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A Ambivalentanarchist

Giving the topic we tried in the Flash RP a real shot! Hopefully this gives the RP the jump-start it needs! :)

11/6/2015 #1 Report
M JacksonMiracle

(First one! Starting slow before breaking into some of the more detailed characters.)

Bayleigh: *using the back of her hand to wipe a tiny bead of sweat off her brow as she worked feverishly to clean the dried blood stains off the Royal Army's clothing in time for them to receive clean garments before the next battle. The battles were a daily occurrence now, and it was one of her many duties in the castle to ensure that the army continued to look its best. Scrutinizing the garment she was currently trying to clean and frowning as the brown specks across the shoulder and sleeve refused to come out. She ran the garment up and down the washboard for several more minutes allowing the soap to do its work before finally giving up and deciding that the shirt was as clean as it would ever get. She quickly rinsed the top, wringing out the excess water, before hanging it on the line to dry. Plucking the next soiled garment out of the never ending pile of clothes, she set to work scrubbing it and hoping for a much more successful outcome.*

11/6/2015 #2 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Jacob: *playing with an early version of the game that would later be known as jacks when his mom started barking orders at him to go help the kitchen staff finish preparing dinner. The Royal Army would be returning from the day's battles soon, and they would hungry and would need to be fed quickly. Not hesitating to obey his mother, he quickly abandoned his game of jacks and scurried off to the kitchen where one of the women instructed him to begin shucking the large corn cobs. He nodded his head in understanding before picking up one of the corn cobs and utilizing his full strength to pull off the green leaves that surrounded the yellow morsels. It was hard work for such a small boy, but he did it the best that he could, leaving behind only the faintest hair or two of green leaf. But even the best corn shuckers were bound to leave behind a hair or two.*

11/6/2015 #3 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(A little bit of background from some of our main characters. :))

Robyn: *shivering, both from the cold, and from her own anxiety, as she watched the siege bellow from her bedroom window in the tower of Cullen Hold. The only violence she had ever witnesses where the jousting matches at court and the sparring sessions she had seen between her cousins. Nothing like this. Swords clashing against one another, the loud bashing of shields, the gut-wrenching sounds of blood being spilled. All she wanted to so was look away after man after man wearing the Cullen house colors were cut down, coloring the fields in front of the castle a dark, sickly crimson* How long will this madness go on? *she whispered to herself as she pushed herself away from the frigid air, turning away from the scene and back into the quiet opulence of her bed chamber. She remembered that not long ago, she had felt the warm caress of the summer wind through that very window, but the siege had gone on for so long now that she could feel the lingering chill of winter. Frost had even begun to creep onto the edges of the windowpane early in the morning and late at night. Unable to take her self-imposed solitude any longer, she hastily shut the window—forgetting the latch in her hurry—and turned instead to her bedroom door, making her way quickly down the spiraling staircase that led to the Castle's main hall* Uncle? *calling out before she even opened the door, then heading in the direction of his throne when she saw him there, grasping a scrap of parchment in his hands* Uncle, may I speak with you?

Carlisle: *looking much older than he actually was as he forced himself to look up from the report in his hands, to his young niece. She was barely sixteen years old, barely a woman. Though his sister and brother-in-law had seen to her education, she was still naive in many ways of the world, in part thanks to the sheltered upbringing he and the rest of her family had seen fit to provide for her. But now, she had exposed to some of the darkest evils of the world: to politics, to war, to death. He deeply regretted that she was in this situation, at least in part, because of himself. Though, that was not nearly the last item on his list of regrets. Not only Robyn, but his entire family, and the lands he had once strived to protect were at risk thanks to this siege. He was sure that the town had been pillaged in the first few weeks, a ploy to try to get him to dispatch some of his forces away from his home: a ploy that had worked and resulted in the halving of his forces. And now, winter had come. Not only were they low on supplies, but also on men, and they grew shorter and shorter on each daily. He knew they couldn't sustain themselves upon this assault much longer, and that knowledge wore on him* Perhaps another time, Robyn. I am quite tired. *barely managing to keep his voice from cracking as he set the report from the kitchens, announcing their near-bare stores aside, rubbing his temples to try to alleviate the headache that had built there* I will be at the Chapel awhile, I need to pray. Please, do not disturb me unless it is urgent. *leaving the scrap of parchment on the chair as he rose and made his way to the beautifully decorated Chapel that was attached to Cullen Hold, kneeling reverently before a statue of the Virgin Mary, closing his eyes and clasping his hands together as he silently began to pray that God might deliver them from a situation that was almost surely going to result in death for him in his family. After all, once the Lady Maria's forces had taken his castle, what reason would she have to keep them alive?*

Robyn: *letting out a crestfallen sigh as she watched her Uncle go, hesitating a long moment before she picked up the piece of paper she had been holding, her forehead wrinkling at what appeared to be an account of their stores, but they were much, much too low, nearly empty* What are we supposed to do? Our men are dying left and right, and if this is right, we're almost out of food.

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *the mighty Commander of Lady Maria's infamous army using his sword to slash through another weakling from the Cullen's Royal Army, calling out in a never tiring, strong voice that never left any room for dissension or argument* Peter, Bobby, it's time. This ends tonight. We're taking the castle. No more holding back. Spare only the strongest warriors. Tell the men they will be rewarded for their efforts. I'm tired of these games. Victory is ours. Lady Maria will be honored by our swiftness and early completion of her task. *slicing through another frail attacker even as he shouted out the last of his orders, and preparing himself to charge towards the castle*

11/6/2015 #5 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: *huffing impatiently as Gabriel helped him to strap on his plate armor. He and Edward had heard from one of their men who had been stationed on the castle's walls that the enemy's army were almost abutting the main gate, and they had decided to ride out and face the army with what remained of their forces themselves. They didn't have any real hope of succeeding of course, they knew that, perhaps that was why he felt so anxious. He knew he was going to his death, and the longer he thought about that, the more his resolve would weaken. He knew he had to do this, he had to defend his family, even if he knew he was doomed to fail. He had written the love of his life, his wife, Rosalie, a letter of farewell and left it on the bed they shared for her to find in his absence. He knew that if she were to find him before he could ride out, she would dissuade him from leaving. He had never been able to say no to her, so he knew he couldn't give her the chance to stop him* I will not die hiding behind these walls like a coward. If I must die, I will die a warrior. *straightening when the manservant had finished affixing his cloak, emblazoned with the Cullen crest, the final piece* Thank you for your service, Gabriel. I will always be grateful. *nodding to the other man before he marched from the room, one hand on the hilt of his sword, already ready for battle*

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M JacksonMiracle

Spencer: *coming into the throne room shortly after Lord Cullen's exit to get in some quick polishing before his return, pausing in surprise to find Lady Robyn standing in the middle of the room holding what he knew to be the status update he had provided the King with just moments ago. Bowing slightly before the King's niece as was customary* Lady Robyn, if I may...Don't let those numbers trouble you. Lord Cullen has seen us through worse times. We have the word out to our allies. Lord Denali's army should be arriving at any day now to provide reinforcements. This war has not yet been lost. I just came from the kitchen, they are preparing a hearty vegetable stew tonight that will last your family several days. By then, we'll have the extra stores that Lord Denali has promised us. *taking out his polishing cloth and beginning to set to work on shinning the several relics about the throne room.* We must not disappear. As long as the King lives, I have hope, and you should as well. All of the servants are going about our normal tasks. If we did not have hope, we would not be doing so. Now, shall I have Bayleigh escort you back to your room until dinner time?

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M JacksonMiracle

Gabriel: *bowing before the King's son as he finished readying him for battle* By your leave, Sir, I will accompany you and your men into battle. There are a few extra swords, and I have been trained to use one. You can use all the men you can get. My loyalty lies with you. I will not see you go into battle and cower here in fear. Spencer is still about the castle. He will protect the women, and see to it that no harm comes to your bride. *standing up a little straighter as he pledged his service to the other man, quickly picking up a few stray pieces of armor and a good sword. He wasn't as well protected as Emmett of course, but it would do. He should at least be able to peck off a few of the advancing enemy's men before they would be able to penetrate his meager protection.*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *allowing herself a small smile at Spencer's words* You know you may always speak freely with me Spencer. When we are alone, at least. You have always been the voice of reason, as you are now. I just . . . I suppose my youth has gotten the better of me. Forgive me for thinking the worst. I do not mean to doubt my Uncle, he is the best man I know, or shall ever know, and if anyone could lead us through these hard times, I know it is him. *nodding to herself at Spencer's suggestion* I would like to see my handmaiden, if she has the time. I have spend too much time in my room as of late; I shall not be retiring there just yet. I think I shall take a walk in the courtyard instead. It has been too long since I have been out of doors. And I am sure Bayleigh would know what in my wardrobe would be most appropriate for this weather. *the courtyard was safe enough, after all. It was safely enclosed within the thick walls that protected the castle, right as the heart of it. So long as the castle walls had not been breeched, she would be just as safe as she would otherwise have been in the tower. It really had been too long since she had been outside, too long since she had seen the greenery, the chiseled statues, and the manmade pond that made the courtyard so peaceful a place to be in. And, perhaps, if their enemy's army were not too close to the gate, she might use the side passage to slip away for a moment and check on her precious steed, which she had not ridden in far too long*

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M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *kneeling before the crucifix in the castle's ornate chapel, and crossing herself as she mumbled a few remembered prayers from childhood, startling when the door opened and Lord Cullen himself entered the sacred space. Quickly acknowledging him.* My Lord. I hope you don't mind my being in here. I...I was starting to feel a bit helpless and I remembered something that my mother taught me early on. You're never helpless as long as you can still pray. Surely God hasn't completely forsaken us. You're one of the most devout men I have ever known. Surely He will still hear our cries. It's not too late for a miracle.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: *giving the other man a grateful look, allowing himself to incline his head slightly to the other man, the differences in their stations marking the act not a simple courtesy, but a deep sign of respect* We would welcome you at out side, Gabriel. I can think of no other man who has served me as honorably, nor any other servant that I would rather have at my side. *pausing a moment, only long enough for Gabriel to hastily strap on his own armor, before he continued towards the gates, knowing that Edward would meet him there. He knew Bella would have fitted his armor to him, and he envied his brother for his wife's support, but he couldn't allow himself to linger on that thought for long before he was there, clasping arms with his brother as his men formed up, ready to make one last charge at the enemy, to die honorably before their home was invaded; perhaps they were being rash, perhaps their cousins the Denalis would make it with supplies and men in time, but he was still very young, very brave, and all too eager to see the glory of battle* They may have more men . . . they may have sharper swords, and stronger armor . . . but we have something they don't have. We have Cullen blood flowing through our veins. They can't match that. *smiling despite himself as they drew their swords and prepared themselves for when the gate opened. They would have to rush forward quickly so that it could close behind them, and that meant they would be thrown right into the heat of battle*

11/6/2015 #11 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Spencer: *nodding his head in appreciation* Yes, I think that is a fine idea. I shall have Bayleigh retrieve your coat and meet you by the entrance to the courtyard. But do be careful, and at the first sign that the battle may be getting too close, return to the Hold immediately. I do not want to be the one to have to answer to your uncle should things go awry and you get caught in the middle of it. You go on ahead now, Lady Robyn, and Bayleigh will meet you shortly. I give you my word. *watching as Robyn headed in the direction of the exit that would lead from the castle proper into the surrounding courtyard.*

Bayleigh: *just hanging the last of the army's newly cleaned garments on the line when Spencer found her and ordered her to retrieve Lady Robyn's coat and escort her for a walk around the courtyard* I suppose I can spare a few moments. The walk will do Lady Robyn well. *singing an old rhyme to herself as she made her way up to Robyn's chambers in search of a moderate weight coat. There was a chill in the air, but the snow hadn't made it to the ground yet, and having too heavy of a coat was just as bad as having no coat at all or so she had been told. Whisking back down the stairs as quickly as she dared so she wouldn't trip and fall, she soon located Robyn and assisted her with sliding the coat over her arms and doing up the front of it.* There now, Lady Robyn, I believe we're all set for that walk. Which direction would you like to take?

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Carlisle: *shaking his head slightly* No, I do not mind at all. I would not keep you from here, not ever. This is a place for all to take solace in God, whenever they might need it, but especially at times like these, when all seems so lost. But, it is not so. *raising his eyes to look at the crucifix she had knelt before herself* God has plans for us all. We must have faith. "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me . . ." He has not forsaken us. He will never forsake us. No matter how hopeless things may seem, He will never forget us. We are His children, and He loves us, unconditionally. *finding that in reassuring his daughter-in-law, his own spirits had been lifted as well as he rose from his kneeling position and moved to kneel closer to her, so that they were kneeling side-by-side* Shall we pray together?

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *Felling men to his left and right so quickly that it would have looked like an intricate dance rather than a fight to the casual observer, his ears suddenly perking up at the sound a whirring groan in the distant, taking only a few precious seconds to locate the source of the sound, and smiling in wicked pleasure as he watched the gates of the castle slowly opening, calling out to the group of fighters closest to the gate* They've invited us in, boys. Don't let them get that gate closed again, breech it now, and keep it open. *resuming his own fight as he tried to work his way closer to the gate to assist the contingency fighting to keep it from re-closing. His sharp senses picking out a pair of fighters from among the enemy, one of whom was obviously very important and held in high regard based on the caliber of his armor, the other's position surely couldn't have been much higher than that of a servant, but he fought like a trained warrior.* I do believe we should spare them. No one else here comes close to their skill level. I shall have to fight them myself to be sure.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *humming slightly to herself, as if she were deciding, although she had made up her mind long before Bayleigh had come down to join her* I shall go north, I think. The north end of the courtyard houses the most resilient flowers. Some of them might even still be in bloom, if we are lucky. *knowing full well that the direction would also take her towards the hidden passage that would take her to the stables, and even to the main gate if she so wished to go there. And she desperately did; it had been so long since she had seen her midnight black stallion, Ares, too long since she had felt the rare freedom that came from riding him across the open plains that surrounded Cullen Hold. Of course, there would be none of that, not until the siege was over, but she could still brush him through, still rub his snout the way that always made him whinny. She was already walking in the right direction by the time Bayleigh had asked her, breathing in the fresh, crisp scent of the plants as she passed, her fingers skimming the chilled water of the manmade pond in the center of the courtyard as they passed it, her fingers softly caressing the petals of the singular rose that remained among the horned brushed that led to the sliding panel she had discovered as a child* I think I'm almost ready to go indoors. Would you mind starting me up a hot bath? The air has chilled me a bit. *speaking again, before Bayleigh might protest* I'll only be a moment longer, I promise I won't let the water get cold. *as soon as Bayleigh had gone, she moved forward, sliding open the hidden panel in the wall and closing it behind her* I'll only be a few minutes. I just have to see Ares, see that he's well, then I'll return. *grinning to herself when she finally turned to corner into the stables, flinching momentarily as the sounds of battle seemed to be almost upon her, but any panic she might have felt was immediately forgotten at the sight of her beloved mount* Ares! *laughing in her excitement as she moved towards him, lovingly caressing him when she heard the creaking sound of the gate opening, and suddenly the other horses began to panic. Ares looked shaken as well, though he loved his mistress well enough not to rear and thrash so close to her, as the other horses were doing in their pens*

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M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *nodding as she took her father-in-law's words to heart and joined him in his own prayers for victory* Yes, we shall. Wherever two are gathered in His name, there He shall be too. *bowing her head once more* Everlasting God, we know that it is not by bow, or by sword that we find victory, but only by Your grace, the grace of the Everlasting God, You give us victory over our enemies, and put our adversaries to shame. You provide where no other force can stand. You are the God who led Joshua to conquer Jericho, and the God who led Gideon to victory over an army many, many more times the size of his own, and You are the God we know can grant us victory as well. We are Your humble servants, and we seek only what You will. We ask that this victory be in Your will and that You bless this army to win in Your name.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: *Allowing himself and his brother to each break off separately, each taking with them into the rabble half of the fighters they had gathered for this last stand; though they were few in number, they were the best fighters that Cullen Hold had to offer, and, surprisingly enough, Emmett saw that Gabriel seemed to fall within that category as well. So, working with the other man as he would any other well trained warrior, he turned slightly to his right, while Gabriel turned slightly to his left, allowing them to cover each other as they began to cut a path through the enemy's army. Although they were both immensely skilled and strong, they were met with great resistance, and just when they were beginning to press past it, a bold warrior with stark blonde hair who had carelessly tossed aside his helmet long ago if the blood splattered across his face was of any indication, came head to head with them. When he moved to strike against them, Emmett held his sword high, swinging with all his might, and cleaving the iron sword the other man held straight in half with the force of his blow, with a strength he didn't even know he had until that moment. Of course, he couldn't allow his shock to slow him down, he pressed forward, aiming his next blow to the other man's exposed throat* This is it. Honor. Glory. I will kill at least one of these bastards before they kill me.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Carlisle: *his head bowed and his eyes closed as he allowed Rosalie's words to pour over him, reaching out to cover her clasped hands with one of his own when she was finished, squeezing it momentarily before he relinquished the contact, showing her how much her support and faith meant to him without words* Amen. *whispering the sacred word reverently before he rose to stand* I should return to the main hall, in case there is any word from the Denalis, or any other news that I should hear . . . God has charged me with the duty of caring for these lands, and I shall fulfill that duty as best as I can. I have faltered in that duty, but by His grace, I know I may stumble, but I may never fall, just as this Castle will never fall. Not so long as I live. *inclining his head slightly to his daughter-in-law, as was his custom, before he turned to leave the room, renewed purpose in his eyes*

11/6/2015 #18 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *Letting out a feral snarl as the important and powerful Cullen Hold warrior managed to break the sword he had been using, already calculating how to dodge the blow he knew the other man must be planning, quickly ducking low just in the nick of time to avoid the other man's sword making contact with his neck, swinging out one leg in the process, and using it to catch the servant off guard, the other man crashing to the ground and hitting his head just hard enough for him to lose consciousness, wasting no time in snatching up the servant's dull sword, and swooping it toward his opponent's side, hoping to make just enough contact to wound the other man, but not kill him. Unfortunately, the sword was even duller than he thought, the blade simply bounced harmlessly back away from the armor.* You're a strong fighter. But you're not strong enough. We will win this war. It will be far better for you to surrender now, and I may just spare your life. You seem to be an important man here. I would be a fool to waste your life in such a meaningless way.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Oh! I just had the best idea!! :) I hope it doesn't take too long to write out . . .)

11/6/2015 #20 Report
M JacksonMiracle

(Eagerly waiting for it! :) )

Rosalie: *smiling quietly as she watched her King leave the chapel and make his way back to the throne room, deciding to return to her and her husband's quarters to await news of the battle. Perhaps she could seek some comfort from her husband as well. Gracefully ascending the stairs, and entering her room, her eyes roaming the small space for a few seconds before spotting a plain white envelope on the bed* What is this? Emmett? *instantly recognizing her husband's neat hand writing as her eyes took in the content of the letter* What? No! Emmett, you fool! I will not allow you to die this way! *anger surging through her, as tears began to well up in her eyes, throwing the letter aside as she marched over to the window to see if she could tell what was happening in the battle below, gasping at the sight that greeted her. The enemy army was much, much too close.* No! God, no! Please! *desperately looking around the room in a state of near panic, not thinking clearly, and nearly insane with the need to do something, anything to prevent the imminent death of any man on the battle field, including her husband. Her mind in a fog as she flew down the stairs, her dress catching on the banister and ripping in the process. Adrenaline pumping through her body as she located a helmet and sword and shield, running toward the sounds of battle as the first men from the enemy army started to breech the gate, swinging her sword wildly in hopes of catching one of them unawares, desperate to find her husband and if he was still alive to give him quite the talking to for running off and leaving her like that.* A note. He left me a note. The coward! He could have at least found me and told me....told me in person. If he's still alive, I'm ought to kill him myself for that stunt.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: *growling right back at the other man, though the sound was much more human than animal* As long as I am living, I will never yield! *throwing his sword forward again, fiercely, all while knowing he words weren't necessarily true. If it was only his own life on the life, he could throw it away without a second thought. But if they threatened Rosalie, if they threatened his family . . . he would do anything to protect them, cowardly or not*

Robyn: *caressing the mane of her stiff horse in an effort to calm him and keep him from panicking as every other steed in the stables seemed to be doing* Shhh, Ares. It's alright. *murmuring to him in her most soothing voice as he began to whinny and neigh his displeasure, at what she could only guess. Perhaps it was how loud the fighting had become? She remembered a particularly nasty thunderstorm when she was a child that had made the horses in Summer Keep react similarly, and the clashing of metal against metal certainly made a similar noise* If only I could stop this fighting . . . if only there was something I could do. I know the Denalis should come with supplies and reinforcements any day now, but until then . . . what if we are overrun? What if . . . What if my Uncle's good fortune at defending Cullen Hold from invader after invader has come to an end? After all, do not all castles fall eventually? *sighing and shaking her head at the trail her thoughts had taken; she felt ashamed that she was, yet again, doubting one of the finest and most noble men she had ever known, but she couldn't help it. Nobleness did not mean everything, her studies in history had shown her that. There were so many stories of villains, mercenaries, assassins, pirates, and the like, who triumphed over great men simply because they were clever and cared little for morality. Such things had always seemed out of place to her, after all, that wasn't the good, kind, and just world she had always known, but she was seeing an entirely different side to the world now. And she didn't quite know what to make of it, she didn't quite know what to think* If only I could do something. But, I am just a woman. I cannot fight. *she found herself thinking wistfully again, as she stroked along Ares' neck. But then her eyes caught sight of a barrel of oil, a torch not far from it, and a wild idea came to her. She moved quickly to saddle her steed, hushing his noises of distress as she straightened and tightened his saddle as she had so many times before, then she pulled him forward and hitched him to a small cart which was often used to tote hay into the barn. However, she had another purpose in mind for it. With great effort, she managed to roll the barrel of oil up into the cart, grabbing the torch with one hand and Ares' reigns with the other as she pulled herself up onto his back. Of course, she didn't think about how she was going to spill the oil that she was planning to light aflame the oil she planned to attack the enemy with, or how she would avoid her own family's men, but as she rode out into the battle, all thought that she might have had on the topic flew from her mind. It was horrible, so much more horrible than her view from high up in the tower. The chaos of it all, the man clashing against man, the blood being spilled onto the already wet and crimson ground. It was all she could do to plow her horse through the crowd until the wheel of her cart jumped over an unsuspecting body. The barrel of oil came rolling into a cluster of the enemy's men, breaking and spilling upon impact. She turned Ares sharply and threw her torch in their direction, unknowingly killing the first of the enemy's troops as they were lit aflame, screaming and trying to put themselves out to no avail. Then, she saw her way out of the chaos, she charged Ares through the narrow, empty space between her own family's troops back through the lowering gate, to the space between the gate and the main doors to the castle*

11/6/2015 #22 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *It was very rare for the Commander to become distracted by anything in battle, but this was one of those occasions when the most horribly unexpected thing drew his focus away from his current fight and back to the bigger picture. The screams, the purple smoke, the smell, it was all too unmistakable, and all too terrible to believe. It took him several seconds to recover from the shock, and by the time he did, his opponent had managed to land several ineffective blows. Shaking his head, and pulling himself back together long enough to shout out several orders to his men.* Bobby, get that fire out, now! Don't let anyone else get close to it until it's under control. We can't afford to lose any more men. Maria's probably already going to take her vengeance out on me for those few. How'd they even know to use fire? Or did they just get lucky? Peter, find the man who did this, and execute him! *dodging another blow and swinging his sword back in Emmett's direction* You won't be living for very long with that attitude. You're lucky that you fight as well as you do. Lady Maria will want you for her new army. Otherwise, you'd already dead. *forcing him back with the power of his strikes, back toward the castle* We will succeed, we will win if it takes all night. If I have to force you back to the throne room inch by inch to take Cullen as our prisoner, then so be it.

Rosalie: *coughing as the smoke from Robyn's fire assailed her senses, but continuing to manipulate her way through the battle, fighting off as many men as possible. Soon however, the smoke and exhaustion from the fight started to get the best of her and she started to grow weaker and weaker with each swing of her sword. But she couldn't give up, not until she found Emmett. She had to get to him, she had to know that he was ok, she had to protect him, save him, keep him from doing something stupid.* Em...*cough* Emme...*cough* Emmett!

Gabriel: *starting to come to, although his head was pounding and modern medicine would have diagnosed him as having a severe concussion, the enemy army was starting to bear down on their position, no doubt coming to the aide of the man currently fighting Sir Emmett. His hand clutching at a large rock lying near him, and throwing it with all his might right at the enemy Commander's head, gasping in shock when the stone struck his head, and shattered, leaving behind no mark*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Starting to fall asleep now, will try to get up another post before I go to bed, but if I don't make it now, I'll be on first thing tomorrow morning!)

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M JacksonMiracle

(Good night if you do end up falling asleep and I'll be here tomorrow! :) )

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Peter: *racing forward to do as Jasper commanded, after the horse and cart that the oil and fire had come from, straight through the front gates of Cullen Hold, which he easily ducked under as they lowered, but he knew it was no matter, with their supernatural strength, they could easily raise them again, so long as the men that had blocked them for so long were out of the way, though, to his shock, he was met not with the sight of a single soldier, but rather by a young human woman. She was nothing compared to his Charlotte, of course, but he could admit to himself, objectively, that she was rather striking for a human, with her pale skin, her dark auburn hair, and fierce blue eyes. He could also tell from the fine silks, the fur-lined clock she wore, and the jewels that hung around her neck that she must be someone of importance: a lady of the castle, most likely* How interesting.

Robyn: *once she thought she was safe, alone behind the gates, she began to dismount Ares, but upon her feet touching the ground, she caught sight of Peter only feet away, and her entire body clenched in fear as she caught sight of a lone, blood-covered soldier wearing the colors of the enemy. She turned and began to ran towards the front doors of the castle to seek asylum, but before she could, she felt his strong, gauntleted hand around her wrist, stopping her retreat before it began* Please . . . *she began, her blood going cold with terror as she met his black eyes*

Peter: You dare beg for my forgiveness? *he hissed, using his grasp to throw her against the stone wall beside them; of course he would follow the Major's orders to kill her, but he would do it in his own way, he would honor the men she killed by enacting what vengeance on her he could* You should suffer as the men you killed suffered, don't you think? Or do you think because you are a woman, or a lady, that your actions will have no consequences? *flashing forward again, wrapping his hand around her neck, squeezing tightly and watching in satisfaction as she gasped for breath and clawed at his hand desperately, inhaling deeply himself, the sweet of aroma of her blood filling the air, likely from where the back of her head had hit the wall*

Emmett: *he was fighting as hard as he couldn't but he couldn't help but be driven backwards, his opponent was simply too strong for him, a problem he had never before encountered; he kept having to step backwards, to cede ground, and then he heard a voice, a voice that he would have recognized anywhere, the voice of his beloved wife. At the sound of it, he almost dropped his sword, a near deadly mistake. Luckily, his opponent seemed to be distracted by something else as well. He took advantage of that distraction, basking Jasper with his shield before dashing in the direction he had heard Rosalie's voice calling to him from, searching for her in a panic. When he saw her, he actually did abandon his weapons to pull her to him, away from the flames, searching her over for injuries in a panic* Rosalie! Rosalie, speak to me! Are you alright?

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Okay, that's going to be my last one for the night! See you in about 8 hours! :))

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M JacksonMiracle

Bobby: *smothering the last of the flames and searching for any sign of survivors, but only finding ashes* Such a shame. We were never meant to lose anyone in this battle. We're only fighting pathetic humans. This should have never happened. What went wrong? *but his musings were cut short when he was swept up in a wave of fellow soldiers crashing through the last wave of enemy fighters and storming the castle, breaking into the main courtyard from every direction and awaiting orders from their Commander before proceeding.* Where'd he go anyway?

Rosalie: *between coughs and sputters* I'm fine. Emmett...you're an idiot...coming out here...like this. You're the King's son, you...should have stayed inside where...it was safe. And now...look what's happened. It's a disaster out here.

Gabriel: *making his way at a crawl toward where the enemy had gathered just inside the courtyard, regrouping with a small contingency of only a half dozen or so remaining fighters* We have to keep fighting, drive them back out. We should try to surround them... *but his attempts at planning a final attack were cut off, the other men insisting that it was too late, that the battle was over. That in spite of the enemy losing a few dozen men right there at the end, it would make no difference, they were defeated, the enemy was inside the courtyard, their Commander and Second nearly inside the castle itself. They had failed, they had lost.* No, no, we haven't lost. As long as we're breathing, we can still vanquish the enemy. Help nearly here. We just have to... *but again, his efforts were in vain, the others argued about how outnumbered they were, and how far advanced the enemy's weapons were compared to their own, and how none of them ever seemed to get injured or even show pain in the slightest.*

Jasper: *years as Lady Maria's Commander had caused him to become all but immune to the smell of fresh blood. After all, he was around it nearly every day, all day, but this scent was unlike any other that he had ever encountered in his life. His attention was never more focused on one singular thing than it was in that moment, unfortunately, it wasn't the battle, or his enemy, it was blood, the smell of the most powerful nectar he had ever scented before in his entire existence. He followed his nose until he came face to face with Peter nearly chocking the very last breath of life from a young woman, and it was this very woman's blood that had him so entranced* Stop! Peter, what do you think you're doing?! We don't kill women, not like that, and certainly not this woman. Look at how she's dressed. We can use her, she's our leverage. I thought I sent you after the man who started the fire, and here I find you with this girl.... *tilting his head to the side as Peter's malicious emotions and penetrating look suddenly started to make sense.* She's the one who started the fire, isn't she? Well...then death is much, much too kind for her. I think that I have something much better in mind. Give her to me. *practically tearing the woman from Peter's arms, and deeply inhaling her scent, a half moan, half possessive growl escaping his lips as he did so* Delectable. *whispering the singular word to himself* What's your name, girl? You just killed a lot of men out there. A lot of good men. But it was in vain. It would seem that we have still won the war. And now we can finish this mess up the easy way, or the hard way. Take us to your King. Take us to Cullen. And if you refuse, then I'll let Peter here finish you off, and we'll still track down Cullen. Your choice, darlin'.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Good morning! :))

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M JacksonMiracle

(Morning! :) Just rolled out of bed myself! :) )

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