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Opposites RP
M JacksonMiracle

(Where down is up and up is down! ;) But seriously, this RP will focus on the premise that all of the shifter characters are now vampires and all of the vampire characters are now shifters. The challenge lies in adapting your character's personality, quirks and all, to a different supernatural being's inherent qualities. Keep as much or as little of your character's history as you see fit. And above all, just have fun with it! :) )

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *18 year old Jasper Whitlock was actually a pretty normal person as far as young Quileute tribal men went. He was all set to graduate from the reservation school in a few short months, worked part time at the frozen yogurt shop in town, and even had a girlfriend. Not just any girlfriend, of course, she was one of the most beautiful girls in the entire school, Maria. They had been dating since they were 14, but of course, if you asked their parents, they had only been seeing each other for a few months when Maria had finally gotten the courage to ask her father for permission to begin dating. Life was pretty much perfect. Except for one thing. He was a wolf. A shape-shifting wolf, that is. A couple years ago, he had fallen very ill. His parents hadn't known what to do, no one had known what to do. Finally, another man from the reservation, Carlisle had come over to see if there was anything he could do to help. Carlisle was studying to be a medicine man, so of course his parents had allowed him to check up on Jasper. Within an hour Carlisle had successfully diagnosed him, but had also sworn him to secrecy of the real cause of his illness, and passed it off as mono to anyone who asked. In truth, he wasn't actually sick, his body was simply forcing him to shift for the first time, and the longer he resisted that urge, the worse that it would become. Jasper had become one of only a small handful of shapeshifters on the reservation. It was really no secret that shapeshifters existed, after all, there were hundreds of legends about them, the secret was that the legends were all true. For the first few months of Jasper's life as a shifter, he was almost uncontrollable, but as time passed, he learned how to keep his body from shifting at inopportune times, and how to force his body to shift on demand when it was called for, or simply whenever he felt like it. His control still wasn't perfect and there were still times when a customer at the frozen yogurt store made him so angry he had to run out the back door for an early break before he changed right then and there in front of a dozen townspeople. Pressing his body tighter against Maria's and kissing her with an earnest passion that he knew would drive her wild* Mmm....If it wasn't payday, I'd just skip work today, and keep doing this. *chuckling to himself as he finally extracted himself from her embrace* I'll see you later tonight, babe, love you. *reluctantly leaving her arms and turning around the corner to the yogurt shop's employee entrance, before pulling on the white apron with bright green lettering proclaiming the company's logo and making his way up to the front counter and pulling on a set of clear plastic gloves, his gaze to turning to the line of customer's waiting at the counter.* Next! What can I get for you?

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(YAY!! Home from work and so happy to see the new topic up!! :) Working on a post of my own right now!)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *a frozen yogurt shop in Forks, WA was one of the last places seventeen-year-old Robyn Summers had expected to find herself the summer before she was set to graduate from high school, but considering how much her life had been turned upside-down in recent months, she supposed she shouldn't have been so surprised. She had lived in San Diego for most her life with her loving parents, Stacy and Eric Summers, the two people she had cared about above all else. They were her family, and despite the fact that they lived in a tiny, run-down house, that house had been filled with love. She might have missed out on the finer things in life, but she was sure what she had experienced was more important. She had never gone to bed without a bedtime story. She had never brought a drawing home that hadn't been taped up on the wall. She was lucky enough to know that she was the most important thing in her parents' lives, second only to each other. They had been going out on a special date, to celebrate their wedding anniversary when it happened. They had been out later than usual, then after what felt like an eternity, a police officer had come to her house to break the news . . . her parents had died in a horrific car accident. It hadn't been long before a social worker had come to help her collect her things and prepare to be shipped up to Washington to live with her closest relatives: her father's parents. They had been warm and welcoming enough, but to her, in the recent wake of such tragedy, this whole place felt so cold. She hulled herself up in her new room for near a month, just huddled underneath the covers. Flying her best friend Mitch up was a stroke of genius on her grandparent's part. She wasn't sure whose idea it had been—she suspected his mother had something to do with it—but she was glad he was here. It was nearly impossible to mope with him around. It was like he had this light inside of him that shone from within. It was what had drawn her to him in the first place, when they were only children. And now she was here, out at the frozen yogurt shop at his insistence that she couldn't stay huddled up in her room forever, that she had to get out and see the world. After a time, the attendant finally arrived, but she and Mitch had to wait for the people in front of them to finish with their own order and make way* Oh! Um . . . *gesturing as subtly as she could to Jasper's chin and neck area, embarrassed at what she saw there, but unable to not tell him* You've got a little, um . . . lipstick on you. *clearing her throat softly as she fixed her gaze back on the menu* I'll take a medium pineapple please. Mitch?

Mitch: And one large pistachio. *pulling out his wallet to pay and waving Robyn off when she began to protest* Seriously, Robyn. I've got it.

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *his jaw opening slightly in awe as a tidal wave of emotion washed over him, he could feel himself drowning in it until finally, a tiny, musical voice like that of an angel called him out of it. It was her. There was no doubt in his mind what had happened the second that he had looked at the girl on the other side of the counter. He had never dreamed that it would actually happen. It was supposed to be a rarity, and after both Carlisle and Emmett had imprinted this year, he never imagined that he would be next in line. It was why he had stayed with Maria as long as he had. As long as he wasn't imprinted, then he was free to date whomever he chose. And if Carlisle's theory was correct, then even after finding his imprint, he would still be free to date, so long as he wasn't romantically attracted to his imprint, and he still remembered to put her needs before that of his girlfriend. Blinking a few times in an attempt to clear his head. Imprinting was supposed to feel like gravity holding you to the earth, at least that's how Carlisle and Emmett described it. But for him, it was more like the life saver that had been thrown into the deep end of the pool that he could cling to when he got tired of trying to swim for himself. She was the one that would save him from drowning. He wasn't sure exactly how yet, but he knew it to be true. Blushing when her words finally registered with him, and reaching for a napkin to swipe at his neck a few times until he was sure that Maria's bright red lipstick was banished from his perfectly tanned skin.* Uh, sorry...thank you. *reaching for a medium cup and beginning to carefully fill it with the pineapple yogurt* So, uhm, I don't think I've seen you around before, and it's a really small town...are you new? To Forks, I mean. Or just visiting? *passing her the cup before reaching for a large sized one and beginning to fill it with the pistachio flavor her friend had ordered. At least, he hoped the other guy was just a friend and not a boyfriend, that really would complicate this already rottenly timed imprinting.*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: Oh, it's no problem. Just let me know if you ever see me with anything on my face. *smiling gently at him; after all, she did know the pain of having to go all day with broccoli in her teeth because no one had bothered to tell her about it* Or anything stuck in my teeth, for that matter. *ducking her head when she thought the conversation was over, but as it turned out, he began talking again a moment later. Things were so different here from the way they had been back home. People rarely exchanged pleasantries with food service workers outside of the typical "How is your day?" "Good. Yours?" "Good." But that was probably because they came into contact with so many customers every day. There were over a million people who lived in San Diego. She remembered looking up Forks on Wikipedia while waiting for her flight to find out that it only housed a measly three thousand and change. It was no wonder there was no Walmart or McDonalds, things she had always taken for granted. So, she was a little taken aback before she realized where she was* Yes. I am new. Ish. I guess everyone knows everyone in small towns like this, huh? *shaking her head a little at herself* Anyways . . . I moved up here to live with my grandparents about a month ago. The Summers. You might know them. They've lived here a long time. What about you? Have you always lived here? *finding herself unconsciously fiddling with the locket at her neck before she internally chastised herself for the nervous habit and forced her hands to drop near her waist, finding that they were almost too empty until her cup of frozen yogurt was pressed into them* Oh, stop it! I mean, he is cute . . . but clearly taken. I mean, he did have lipstick smeared all over his neck. And he's good-looking. And nice. In a city of three thousand, I'm sure that's not easy to come by. I shouldn't be focusing on boys anyways. I'm here to graduate and to head off to college. There's no reason to burden Grandma and Grandpa any more than I already have.

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(I thought I gained the motivation to actually come up with posts, but it's completely gone now. I'll start coming up with something, but it'll by no means be as detailed or long as either of your posts. :))

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M JacksonMiracle

(It's ok, Grace, as long as you're having fun with it, then just do your best! :) )

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(No pressure, Grace! :) Just have fun with it!)

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: I sure do know the Summers. They're really nice people. I heard they had a relative coming to live with them. It's great to finally meet you. *handing Mitch his own cup of yogurt and accepting the crisp bills he was offered in return* Born and raised on the Quileute reservation and proud of it. *smiling handsomely as he allowed the slight accent that all Quileutes seemed to have to come through in his speech. He supposed the slight lilt to his words was due to learning two different languages at once while growing up. The native Quileute language was rarely spoken outside of formal ceremonies and celebrations, but every child on the reservation knew enough of the ancient tongue to get by should the council ever randomly declare it to be the official reservation language instead of English. Making change and handing it back to Mitch before offering them another smile* There you go, and welcome to Forks. I hope to see a lot more of you around. I'm Jasper Whitlock, by the way. Just ask anyone, they'll know where to find me if you ever need anything. *watching Robyn and her friend walk away for as long as he could before he was forced to help the next customer in line* Hey, Spencer, you want your usual for you and Bayleigh?

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *smiling brightly at him* Thank you. Have a great day and . . . I'll see you around! *making her way out of the shop and shoulder-checking him playful at the look he gave her. They had been friends for nearly a decade, she knew his expressions like the back of her hand. And she was sure if they ever became mutes, they would be able to communicate solely through the use of expressions and miming. And the look he was giving her right now was openly mocking her for just how much she had thrown herself all over Jasper. Well, at least for her that was throwing herself at him* Shut up. I know he has a girlfriend. I pointed out the lipstick on his neck myself. I was just being friendly. *taking a large bite of her frozen yogurt as her cheeks colored*

Mitch: *laughing softly as he took a big bite of his own frozen dessert* Whatever. It's not like it's any of my business . . . besides, I think it's good for you to have your head up in the clouds once in a while. For an artist, you really are too serious all the time. I thought you artist types were supposed to be carefree, spontaneous, that sort of thing. But . . . You're kind of a stick in the mud these days, Roby. And not even that, because I know you hate the mud. Whatever happened to the girl that would launch herself in a puddle just for the chance to splash me?

Robyn: *half-joking, half-serious* She started doing her own laundry. *after a long moment of walking along the road in silence* Okay. You win. You're going back tomorrow, we should make the most of it. Make a memory we'll never forget . . . Let's do something crazy.

Mitch: *his smile stretching widely across his face* It'll take us a while to get there, since we're walking, but when we were out for lunch yesterday I overheard some of the locals saying that there's this awesome cliff you can dive off of in La Push. *hurrying to reassure Robyn* It's over the water and everything, right next to the beach. And people around here do it all the time. It's totally safe. *shrugging a little playfully* But, if you're too chicken . . .

Robyn: I hate you. You're so immature. *her pride getting the better of her as she aquigsued, rolling her eyes all the while* Take me to this cliff. Then we'll see who's chicken. And I promise you it isn't going to be me. Who pushed who off of the diving board at the city pool? I think you ought to remember that, since you held it over my head for years. *laughing genuinely when he told her that he still wasn't quite over it, that he would probably be scarred for life*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: *grinning from ear to ear when he turned the key to the classic impala he had been restoring for Rosalie. For the first time, he heard the engine roar to life. It was a sweet, sweet sound, even if the car itself wasn't anywhere near ready to turn over to his precious imprint yet. Though he had finally jumped over the great hurdle that had been the transmission, he still had the oil leak to fix, the brake pads to replace, and of course the exterior needed a full work-over. He had expected nothing less from a car his grandfather had simply parked in the lawn and left to rot ages ago, but he had to fix it for Rosalie—he had to. Ever since the moment he met her, it was like he was helpless to do anything but what would make her happy. And seeing her look longingly at what his grandfather and father had long dismissed as a piece of junk was something he couldn't ignore. He didn't have much to give her. Families who lived on the reservation were much richer in family and values that valuables, after all. But he could give her this. Just a few more shifts at the garage he lent a hand to in town, and he'd have the money to buy those break pads. He'd be one step closer to giving the love of his life, his imprint, everything she deserved*

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M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *her eyes instantly finding those of Jasper when she entered the yogurt shop, and making a beeline for the counter, instead of standing politely in line with everyone else. She really hated coming into town, but there were a few circumstances that forced her to do so, like this one. She was the only girl who had ever phased into a wolf, at least that's what Carlisle kept saying. But that didn't mean that life was any easier for her than it was for any of the guys in the pack. If anything it was harder for her. And it was even further complicated when within seconds of phasing for the first time, she was immediately assaulted by the thoughts of her imprint. It was actually a very unique situation, one that had never been tested before, and one that would likely never be tested again. Emmett had phased just a couple months before she had, but they hadn't seen each other until the day she phased. When they saw each other for the first time, they both happened to be in wolf form, and able to read each other's thoughts. It was multiplying the imprint times two and they were both so overwhelmed by the feeling, they could only stare at each other for hours before Carlisle finally gave them an Alpha order to phase back to human form and go talk things through with words instead of mentally for the entire pack to hear. There were still times when that particular imprinting got on the pack's nerves. It could only be described as telepathic sexting on a public forum. They tried not to phase at the same time after that first meeting, but there were times when it was inevitable, and over time, they had learned to keep those thoughts to themselves, but one still slipped out occasionally, and it always caused an avalanche of other thoughts to follow from both of them. Jumping over the counter so that she could sneak up to Jasper's side and whisper to him to avoid being overheard* There's a situation with a couple of the leeches. Apparently, Jacob and Leah were fighting again and crossed over onto our side of the line and destroyed a few trees. Thankfully, Carlisle was the one to witness the indiscretion, anyone else would have killed them both on the spot. Anyway, he wants you to go with him to talk to Sam tonight after your shift is over.

Jasper: *growling under his breath* What if I had plans tonight? Does he ever think of that? Why can't you go?

Rosalie: *rolling her eyes* You're the Beta wolf. Not me. Besides the last time Leah and I were within 100 yards of each other, I bit off one of her hands and all the leeches still hold it against me, even though it wasn't my fault. She was on our land at the time! You may hate the leeches as much as any of us, but they listen to you for some reason. Just go and get it over with, and then you can go over to Maria's afterward. I'm sure she'll still be awake.

Jasper: *spluttering for a moment* But...but...Fine! I'll go. Just....Ugh! Nevermind. Besides, how do you even know my plans are with Maria, they could be with someone else.

Rosalie: *guffawing loudly* Your plans are always with Maria! No one else on the Rez will have you. Now hurry and finish your shift so you can get this over with and we can all go back to our happy lives. *holding up a hand to stop him* I know, I know....You can't speed up the clock.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Carlisle: *he had spent the bulk of his day, as usual, working in the free clinic that sat on the reservation. While he was still apprenticing to be the official "medicine man" of the Reservation, the village elder who currently help the position was rather old and feeble and couldn't keep up with the workload, even if it was only about a dozen people, most of which who were coming in with the stomach flu that seemed to be going around at the moment. The latter half of his day would be left to dealing with pack business, in this case, he was going to have to speak with the leader of the adjacent vampire coven. Again. He grew rather tired of the fights the newest additions to the coven would have, the mindless way the pair would fight until they had gone over the boarder to their lands without even realizing it. However, he did not want to relieve the days of warfare with the Cold Ones that had been spelled out in the Quileute's past, so he did his best to keep the peace. Though he hated having the Cold Ones anywhere near his home, near his people, near his wife—his imprint, near his son Edward . . . He would hate fighting with them more. And so, as long as no human blood had been spilt, he promised himself that he would not pick a fight where a fight need not arise. At a rather young-looking fifty-five, with his temper under a tight leash, he recognized at least that much. It was for the greater good. Now he just needed to show his beta, Jasper, that pacifism was the better path to take. Though he knew he would have to exercise patience, he was more than a little eager to hand the reigns of the pack over to the next generation of shifters. He had devoted the bulk of his life to the pack, and now wanted to spend the rest of his natural life with his imprint, aging as she aged. But, he could only do that if he stopped shifting. He did so as little as possible, but in order to stop entirely, he would have to give up his position as alpha, but unfortunately, Jasper wasn't yet ready for that* How can I blame him? He's still a boy. He hasn't finished school yet . . . That burden was dropped on me too young. If the alpha hadn't passed before I shifted, if the last generation hadn't given up on the pack . . . things could have been so different for me. I could have had time to adjust. I could have been a better leader to Eleazar and Garrett; a better friend. *shaking his head slightly to clear it of those thoughts as the sky began to darken* Nevermind that. The past is the past. I have done better for Jasper, and with the spirits on our side, he will do even better than I.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *biting her lip anxiously, watching the sun set before them as they stood near the edge of the cliff. True to Mitch's word, it had taken most of the day for them to walk there. Yet another time she mourned the loss of her beloved slug bug. But, she knew that she hadn't been old enough to drive it up herself. She knew it was too expensive to ship. And she knew Mitch would take better care of it than she ever had. And in a small town like this, the times when she'd actually need a car of her own would be few and far between. Or, at least, so she hoped* It's a lot higher up than I thought it would be . . . but it's not like being a plane. That is way more frightening. And it's not like there isn't water down there. Mitch said people do it all the time. It's just like the high diving board. *exhaling unsteadily to expel her nerves as she kicked off her sneakers, then proceeded to ditch her socks and sweater. After all, there was no use in getting all of her clothes wet. It was warm, but the weather was nothing like what it was in San Diego this time of year*

Mitch: *tossing his own jacket and tee shirt to the wayside before kicking off his own sandals, bouncing up and down in place as he scooted closer to the edge of the cliff, to get a good look at the way down* Looks pretty sweet— *but an unexpected gust of wind later, and he ended up plummeting towards the water totally unprepared*

Robyn: Mitch!! *racing up to the edge of the cliff, then stopping abruptly* What if he's hurt? Landing unprepared like that . . . and he wasn't even able to jump! What if he hits the rocks? It's not like I could carry him to shore. I'm not strong enough. I'm a fair swimmer, but I'm no lifeguard. *casting a panicked glance around, but unlike every public pool and park she had ever been to before, there was no sigh with emergency flotation devices or life vests attached to it, to her chagrin* What am I supposed to do? *flinching at the harsh sound his body made as it hit the water below, cupping her hands around her mouth and yelling at the top of her lungs in a last-ditch effort, praying that someone could hear her* HELP! HELP! SOMEONE FELL IN THE WATER! *turning back towards the cliff when there was no immediate reply, her eyes searching frantically for Mitch's form among the waves, but finding nothing*

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *locking the doors promptly at 7:00 when the last customer left the yogurt shop and wasting no time in counting down the register, wiping down all the counters and tables and moping the floor, and storing all the yogurt containers back in the freezer before turning out the lights and setting the alarm before exiting through the employee entrance, and taking off at a brisk jog back toward the reservation, hesitating when he got close to the Maria lived on, but only for a minute before he forced himself to follow through with his pack duties, and turn in the direction of Carlisle's house instead.* Hopefully, this will be fast and I'll still get some time to spend with her tonight. We have to talk about where she sees this relationship going. So far, it's just been hanging out and making out and well....other stuff, but now that Robyn is a part of my life....Oh, why do things always have to be so complicated? *He loved Maria. At least he thought he did. But there was no doubt that Robyn was his imprint. He had to put her first. But what role would she take? He had to leave the option of girlfriend open if she wanted it. But that meant breaking up with Maria, and that thought was almost too painful for him to form. But if she brought it up first, then it wouldn't be so bad. For all he knew, Maria planned to break up with him and move out of state to go to college next year anyway. If that were the case, then neither of them had anything to lose by breaking up now, but if she loved him as much he loved her, then she would be planning to make this work, even long distance, so it would fall to him to either break up with her now, or to wait and see where things went with Robyn before giving up on a real relationship with Maria* Two girls, and I'm in love with them both, but on different levels, and Robyn has to come first. There is no choice there. Whatever Robyn wants, Robyn will get. *entering Carlisle's house through the back door without knocking as he usually did* Hey old man, Rosalie said you needed me for something tonight.

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M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *running past the cliffs on her way to meet Emmett when she heard Robyn's calls for help, and without wasting another second turned in the direction of her cries and flashed past right past Robyn before diving into the water below like she'd done a hundred times before growing up on the reservation. She surfaced after just a few seconds and looked around for the hapless person who had fallen into the water before her, but didn't see anyone at first, so dove under the water again and began her search. After diving and resurfacing three or four times, she finally located the shape of a man, and wrapped her arms around him to pull him to the surface of the water. Calling up to the frightened girl at the edge of the cliff who was watching them from above* He's unconscious, but he's alive. I'm going to tow him onto the beach, you can run down the cliff and meet us there. Just be careful, there's a lot of loose rocks and we can't have both of you injured. *laying back on her back with Mitch across her chest lifeguard style as she swam with one arm through the strong waves and onto the rocky beach, quickly checking his airway, breathing, and circulation like she had learned in her CPR class on the reservation, sighing in relief when she saw Robyn making her way toward them quickly, but carefully* Call 911. I'm going to start CPR. *tightly squeezing Mitch's nose and blowing two deep breaths into his lungs, and beginning a round of thirty chest compressions, which she carefully counted out by singing the chorus to 'Stayin' Alive' three times in a row as she pumped on his chest*

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(Sorry for falling asleep on you last night! Working on some posts now before work!)

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Carlisle: *withholding the urge to scoff at the way his beta greeted him. He was hardly old, at least in his opinion. Though he might have been in his fifties, technically, after all his years of shifting he still had the body of thirty-year-old. At least, from the way Eleazar and Garrett had aged, he assumed it was because of how quick they had been to shift in their youth. Though, back in those days, more people on the reservation believed in the old legends, and most families only owned a single camera, so it was more difficult for non-believers to garner proof of the things they could do. These days, he cautioned the men and boys in the pack strongly against changing anywhere but in the forest. Not only did it keep people out of danger, but it kept them out of the lenses of security cameras and iPhones* Yes, though I doubt she was so vague. *standing up from the leather recliner he'd been sitting in, inhaling wistfully at the smell of the casserole Esme had cooking in the kitchen* There was an issue with the . . . others across the boarder. I would appreciate it if you would join me in speaking with Sam. It will be your job one day, after all. *tilting his head slightly as he took stock of how tense the other man was* Are you alright, Jasper? You seem . . . troubled.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: What— *balking in shock at the deeply tanned girl that had whisked past her, staring down at her anxiously from above, her mind reeling at a million miles a minute* But, but, but, she's just a girl, like me. How's she going to be able to help him? Could she be able to lift him? Wouldn't she need one of those floatation device things? Oh, God. Mitch is going to die. Everyone I know is going to die. I'm cursed. That has to be it. Curses come in threes, don't they? I swear I've heard that somewhere. Maybe I accidentally desecrated a grave when I was trying to bury that grasshopper I stepped on last summer? This is not good. I can't without Mitch. I can't. I can't. He can't die. I shouldn't have encouraged him. I know how he gets. I'm so stupid. I let him kill himself. *inhaling deeply as if a huge weight had been lifted off of her chest when her best friend resurfaced in the arms of the girl who had launched herself into the water only minutes before, but it sank right back down the moment she heard he was unconscious. At first, she was scrambling all over herself to get to the beach, but then she actually heeded Rosalie's words and watched her step, for fear she would hurt herself in the process* 911! Damn it! My phone! *cursing under her breath as she headed back up toward the cliff, where her phone lied in her sweater pocket, her fingers fumbling for the buttons before she pressed the device against the side of her face, doing her best to calm herself with slow breaths as she waited for the other line to pick up* Please, please, please . . . *sighing in complete and utter relief when Mitch turned his head and began coughing up water, though she didn't hang up the line just yet* Yes! Yes, hello. My friend fell off the cliff into the water at La Push Beach . . . Yes, I think he's okay. Someone came to help and did CPR . . . Yes, he's breathing. *nodding when the operator told her to bring him in for a check-up at Forks General as soon as possible* Of course. Thank you. *hanging up the phone almost numbly as she approached her receiving friend* If hadn't just almost died, I would hit you.

Mitch: *smiling tightly between watery coughs* I appreciate . . . the restraint.

Robyn: *turning earnestly to Rosalie* Thank you so much for your help. I don't know what I would have done. *shaking her head in bafflement* I don't even know CPR.

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M JacksonMiracle

(It's all good, I passed out pretty quickly after that last post myself :))

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *nodding his head in acknowledgement of the fact that Rosalie had shared the full situation with him prior to letting him get back to work after she had interrupted him.* Yeah, I'll join you. If any of those leeches say one word about our masculine, foresty smell, I'll be more than happy to rip them.to shreds for you. *grinning cheekily, but immediately backing down at the look the Alpha gave him* I'm just messing with you. I promise I'll be on my best behavior no matter what they do. I won't forget what happened the one and only time Jake and I actually did fight. *wincing as he rubbed his shoulder where the vampire had managed to sink his teeth into him, and remembering the white hot seat that had followed and the thick scar that still remained there to this day.* I still say I would have won if you and Sam hadn't pulled us apart. Anyway, I promised it wouldn't happen again and I still mean that. *letting out a soft sigh at the Alpha's intuition.* I suppose you'll find out eventually anyways with our shared pack mind and all. *kicking at the ground and frowning in frustration. Just once he would have liked to have something to himself and not be forced to share it.* So, uh, I don't know if you heard about the girl who moved into the Summers house, but I met her today. I kind of... *not meeting the Alpha's worried gaze* I imprinted on her. I don't know what that means yet, but I just know that's what it was. It's different from how you think about Esme, but it's also the same. I just...I guess I'm kind of confused about rather I should break up with Maria now or wait until I talk to Robyn first and find out what my role as her imprint will become. Does she even want a boyfriend? Much less me. What if she's already attached? She was with a guy when she came in. If there's no hope of us dating, if I'm simply meant to be her friend as her imprint, then there's no reason to break up with Maria. And if Robyn does want me as a boyfriend as her imprint and I'm still attached to Maria, that will cause issues. But if I break up with her and that's not what Robyn wants, then I've lost a really great girl in Maria. *finally looking up at Carlisle* Do you see my problem here? And don't tell me that regardless of what Robyn wants, I should break up with Maria anyway to spare her from getting jealous of the imprint. I already know that would be the smart thing to do, but it's not what I want. I want what Robyn wants, I just don't know what it is that she wants yet without talking to her. And I do still love Maria and don't want to lose her or hurt her. Ugh! Life! *falling back on the sofa in conflicted frustration, before sniffing at the air, echoed by the growling of his stimach* Think I can get some of that casserole? I can't think on an empty stomach.

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M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *looking the girl up and down critically. She was pale, but at least she wasn't a Cold One. Perhaps the whiteness of her skin was due to fear more than anything else.* Well, maybe you'll have a reason to learn now that you know you have such a clumsy friend. What were you doing up there any way? Townspeople usually know better than to go cliff diving at night. Most of them won't even try it during the day. It's more of a Quileute thing. *her expression tighter than she realized as she spoke. If she had known that the girl in front of her was Jasper's imprint, she never would have spoken to her like that and likely when she did find out, she would deeply regret it, but in the moment, its what felt right for her to say. Sticking out her hand to other girl by way of introduction* I'm Rosalie by the way, good to meet you... *letting her voice trail off so she could fill in the blank with her own name. Turning her attention to boy.* Look, I'm glad you're not dead, OK? That would really bad to the tourism industry. Just be more careful next time.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Carlisle: *nodding his head in assent when Esme called from the kitchen that it was time for dinner* Sure. We have some time before we're meant to meet with Sam. *heading into the dining room that was attached to the kitchen, where his lovely wife already had plates waiting for them, as always, she knew his wolfish metabolism better than anyone else ever could, waiting until he had taken several bites and politely thanked his wife before he continued, wholly unsurprised that Jasper had found his imprint after how many had already been found this generation. And even if he was a little surprised, he would never show it* Jasper, I would never dream of telling you what to do. Imprinting is a personal matter--I would never interfere unless the situation became dire. However, it is a simple fact that your imprint will change your relationship not only with Maria, but with everyone else in your life, whether you like it or not. She is going to come above everyone else, everything else. An imprint is someone you would happily die for . . . Just take a moment to take that in. Imagine everything else you would do for this girl, for Robyn, if you would die for her. It's inevitable that Maria would be jealous of that kind of relationship. If you truly love one another, you might be able to weather it. That's for the two of you to decide; speak with Maria, talk to her about everything . . . Regardless of the outcome, she deserves to know the state of things. *after all, with her sister being Rosalie, she knew everything about the pack* Then seek out Robyn, and decide how you feel. It is a complicated situation, of course, and I understand how difficult this mist be for you . . . But life is complicated. Life is difficult. This is just one of many challenges you will have to face, none of which will be insurmountable. Remember, I am here if you need me, as is the rest of the pack. Whatever decision you make, you'll have our support.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *grimacing as the other woman pointed out their foolishness* I know it was stupid; though to be fair, it wasn't exactly my idea. *shooting Mitch a pointed look, who defended himself with a quip about "kicking a man while he was down"* I shouldn't have gone along with it, anyways. I've done the high diving board at the pool, and there's this tire swing we jump into the lake with where my parents and I go--*her entire persona growing much colder, much darker in that instant, as she realized she was talking about two people who were dead in the present tense, instead of the past. Of course, the seriousness of the situation and the attitude she was getting from Rosalie weren't helping one bit in that department*--went. Where we went every summer. It seemed doable, but . . . Nevermind. I won't be going near that cliff for a long time. *smiling a little tightly as she shook the other woman's hand* I'm Robyn, and this is my friend, Mitch. I just moved here; although Mitch is technically a tourist, he's really just here to visit me. And drag me into trouble, apparently. Thank you again for helping us. Honestly. *turning her attention back to Mitch* Can you walk? We really should go get you checked out. Just to be safe. *moving to help him when he began to stand, all the while insisting that he was fine*

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *taking a few moments to enjoy his plate of food, wolfing it down with gusto, offering his own compliments and thanks to Carlisle's imprint and substitute pack mother before responding to Carlisle's gentle advice.* I know you're right, it's just not going to be an easy conversation to have. Maria always hoped that I would still imprint on her even though we both knew if it didn't happen the first time I saw her after, then it never would. I guess that makes the difficult talk with Sam a warm up for an even more difficult talk. *cleaning his plate and taking it over to the sink to rinse before placing it in the dishwasher.* Maybe I'll get lucky and she really will understand. You'd think I'd be more nervous about talking to Robyn since she'll be new to everything supernatural, but somehow it always seems to work out with imprints. So even if she's scared off at first, she'll come around, it's kind of unavoidable. *letting out a breath and drying his hands on a towel before turning around to face the Alpha.* So, are we gonna drive over or run? *then a second later* Actually, never mind, I already know the answer, we should drive. It's more casual, makes us seem more "human" that sort of thing. Amazing that I know how you think without even trying. Too long in your head I suppose.

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M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *raising an eyebrow when the other girl pointedly changed the wording of her statement to make it past tense. She opened her mouth to ask about it, but quickly shut it again. Whatever had caused the change in attitude was really not her business. Maybe her parents had divorced, or maybe she just didn't get to travel with them anymore for whatever reason.* You're welcome for the rescue. Honestly, it's not a big deal, I would have done it for anyone. *moving around to Mitch's other side, and using her wolf enhanced muscles to help get him to his feet and keep him standing to keep the weight off Robyn* Welcome to Forks. I hope it's been a good experience so far, minus having your friend almost drown on you, of course. I'll go with you over to the emergency room, if want I mean. I know some people over there, and I can make sure they take good care of you. You can't trust everyone in town, bit you can trust me, I'm Quileute. You can always trust us. It's one if the things we're known for.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Finally home and working on some posts! :))

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Carlisle: The imprint itself is a complicated thing. It drives us in such a way that things are never really perfect. Even when things are perfect, when you're with a woman you love more than anything else on this earth, when she loves you just as deeply, when you want all the same things—even if you imprint with that perfect person at the perfect time, it's never actually going to be perfect. perfect doesn't exist. Perfect is just an idea. At least, that is what Elder Aro told me, when I first asked him about imprints. I didn't dare go to ask Elder Marcus. *repressing a shudder as he thought of the only man in the pack's history to survive the death of an imprint, though Carlisle would hardly call the wall the man sat silently in his home day in and day out living* . . . And we all know Elder Caius always speaks in riddles. In any case . . . I am sure it will be a difficult talk, likely with both of them, but . . . *with a longing look in Esme's direction as she took their dishes into the kitchen to wash them* There is something so secure about having an imprint. You know that they'll always be in your life, in some capacity. You know you'll never be alone. It's a very comforting thought, and why I've always thought myself to be a very lucky man. *unable to help but chuckle softy at the way the other man knew him* It's true; not everyone on the reservation knows of us. And the Cold Ones are always much more receptive to us when we tend toward our human tenancies. And besides, I'm not sure I want to become so familiar with your thoughts at present. *standing and making his way over to the door, grabbing his keys from where they hung on a peg beside it, making his way out to the Jeep Cherokee he had inherited from his father, knowing Jasper wouldn't be far behind as he buckled himself in and started up the engine*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: Honestly, I don't think I'm really in any position to judge just yet. It hasn't really been bad or good. I'm from a pretty big city, so I guess I'm still getting used to seeing the same people every day, and all these big spaces with nothing in them . . . and all these little, independent shops. It's just different, I guess. *brightening up when Mitch reminded her that she would be having a white Christmas this year, probably to try to detract from all the negatives that had been swirling around in her head since she had lost her parents and been forced to uproot herself from one end of the country to move to the other* I am really looking forward to the snow. I've heard it snows here, and we never got snow where I grew up . . . but I know that's probably a long way off. *giving the other woman an honest smile as they began walking with Mitch back towards town* Thank you. I'd really appreciate that. Though . . . *being brutally honest for the second time that day* I'm not sure how comfortable I feel trusting a group of people based solely on their ethnicity. That's kind of weird. But, I do trust you. I mean, you did just go completely out of your way to save my best friend's life. I don't think there are much better reasons to put your trust in someone.

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