker universe. In the beginning of this RP, the Elites will have less control over the general vampire populace, who are largely cruel to the humans they feed on and keep as pets. Not as many laws are in place to restrict vampires and, in turn, protect the humans around them.

The radical Sanguinist group is going to be much more active, and their reign of terror will likely touch all of our characters' lives before it's over.

Some of our characters are starting in different circumstances. And, it being a harder, darker life for most of them, they're all going to be just a little different than they were in the first Coven Rule RP.

I hope you all enjoy it!! :)

(If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(FIRST POST!! :) Hehe.)

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(Lol. I was gonna be all... "well technically...." haha. And I'll get a post up tonight or tomorrow morning. :)

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M JacksonMiracle

(Changed my mind. I can't sleep. Probably going to start a couple posts here instead and see what happens. :) )

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(Haha, Grace! :P And YAY, Miracle! I'm working on a Robyn/Susan post that kind of includes Gabe and Jasper, so try to hold off on them for the moment. :))

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: Oh, god. I don't know if I can do this. I mean, I have to. I couldn't possibly say no; it doesn't matter that I don't want to. I know my place. I've known it for a long time. Bobby and Susan take care of me here... But, that comes with a price. I have to say yes, no matter how I feel about it. *not showing any outward signs of her panic as she gently folded the silky, lace-trimmed gown Susan had given her* Yes, Mistress. Of course I'll be happy to service the Major while he stays here. *somehow managing to keep her tone even and respectfully as she turned her eyes down to the fine, ruby red lingerie in her arms* And I will be happy to wear this for him. Thank you, Mistress. It's lovely.

Susan: *smiling indulgently at the girl she had taken in just over a year ago, addition an additional pet to their household* It's all turned out for the best. Gabriel took a shine to her, like we both hoped he would, and they're both the better for it. Don't be nervous. *whispers reassuringly to the young girl as she caught the very slight tremble of her hands, and the moment of hesitation she'd taken before speaking, obvious signs of fear to a vampire. Robyn had learned to mask her feelings well, after everything she'd been through, but Susan prided herself on being able to tell when something was wrong with the seemingly impassive girl* I've known the Major for a very long time. He's a good man. Bobby and I wouldn't even be alive, if it weren't for him. You don't have to worry about him being cruel to you, sweetheart. *giving Robyn a reassuring look as she ran a hand over her her shoulder, her expression changing only slightly when he heard the Major's knock downstairs, and Bobby's punctual answer* He's here. I should go greet him. You'd better hurry on up to your room and change, I'm sure he'll be tired, and he'll want to feed. *giving the girl one last, warm glance before she headed downstairs, flashing down to the landing of the stairs, before choosing to descend the rest of them at a much more human speed* Major! We're so happy you decided to stay with us after all. *moving to her husband's side with the grace that only a vampire could* We've got your room ready upstairs, and we thought we would lend you one of our pets, Robyn, while you're here. Better her than Gabriel. He's always so quick towards defiance, always asking to be put in his place. That wouldn't sit well with the Major. Robyn is much more compliant, that's what he needs.

Robyn: *her eyes tearing up, but not allowing the tears to fall as she entered her and Gabriel's shared bedroom in what had once been Bobby and Susan's attic* You won't believe it. *her voice just a whisper as she met her friend's concerned gaze, knowing that, if they spoke lowly, they could just avoid being overheard from their well-insulated room near the roof of the house* She asked me to... The guest they said they're having, the Major, she asked me to service him. *swallowing around the lump in her throat as she moved to hide behind the dressing curtain on her side of the room so she could change, her hands trembling all the while*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(And... There it is!! Pretty decent sized one, if I do say so myself. Let me know which characters you're working on when you get the chance. I don't want to cause any overlap. :))

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M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *staring at a spider about twenty yards away as it crawled up the side of a tree trunk, amazed that not only could she make out every tiny detail of the arachnid's body, but she could also hear its heart beating, and smell the decay that was on its breath, such a tiny creature, but one that struck a paralyzing fear in the hearts of so many. She, herself had once been afraid of spiders. But those days were long gone, never to be returned to. Now nothing could scare Rosalie Hale McCarty. She had seen the worst of the worst, every possible evil thing in society. She was numb in so many ways to the terrible atrocities that were committed right under her nose day in and day out. There was no hope. Not for her. Not for anyone else. She had sold her soul long ago when she had agreed to officially join her maker's family. Slowly, the life had been sucked out of her, and she found herself in the darkest place imaginable. Her own personal hell. And there was nothing that could be done about it. Sure, she was technically fourth in command over the entire vampire population in North America, and her mate was fifth in command after Carlisle and his mate and the Major. But there were laws that limited just how much say the ruling family on any continent actually had. Basically, a vampire could get away with just about anything, short of killing off the entire human population of course. The spider leaped from the bark of the tree onto a nearby leaf, webbing spreading out between the two. Such a small, insignificant creature, and yet so powerful. That single spider's web would no doubt remain in the trees, capturing prey for a long time to come. It would survive through wind and rain and come out all the stronger for it. Wasn't there a children's song about a tiny spider that never stopped trying to get to the top of a clock before the butcher could cut him up, and he started to chant 'I think I can, I think I can'? Or maybe she was just confusing a nursery rhyme with reality. Either way, the small insect would always have much more impact on his world than she would have in hers and she was actually in a position where she should be able to do something, whereas the bug should never be allowed that kind of power.*

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M JacksonMiracle

(Rose was the only one I had in mind for the moment, so now I'll go pick up on the other one! :) :) )

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(Oh my god, I loved Rosalie's post... So introspective... And such a great introduction to this RP!!! :))

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: *washing his hands after coming out of one of the torture chambers in the lower levels of the Capital—not that he would ever feel clean after all the things he had done in Carlisle's name, in the name of law and order* Useless... There are so many others out there, more worthy of being ripped apart like him... The vampires who rape and slaughter humans they could easily have with a sweet word and a flutter of their eyelashes. Thieves, who steal from people who need the things they have, who steel from the poor. Bastards, who cheat and lie, and hurt to get what they want. And here I am, with a tax evader. That's all we ever deal with anymore... Idiots who don't know well enough to pay their taxes, or greedy people who want to keep their money. *tightly wringing the towel he used to dry his hands, ripping the fabric apart in his tight hold without even realizing it* Crap. *sighing as he dropped the shredded fabric in the wastebasket* Pull yourself together, man. It's your anniversary. You're off shift now. Just... F***. Forget it. Put it in the back of your mind, and focus on your wife. She's the only good thing in our life, in this life, the only thing you have... And today is about her. Not you and your scruples. Rosalie still believes in all of this bull, you can too. At least for today. *nodding to the men around him as he stepped out of the bathroom, his face as hard and stoic as his heart often felt these days, doing a job he felt no passion for, preforming a justice he wasn't entirely sure was just* It's worth it. For her. All of this is worth it. I believed it once, I can believe it again. *marching up the stairs to retrieve the little blue Tiffany's box he'd hidden away for the occasion, just catching a glimpse of Rosalie waiting out for him by 'their' tree as he slipped it into his pocket* ...Does she even believe anymore? Does she even want to be doing this? Maybe... Maybe we could go away, maybe we could stop. Do something else, start over. *shaking his head, setting those thoughts aside for the moment as he headed down to meet her, a small smile creeping up on his face as he sat down beside her* I'm sorry I kept you waiting, babe. *passing the little blue box to her* Happy Anniversary, Rosie.

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M JacksonMiracle

(*blushing* Why, thank you. :) :) The magic just kind of happened.)

Jasper: *parking his truck on the side driveway as he arrived at Bobby and Susan's colonial home in Texas, the Elite government issued Ford F650 XLT just barely fit in place. He wouldn't normally have brought along such an audacious vehicle, but he was passing through Texas on official Elite business so the vehicle came with the territory. He knocked only once on the door, a firm, sure knock, just enough to get the attention of the occupants inside. Nodding simply as Bobby let him inside the foyer* Thank you again for letting me stay here. I promise I won't be in your hair for too long. *his eyes darting to the stairs as Susan descend them unable to maintain his grim exterior at her greeting, his lips forming a tight grin* Susan, it's been much too long since we've seen each. *his eyebrow raising slightly at the prospect of being allowed to borrow one of their pets for the duration of his stay no matter how short it may be* I'm much obliged, ma'am. Thank you. I promise not to break her. *allowing his natural accent to come forth easily now that he was among familiar surroundings*

Bobby: *commenting on Robyn's behavior for the Major's benefit so he would know what he was getting into* She knows her position here and performs it well. But she is still a little hesitant sometimes, though if it's from fear or rebellion we have yet to determine. But she will do her job for you. Any problems, just come get me. I'll make sure she doesn't cause a scene.

Gabriel: *barely even glancing Robyn's way as she first entered the room, but his head suddenly popping up and his back straightening as he heard that Robyn would be shared with a complete stranger* We don't know the first thing about this Major guy, just that Bobby and Susan knew him a long time ago. What if he's changed? What if he isn't like how they remember? Are they sure they can really trust him with one of us? They knew what they were doing at least. There's no way I'd let them just loan me out that easy. Wait, what are you doing back there? Did they give you some kind of costume to wear for him? What kind of sicko is this guy? *thankfully remembering to keep his voice just low enough that she could hear, but those two floors below wouldn't be able to, even with super hearing.*

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(You're quite welcome! :) You deserve it. Your metaphors and analogies are always so creative!)

Susan: *flashing her former commander a brilliant smile when he finally broke his façade* Don't be silly, Major, you're welcome to stay as long as you like. Our home is your home. We wouldn't have it if it weren't for you, anyways. *stepping back with Bobby to allow Jasper further into the house* Besides, as you said, we haven't seen each other for a long time. And, as tempering as time may be, it seems I still enjoy play hostess after all these years. I insist you stay at a week—at the very least—you'll need at least that long to complete whatever business you're out here on in any case. *gesturing to Jasper to take a seat on the couch, moving to sit across from the seat of honor on the couch with her husband, elbowing him subtly as he spoke of the pet which, if she was being honest with herself, she favored* Oh, you know there isn't a rebellious bone in that girl's body. It's Gabriel who's the rebellious one, we both know that. *turning to smile at the Major once more* It's true she does have difficulties now and then, but she's had a rough past. I think that's something all of us can relate to. Surely you, more than either of us, Major. *adding, almost teasingly* And, don't you worry, we wouldn't let you borrow her if we didn't trust you. *sobering after a quiet moment passed between the three of them* I know you must be eager to get upstairs, and rest, and feed. I know you've been on active duty for a long time now, but, before I show you your room... Can you tell us why you're here? What have you been looking for, jumping from town to town like you have? I mean, we've heard rumors, but we know better than to trust most of what we hear.

Robyn: *coming out from behind the curtain, showing Gabriel the skimpy, satin and ribbon gown Susan had given her with a strained expression on her face* Apparently he's the usual kind of sicko. *whispers, feeling bile rise up in her throat as she began to pace* I don't know what I'm going to do, Gabe. I don't know if I can. I know what he's going to want... But, I haven't... I haven't since. *shuddering at the memory of the vampire at whose hands she had been mercilessly abused, only to be taken out of his custody for tax fraud, of all things* You know, Bobby and Susan don't ask that of us, they said they didn't need it. But now, this... *waving a quivering hand across the scrap of fabric that barely covered her midsection* I can't even call it a dress. I know what it means. *putting a hand on the edge of her bed to steady herself before she lowered herself down onto it* I'm so scared, Gabe... But, I can't do anything about it. You what they'll do if I don't obey—they'll beat me and tell me to do it anyways. Oh, God. *covering her mouth and desperately blinking away tears*

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M JacksonMiracle

(Did I mention that I have the day off today? :) :) I'll probably head out this afternoon to go early vote, but other than that I should be here most of the day!! :) :) )

Rosalie: *smelling the delicious masculine aroma that was her husband long before she could hear him, and long before she felt him sit next to her on the fallen log and press a tiny box into her hands, a brilliant smile that would light the world on fire crossing her face as she turned to look at him* Happy Anniversary, Em. I love you. *kissing him soundly on the lips for a very long moment before finally pulling away, her attention turning to the gift he had given her and carefully opening the box to reveal a brilliant diamond and white gold necklace* Oh, Emmett! *gushing over the amazing piece as she delicately removed it from the cardboard backing and fastened it around her neck* Oh, wow, this is so perfect, it's beautiful. *feeling her eyes moisten a little from her overjoyed happiness* Thank you, you're wonderful. *admiring the feel of the designer jewelry around her neck for several more moments* I got something for you too, by the way. It's being delivered to our room right now. I know we've talked about it in the past and never really acted on it, but I think that you'll like it when you see it.

Sarah: *her hands firmly tied behind her back as two Capital guardsmen forced her into Emmett and Rosalie's room in the Elites' home. This would be the fourth home that she had been forced to visit in as many weeks. It seemed that everyone just wanted they wanted for the one or two day stay, but no one was ever interested in keeping her long term. She supposed that it was her own fault though, she had tried to run away every single time, and the first time, she had flat out refused to cooperate. This had resulted in a broken wrist, and since the vampire who had held her then had promised to return her without injury, he had let his venom course through her veins just long enough to heal the wrist, once it was done, he drained her until there was no trace of his venom left. The extreme blood loss had caused her to pass out, and when she came to the next morning, she found out that she had actually had to receive a blood transfusion in order to be kept alive. None of this had been revealed to the keepers of the human orphanage where she was being held until someone decided to take her on a permanent basis. An orphanage for adult humans with no owner. Now that was an irony. They should have just called it what it was. A pet kennel. A dog pound. That was a more accurate term at least. She was barely fed in the orphanage, just enough to keep her alive. She wasn't allowed regular baths and everyone could tell based on her stench. The only thing that she really had going for her was the knowledge that her husband and two kids had been allowed to live free. If one person surrendered during the raid in her city, the rest of their family would get to keep living free. That was the promise. She knew that her husband was the money maker in the family, and if it had been him, there wouldn't have been any way for her to provide for the children. There was no choice. She had to be the one to surrender, the one to become enslaved.* Ow! *complaining aloud as she was tossed onto the hard floor and her binds were roughly cut. She was given instructions to clean herself up and change into the plain white robe they handed her and to be waiting on her knees when the Sir and Mistress arrived. Snatching the robe out of the guard's hand, she stormed into the spacious bathroom to begin the task of scrubbing down her skin. She had heard them talking. Her tracking chip had been set to allow her to travel anywhere on Capital grounds, looking out the bathroom window, she wondered just how far that would get her. If it got her into the trees, she could find a secluded enough spot, run outside the bounds, accept the shock that came with it, and lay there passed out hoping they wouldn't find her before she regained consciousness and could complete her escape. First step would be to get out of the house, and that wasn't happening. They were four stories up, and the door to the room was locked, no chance of her getting out just yet, but she would find her opportunity. Spraying her body down with a bit of perfume that enhanced the smell of her blood to vampires making her more desirable, she slipped out of the bathroom and pulled the white robe on over her shoulders and took her place kneeling, head bowed, hands behind her back directly in front of the door*

(If Sarah's a runaway pet from the Elites, the Sanguinists will have no choice but to attack her. :) )

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(I have the day off too! I have an in-service thing going on at school. I do have to do some homework, thought, so let me know when you're heading off to vote so I can do it then! :) Cory and I are mailing in our ballots tomorrow, it's just more convenient than actually going to the polls. P.S. I really like your idea with Sarah! I'll make sure to have a Sanguinist spy or two nab her! ;))

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *relaxing into his place on the couch and sniffing the air downstairs out of habit any time he entered an environment he hadn't been in for awhile, there was very, very little trace of human scent on the first floor. Bobby and Susan must not allow their two pets to come downstairs very often, possibly not at all. That wasn't unusual. Often pets would be provided everything they needed in their own personal room, and were only allowed outside of it when it was time for their owner to feed. It kept them out of the way of temptation the rest of the time. Turning his attention back to Susan as she asked the predictable question that he was inevitably asked whenever he stayed over with an old acquaintance. But Susan and Bobby were more than that. They were friends, family in a way, closer to him than any of the Elites, except for possibly Alice, and lately he had even been closer to them than he had been Peter and Charlotte. Quickly making his decision to tell them the truth, after all, if his hunch was right, he would need their help* What I'm about to tell you is highly confidential. Even having a limited knowledge of it is dangerous. I need you to understand the gravity of that before I continue. *looking first to Bobby, then to Susan and seeing each of them nod acceptance before starting* Very well. I'm tracking a rouge element that has made it known they are enemies of the Capital. They haven't been labelled as such publicly, but there have been...terroristic threats made against the Elite family. At this time we're unsure just how big the coven is, or how far their reach extends. According to my latest intelligence reports, their leader seems to be operating out of Mexico. Just a few miles over the boarder from here. They call themselves the Sanguinists. They believe in free blood, but to an extreme. They don't believe that we should allow pets to live after we feed on them. We feed, we kill, it's that simple for them. So far, they've mostly stuck to themselves, not caused any issues, so we've allowed it. Their victims are likely tortured and drank from slowly, but again, no laws are ever broken. Until now. They've stepped up their game. Pets are disappearing. We believe the Sanguinists are stealing them and killing them. Theft of property, destruction of property, those are serious crimes. Add to that the direct threat of the Elites' lives, and we have enough for an arrest. I just need the evidence to prove it. I've been interrogating every snitch I could get my hands on, and finally traced everything back to here. I can only hope that this time, I have one of the leaders and not another nobody. Alice has been working the case from a different angle, independently of me, and her information serves to confirm mine. She would be here now as well, but with the threats against us, Carlisle made the decision that it was too risky to have two or more Elites in the same place at the same time outside the Capital.

Bobby: *getting up from his spot on the love seat next to his wife to kneel in front of the Major to show his respect, his servitude, and his loyalty* Major, please accept any and all assistance I can offer you during this mission. I pledge my loyalty and servitude to you. I am your humble soldier. I will follow all of your commands to the letter, and follow you into any battle, be it small or large. I pledge my fidelity only to you Major, please accept it. *repeating the same pledge that he had made to the Major when they had first met during the Southern Vampire Wars, making it clear that he wanted to help and was willing to do whatever it took to bring down the Sanguinists*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: *grinning as he admired he expensive necklace that trimmed her neck, the delicate chain just skirting the edge of his mark near her collarbone, the place he had claimed her for the rest of eternity, an action he repeated often, as vampire mates did, to show not only his dominance over her, but his love and devotion as well, in preforming an act—biting—that would be incredibly painful if anyone else did it to her, but instead using it to give her pleasure* I knew you'd look amazing in it. *whispers, reaching out to finger it lightly, smirking slightly at the shiver he saw crawl up her spine at the barely-there caress* You know you didn't have to get me anything, Rosie. You're the greatest gift I could ever have. *kissing her deeply before he moved to stand, offering her a hand to help her up, although he was more than fully aware that she didn't need the assistance, it was, like many other things, one of the little ways he showed his appreciation towards her, that she let him love her, despite how unworthy he thought himself of the honor* But, you know I can't say no to you. Come on. Show me. *his smile growing wider as his eyebrows rose up suggestively* Then we can... Start celebrating. I got Coleson to cover your shift in the dungeons later, so we have all night.

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M JacksonMiracle

Gabriel: *folding his arms tightly around Robyn's frail, skinny body even as she tried to fight away the tears, not bothered in the least by the scrape of cloth that she wore, barely covering the most sensitive areas of her skin, after all they had seen each other in much, much more embarrassing circumstances, refusing to allow his mind to go there as he comforted her the only way that he knew how to, using his hand to rub small circles on her back* I know, I know. *taking a deep breath and quickly making a decision* When they come for you, I'll tell them to take me for him instead. I won't fight him. I'll let him drink as much as he wants. He'll just have to do without the other stuff this time. I won't let that happen to you. It isn't right. He'll end up hurting you. Very few pets survive for long after being used that way. I won't allow it. *shaking his head as he let go of her* Go get changed out of that thing. I'll tell them you got sick, and they have to use me instead, and out of respect for them I'll promise to cooperate for their guest, but they'll owe me. Try not to think about it anymore. It's not going to happen.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Susan: *not bothering to hide her reaction from the Major as she gasped and her eyes widened in shock at the revelation that, like they'd heard, there was some sort of terrorist group organizing against the Elites, or the way her face crumpled in on itself in concern as her husband left her side to kneel at the Major's feet. She and Bobby had known the Major a long time, longer than most; he had always been able to sense her emotions, she knew that. There was no point in trying to hide them from him. It wasn't as if he could—or would—ever blame her for feeling what she did. He, of all people, knew how much emotions were out of the control of the people who felt them* Bobby... *shaking her head slightly as she put her hand on his shoulder, her concern for her husband, her mate, taking precedence over all else in that moment, as he pledge himself to fight against a threat none of them yet understood. They didn't know what they were up against, and not for the first time, she couldn't help but worry for him, for his life. Bobby was a good man, a brave man. That had been part of the reason she had fallen in love with him all those years ago. But, sometimes, that goodness and bravery got him in trouble. Sure, they both worked for the Elite family, but they knew what they would be up against every day, they knew the risks. This was entirely different* You— *opening her mouth to say that he didn't have to do this, that he didn't have to step forward, and risk his life again, as he had so many times before, but she closed it before she could get the words out* Yes, he does. He has to do this. This is the kind of man he is. This is the kind of man you married. Brave, loyal, and good. And so loving... *swallowing as she removed her hand, moving to kneel beside him instead of protesting as she had originally intended* You promised to stand beside him, until death do you part... You may have died once already, but you have not parted yet. I beg you to allow me the same privilege, Major. To serve you again, together, as we once did. *reaching over to take Bobby's hand in her own, squeezing it to show him her support to him even as she knelt beside him*

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M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *laughing musically* Now that's a gift that far outweighs any ole necklace. I would have hated having to work down there on such a special night. *kissing his cheek lightly as they walked swiftly back into the palace they called home and up to their large living quarters, pausing in front of their door for just a moment, knowing that her mate would already be able to smell the human within, and hear her rapid heartbeat, slowly opening the door, relieved and satisfied to find the young woman in her place on the floor, her posture nearly perfect, pleased that she showed no initial reaction to their entrance* She's on loan to us from the orphanage. Her papers are all in order, seems that she actually volunteered for this job. She's a bit older than what I thought, but still very young. *walking around the woman now, inspecting her for damage, touching her shoulders and neck and stroking the top of her head gently* They trained her well, it seems. Notice how she has yet to even acknowledge our presence. *smiling a little to herself* If we like her after the trial run tonight, then we can put in an offer with the orphanage to purchase her on a more permanent basis. Would you like that, dear? Would you like to come live here with us? Be our pet? *grinning darkly as she directly addressed the human for the first time, using her cold, slender fingers to wrap around her chin, and force her head upwards to make eye contact with her new mistress* What's your name, girl?

Sarah: *wincing slightly from the cold touches, but doing her best not to pull away or show any signs of weakness. Now was not the time. She would have time to rebel later, plenty of time to resist, show them she would not be taken easily, but for now, she would let them get comfortable, let them play their game with her, then she would strike out when they no longer expected it* S...Sarah Banks, Mistress. *introducing herself politely, unable to keep the small wavering hesitation out of her voice*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *her breath slowly becoming steadier as she allowed herself to relax in Gabriel's embrace, forcing herself to focus on him, and only him as he soothed her. After all they'd been through together, she considered him her best friend in this world—her only friend—he'd always been there for her, he'd never turned his back on her, no matter how much he might have been suffering, he always looked out for her. If she had to call anyone family in this world, after her own had been ripped away from her, it would have been him. He was a like a brother to her, and she could honestly say that she loved him* Gabe, you can't mean that. *whispers, eyeing him uncertainly as she pulled away, guilt pooling in the bottom of her stomach as he readied himself to be used in her place* Susan... I did my best, but, she noticed how nervous I was. I don't think she'll believe you, and even if she does, we both know that Bobby won't stand for it. You remember how angry he got with you when you tried to keep them from feeding on me in the first place. *sniffling, then steeling herself as she pushed herself up off of the bed, making her way to the full-length mirror that was propped up in her corner of the room, in the opposite corner of the flat-screen television she and Gabriel shared, she stared at her reflection for a long moment, she was still too skinny, she knew that, but she looked far healthier than she had when she'd come here. Back then she'd been disgusted by her own reflection. Her skin had a slightly healthy glow to it, despite being pale from lack of sunlight, and littered with scars. Her hair was long and shiny, rolling over her shoulders in waves* This is what they brought me here, Gabe. To be used. *although she'd managed to calm herself down, she couldn't help the bitterness that tainted her hushed voice* Let's just... Let's not talk about it anymore, alright? *closing her eyes for a long moment before she sat back down on the edge of her bed* I'm sorry I said anything.

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Emmett: *a slow grin forming on his face as he stepped forward, standing just behind Rosalie as she poked and prodded at the girl* I think I like her already... She's submissive, docile... That's the good thing about picking one from the Orphanage, half the cost of an auction pet, with almost the same training. *shrugging a little as he looked at her form* Maybe not as well fed or taken care of, but I'm sure with a little TLC she'll be just as impressive. After all, we don't want to be walking around with a half-starved pet. That would just be a bad example. And, we all know a well fed pet means more blood. *smirking a little as he leaned down to inhale Sarah's scent, letting the sweet, tangy flavor inflame his throat, enjoying the anticipation of actually feeding from her for the first time* Smells like AB to me. I know how you love AB. I bet you requested that specially, didn't you? *chuckling softly at her answering smirk* I think I like her. Of course, I can't say for sure until we take her out for a spin. She how well-trained she really is. I know neither of us has the time or patience to deal with one of those rebellious types. I like my rebels to be a little... Blonder, if you know what I mean. *winking at his mate teasingly before placing a languid kiss on Rosalie's neck* Why don't we take her out for a little test-drive, hm? It's been a long day, I'm sure you must be thirsty...

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *narrowing his eyes as he studied the mated couple kneeling before him, not even really seeing them, simply reading their emotions instead, Susan's were slightly more conflicted, more fearful, but they were both strong warriors, he knew this, no matter what kind of fear and unease they felt now, they would both overcome it in the end and fight by his side without any thoughts of desertion.* Stand. Both of you. *standing as well when they instantly obeyed the command* I have no idea what it is that we could be walking into. No idea what kind of camp they've made. How many are there. How strong they are. If they're holding humans there. I can not guarantee your safety. I did, however, anticipate this response, which is why you'll find extra gear in the truck. I suggest that you familiarize yourself with its operation, and spend the night running drills. It's been a very long time since either of you were in the field and I will not have it on my conscious if something happens to you simply because you were ill prepared. It will all come back to you quickly, but you'll have to spend some time with it tonight to remind your body what it already knows. We leave just before sunrise. The mission is intelligence gathering only. Do not engage. I repeat, you are not to engage the Sanguinists unless there is no other choice. Dismissed. *his voice softening slightly just before they were out of the house* And thank you both, very much. *turning to head up the stairs as they turned back to the door* Oh, and just have your pet report to my room when she's ready. I'll be waiting. *smirking slightly in anticipation, he really needed, a healthy drink tonight to get ready for tomorrow* And don't forget to use the other one for yourselves, tonight. Being well fed is key to success tomorrow.

Bobby: *standing at attention as the Major gave his orders and instructions for the intelligence gathering mission they would embark on the following morning. There was a lot to be done before then, and not a lot of time to do it in* Yes, Sir. *giving the Major a Vampire salute by swiftly placing his right arm across his chest, his hand touching his left shoulder, just above and to the left of where his unbeating heart lay. The salute was meant to be different from that of any human salute, and it was also symbolic of being half way to coffin, where a dead body would have both arms crossed over its chest. They were the living dead after all, half way to the coffin seemed to fit them well. Never letting go of Susan's hand once he reclaimed it as they made their way outside to the truck to find the equipment the Major had mentioned* I'll take care of moving all this to the backyard for our drills if you want to go settle Robyn in the Major's room. *searching her eyes for a moment before releasing her hand only to claim the back of her neck and pull her body flush against his* I love you. *kissing her very deeply for several long moments before daring to let go of her completely* I love you so much, Susan. No one else would have ever volunteered beside me like that. You're the other half of my soul, darlin'. Go. It's going to be a long night. *trying his best to let her know that while he would love her forever, and wanted nothing more than to show her exactly how far his love extended, now was not the time, they had a mission to train for, and just a few short hours to do it in*

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Susan: *following Bobby's motions of rising and saluting the Major in all seriousness, more than ready to follow him into battle, if need be, as she had promised. Despite her initial—and continuing—reservation, she trusted the Major, and she knew that helping him was the right thing to do. And even if it hadn't been, she knew in her heart of hearts she would have volunteered anyways, if only for Bobby's sake. It was true, she had imagined herself supporting him differently when they'd gotten married, being his rock, raising their children, keeping his house. But, everything had been changed when they became vampires. They became a team, they became equals. They always worked together, fought together, and if it ever came to it they;d die together* Yes, Major. *her usual, soft smile returning to her face when he finally softened towards them* Of course, Major, you're very welcome. We owe you our lives... Anything we can do for you, ever, we'll always be at your service. *bowing her head to him again before he headed up the stairs, following her husband out to the truck, unable to help but beam at the way he lavished his love on her* How could I stay behind, when I saw how important this was to you, Bobby? I wouldn't be any kind of wife, any kind of mate, if I let you stand alone... *pressing her lips against his very softly* I'll go take care of Robyn, and let Gabriel know we'll be waking him to feed before we go. *kissing him again, more deeply* I love you, Bobby. I'll always be by your side, just like we promised each other. *giving him a lingering, lovering look before she stepped out of his embrace and turned back into the house, flashing upstairs to retrieve Robyn, and knocking to make her presence known* Robyn, it's time.

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M JacksonMiracle

(probably the last one before I leave to go vote. It's usually pretty slow during early voting, especially for mid-terms so I shouldn't be gone too long, but if you need more time to do your homework, please take it, school is more important. :) )

Gabriel: *wincing as he remembered the beating he had received from Bobby when he had tried to prevent him from feeding on her that first week she had come to live with them* You weren't ready for it. I'll never regret that. Just like I'll never regret this no matter what they do to me. *standing and pacing around the room, even as Robyn apparently gave up and resigned herself to sitting on the bed and waiting* No, no, there has to be a way to get you out of this. I don't care what it takes. They can't....he can't....I won't let it happen. You aren't happy. You don't deserve this. No one deserves this. *interrupted by Susan's soft knock on the door, and moving to stand between it and Robyn when their Mistress entered the room* Robyn will be unable to service our guest tonight. She's ill. Please take me to use in her stead. Out of respect for you, Mistress, I will not put up a fight or dishonor our guest in anyway. He will have my full cooperation, please, just...give Robyn the night off. She needs it to recover from her illness. *politely bowing his head to Susan as he waited for her answer, his heart rate increasing significantly, and his body trembling slightly as he offered himself to be used and fed on in place of Robyn.*

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(I don't need much time. Just a little review for an exam I have tomorrow. :) Just thought it would be a nice time to get it done.)

Susan: *her expression morphing into one of concern at Gabriel's lie* She's not feeling well? She seemed fine earlier... Here, let me have a look at her. *gently pushing past him to step further into the room, her eyes setting on Robyn, where she sat on a bed at one end of the room* You look well enough to me. *bending down in front of her to examine her better, knowing that humans weren't always as they seemed* Is it a stomachache? Do you have a fever? *pressing her hand to Robyn's forehead in an almost motherly way, frowning when the human's skin felt no hotter than it usually did*

Robyn: *lowering her gaze both in respect, and to avoid having to look Susan in the eyes as she examined her* M-Mistress, I—

Susan: *shushing her before she could finish* No, don't say anything. I know what this is about. *rising up to full height, her face hardening as she looked between Robyn and Gabriel* I thought we were beyond these kinds of childish fiascos. I can plainly see that Robyn is fine, Gabriel, so would you like to tell me why you lied for her? Or shall I just assume that it is, again, because you do not trust my judgement, or your Master's? Do you have any idea what Bobby would have done to you if he caught you, red-handed, in a blatant lie like this? How do you think this shows me respect? Hm, Bobby? How does trying to thwart my decisions and lying to my face show me respect? *huffing a little* You're lucky I don't time to punish you now, but trust me, when your Master and I get back from our mission, we will be putting you back in your place. *spinning on her heel to face Robyn* As for you, Robyn, you will come with me now to service the Major, and if I hear you have failed to treat him as your Master in all ways while you are under his command, as you would obey Bobby or myself, you will be punished severely, am I understood? *her face hard, despite the compassion she felt, deep down, for both of them*

Robyn: *swallowing and bowing her head down very low* Yes, Mistress. I understand. *rising when Susan motioned for her to stand, keeping her head bowed as the other woman escorted her from the room, not brave enough to glance back at Gabriel, to silently thank him for what he had tried to do, or to silently apologize for what he would have to go through for it, despite how much she wanted to, she simply walked along beside Susan until they reached the guest room, dropping to her knees just inside the door as Susan presented her, keeping her eyes fixed on the hardwood floor as she did her best not to panic* Oh god, oh god, oh god. I can't believe this is happening...

Susan: *the smile she flashed the Major as she entered the room still holding a lingering tension from her conversation upstairs* Major, this is Robyn. I've commanded her to obey you as she would Bobby or myself. As I said before, she's at your disposal for your stay here. *inclining her head to him respectfully before backing out of the room, closing the door behind her before she headed downstairs to join Bobby in preparing for the mission ahead of them*

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((Hey, I'll be posting soon! Just trying to brainstorm ideas on how to bring my character(s) in! :))

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(Great, Red! I'm finishing up the last of my studying now, can't wait to see what you come up with!!! :))

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(Back! Hope my people win! :) :) )

Rosalie: *smiling slyly as she forced the girl to stand and led her over to a large plush chair in the corner, allowing Emmett to sit in the chair first before placing the girl, Sarah, in his lap. She noted that Sarah stiffened a little at the contact of her mate's body against her much frailer one and made a hushing sound* Shhh, shhh, none of that now, just relax Sarah. This won't take long. We're only going to take a little, just a taste for now. Just enough of a sample so we know if we like you. You should consider yourself fortunate that we chose you. Unlike most pets we only have need of you for your blood. My mate and I have more than enough love for the other to keep us both sated. You're just our appetizer before we get on to more personal business with each other. Now be a good girl for us, and we'll make sure you get a good meal tonight as well. *lowing her mouth towards Sarah's neck, the venom already flowing freely between her teeth in anticipation, but before she could actually bite, Sarah showed her true colors*

Sarah: *rage burning inside of her more and more with each word that the Mistress whispered to her face, and each little touch that the Sir was giving her as he allowed his mate to drink first, tensing her muscles as she waited for just the right moment to show them that she would not just sit still and let them do whatever they wanted to her, twisting her face at just the right moment she let lose with as much force as she could, spitting directly in the Mistress's face* Go to ****! *wiggling around as she tried to free herself from the Sir's grasp, but it was to no avail, if anything he was holding her tighter now, almost painfully so*

Rosalie: *not even hesitating a split second as she delivered a powerful slap across Sarah's pale face, seething in anger* That will be your only warning girl! We don't have the time to put up with your insolence. We will both feed, indulging as much as we like, and then you will be locked in our bathroom with no dinner until morning, at which time we will call the orphanage to come get you. You don't know how good you could have had it here with us. You know what happens to rebellious orphans that can't find a master, don't you? They will drain you until your dead corpse stops twitching. *hissing meanly at the girl* Hold her in position, Emmett. We won't let that happen again. *watching as Emmett forced the girl's neck to crane back, revealing her jugular, and this time when Rose lowered her mouth to the girl's neck, she bit down hard and flooded Sarah's body with venom to paralyze her before starting to suck out her share of the human's warm, rich blood.*

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(I understand the feeling. When you take the time to go out, get informed, and vote, you're so much more invested in the whole process!)

Emmett: *screwing his face up in contempt as what he had previously seen as nice, shiny, new toy, suddenly turned on them* I knew it was too good to be true... She looked like she'd been in there too long to be well behaved. I'm sure we're not the first ones she's given trouble to, and I'm sure we won't be the last. *scoffing hatefully, his rigid arms holding Sarah still, his grip not unlike that of a statue as he just restrained himself from crushing her frail bones* Dig in babe, we might as well, while we have her here. *feeling the venom building up in the back of his own mouth as he watched his wife sink his teeth into Sarah's tender neck, the smell of Sarah's fragrant blood combined with the sight of watching his mate feed more than setting him on edge, not only in anticipation of feeding himself, but also of having, as Rosalie had called it, more personal business with his mate* She's so beautiful when she's like this... I could just imagine those teeth in my neck... *growling softly with growing arousal and thirst as Rosalie finally pulled herself away from Sarah's neck, not giving the girl even a second of respite before he pierced her flesh as well, not taking the care that he usually might have not to give her a fresh would, instead his mark only overlapped Rosalie's half way, making Sarah feel the pain of razor-sharp teeth tearing into her flesh not once, but twice, in a short time* Such a shame. She tastes so sweet... But, Rosalie's right. We have to send her back. Even if we could control our tempers, we just don't have time to deal with someone so obstinate. *pulling away from her neck when he felt her heart beginning to slow, not bothering to be gentle with the intemperate human they'd been given as he shoved her into the bathroom* If you come out of here, I swear I'll beat the insolence out of you, do you hear me? *snarls, before turning back on his heel to face Rosalie, the predatory expression on his face darkening as he pounced on her, pinning her to the bed, his lips attacking hers fiercely as he began to tear at their clothes*

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