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Adoption RP
A Ambivalentanarchist

Takes place in a world where Robyn and Renesmee, both born to human parents, end up orphaned and adopted by a vampire and a shifter respectively: Jasper and Jacob.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *at six years old, she had been through more than most people many times her age over. She had been orphaned. Her parents had died in a horrific car crash, right in front of her. She had been sitting in the back seat, safe in her booster seat when a semi had run a red light. Her father had slammed on the brakes and tried to turn, but it was too late, the car had little time to jerk, let alone swerve, before the front of the car collided with the large vehicle's middle with a sickeningly loud noise, a creaking, scratching sound as metal met metal. The entire front of the car folded up like an accordion. Her parents had died upon impact, their bodies broken and covered in a mess of blood. She had cried helplessly for them to wake up from the backseat, uninjured except for a bruise across the chest where her seatbelt had lied, while she waited for help to come. She had ended up being pulled for the car hours later, after the jaws of life had been used to pull her passenger side door from the car's warped frame. In the wake of her parent's death, she had been sent to live with her closest blood relative, her paternal grandparents, who lived in Forks, Washington, a place she had only visited as an infant. Unfortunately, even after a frightening plane ride and a week of crying and trying to get used to these new, strange people, a visits from a social worker had determined that her grandparents were unfit to care for her. It really was no surprise, with her grandfather having a rather trying case of dementia and her grandmother struggling to keep up—struggling so much that she had been considering selling the house and moving them to a retirement community in Seattle before Robyn had been dropped in their laps. So now, she sat cold, afraid, and crying on the front steps of what was supposed to be her new home, waiting for her social worker to gather her things so she could be escorted to a group home, a modern day orphanage* I want my mommy . . . I want daddy . . . I just want to go home. *her bottom lip trembling as she tried and failed to hold back a new wave of tears*

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *walking next to Rosalie through yet another new town after having to move away from the last one when Emmett slipped. Part of him was just glad that it hadn't been his mistake to lead to the most recent move, but part of him still felt really bad for Emmett. It had been decades since any of them slipped, all of their most recent relocations had been due to people starting to question Carlisle's age. The unspoken fear in the family was that it was only a matter of time until he slipped up again, leading Alice and Edward to start watching him extra closely. And because they had been watching him, they had missed Emmett's split second decision to go after a human. By the time Edward finally heard his thoughts, it was too late. It was easy enough to cover up the mistake by making it look like a car accident, and after a couple months of bonding time in Alaska with their 'cousins' the family was ready to face another new town.* I think I want to use the home schooled cover this time around. I'm not really feeling the part of high school kid for some reason. *he announced suddenly*

Rosalie: *frowning deeply* It's too late to change your mind now. Esme's already made an appointment at the school to enroll us, all of us, and the early paperwork she filed has our birthdays listed as the same day to maintain the story that we're twins. I think you're just going to have to deal with it. Besides, I'm tired of answering questions about how come out of all of the children in our family, only one of them is home schooled, while the rest of us go to public school.

Jasper: *rolling his eyes in response* There was computer error on the paperwork, my birthday is actually a year earlier, and after Esme filed it, I received an early acceptance letter to college. I'm somewhat of a genius, so I'm home schooled for the next few months until I get my GED, then it's off to college with me. See, problem solved. And we've maintained our family's cover on every aspect. I just don't want to go to school this time and be around that many humans. *not daring to tell her that one of the reasons he wanted to stay out of school this time and avoid humans was because the last time Emmett slipped, Jasper slipped just a few months later and he didn't want history to repeat itself. Not that he believed in superstitions or anything, but it was possible, and he wanted to be cautious* I'll go on a hunt with Esme and Carlisle tonight and tell them what I've decided. I'll make it clear that no one else in the family had anything to do with it, that it was my decision to not go to high school here. Besides, I could tell the instant that we stepped foot inside of Forks, you were falling in love with the town, I don't want to take a chance on ruining it for you here. I really think it's best for everyone.

Rosalie: *opening her mouth to respond with another retort when the quiet sobbing of young child caught her ears, looking around the area for the source of the sound, her eyes finally landed on a small girl maybe five or six years old, sitting on the steps of Forks Group Home for Elementary Students.* Oh, no, that poor girl, she looks so sad. I wonder what happened to her. You know, I've always thought about volunteering at a group home like that before, but Emmett's always stopped me in the past. He doesn't want to see me get hurt. *looking back to her side where Jasper had been standing moments ago, horrified to see that he was crossing street and heading right for the group home and the child on the steps* ****! Jasper, what do you think you're doing!? *hissing desperately in a tone that no human would be able to hear*

Jasper: *moving toward the crying girl as if hypnotized by her tears, not only were her emotions some of the most powerful he had ever felt before, especially for someone so young, but her blood was particularly appealing as well. Not that he would ever dream of drinking from a child so young, but it had caught his attention. Nearly collapsing on the ground in front of the weeping little girl, as he knelt down to her level, unsure of exactly what he was doing, or what he was going to say to her now that he was there.* Keep it simple. She's in a lot of pain, she just needs someone to understand. Just show her that she's loved no matter what tragedy she's lived through to make her feel so much loneliness. Hello. My name's Jasper. I'm sorry for interrupting you, but I need some help. You see, I've lost something very important to me, and I was hoping that you could help me find it again. *tucking his thumb inside of his fist, so that it looked like he only had four fingers, he held it out to her for her inspection* I seem to have lost my thumb around here somewhere. You haven't seen it, have you?

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(As always, I love your interactions between Rosalie and Jasper! There's always something so great about the way you write them! :))

Robyn: *blinking in a kind of shock as the most beautiful man she had ever seen appeared before her. Immediately, her tears stopped as she simply stared, captivated by everything about him, his amber eyes, the sharp angles of his face, and his appealing scent. She continued to stare dumbly at him, completely dazzled by his supernatural beauty, even as he began to speak, his voice soothing and captivating all at once. It wasn't until he held his hand out to her that she actually reacted, her brow furrowing as she studied his closed fist, her hand reaching out to grab it, to examine it, with the natural curiosity of any child. Of course, it didn't take long for her to discover the first knuckle of his thumb, to realize that the appendage itself was simply hidden behind his other fingers* Hey! *poking the knuckle unabashedly as she chuckled to herself about how silly the cold-skinned, beautiful man was* You didn't lose you thumb! It's right here! *giggling when he opened his hand and wiggled his thumb, proving her right* See! I knew it was there! *suddenly turning very sad, although she didn't dissolve into tears, as she had before* . . . I lost something though. My mommy and daddy . . . they're not here anymore. Grandma said they went to heaven. That's . . . way up there. In the sky. *pointing upwards, as if to demonstrate her point* But you can't get there in a plane. It's too far.

Molly: *as the head of a group home with six children, it was sometimes difficult to keep up with all of them, especially when a seventh had been dropped off on her doorstep only minutes ago. So, when Robyn had run outside crying, Molly hadn't noticed right away. In fact, it was near thirty minutes before she even glanced out a window that faced the front yard. When she did, she was more than a little startled to see her talking with a young man she didn't recognize. While he looked perfectly kind and charming, she knew she shouldn't be letting a little girl who didn't know that she shouldn't speak to strangers or that she shouldn't get into cars or take candy from people she didn't know talk to him—at least not all by herself. So, she left the dishes she had been washing and darted outside, unable to help but smile at the handsome stranger as she came up beside Robyn, at first struggling to remember her name* Rachel—Rochelle—No, Robyn! *calling out the little girl's name louder now that it had clicked with her* Robyn! Remember, we're not supposed to go outside alone? *bending down so that she could speak to her before she turned to speak to Jasper, all but ignoring Robyn as she whined that she wasn't alone* I'm sorry, I don't think we've met . . . you must be new to the neighborhood. *drawing the conclusion easily, because naturally in a town like this everyone knew everyone else* My name is Molly, Robyn is one of the new children here. *gesturing to the sign out front briefly* At the group home, I mean.

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M JacksonMiracle

(Thank you. I just go off the assumption that playing twins for so long has made them really close in a way and go from there.)

Jasper: *laughing when the little girl found his hidden thumb* Oh, thank you so much for finding my thumb for me. I was really worried. *the mood suddenly turning somber when the girl went on to tell him about her parents' untimely death, struggling for a few moments to find the words to say to offer some comfort to her, but unsure of exactly what to say, almost ready to settle on a short condolence followed by more small talk to distract the child from her pain when a middle aged woman came running out of the house. She was obviously worried and concerned for the child's safety, but not too upset or anywhere close to irrational or panicked. Shaking the woman's hand politely when she introduced herself and offered her a warm smile* Robyn, a simple name, but elegant and beautiful at the same time. Jasper Hale. My dad's Dr. Cullen, the new chief of surgery at Forks Memorial. *pointing across the street where Rosalie still stood, too stunned to really react until he waved her over to join them in front of the house* That's my sister, Rosalie. She wasn't sure that we should intervene at first, but I couldn't help myself. Robyn just looked so sad and lonely over here. I figured that it couldn't hurt to come over and talk to her for a few minutes and keep company until reinforcements arrived. I'm sorry if I over stepped, I know that talking to strangers isn't exactly the smartest thing to do, especially at her age, but this is a small town, and with my dad's position, I hope that you'll forgive for encouraging a bad habit. *looking appropriately ashamed*

Rosalie: *finally making her way across the street to join her brother and the group home director, Molly* I'm sorry if my brother's causing you any trouble. Sometimes he's just too good natured for his own good. *holding out her own hand and introducing herself* I'm Rosalie by the way. I'm not sure if he told you. *knowing perfectly well that he had, but also knowing that there was no possible way for a human to have heard him introducing her at that distance* I'm really sorry to have taken up your time, but we really should be going now. Our mom's going to be expecting us back soon, we were just running a few errands in town before dinner, and getting to know the place a little.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Molly: *shaking Jasper's hand first, then Rosalie's* It's nice to meet both of you. I'll admit her case worker certainly wouldn't be happy with me if she knew I left her out here for a conversation with just anyone . . . *shrugging her shoulders, apparently not bothered with the interaction now that she had actually gotten the chance to meet the person Robyn had been talking to* You know how things are these days, even in a small town like this you can never be too careful . . . Though, knowing that you're Dr. Cullen's children makes me feel a little better. I hear that we've very lucky to have him. *turning back to Jasper, naturally more drawn to the beautiful, supernatural creature that was the opposite sex* Thank you for coming out and talking to her. She's been having a bit of a rough day . . . She was just pulled from her grandparent's home this morning after a visit from her case worker. *sighing mournfully, feeling genuine sympathy for the girl that had ended up in her care* It's such a shame when things don't work out with the blood relatives. Especially when the children are so old. *it was a sad fact, but she was fully aware that most adoptees were infants, and the ones who weren't usually weren't far off from that: one, two, three years old at the most. Those children, the very young ones, were the ones she expected to come and go quickly from her care. Robyn, on the other hand, would remain in group homes or foster homes for the rest of her life, barring any other blood relatives stepping forward to take care of her* In any case, you two aren't strangers anymore, and we always welcome volunteers. Just knock next time you drop by and I'll be more than happy to let you visit with Robyn or any of the other children.

Robyn: *making a very childlike whine as Jasper stood to leave, latching onto his leg with her arms as she look up at him, her blue eyes trained on his beseechingly* Please, don't go . . .

Molly: *patiently, as she moved to extract Robyn from Jasper* Robyn, sweetheart, I think it's time for us to go back inside . . . *looking up apologetically at the pair as she gathered up a struggling, whining Robyn in her arms* I'm sorry. Like I said before, it's been a very difficult day for her. But, you know how children are. They're resilient. She'll bounce back sooner or later. She just needs a little time.

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *feeling a sudden surge of sadness from both Rosalie and Molly as the director relayed the latest information about Robyn to them* I see. That's a rough day indeed. *briefly wondering if he should be showing a little more emotion himself, given that he and Rosalie were posing as orphans themselves and likely seeing Robyn's situation would bring back some of those memories for them, but instead chose to go the route of an exceptionally well adjusted young adult, his heart almost breaking as Robyn grabbed his leg and refused to let go until she was forced to do so by Molly, really not wanting to leave her either, but knowing that he didn't have a choice in the matter. Robyn was a very young child, and she was in Molly's care for now and he couldn't go against her authority on the matter regardless of how much he wished he could scoop Robyn up in his arms and never let go. Putting on his best smile for the young child and letting out a surprised little gasp* Ah, what's that behind your ear, darlin'? *reaching to the side of her head and 'pulling' out a coin which he promptly presented to her* That's an Indian head penny from 1843. I can't imagine how something like that ended up behind your ear, but I suppose that means that it belongs to you now. *placing the penny firmly into the little girl's palm* Hang on to it tight, don't let it run away. *smiling tightly as the little girl nodded and clenched her fist around the coin* If it's ok with you, I'd really like to come back and see you again tomorrow? *looking up at Molly to get her approval as well* How's 10 o'clock sound to you, darlin'? *offering Molly a smile at her approving nod*

Rosalie: *gasping quietly and shaking her head too subtly for human ears and eyes to pick up at Jasper's suggestion of returning to visit the kid, speaking much too softly for anyone other than him to hear* Jasper...I hope you know what you're doing. You can't let her get attached to you. She'll be adopted eventually, or we'll have to move. It'll hurt her more to see you separated from her if you allow her to get under your skin. You can't do this, you can't care about a human child that you'll have to leave behind in the end.

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(Hey, guys! I'll hop on as soon as I figure out a backstory for Nessie! Any suggestions are welcomed!)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Sorry, I'm going to have to duck out here guys. I'm feeling really, really unwell. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow morning.)

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Renesmee: *A mute at five years old, she is constantly bullied at the orphanage she has known all her life. It was almost as if she was born there. Being only a baby when her parents gave her up, she didn't remember a thing about them. The only she had of them, or more like her mother, was an old locket that didn't want to open and a ripped up letter, presumably done by one of the kids there. Those were her most prized possessions, her necklace always tucked away underneath her clothing and the ripped pieces of the letter in her pocket. It gave her a feeling of comfort. There wasn't much comfort given living in this orphanage. The kids were cruel. She was constantly teased about her complicated name, 'orange' hair, pale skin, and it didn't help that everyone thought she didn't know how to speak, unaware that she was actually smart and knew what was going on around her. She had no friends, no one to save her. She was all alone. It was a rare sunny day in Forks, Washington and the adults let the kids out to play for a bit but were told not to go far and stay near the house. Renesmee had been minding her own business, standing off to the side of the house, sitting cross legged as she watched the other children play. She wasn't asking for trouble but double always seemed to find her. One of the kids noticed her watching and with the help of some other kids they charged toward her, demanding Renesmee to stand up to face them. Innocently, she stood up and slowly backed against the wall, chewing on her bottom lip nervously as the girls circled around her. They taunted her with ugly names, making her feel worthless, as they pulled at her copper ringlets. It wasn't so bad but then things got worse and next thing she found herself being pushed around, passed off as the girls continued to terrorize her. Renesmee wanted to cry but bit down hard on her bottom lip to keep from doing so, whimpers escaped from her though. These girls were so much bigger than her. Her eyes watered as she was finally pushed to the ground, one of the heavy girls plopped right on top of her. She hoped that one of the teachers would see and come help her but sadly no one came. Her body began to ache to be released from such heavy pressure on her back. When it became too much, she couldn't hold it in anymore, she let out a scream, allowing the tears to fall from her eyes.*

(Feel better, Biv!)

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M JacksonMiracle

(I did some Google research on this one, so hopefully it's pretty close to accurate, but if there's a mistake just remember it's RP) Emily: *As the Quiluete tribe's elementary school teacher, she had been assigned by the tribal council to spend two days a week working at Forks Group Home for Elementary Students to monitor any Native American children staying there and advocate for their cases to be turned over to the tribal council according to law. Unfortunately, the powers that be didn't always agree with her authority to act on behalf of those children. One particular case had been troubling her for over five years. And the envelope in front of her now would provide the ultimate moment of truth. Opening it and quickly reading over the contents, a tiny smile started to cross her face before turning into a giant grin. This was the proof that she needed, this was everything that the directors of the group home would require to turn the child over to tribal custody. Quickly picking up the phone and placing her call to Washington State Department of Human Services.* I need to notify Ms. Abbott of a transfer of custody of a minor to tribal jurisdiction on the basis that a recent blood test shows Native American ancestry. That's correct. Thank you. *humming along with the hold music while she's waiting to be transferred to the correct department.* Hi, Ms. Abbott, yes it's Emily Uley, I'm calling about the child we have here in Forks whose case I've been monitoring on behalf of the tribal council. As you recall we have strongly suspected her of having a Native American mother, but because of the circumstances under which she was found, it could never be proved. I asked several times for a blood test to be done on the child, and it was refused every time until recently. When the doctor was here to do physicals on all the children, I had him compare the girl's blood to that of other Quiluetes, and a common ancestor familial relation was found. Therefore, under the Indian Protection Act statutes regarding orphaned and adopted children, her case must be turned over to the tribal council. As you know we have several people on the reservation who are qualified foster parents. She will be placed in their custody until a permanent adoption can be arranged. I have emailed all the details to you regarding her change in placement and will be filing the same paperwork at the courthouse first thing in the morning. But she is coming with me this afternoon. *a sudden, piercing scream broke through the otherwise silent group home causing her to nearly jump out of her chair.* I have to go but I'll stay in touch Ms. Abbott. *quickly hanging up the phone and running outside, gasping when she saw the very child she had been discussing being held face down in the dirt, running over to the group of girls and forcibly pulling the bigger girl off the smaller one* Go inside right now and get cleaned up, then don't come out of your room until one of the assistant directors comes to talk to you. *watching to make sure the bully had really left before turning her attention to Renesmee and offering her a hand to help her stand* Come on inside with me sweetie and let's get that cut on your cheek looked at. *picking Renesmee up into her arms and carrying her inside the home me and straight to the bathroom and setting her on the side of the sink while she got a wet paper towel ready and began to gently clean the small child's dirty face, taking extra care to make sure that all of the dirt got out of the cut on her cheek, after cleaning it with water she used her keys to unlock the first aid kit that was kept under the sink and very gently used a cotton ball soaked in peroxide to kill off any last nasty germs* There, all better. *helping her down off the sink and setting her back down on feet* Now, I have got some really good news for you. You're going to get to leave here this afternoon, we're transferring you the Quiluete reservation so the tribal council can oversee your care. Remember when that doctor came and did checkups on all the kids, well he found out that you're actually part Native American and since you're one of us we get to take care of you now. How does that sound to you? I'll help you pack up your stuff and we'll leave right after lunch time. *smiling kindly at the silent girl, already trying to decide who she would ask to take the girl into their home as a foster child until someone adopted her. If all else failed she and Sam could even take care of her for a little while.*

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Renesmee: *She screamed and screamed until the weight was finally lifted. She turned over, taking in big shaky breaths, looking up at the lady who helped her. She recognized her as someone who had often visited and thought she was nice, nicer than anyone else she had encountered in a while. Renesmee sat up, legs bent to her chest, arms circling around them, watching as the nice lady told the other kids to go. She visibly relaxed when she was finally left alone, standing up on her feet, arms opening up for the lady as she picked her up. Not only was this lady nice but she was pretty. Maybe if she looked a little bit like her kids wouldn't tease her as much. Standing out for all the wrong reasons was a literal pain everyday. She kept her eyes on her face. Most kids would be frightened by the scar but she wasn't. She finally looked away when she was placed on a counter, biting the inside of her lips, slowly swinging her legs back and forth, watching the lady from the corner of her eyes. She rubbed her wet eyes, smearing the dirt on her face. She blinked, face scrunching up as the lady cleaned her face up, nose crinkling when she got to the cut. The fresh cut stung with the medicine in it, her bottom lip tucked away to keep her from crying out. Her brows were furrowed, hoping that it would be over soon. Renesmee relaxed when the lady finally finished, grinning slightly, standing flat on her feet and looking up at her. Her arms were at her sides, fisting the side of her shirt, waiting to be dismissed. But when that didn't immediately happen, a surprised look on her face crossed her features as the lady told her the news, not really sure if it was as good as she said it was.* What if they dont like me? *She worried that the other kids would hurt her just like they hurt her here. The lady looked really happy about it though. Being part Native American was a confusing concept to her as she was only five but by the way the lady looked at her, she was guessing that it was a good thing after all. She gave her a small crooked grin and shyly nodded her head, unsure of what to expect from this new home. She hoped it would be better.*

(I should've known it would be hard to rp a full human mute... I didn't realize how much I actually relied on Nessie's gift!)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Sorry again about ducking out early last night, guys . . . I ended up tossing my cookies multiple times and it wasn't any fun at all. I had been feeling a little funny all day, but it hadn't really bothered me that much up until then. I just felt a little warm and my stomach was a little more sensitive than usual. Anyhow, I've just started to feel up for RPing again. So, I'm working on a post now!)

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(Is this like the new topic?)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(By the way, Miracle, I was doing a little research last night before I dropped off and I was wondering if the penny had any special significance? I mean, that year isn't worth a fortune like some other indian head pennies, just a couple of dollars. Is there any reason why you chose that particular year or that particular kind of penny?)

Robyn: *cradling the fist that held the coin to her chest, right up against her heart, like a precious treasure. She couldn't explain why she cared so much, it was just a penny, after all. From what she understood about money, you couldn't do much with them. They didn't even fit in the candy machines that she so loved to turn her coins into to get runts or skittles. However, this particular coin felt special, it was as if the piece of metal represented the kind man's promise to return to her the next day* Okay. *grinning, then suddenly frowning as a thought occurred to her* Wait, do you mean 10 o'clock early, or 10 o'clock late? Because, I don't know if I can stay up until 10 o'clock late.

Molly: *chuckling to herself at the refreshing intelligence of the little girl, despite everything* That's right, Robyn, we go to bed a 9 o'clock. *smiling at Robyn, then at Jasper in turn* I'm sure Jasper means 10 o'clock in the morning sweetheart, which will be a perfect time. We'll be between breakfast and lunch, so Robyn here will have plenty of time to play and visit. *bouncing the little girl slightly in her grasp, looking relieved that she had finally settled down* If you'll excuse us, I should take Robyn here back inside. I think it's right about time to start dinner . . . Besides, I think it would be rude of us to hold you up from your previous engagement any longer. *turning to walk back towards the house, humming under her breath as she carried Robyn inside, narrowly missing stepping on a child that was underfoot as she walked through the door* That was a nice man, wasn't it? *grinning at Robyn's affirmative response before she set her down on the living room carpet* Here you are, sweetheart. Why don't you go play? *shifting her attention to checking on the other children and beginning dinner as she left Robyn to her own devices*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Yes, it is Grace! :))

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M JacksonMiracle

(It was the year Jasper was turned, so it would have been brand new then and one of the few things he actually still owned that he had when he was a human. :) Working on catching up with my posts now. :) )

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Well, that is pretty darn cool!! :) I knew there had to be something behind it!)

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M JacksonMiracle

Emily: *smiling politely at the still silent girl* How about if I go with you to your room now so I can help you pack? *leading the girl to a room that had two sets of bunk beds in it and pulling out a simple pink suitcase from underneath one of the lower bunks with Renesmee's name written on it in thick black marker, then moving over to the dresser drawer also marked with her name and beginning to remove the neatly folded clothes from the drawer and place them in the suitcase* Are there any other toys or anything here that belongs to you? You can go get them and add them to your suitcase now if you'd like. *watching as the little girl thought about it for a moment* You know something else I asked the doctor about when he was here is rather or not there's any medical reason why you don't talk. He told me that he couldn't be sure without more tests, but I have a feeling that you're actually a very smart young lady and can talk perfectly well, you just choose not to. Is it because you're afraid someone will make fun of you if you do talk? Or maybe you're afraid of saying the wrong thing sometimes? I want you to know that you don't have to afraid of anything on the reservation, we're really like a big, giant family there. Everyone looks out for everyone else. And we all get along. If there's something that you need, you don't have to be afraid to speak up and ask for it. I don't expect you to suddenly start talking just because of what I say, you might have to see how it is for yourself first before you do that. But I just wanted you to know what it's like before we get there so there won't be any surprises for you, and once you see how great it is, I'm sure you'll be talking in no time at all. Feel free to take your time though, and talk when you're good and ready to. And I suspect that will be very soon. *when the bag was full she hefted it off the bed with one hand and took Renesmee's hand in hers with the other* Let's go get some lunch now and we can eat in the car on the way to the reservation. How does that sound?

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *waving bye to Robyn as he followed Rosalie down the sidewalk* Rose, before you say anything, I know what you're thinking, and you're wrong. I can handle this just fine. Robyn needs a friend in that place, someone she can trust, and I intend to be that friend for her. When she's better adjusted, I'll stop going to go see her, and she won't miss me one bit because she'll have tons of other friends to spend time with at that point. Maybe she'll even be adopted and have new parents who love her and will look after her and protect her better than I ever could.

Rosalie: *almost angrily* Would you listen to yourself?! How are you not going to get attached to her? And what is going to prevent her from developing a dependence on you? If you were human, it would different, you would be able to really commit to her and to some of the other kids in the home. But you aren't. And did you not see the way she attached herself to you and wouldn't let you leave? She's got expectations for you now, and she's going to be very disappointed when you don't live up to those expectations. Jazz, you know better than anyone how much I wish I could have a child, how much I care about kids, how much I love children, all children, no matter who they are. But no matter how many times I sit in the parking lot at a playground and watch the kids play, or how many times I drive past an orphanage and watch the kids playing outside, I never, never allow myself to get out of the car and talk to any of them. I never volunteer at a children's shelter or sign up for Big Brother/Big Sister programs because I know that eventually, I will have to leave those children. I can't be involved with them because I can't commit to them for as long as they may need me. It's not what's best for the child to get involved in their life and then disappear. It's not fair to them, and it's not fair to us.

Jasper: *shaking his head firmly* That's not going to happen with Robyn. I'll find a way to stay in her life as long as she needs me. She'll choose the moment she no longer needs me as a friend by making new friends and spending so much time with them, she doesn't need me any more. I can do this, Rose, I can be involved for a short time without it really damaging either one of us or becoming dangerous for either of us. *walking inside the Cullen home, right in the middle of his heated debate with his sister, neither one of them willing to compromise on their point of view*

7/20/2015 #20 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Gabriel: *the seven year old boy was in a corner of the room by himself playing with a toy fire engine when Miss Molly brought the new girl back inside the house and left her in the play room with the other children* Vrrooom. Vrrooom. Eeeeerrrrrr. Eeeerrr. *making sounds like a car's engine, followed by those of siren as he drove the truck around in a giant circle, stopping it at one particular point, then holding his hands out in front of him like they were holding a water hose, as he put out the invisible fire only he could see* Whooosh. Whooosh. *wiping the 'sweat' off his brow with the back of one of his hands* Whew! That was a close one! Almost didn't make it in time. *looking around the room to see the new girl still off by herself, and frowning in deep thought for a moment before marching over to her* I'm not really supposed to play with girls on account of they's got cooties. But....you look really alone and sad, so if you wants to play with me, we can play police together.

7/20/2015 #21 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: *his brow furrowing when he heard Rosalie and Jasper arguing in the foyer, although the argument didn't stop him from flashing to the front door and greeting his mate with an embrace* Babe. It's so good to see you. I thought you might go out to feed before you got here. *his eyes carefully watching her expression as he pulled away* Do you guys . . . need another minute? *looking between Rosalie and Jasper, seeing the obvious tension between them; he would have known they weren't happy with one another, even if he hadn't overheard* You know, if you think something is really wrong, we could always call a family meeting . . . although it seems a little early for that sort of thing. *ducking his head a little guiltily, after all, it had been his fault that they'd had to have their last family meeting, which had of course culminated in a move that they all had known was premature*

7/20/2015 #22 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *Returning Emmett's hug, although, it was a lot briefer than her normal hugs after being away from him for any length of time. Rolling her eyes and throwing her hands up in the air in exasperation* What's the point in a family meeting? Whitlock here's already made up his mind to do whatever he wants to this time around. First, he decides that he doesn't need to go to school with the rest of us, then he decides that he's going become best friends with a human child! I'm done here. He's not going to listen to me. He's not going to listen to anyone. *turning and storming up the stairs to the room she shared with Emmett and slamming the door closed behind her before flopping down on the bed and dry sobbing into a pillow* I would give anything to be a mother, or **** even an aunt, but getting close to a human child that has no hope of ever really being a member of the family is no way to go about it. She's just going to get hurt in the end, and Jasper will be the one to blame for it. I can't stand seeing a child get hurt, but to think that my own 'brother' will be at fault, it's....it's unforgivable.

Jasper: *letting out a heavy breath and slumping down on the couch when Rosalie stormed off in a fit of rage, slamming his face down into his palms, his voice coming out as a mumble* Go ahead and tell me what an idiot I'm being. I just....she needs a friend and I was there and she was....and I was... *shaking his head as he failed in forming a coherent thought*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *raising her head to look up at Gabriel, her face brightening slightly at the idea of having someone to play with, of having a friend* Okay . . . I like playing police . . . they're the good guys. They help people. *reaching out to grab the police car, moving it back and forth, frowning for a moment as it hit another car and the flashing lights atop the toy vehicle went off. She had never been a big fan of toy cars, they were hard to move, wheels always getting stuck, sizes that were always too big or to little, and then there were ones like this one, that made loud, annoying noises and sent of flashing lights. Her favorite thing to do when she played was draw, but unfortunately for her, Miss Molly had hidden the crayons and markers away. It hadn't been entirely unfair of the other woman, after all, several kids had gotten ahold of them and scribbled all over one of the walls in the dining area, leaving an absolute mess behind. One could still see the marks, only half scrubbed away after Miss Molly had spent several hours scrubbing with a brillo pad* What are cooties? *tilting her head towards Gabriel as she addressed him with the question* Do I really have them?

7/20/2015 #24 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Gabriel: *driving his own police car around in small circle, looking for bad guys when Robyn's question caught him off guard a little bit* Cooties are like these giant, ugly bugs! They're very...contagus. *snapping his fingers as if he had just gotten a brilliant idea* I know how to fix it though even if you do have cooties. Give me you arm. *reaching over and grabbing her arm and pulling it into his lap without waiting for her to volunteer it, then using his finger to trace a pattern on her forearm as he half sang, half chanted* Circle, circle, dot, dot, now you's got your cootie shot! See, now you're all cured and I can play with you. *grinning brilliantly* Oh! And now you have to do me too, just in case. I don't want no cooties on me either, you better shoot me so I don't get 'em. Here! *holding his arm out to her willingly, tilting his head to the side slightly as another thought suddenly occurred to him* Wait. What's your name? I don't member Miss Molly saying it. *sticking out his thumb and using it to point to his chest* I'm Gabe. It's spelt G-A-B-E.

7/20/2015 #25 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: *looking over his shoulder towards the bedroom he shared with Rosalie, then back to Jasper, torn between two directions: his mate and his brother, his lover and his best friend* Rosalie comes first. I should go to her . . . but what could I say? How could I make it better for her? She's not going to just let me hold her right now. Not like this, not with Jasper just downstairs, doing the one thing that's she's always wanted to do but denied herself. But, if she's already gone through the ringer with him . . . *sighing as he decided to give it a shot, no matter how hopeless it might be. After all, what did he stand to lose? He moved to drop himself down on the couch beside Jasper, his expression and emotions appropriately frustrated* I'm not going to tell you you're being an idiot . . . because you're not. That parenting instinct . . . that need to connect with, to care for children, especially when they need it the most . . . we all have it. Whether we're mated or not. We want that special kind of companionship, that rewarding feeling that comes from taking care of someone else. We all want to be parents. Yes, he did it because he made a promise, but I don't believe Carlisle would have created Edward if he didn't have a nurturing bone in his body. The same for Rosalie and I. And the relationship he has with you and Bella is just as paternal. That's just his was of fulfilling that need. But with us, he can maintain that relationship. We can stay together. He's . . . adopted us in his own way. We're a family. *clapping a hand on Jasper's shoulder* You can have that . . . but not with a human. And not with a child. Rosalie has wanted to for years . . . but it would never work. We can't be their friends. We can be a momentary presence in their life . . . a helping hand. If that's all this is, you need to tell Rosie now. Otherwise, we're setting ourselves and them up for failure. You'll eventually have to stop seeing her because people will notice we're not aging. We'll have to pick up and move and you won't be able to see her ever again . . . think long and hard about that. About how much that will hurt you, how much it will hurt her. That's why Rosie stays away, to spare herself and them that turmoil. The best thing you can do for her is say goodbye, let her get on with her life . . . make an anonymous donation if you think it'll help, but otherwise . . . *sighing a little* You're not an idiot, Jasper, you just haven't thought about this.

7/20/2015 #26 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *shuddering at the idea of those kinds of bugs crawling all over her. She didn't even like being around ants, but giant, ugly bugs, she didn't even want to think about those. They were gross. So, when he proposed a cure, she happily complied. It seemed silly that him poking her arm might get rid of them, but she hadn't even known cooties had existed up until this point, so she supposed he must know what he was talking about. So, when he asked her to do the same for him, carefully repeating his movements and the rhyme he had introduced to her only moment before* Circle, circle, dot, dot, know you're got your cootie shot! *grinning as she finished and he promoted her to introduce herself* Oh! Yeah! I'm Robyn. R-O-B-Y-N. It's the same name as a bird, but it's not spelt the same. *remembering her father telling her something alone those lines as he pointed out a bird that had a red front to her*

7/20/2015 #27 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *finally looking up and meeting Emmett's eyes as he spoke honestly about his own concerns should he continue to involve himself in Robyn's life* I don't think that it's as simple as making a donation to make sure that she's cared for and can afford college in another 12 years. I don't think that it's money that she needs. It's a friend. She's utterly alone. Her parents died and her grandparents couldn't take care of her properly. She needs something constant in her life. I felt the emotions of the group home's director. She felt guilty, sorry, sad, it was clear to me that she wants to be able to be that constant in the children's lives, but there's just too many of them for her to handle. Robyn was outside, sitting on the steps, unnoticed by her for at least half an hour. If I can just be that constant, even just for a few years until she finds another one... *shaking his head to himself* I understand where you and Rosalie are coming from, I do, but I don't think I can walk away from Robyn. I have never felt emotions that intense from someone so young before, it was like her very emotional center was connected to mine, calling out to me to be her friend, to be a constant for her until she manages to adjust. Just for a few years, just while we're in Forks, as long as no one questions our lack of aging and no one slips, then we'll be set. *instantly feeling Emmett's guilt over the last comment* I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel bad about that. We've all slipped before, and no one is holding it against you and we all know it's not going to happen again for a very, very long time. Besides, behind closed doors, I know that Alice and Edward both expect it to be me next. They're just waiting for it to happen. But maybe, maybe that's another reason Robyn is good for me. If I spend time with her, then I'm not spending time elsewhere, where I can put other humans in danger. I would never hurt a child. Even if she trips and falls and her knee starts to bleed right under my nose, there is no way I can see myself feeding on a kid. That's just wrong on so many levels. Some things are just off limits, and for me, kids are absolutely off limits. No matter how good they smell. *running a hand roughly through his hair* You know, I could adopt her myself. I'm pretending to be 18 this time, and according to Washington state law, that's the only real requirement. Jenks can make sure we all pass background checks, and no one would be opposed to living with the chief of surgery. We can keep the secret until she's old enough to understand it, and not share it with anyone, then when she gets old enough, we can turn her. That way the Volturi can't accuse us of reveling ourselves and not covering our tracks and she would stay human until she was of age, therefore no immortal children would be created. It is possible. I could keep her in my life forever. Protect her and take care of her forever. Be her friend, her constant forever.

7/20/2015 #28 Report
M JacksonMiracle

(I'm trying to make Gabe sound like some of the kids I teach in Sunday School which is all 5-8 year olds depending on when their birthday is, so I really hope I'm not making him sound too young.)

Gabriel: *laughing a little when he thought about her looking like a kind of bird* Robyn. That's a pretty name. I'm seven. I'm going to be in the second grade when we go back to school in...two...or three weeks. *not yet fully understanding the concept of time, since school would actually be starting in just a few days, picking up his police car again and driving it around for a minute* Uh, oh, I think I see a bad guy. He's a bank robber and he has lots of bags of the money he just stole, we have to go after him! Eeeeerrrr. Eeeeerrrrr. You circle round and cut 'em off. I'll chase him, you trap him when he gets close, OK?

7/20/2015 #29 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: *blinking back in shock at the seriousness of Jasper's final suggestion* . . . You have thought about this. Haven't you? This would be a permanent commitment. If you decide to adopt this kid—this Robyn—you know there's no going back, right? She isn't a pair of pants. You can't just return her if you decide you don't like her. Your life for the next twelve years will be her life. That means she's six, yeah? She'll be starting school soon. You hate school. It'll be all numbers and letters and all the things that you've learned a million times before and despised every minute of it. You even wanted to change your cover at the last minute here so you wouldn't have to deal with that. And just on that front, she's not going to be the only human you come into contact with. You could be tempted by teachers, members of the PTA, her case worker . . . *waving a hand, as if dismissing that point and moving on to the next* And that's just assuming you would never bite her. You don't know what you're capable of until you're really in the moment. We're animals at our core, Jasper, you can't guarantee that nothing would ever happen, that she would never be in danger from you. I hate to have to be the done to say this, but when it comes to us and blood, there are never any guarantees. *a dark look crossing over his face* I never thought I could kill someone until I did. But I did. And there is a very real possibility that you could hurt Robyn. Which is why Rosalie and I have never considered something like this. An innocent in a house full of vampires? Unthinkable. *shaking his head a little* If you're really that determined after only meeting her once . . . I'm not sure what else I can say to dissuade you. *shrugging his shoulders, almost helplessly* Just . . . Just think about it some more before you make any rash decisions, okay? Go see her again . . . maybe give us time to call a family meeting. *almost playfully, after all, he was a comic person by nature, the somber side that was showing now was seen rarely and seldom*

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