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A Ambivalentanarchist

Sam: *Moving away from the door and towards his son, but only by a few steps, once he heard Robyn and Leah enter the garage. He could hear the sound of the garage door as it opened and closed. They would away from the house in mere minutes, where Robyn would no longer be in danger. And now that the immediate risk had passed, his could allow his focus to shift further away from the human girl who had almost become his son's prey and his son himself* I'm sure that after your first encounter in town, avoiding her was exactly what you intended to do. Yet, despite all your efforts, that didn't work out quite the way you imagined it, did it? All it takes is something as small as a wrong turn, poor cell reception, and there she was, looking for help on our front porch. Who's to say it won't happen again? And what do you intend to do when the school year begins? You couldn't not go without arousing suspicion. And I can guarantee you would see her there. Even if you weren't in her classes, you could pass her in the hallway. You could see her in town, or out on the trails around the house—the possibilities are literally endless. Murphy's Law applies here, as it does everywhere, Jacob. Anything that can go wrong, will. And there is so much that can go wrong with allowing yourself to think of Robyn as prey and just sitting on your hands and waiting until an opportunity presents itself where you can justify losing control. That is unacceptable. *perching himself gracefully on the arm of the couch where Jacob lied* I know I can be rigid at times . . . I know I have pressed you and Leah both hard on matters that concern the Quileutes. Perhaps too hard . . . *sighing softly* What I mean to say is: this is important. It is important that you remember that you are more man than animal. It is important that you remember that Robyn is human, that she is a person. I don't want you to lose yourself in this life, as so many others have. I never wanted that for any of you. Sometimes, it hurts to allow yourself to care for the people around you. We're vampires, we've eternal and all but invulnerable. And sometimes caring for mortals means we get hurt. But, we shouldn't be the ones doing the hurting. And allowing ourselves to care keeps up from doing that, it grounds is. So . . . *smiling a little wryly at the words that fell out of his mouth quite unnaturally* Damn the Quileutes. If you think she's cute . . . Perhaps you should allow yourself to focus on that, rather than your instincts.

5/2/2016 #121 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *after she was safely and securely buckled into the passenger seat of a car she had never even dreamed of seeing in person, much less sitting in* They must be ridiculously rich. Not that that should matter at all . . . It doesn't . . . It's just that . . . Wow. This house . . . And those cars . . . Sam must be a movie star, or a retired male model or something. *shaking her head of the thoughts before returning once more to the present* It's smack dab in the middle of the historical district, with a lot of the other houses that were built here in the seventies. It's on the far end of Bluebird Lane. The grey house on the right. The mailbox says 'Summers'. You can't miss it. *settling into the ergonomic leather seat for a long moment before she spoke again* You know, I was a little afraid you were going to be a crazy driver. I . . . I might have heard that your brother likes to speed. *chewing on her lower lip with all the anxiety that was typical of a girl her age* . . . Does he really have a crush on me? I just . . . *shaking her head a little* My best friend is a guy. You'd think I'd understand them a little better than I do. Maybe Washingtonian guys are different . . . Do you really say "Washingtonian?" That kind of makes you sound like aliens. Like Martians or something. It can't be "Washingtins?" No. Definitely not. Whatever. I guess I'll just stick to "From Washington." *sighing softly* I mean . . . Honestly, it seemed like your brother hated me more than he liked me . . . and he wasn't even the beginning of the guy troubles I've had since I came to town. I don't know if you noticed, but the other day, in the yogurt shop, I was hanging out with Jasper . . . You and Jacob seemed to know him. Your whole interaction was so weird, and he didn't even want to talk about it. He kept just trying to pretend it never happened.

5/2/2016 #122 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *polishing off her fourth hotdog, a huge grin on her face at something one of the guys said. Normally, it would have been considered terribly improper for a woman to eat so much at one time, but as the pack had quickly discovered, her appetite was nearly as ravenous as the guy's. It had taken her a while to get use to eating so much in front of them, afraid that she'd come across as gluttonous, but that was before she noticed how much the boys in the pack consumed at these cookouts. When she was in public, she still carefully monitored herself to make sure she only ate what was appropriate for a girl her age and physical build. Another problem that came from being a wolf that the boys didn't have to worry about. Looking over Emmett's shoulder just in time to see Jasper and Maria coming out of Carlisle's house holding hands and looking for all the world like the happy and perfect couple they always had been before stuff hit the fan. Punching Emmett hard in the shoulder as she gestured to the pair* Did you know about this? Surely they aren't serious. This is a very, very bad idea. I bet Robyn knows already. It's probably why she wasn't home when I went by to pick her up. She must hate him for going back to his old girlfriend after leading her on like he did. If Carlisle's Alpha orders weren't so particular about fighting during pack cookouts, I'd drag him out of here right now and teach him a thing or two about imprint loyalty. No one says you have to date your imprint, but sooner or later it becomes pointless not to. You're already connected in so many ways, it just makes sense. I love them both, but they are idiots in the biggest way.

5/3/2016 #123 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: *his mouth flapping open and closed several times, like a carp as he scrambled to process this new development and reply at the same time* What? No! What makes you think I had anything to do with that? I mean, I know she's your sister and everything, but after what she did to Jasper the other night . . . Pretty much the whole pack was in agreement that Maria is bad news. I can't believe she even had the gall to show up her, not to mention that. *waving a arm in Jasper and Maria's general direction. He might have worried about the movement being noticed, but it was far too late for the couple to worry about remaining inconspicuous. True to his words, just about the whole pack was giving them the stink eye, and he heard a foolish new wolf mutter the word "w****" behind them* I just think Jasper is asking for trouble. The fact that he has an imprint now is all the more reason to stay away. Even if it isn't and never does become romantic, you know Maria will view it as a threat, she'll get jealous. And, at this point. . . *shaking his head a little* I'm not sure what she's capable of. But, someone is definitely going to get hurt.

5/3/2016 #124 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(Got inspired and decided to write it out! :) Skipped forward a little bit to the first day of school.)

Robyn: *opening her locker to put her books away as the bell to alert the students to lunch continued to ring, but instead of closing it after she had deposited her things inside, instead she closed her eyes and rested her head against the inside side of the door, resisting the urge to bang her head against it* I am such a loser. But, what did I expect? Mitch was my only real friend back home, and I had years and years to try to make more. I should have known I wouldn't hack it in a small town. It's like everything I do is under a spotlight. At least back in San Diego I could get by without being put under a magnifying glass. *internally grimacing at the way the girl she had been seated beside in her Shakespeare class had mocked the way she had stuttered when the teacher had asked her to read out loud. It had only been loud enough for their table to hear, but the laughter from her table mates still rang in her ears, and her cheeks still burned with shame. She had been so eager to escape the bell for lunch was still ringing by the time she reached her locker* I was caught off guard! It's not like I always talk like that. I'm usually very articulate. I just hate public speaking. Lauren probably wouldn't understand that. I'm sure she loves being the center of attention . . . And of course, now I'll always be remembered as the new girl with the stutter. High School is the worst. *sighing as she finally extracted herself from the locker, slinging her purse across her body and making her way to the cafeteria, problem was, once her tray was filled up with food, she had no idea where to sit. She could hear Lauren calling to her from one end of the cafeteria, but the invitation quickly dissolved into a stutter she knew was designed to mock her, followed by roaring laughter* Great. Just great. *blinking back the burn of tears as she glanced in the opposite direction*

6/19/2016 #125 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *When she had stayed late to finish up the last of her homework in the school library rather than relying on the slow, dial-up connection and ancient computer that her grandparents used on the rare occasion they felt the need to access the internet, this was the last thing she had expected to come out to the parking lot to. Had she expected her car to be the last one in the student parking lot? Sure, that seemed possible. Detention had gotten out just as she was leaving, and those students had raced through the hall ahead of her to go home. What had her reeling in shock were the key marks etched into the side of her beloved slugbug. It wasn't like she couldn't have used a new paint job. The bright yellow she imagined it had been adorned with when it was new was faded, rusted, and chipped in a few places. But, these had gone through the paint to dent the metal. Someone had gone to great lengths to damage her car, and she knew she would never have the money to fix it. Her grandparents were living off their retirement. If it hadn't been for the sale of her parents' cars, having her live with them, even just for long enough to graduate, would have been a prohibitive expense, even if she knew they would never complain. How could they afford to help her fix her car, especially for something that was just cosmetic? Of course, the instant she resigned herself to living with the long, ugly stripes, she realized that whoever had vandalized her car had slashed her tires too* No, no, no, this can't be happening! How am I supposed to get home now? How am I supposed to take my car home? Do they even have tow trucks in Forks? Of course now, they don't even have a McDonalds. Someone will have to come out from Port Angles or something. Damn it! Who would do this? *She glanced back at the school, but quickly threw her hands up in frustration. Unlike her old school, there were no cameras in the parking lot, so unless someone came forward, it would be next to impossible to figure out the culprit. She hadn't exactly proven to be well-liked this last week, after all. This was just the cherry on top. An awful ending to a terrible week* Maybe I should talk to Grandma about home school. I think I'd be better off with DSL than this crap. *She ended up kicking one of the deflated tires, but the truth was, she wasn't angry. She was frustrated, and hurt. It was all she could do to blink away the tears in her eyes as she tried to figure out what to do. She could have called her grandparents, but she knew they would already be on their way to Port Angeles to meet with their friends to play bridge. Home was an hour's walk away, but it would take longer than that to wait for a tow truck that she couldn't pay for. And this little incident was proof enough that she didn't have any friends to speak of* Except that boy from the yogurt shop. Jasper. *She closed her eyes and sighed at the idea of calling him after she'd blown off the cookout he'd invited her to* That was probably my one chance to make friends here. He and Rosalie were both so nice, and I chickened out because I had a crush. *Frowning to herself at the lie* Have a crush. *But, there wasn't anybody else. The Uleys had been nice enough when she'd happened upon their house, but she didn't know any of their phone numbers, and the lot of them had been noticeably absent from school since* Just... Bite the bullet. What the worst that could happen? I mean, a sudden lightning storm could hit when I dial, and my phone could act like a lightning rod. Death by electrocution isn't supposed to be very fun. I'd probably scream so loud, I'd make Jasper go deaf and... *Snorting at the unlikely scenario, despite it's ridiculousness, it did actually make her feel better* Okay. It's fine. If he doesn't pick up, I'll just walk home. It's what I'd be doing anyways. *Holding her breath as she finally gathered the courage to call him, letting it out in a loud gust when he picked up almost instantly* Jasper? Hi. It's Robyn. Summers. I don't know if you remember me. It's... been a little while. I, uh, I hate to ask for a favor, but my Grandparents are in Port Angeles, and I'm having some... car trouble. I figured you might know who to call for a tow around here?

8/23/2017 #126 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(Hey, they finally came out with an fanfiction app for iPhone! I'm not sure if I prefer it to using my internet browser yet, but I thought I'd give it a try. Not sure I can live without pages on my RPs. It took me a while to scroll down on this one and it's one of our shorter ones.)

8/23/2017 #127 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *somehow working at the frozen yogurt place in town didn't have the same appeal as it once did. Neither did any of his other usual habits. Ever since he had made the choice to forgive Maria for cheating on him and had started dating her again, everything around him just seemed dull and colorless. He knew that it was his wolf side's way of telling him that he was with the wrong woman. He should be with his imprint. He should be with Robyn. His heart knew that, his entire body knew that, even the rest of the pack knew it. Everything knew it except for this tiny, tiny place in the back of his head that still didn't want to hurt Maria. That no matter how much she had hurt him, it wasn't right for him to do the same back to her. Besides, at least Maria was a garuntee. There was no garuntee with Robyn. She could totally reject him, just like she had when she didn't show up for the cookout. He would do what he had to do as Robyn's imprint. There would be no fighting that. And if it led to something romantic, great, he would drop Maria like a hot potato. But in the more likely scenario, where Robyn wanted nothing to do with him, at least he would still have Maria for company. It wasn't the gentlemanly thing to do, as his mother would say if she knew the full story. But being with Maria was better that being alone. She was a steady backup plan if his first choice in Robyn failed, and so far it was doing just that, failing miserably. He couldn't force his imprint to be with him, he had to wait for her. It just felt like it was taking her forever. He was deeply considering fleeing the yogurt shop through the back door if one more customer asked him what the special of the day was. It was posted on the front door, on a sign as soon as you entered, and a third time on a huge chalk board above the counter. Honestly, the number of people in Forks who either didn't know how to read or were blind was astonishing for the size of the town. He held up a finger to stop the indecisive customer in front of him mid sentence when he felt his phone buzzing in his apron pocket* Just a second. *He ignored the lady's disgusted look, as he answered the call instantly when he saw his imprint's name on the screen.* Jasper. *He listened with a twisting, painful feeling in his guy at the thought of his imprint abandoned without the use of her car* You just called him, darlin'. I'm on my way, where are you? *Ripping off his apron and tossing it aside as he made a beeline for the back door, remembering at the last second to call out to his coworker before running out* I have an emergency, Margaret, don't know when I'll be back. The lady at the front would like either black cherry or pistachio, either one or two scoops, in a waffle cone or a waffle bowl. *Jumping inside his truck and pulling out into traffic as he waited for Robyn to tell him which way to head to find her* Hey, what kind of car trouble is it exactly? Rosalie knows a few basics. She learned from her dad. I can swing by and pick one of them up if I need to so they can take a look at it.

8/23/2017 #128 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *Feeling the tension drain out of her body when Jasper volunteered himself to come to her rescue, the high pitch of her shoulders visibly falling, her body relaxing against the vehicle she was leaning against* Thank you, thank you, thank you. He really is the nicest person I've ever met. *She thought to herself, not for the first time* I'm at school. *Quickly remembering that they didn't, in fact, go to the same school, and that he might not even know where hers was. It was a fact that she quietly mourned as she gave him directions to the best of her ability* Forks High School. It's right off of Spartan Avenue. I'm the student parking lot, around the back side of the building. *Frowning as she overheard the rushed way he left the frozen yogurt shop where he worked, her stomach churning as she realized what must have happened* Oh, no, were you at work? I... I wouldn't have called you if I had known you were working. I'm so sorry. It's just... There isn't really anybody else that I could... *She allowed herself to trail off when he didn't seem deterred. She could hear the sound of an engine turning over from the other side of the line and knew that he must have already been on his way. As guilty as she felt taking him away from work—she would have hardly classified her situation as an emergency—it made her feel strangely warm that he would be willing to do something like that for her* Maybe he's just having a terrible day at work. *She tried to convince herself, to no avail, both times she'd seen him at work, he'd been nothing but smiles, and she knew she would be the same if she got to work surrounded by goodies all day. It was for her. That thought sent a warm flush down from her cheeks, but she shook it away* He's a good person. That's all. *And his next words seemed to prove it, although they had her worrying on her bottom lip as well* I... I don't think that's necessary. It isn't that the engine isn't running. It's that... Well... Someone... Slashed my tires. *She was hesitant to mention the other damage that had been done, but he would see it for himself soon enough, so there wasn't really any way for her to hide it from him, despite her embarrassment* They keyed the side of my car, too, whoever they are. If they had just scratched it up, it would have been okay. I mean, it's an old car, and they didn't write any dirty words or anything. But, I just... I only have the one spare, and it's a spare. It's not meant to replace a real tire, not long-term. I have no idea how I would even replace the rest of them. *Scrubbing a hand across her forehead at the words, as if the action would banish the headache that was starting to form as she realized what a hassle that would be* I'm probably going to be taking the bus for a while. *She thought she would have to force a smile when he pulled up beside her, but a genuine one washed across her face when she saw him step out of his pickup* Hi. *Hanging up the phone and stepping away from her car before giving it a sad backward glance. It was old, and probably a piece of junk to most people. But, it was her pride and joy. One her parent's last gifts to her. It hurt that even after all the work Mitch had done to keep it running, and all the trouble he'd gone through to drive it up for her, that some careless stranger had gone and ruined it, probably forever, even if she tried to mask her grief with gratitude* Thanks for coming out here. I really don't deserve your help, I know. You're practically a saint for putting up with me at this point. *Wrapping her jacket more tightly around her as she grimaced, more out of embarrassment than anything else as she met the eyes of the guy she had blown off because of a girlish crush the butterflies in her stomach assured her still hadn't been extinguished* I've been a bad friend. *She probably could have, being recently orphaned and all, but she didn't offer up any excuses for her behavior, only an apology* I'm sorry.

8/23/2017 #129 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *smiling to himself as she very roughly described where Forks High was located. It was a little more complicated to find than she made it out to be, but thankfully he had been there several times before. The tribal school was often invited to attend various events at the high school, kind of a joint mixer meant to bring all the kids in that part of Washington together if just for a few hours at a time.* Don't worry about me or work. I was due to get off soon anyway. I can't work as late on school nights as I can over the summer. *he knew that he wasn't being entirely honest with her, but she would have totally freaked out if she knew that he would literally drop everything just to come to her rescue no matter what was going on. If she needed him, she would come first, always. He could literally be about to be handed an Oscar and if she called him because she broke a nail, he would leap off the stage in front of everybody and rush to her side. The pull he felt toward her due to the imprint was absolutely that powerful, no matter what anyone else said about it. He felt an odd mixture of bile and heat build up inside of him as she described the despicable things that some jerk had done to her car. For a second he didn't know if he would throw up or shift into a wolf right there behind the wheel of his truck, pulling into the school parking lot. He had to remind himself to take a few deep, slow breaths to keep his temper in check and avoid what would easily have been the worst possible thing he could do right now.* Easy, Jazz. She's fine. She's safe. It's just her car. There she is, you can see her now for yourself. She's unharmed. And the idiot who thought they could get away with damaging her property is long gone now. There's no one here for you to fight. You don't need defense mode right now. You just need protector mode. And for that, you need to not shift. You have better control than this. *he tightly squeezed the steering wheel one last time before sliding out of the truck and taking a look at the tires and damage to the car's already dilapidated paint job.* I know a guy in Port Angeles who can get you a new set of tires for next to nothing. I'd be willing to drive up there this weekend and pick them up for you. Rosalie can get them on easily enough, and I'm sure she wouldn't mind banging out those dents and touching up the paint while she's at it. I'm sure we won't have too hard a time finding a matching color at the same place in Port Angeles where we get the tires. *placing his hands reassuringly on her shoulders and meeting her gaze seriously for a moment* I'm just glad that you're ok. Whoever did this is a coward. And if I ever find out who it was, I will make sure they regret every second of it. *releasing her just as quickly and opting to pull out his phone instead, taking several different shots of the damage, including closeups of what passed for a reasonable representation of the car's original paint color and the types of tires she required.* That should do it. This way we know what to look for in Port Angeles and I'll get the rest of them to Chief Swan. He'll talk to the principal and they'll make sure that something like this never happens again. *helping her toss her bag into the cab of the truck and offering her a hand up into the extra tall vehicle* And stop all this nonsense about being a bad friend. I'm not gonna lie, I was disappointed when you didn't make the cookout, but I get it. You're still new in town, still settling in, you were probably busy getting things in order for the start of school. It's fine. But if it makes you feel better, I accept your apology. *turning out of the school's parking lot and heading in the direction he remembered Robyn describing as her grandparent's home.* Are you hungry? We can stop by the diner on the way. The food's really good, traditional home cooking kind of thing. If you haven't tried it yet, you should. *stopping at a stop sign and carefully looking both ways where he normally would have just rolled through it at about two miles per hour* Oh, and about that bus...don't bother. I'll act as your personal chauffeur the rest of the week. School on the rez has much shorter hours. We start later, get out earlier, so it's no trouble at all, and I will not accept no for an answer.

8/23/2017 #130 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: Dinner sounds great. I've gotten really spoiled these last few weeks. Say what you will about my Grandma's choice in television programs, but she is an excellent cook. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with myself while she's visiting my great aunt Pat. You know, she's my Grandma's cousin, so I think that actually makes her my... second cousin, twice removed? Or would it be first? *Waving the thought away with a soft laugh as she realized the tangent she'd gotten off to* Anyways, I'll be on my own until she gets back from Port Angeles late on Sunday, and I have, like, zero skill in the kitchen. It'll probably be strictly cereal and instant ramen for me for the next few days. If we even have instant ramen. Might as well get a little bit of real food while I have the chance. Besides, on top of making me want to die, trig also makes me ravenous. Probably because my brain is working so hard not to explode. *Miming a bomb going off with her hands as she laughed at herself, flustered to the point of sharing her every flaw, and it was no wonder. He was so kind, so handsome, and she could still feel the warmth of his hands where he had touched her shoulders, could still see the flecks of gold in his honey-colored eyes, even without glancing in his direction* Stop that! You're sixteen! You're practically an adult! You're not a screaming tween at a Justin Bieber concert! Just get ahold of yourself already. He just wants to be your friend, and last time I counted, he was your only one in town. You were Mitch's friend for ages and you never thought about him like that, it can't be that hard. I mean, you did know Mitch back when he used to wet the bed, that probably killed any hope of attraction in it's cradle, but still! It's possible. Men and women can be just friends. He just went thought a breakup. Be sensitive. You can do sensitive. I do... Still feel bad about the cookout, about not staying in touch. I should have. I was going through my own stuff... But, so were you. I'm sorry. *Chuckling contritely when the words didn't feel like enough* Again. You are being far too nice to me. *The words were meant to be a refusal, but she couldn't make herself stop smiling as she said them, and you could hear it in her voice. Despite her guilt, despite her hesitance, she sounded playful, almost teasing, like she was due to burst into laughter at any moment. She couldn't help it. It was a relief to have a friend, the kind of relief that bubbled up into joy, pure and simple.* But, I guess since aren't taking no for an answer, I should take advantage of your generosity while I can. *But, his thoughtfulness didn't end there. The instant he had pulled up to the diner, he was out of his door and around the other side, helping her out of the vehicle much the same way he had helped her up, and she felt her throat dry up and her cheeks flush at the warmth of his skin, the gentle way he touched her hand, and the strength that he showed when his arm didn't waver, even in the moment where her weight dropped onto him before her feet touched the ground.* Thank you. *She said, her voice wavering minutely as she tucked her hair behind her right ear, clearing her throat softly before they walked inside, easily sliding into the side opposite him in the booth the hostess led them to, scanning the menu while she willed her blush to disappear* He doesn't think about you that way. Just... Be friendly. So, what's good? *Perking up when she saw the massive selection of pies that the dinner was apparently famous for* Oh. Oh, my. Is it totally wrong that I'm tempted to have pie for dinner?

8/23/2017 #131 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(So, I also put up a Western RP post that I was working on before you got on this afternoon. I figured I should post it since I'd already written it. :))

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