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Behind Enemy Lines (American Vampire Wars) RP
M JacksonMiracle

(This RP is set during the time of the Civil War (1861-1865) so please keep that in mind when describing anything that has to do with dress or technology or even geography and patterns of speech. Maria controls the most powerful vampire army in the South, her territory covering roughly that of all states that seceded from the Union. Jasper still serves as her Major and second in command of all her forces, so up until this point his history is roughly cannon and in tact. However, that will soon change. Robyn controls the most powerful army in the North, her territory covering roughly all the states that remained as part of the Union. Her Command ability, first introduced in the Medieval Reboot RP allows her to maintain control without the use of force, torture, or punishment. The two armies quickly decide to turn their attention to fighting each other since no real threats remain in their own half of the now divided country. So, while the humans are fighting a war for the rights of the states to govern themselves, the vampires begin fighting a war for control of all the states and the human blood they contain. So, with the power invested in me by rules of the forum, I officially declare WAR!)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Home and working on dinner now! Should be ready to RP in the next 30 mins or so! :))

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M JacksonMiracle

(Yay!! :) )

Jasper: *crossing his arms as he paced up and down the field of newborns, observing each one's individual skills as well as measuring how well he perceived their performance as part of a pair or small team. Most of them would never learn how to work together with another newborn, doing so only when they were forced to do so to avoid punishment or because his ability to manipulate their emotions left them choiceless. It's why so many of them never survive that first year. But those few who had made it past their newborn stage and lived to tell about it after Maria's quarterly quell were so much stronger for it. In the particular exercise he was having them work on now, the newborns had been paired together and were standing back to back with each other while a small team of more experienced vampires attacked them. If at any time one member of the pair failed to watch his partner's back, both newborns were severely injured by the experienced team. However, as long as the newborns continued to watch each other's back, the more experienced teams allowed them to "win" the drill.* As long as you're watching each other's backs out there, we will win any battle that Maria sends us to, but fail to work together, fail to look out for the guy who's looking out for you, and we all go down. I will NOT allow that to happen. Not on my command. I will NOT allow you to fight if you can't watch my back in the same way that I watch yours, I would sooner destroy you. And you know that I would do it too. *his head snapping to the side and flashing 10 yards down the field in an instant at the sound of one of the newborn's snorts* Damon Salvatore. *glaring at the dark headed man, his mouth twisting into a snarl* Maria found you in Virginia trying to desert your unit, Lieutenant. Isn't that right? *continuing when the other man just stared back at him* Well, you aren't a lieutenant any more, not in my army. You're a private, just like every other newborn on this field. You have to earn your rank here, and I must say you are so far from that, it isn't even funny. I don't like deserters. In fact, I despise them. I wouldn't have wasted my time on you. But Maria saw something in you that made her think you were fit for this army, so I'm giving you a chance. I bet you've never stood up for anyone else in your life. You make everyone else cover for you, protect you so you can go about your merry way. I know I'm right, I can tell by your selfish emotions. You just like looking out for number one. Maybe that's why you don't believe me when I say that I would watch the back of anyone on this field. What do I have to do to prove it to you? *considering the question for a long moment in his head before grinning* I know. *calling without raising his voice to two of his more experienced vampires* Max, Luke, come here! *nodding to the twins when they appeared* Damon stand with your back to me. Luke, Max, I want you to attack us from the side, one on my left, one on my right, one of you go for me, the other go for Damon, but don't tell us who's going for which target. Waiting a moment for everyone to get into position before giving the order* Go! *and a split second later calling out with a hiss* Freeze! Damon, turn around and tell me what you see. * Damon turned around slowly and cautiosly, but the other man simply remained silent at the sight of Jasper's left arm outstretched in the direction where the back of Damon's neck had been moments ago, Luke's teeth sank deep into his skin, venom pouring out around the wound. Jasper's right arm had caught Max in a headlock, but instead of spending the split second ripping off his own assailant's head, he had thrown his one free arm out to protect Damon from what would have been a very effective attack on the blind side of his back while he was facing away from his assailant.* That's what I thought. *releasing Max and pulling his wounded arm away from Luke in the same motion* Thank you, gentlemen, please get back to your own training now. *fixing Damon with another glare* That goes for you too. Back to training. Protect your partner's back because he's going to protect yours.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Finally got to it! :) And don't think I didn't see that Vampire Diaries reference either, LOL! ;))

Robyn: *sighing softly to herself in frustration as she stood over the war table that sat in the center of her tent. The markings that sat before her marked their many victories, but also their greatest threat. The great army that lied to the south, the army of Maria and her Major, would be the greatest challenge they had yet faced, if only because of their sheer numbers. They had consolidated nearby armies and territories into one, just as she herself had done* Which is exactly what makes them so dangerous. Their sheer, brutal force is their greatest weapon. And such is the situation that I couldn't hope to sneak into their base and command their leaders, as I have done in the past. If I were Maria, I would instantly be suspicious of any outsider who entered my camp. With the way she operates . . . she'd be more likely to torture and kill anyone she didn't make herself at the moment than risk welcoming a threat into her ranks. And I know I must be a threat, with the way they have been patrolling our shared borders as of late. I do not like the idea of meeting them on the field of battle . . . especially without more information. I can only hope that straggler I came across, Damon, will come through on his mission. *allowing herself to be gently pulled away from the table by her wrist, able to sense with her gift that the hand's owner only had good intentions towards her even before she inhaled his scent* Stefan. *unable to help but crack a smile when he assured her that his brother would serve her faithfully, returning to the place he couldn't want to be in less and acting normally until the opportunity presented itself again to lead the Major to her* We can only hope. Maria herself would never leave the camp, but if we could only get the Major under our control . . . *unable to help but smile when he then urged her to go outside and leave the war plans be for the night* I can't help but think that my first officer should be more concerned with our war plans . . . Then again, I'm sure that my worrying is no use at this point anyways. There is nothing we can do without more information, at the very least. And it does make me feel better to look at the general state of things . . . *shaking her head at the way his smile brightened as he moved on ahead of her to return to their troops. All was in perfect order as she stepped outside, the tents all lined up in neat rows, the training area filled with parters and groups sparring and doing drills in a rather peaceful fashion. Her presence seemed to make those closest to her more vibrant in a way, they worked harder, they seemed happier. It was for that very reason that Stefan was such an effective first officer, or so she supposed—he had been with her from the very beginning. They had been but lowly newborns in a nameless army when she had stopped their commanding officer from culling the two of them for their capacity for empathy. They had flinched as a fellow soldier had been tortured . . . it was a fate she was glad she didn't have to exact on her own troops. From there, they had all but taken over the continent. The only obstacle to complete control that lied in their path was Maria and her army. And, looking at her men now, she felt confident they would succeed*

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M JacksonMiracle

(Haha, I really couldn't resist bringing them into it after learning so much about Damon's past as a soldier this season! :) It is entirely plausible that he could have crossed paths with Jasper at some point.)

Gabriel: *barely 18 years old when he had enlisted in the Union army in an effort to restore peace in the nation so his younger sister could grow up in a world where she didn't have to worry about all of the fighting that was tearing the country apart. Unfortunately, he hadn't been lucky enough to survive what would someday become history's deadliest American war. Robyn had found him bleeding to death on the field of battle and turned him, Commanding him to serve her army and forsake all other allegiances. Even now, he could barely remember the sister he had been fighting for in the first place. Running through his drills with a practiced ease, stepping up his game just as every other newborn had the moment that Robyn walked past the training field. When she was watching, everyone wanted to show off, to prove they were worthy of being Commanded by her to serve in her army and fight her enemies in her name. Quickly executing a sequence of moves that ended in penning his opponent to the ground, one arm twisted awkwardly behind his back, a win for all intents and purposes* That's three for me. Care to reset and make it four? *his opponent grunted an unintelligible syllable before standing and moving to take up his position opposite him. Concentrating on his ability to literally place himself in his opponent's shoes long enough to guess at the tactic that he was planning to use against him, and quickly moving to block the attack before it had even begun*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(I might have thought about that as well. Though, it would have been when Jasper was still human, since Damon fought in the Civil War and not the Southern Vampire Wars.)

Robyn: *moving towards the sparring pair after Gabriel had pinned the other man to the ground, her expression going from proud to interested when she watched him do it again and again in quick succession, beating his opponent more easily each time. It wasn't as if he had simply learned his opponent's tactics. They changed them rapidly to throw off their opponents; such was their training. He had gone against different, more difficult offenses and defenses with increasing efficiency. He had always been an adept fighter, but lately it seemed as if he were coming more and more into his own. She was loath that she hadn't had the chance to see it in person before now, but that was one of the prices that came with so great an army. She simply wasn't able to give each of her soldiers the one-on-one attention she had once been able to. Of course, that mattered little now. Gabriel had both her attention and her curiosity and as stubborn a mind as she had neither were going to wander very soon* Show me how you did that. *speaking the words plainly, rather than commanding him. After all, all the men under her command were already more than happy to do as she asked, and her gift allowed her to shift through the wills of the people around her, to determine when it was truly necessary to use her gift, and when it wasn't. She did her best to conserve it, for her words seemed to have more power the less she used it*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Charlotte: *doing her best not to pace as she waited for her opponent to pick themselves up. She was distracted, and with good reason. Someone had to pay the price for Damon's escape. Though the Major had tried to take the blame for it and had even offered to look for the deserter himself, Maria would have none of it. She went looking on her own and locked Peter in a cage for her return. The Captain had been on watch when Damon had run, so naturally Maria had placed the blame upon his head. Now that she had returned, Charlotte knew deep in her bones that she would be torturing her mate until he was knee-deep in his own blood. It was a thought that made her want to throw herself upon one of the pits of fire that laid across the camp. It was worse than misery, knowing that your mate was in pain, and being powerless to stop it. Yet, she was forced to stay on the grounds and train, lest she give away a relationship that was forbidden. If they were found out, she and Peter both would get much worse than torture. So she gritted her teeth and dove away with not a split second to spare as her opponent came back at her, swiping their nails at her like talons as she slipped just out of range*

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M JacksonMiracle

Gabriel: *bowing slightly when he was directly addressed by Robyn herself* My Lady. *the will to obey her, and his own inadequate ability to really show anyone precisely how his gift worked warring across his face for the briefest of seconds before he continued* I would that I could fully show you exactly how I did it, but it's rather difficult to explain. I know that some vampires have special gifts that allow them to read an opponent's mind, or to see the future in order to anticipate moves, but I can assure you that's not exactly what I'm doing. It's more of an instinctual thing, like I can feel how they're going to act in any any given moment. It's almost as if for a brief second I can place myself in their shoes, their thoughts, actions, feelings become my own and then I just know what they're going to do before they do it. I know of no real practical way to show you how it works other than to explain it the best that I can, no matter how meek my words may seem. I am sorry I can not describe it any better than this, My Lady. *shaking his head to himself as he tried to wrap his mind around the very complex gift that he was only just beginning to understand himself, it was almost as if he could see things from his opponent's perspective, but it went deeper than that, to a level that he was just brushing the surface of*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: I cannot forgive you, because I find no fault in you, Gabriel. It is your efforts, not necessarily your successes, that are required here. As long as you have given it your utmost, you can rest assured I am as proud of you as I ever have been. *smiling gently at him until she saw him relax, if only a fraction* Further, I think it is I who should have apologized, for my poor wording. I mean only to understand this new gift you seem to have. You know how the gifts our kind manifests fascinates me. And that fascination is not dulled at all by my own talents. They're all so unique, each like a snowflake, developed and used in interesting ways. Please, keep me appraised on how this new gift of yours develops. It could be the perfect way to get the drop on our enemies. Being able to put yourself in someone else's shoes, even for just an instant . . . and imagine if he could eventually control them for that instant, instead of just being able to be one with them. *stopping suddenly, a brilliant thought occurring to her* In fact, I think your gift might be very useful to us in the near future. Instead of combat training, I think it would be best if your training centered around your gift. I want to help you learn how it works, how to control it. *glancing at Stefan as he sparred with a group of newer additions to their army* He has his hands full enough. Besides, why should I sit on my hands and wait for Damon to return? Who knows if he will make it back tonight, as promised? I need to be proactive. That's what got me in this position, and that is what will keep me here. And who better to conduct such training than myself? Escort me to my tent. We'll want to be away from any unnecessary distractions.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Bed time for me. Will be back on early, before I go to the gym. Will try for lunch as well! :))

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M JacksonMiracle

Sarah: *narrowing her eyes on Charlotte like a cat would zero in on the mouse he was after. Charlotte was more experienced, true, but she was newer, so she was stronger, she could use that strength to her advantage, diving low and fast to hopefully catch the other woman off guard, gnashing her teeth in the same moment, hoping to find purchase anywhere that she possibly could on the other woman's body. After all, day one of training they had all been told their greatest weapon was their teeth and the venom they could push into an enemy's body through those teeth. It wouldn't stop an enemy, especially not an experienced one, but enough of it could slow them down enough that even the newest vampire could win a battle. Flailing her arms out in an effort get them wrapped around Charlotte*

Jasper: *tilting his head to the side as he watched the sparring match between Sarah and Charlotte. He wasn't so much interested in their fighting techniques as he was in their emotional states. Both women were good fighters. But Charlotte was smarter. She would win every time. Sarah would do ok in a real battle, but her odds of surviving weren't much more than the average newborn's odds. The only thing she had going in her favor was her fiery anger and her determination to channel it into doing whatever it took to survive. He didn't often take the time to learn where a newborn came from, or really anything about them other than their ability to fight, but in Sarah's case, he was more directly responsible for her presence here than many of the others. Maria had tasked him with finding a replacement for a newborn he had undeservingly killed one day in a fit of rage. He hadn't gone far when he came across Sarah. Just after swiping her up and carrying her away, he could hear two children crying in the background. Sarah had just been out on a walk with her kids. The little ones had run off and so when Jasper grabbed Sarah, he hadn't noticed them until it was too late. Sarah was a newborn with a mission. To get back to her children. Jasper had told her it was impossible, but she was too stubborn to admit it. As powerful as Sarah's emotions often were, in this moment, Charlotte's were far stronger. And he could guess why. They had managed to hide it well for some time, but you can't fool an empath forever. Her thoughts must have been on the torture that his Captain was no doubt undergoing at that very moment, a fact that he was hard pressed to push aside himself. But he managed to do it by shutting off the part of him that cared.* Heads in the fight, girls! I could have just easily penned you both in less than three seconds. I don't give a **** what's going on in your minds right now. All I care about is that you win the fight and neither one of you are going to get that accomplished if you don't stay in the moment. Nothing else matters. Win your fight. Do I make myself clear? *frowning at the nods that he received* Then prove it. Reset and take it from the top.

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M JacksonMiracle

(K. Sleep well. I'll try to post at lunch too if I can, but if not then I will whenever I get home tomorrow night. :) )

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M JacksonMiracle

Gabriel: *his jaw hanging open slightly at the invitation. It was true honor to be invited back to Robyn's tent regardless of the purpose behind the invitation. He had heard of other armies where going inside the Commander's tent meant one would be faced with unspeakable torture, but in the case of Robyn, going inside her tent meant that you were truly special and unique. It was considered the highest honor within her army. He responded without hesitation as he would to anything that she asked of him, he was totally at her mercy, he would be at her every beck and call, she was everything to him, just as she was everything to the entire army, it's why they were so successful, they would follow her anywhere, do anything in her name.* Yes, My Lady. It would be my honor. *quickly moving to offer her his arm in escort to her tent, taking in their surroundings in awe and fascination as they stepped through the flap to the tent, and humbly settling down in the chair she offered to him* Thank you, My Lady. How is it exactly that you wish me to serve you with this...ability? I would do anything that you ask of me. Just tell me how you would like to begin, and I shall do it.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Charlotte: *tightening her jaw as she resisted the urge to growl at the Major. As deep-seeded as her pain and frustration with her circumstances were, unless you were actively sparring with him, or a particularly new and stupid newborn, such aggression towards their military leader was all but forbidden. It often lead to harsh lessons on the training field, and when Maria happened to witness it, a round of torture. For an instant, it almost seemed worth it to risk exposure. Perhaps the pain in her chest wouldn't feel quite so unbearable if she endured what her lover had to at his side; if she could only be there with him . . . but she knew better. Maria already had her hands full with Peter. She enjoyed taking her time, dealing with each of her soldiers one at a time when it came to punishment. Unless they were caught in the act, there was no way they would end up being tortured together, and even then, it would only be to further their pain. So, she did the only thing she could do, the only thing she had been able to do since her mate had been dragged away and locked in a cage to starve and await his punishment . . . she pushed forward. Harder. Faster. More viciously. Sarah was a newborn, Charlotte an experienced fighter with far more one-on-one training with their Captain than she ought to have. When she put her mind to it, the other woman really didn't have a chance. So, she slipped out of the other woman's grasp, garnering only a single scratch along her arm from teeth poised to strike. It stung for an instant, then healed. Really nothing compared to a fully-fledged bite. Then she snarled and unleashed the force of her rage upon the other woman. She grabbed her arms from behind and wrenched them painfully, using their combined weights and momentum to throw Sarah face-first into the ground. Usually, the fight would have ended there, but she wasn't thinking clearly at all. The instant they hit the ground, Sarah struggled, and Charlotte's teeth went straight to her neck. But, not as a warning. She bit down on the back of her neck, hard, injecting as much venom as she could before the Major threw her off her opponent*

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M JacksonMiracle

(Morning, Biv! :). Just got to work, but look forward to responding at lunch!)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: It is my hope that we might be able to use your ability to get a little . . . peek behind enemy lines. As you know, just as we have begun to move towards the Southern border in our efforts to unite the North, a Southern army has done the same. The army of Maria, and her famed Major. I hate to ask all of you to fight against such a large, brutal force. It is not that I doubt your abilities, nor your strength, nor your determination, mind you, simply that their army is known for their veracity, and their numbers are near even with ours . . . And as in all battles, lives would be lost. I would like to explore all other avenues before we took that final step. You know how I long for peaceful resolution; though I have admitted many times that our forces are an army because such resolution is so seldom an option. I think your gift might be of great use to me . . . both in search for a bloodless end to the coming fight, and in our efforts to ensure we will come out the victors of any fight that might occur. It is entirely possible you could use your gift on Maria or her Major. But, first, I would like to help you reach your bearings with it. See hoe it works. Tests it's limits. Just . . . Close your eyes for a moment. *taking great care to move silently now, slipping off her shoes so that with each step, there was sonly silence, and picking up her skirts slightly so they didn't brush against the ground* Focus on where I'm moving, what I'm going to do before I do it. Be me, just for a moment. *preparing herself to dash to his left side, to see if he could truly anticipate the movement*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(It's alright, I have to run off to the gym now anyhow! :) Have a good morning at work, I'll see you at lunch!)

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *narrowing his eyes on the two women as they clashed against each other with a sound not unlike boulders tumbling down a cliff. It was apparent they had both redoubled their efforts after his brief instruction and were both out to win this fight with a sense of vengeance. However, Sarah's moves were still laced with an untrained level of foolishness, which ended up costing her dearly the moment that Charlotte pinned her to the ground. Nodding his head once to himself in satisfaction* That was better, girls. Not perfect, but better. *fully expecting Charlotte to release her prey, and frowning slightly when she went in for the "kill" so to speak, biting deeply into Sarah's tender flesh. Mentally counting to three before intervening to pull Charlotte away. Three seconds of venom flooding into the system of a fallen vampire was the usual punishment for a newborn who lost an evenly matched sparring duel so he would allow it this time. He might have even been tempted to allow five seconds of the cruel torture if it hadn't been for the shrill scream Sarah let out accompanied by her anguished emotions. Maybe it would serve to teach Sarah a lesson in this case, but there was no reason to prolong the agony too much. Raising his voice slightly as he restrained the feisty woman* That's enough! Sarah, go to your tent and recover. Report back to the field in an hour. And I never want to see that kind of clumsy fighting from you again. Charlotte was smart, not rushed, not brute, that's why she won, learn something from her. *watching Sarah stumble away before turning his attention to Charlotte, releasing the hold he had on her.* Part of staying in the moment, is knowing when to hold back. And since you're obviously incapable of that right now, you need an opponent who's closer to your level of experience. *carefully rolling up his sleeves and crouching down into an offensive stance* Let's see how well you fight now. *lowering his voice to a hiss to avoid being overheard by anyone else who happened to be near them on the field* The Captain will be fine. But he'll need you later. You can't be there for him later unless you get through your training now. This is the best thing you can do for him. *not wasting any more time before pushing himself forward and off the ground to lunge at his Captain's love interest from above, coming down solidly on top of her and using the momentum to bring them both down to the ground*

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M JacksonMiracle

Gabriel: *listening in earnest to Robyn's words as she spoke and taking in their full meaning, tilting his head down slightly in a sign of self doubt when she mentioned her ultimate goal for utilizing his ability. He had never even thought about trying to use his ability on someone he couldn't see, much less on someone he had never even met and someone as far away as the legendary Maria and her Major. Nevertheless when she asked him to close his eyes, he did so with complete trust. Frowning when Robyn also appeared to be cutting off or at least minimizing any sound that she made. However, there was still one sense he had available to him to utilize. Scent. And he knew Robyn's scent very well. Perhaps the only real disadvantage to Robyn's well known Command ability was that anyone under her Command was so attuned to her presence they could sniff her out from miles and miles away. And he used that flaw to his great advantage now. Being able to smell her meant he had a connection to her, and that connection allowed him to zero in on her form and get a brief flash of who and what she was, her thoughts, feelings, and intentions. Quickly standing up and turning to his left moments before Robyn acted. Opening his eyes now to find himself nose to nose with the commander herself. Offering her a very brief bow.* My Lady. I believe that you would have had me stumped if it hadn't been for one thing. I could still smell you. I think I have to have some kind of physical connection with someone like being able to see, hear, or smell them in order for me to place myself in their shoes. It's almost as if that physical realization of that person allows me to mentally connect with them. Otherwise, I fear that my efforts would be in vain without some kind of physical realization of the person you wish me to connect to. Does that any sense at all to you, My Lady?

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A Ambivalentanarchist

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Charlotte: *grunting with obvious effort as she did what Sarah hadn't when she had taken the other woman to the ground; she used their momentum to roll them, using considerable effort to endure she landed on top, where she would be at advantage. Her hands worked quickly to pin his upper body while her knee held his lower body, at least for the moment, while she hissed her own, broken reply down to him* He will not be fine! He is never fine when he returns from her tent and you damn well know it. Every time, he looses a piece of himself, a piece of himself he can't get back. Maybe you're too blind, too jaded to see it, but I'm not. I can see beneath the mask--and the man beneath is crumbling. *her voice breaking as her grip grew tight to the point of his skin beginning to crack like smashed stoneware* And it's my fault. If he weren't so distracted with me-- *stopping suddenly, her voice growing very hard, very distant, very quickly* You should have killed me before he realized what I meant to him. I'll be the death of us both, and you know it. That's why you push us so hard . . . But you're only delaying the inevitable. *as if to prove her point, she allowed him to push her off and forced herself to lay prone, like prey, when he moved to attack her again, mentally preparing herself for the onslaught she felt in her heart she deserved*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *her heart twinging in pity at the way his face fell* Do not worry too much on the practical uses for your gift just yet, Gabriel. We are still exploring; I would never expect something of you that you might not be able to accomplish. *taking a half-step away from Gabriel and nodding thoughtfully* So you need some sort of connection, a tether of some kind, to employ your gift. Scent, sound, sight, touch--perhaps even taste--something tactile. Very interesting. And tell me, how did it fell, when you connected to me? How did you know I would be coming from the left? You say you can almost put yourself in the place of the person you are using your gift on . . . Do you mean that in a metaphorical sense, or did you literally feel, for a moment, as if you were me? *her mind already racing as she thought about the implication his gift could have* If we could give him a connection, who knows what we could achieve? If Damon keeps his word, we may have the Major here by tonight; mere hours. I could command him to bring me something of the Lady Maria's . . . That is, if her head was entirely out of the question. Still! We could learn so much, especially if things came to battle. Being one step ahead of your enemies has always been my first rule, after all. Though . . . I do wonder at the limits of his gift. Did you feel as if you might be able to change my course when you were using your gift? As if you might be me, control me, if only for a second?

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M JacksonMiracle

(Super busy afternoon, but I'm well fed now and all curled up with my computer for a weekend of RPing! :) )

Jasper: *yanking Charlotte off the ground where she lay and slamming her against a very conveniently placed tree, one of only a few that still stood anywhere close to the training field, pressing his arm tightly against her neck so that she wouldn't have been able to breathe if she had actually needed to. Hissing directly into her ear* I will not tolerate a soldier who gives up just because of a little difficulty. Peter comes back to you alive every single time. As long as he's still alive, as long as he still exists in this world, then he'll be fine. He can still get back those pieces of himself. I know he can. But only with your help. *frowning for a moment before continuing* But you're right about one thing, I am too jaded. It's too late for me. Jasper died a long time ago. All that's left is the Major. *blinking as if coming back to the moment at hand and shaking off the dark place his mind was about to enter* But for the Captain, there's still a part of him that's Peter. You bring that part out in him. As long as he has you, as long as he has his mate, he'll be ok. And it's your job to remind him of that. And if you can't handle that, then maybe I should destroy you. I like the Captain much better than Peter anyway. I don't give a flip if Peter dies in the same way that Jasper did. I only need the Captain. But I can't have the Captain without you, and the Captain can't have you if you don't have Peter. So I am doing my best to preserve Peter, but I can't do it all. You have to help. You are not a distraction. You are the only thing still holding him together. I will not let either one of you die. The Captain is the closest thing to a brother I have here. And I will die long before I allow anything to happen to him, and that includes you. You see, you hold Peter together, which keeps the Captain here to hold me together. *growling a little in frustration at allowing himself to be so vulnerable* Now, take your pick on which arm you'd like to lose so I can send you to your tent to recover and to be there when the Captain comes for you.

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M JacksonMiracle

Gabriel: *frowning deeply as he concentrated hard on her barrage of questions concerning his very newly discovered ability* It's...it's so fast it's very hard for me to describe all of it, but I'll do my best. I feel like I'm kind of zoning out. It's not really what you'd call an out of body experience since I'm still aware of my own body. But at the same time, this...instinct over takes me, and I know in an instant what someone I'm connected to intends and why they intend that particular action. In this case, I knew that you intended to go left because you were looking to the left. I could see out of your eyes, and see what you were seeing, and I saw you looking to your left. That part of is a literal feeling of being in someone else's shoes. But I suppose the rest of it is more metaphorical. I didn't necessarily feel as if I were you. It's more like I felt as if I knew you as well as I know myself. I sensed your curiosity. I didn't feel curious myself, I just knew that's what you felt. And I knew that you were excited to know just how far you could stretch my ability. It wasn't a thought in my own head, and it wasn't clear to me like it would have been if you had spoken aloud, but it was just an instinct that I had that I knew that's what you were thinking and feeling. *a deep crease forming in his forehead as he considered her last question, his voice a little sad and disappointed as he admitted the truth* No, I'm afraid that I've never felt as if I could actually control someone with this. I just...know what they intend, but I can't do anything to change it. Maybe if I have enough advance warning of their intentions, I could try talking them out of it, or doing something to prepare ahead in defense of it, but I can't really cause a different action than the one the other person already intends. *dropping his head in his hands* I'm sorry I'm not more help you, My Lady. I know that you say you don't expect any more than what you know I can accomplish, but I just wish that I knew more that I could accomplish to help your cause. This...thing...is just far too complex and abstract for me to fully understand it yet. I don't even know if I can maintain a connection for more than a second or two once I get a read on the other person's current intentions. I don't know how far in advance those intentions have to be in order for me to pick up on them. So far, I've only gotten what someone intends to do in the immediate future, never something they intend to do weeks later. It's not a very useful thing at all, I suppose. I feel now as if I have wasted your valuable time with my pathetic attempts to impress you. I apologize for that, My Lady.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Finally here to RP as well! :))

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Charlotte: *She wasn't surprised when she was hoisted up then thrown up against the nearest available surface. She hadn't expected anything less from violence. In fact, her words had been designed to incite such a reaction from him. She dared to hope, for an instant, when his arm went up to her neck that he might grant her wish and end her agony, but it seemed that he just wanted to make her uncomfortable. Honestly, she hadn't expected him to kill her. He had refused to at the last two culling, despite Maria's wishes. A part of her knew deep down that it would destroy Peter, and that was an outcome neither of them wanted. But, she was in pain, and she was frustrated, and honestly his aggression was a welcome, if temporary distraction from the hollow ache in her chest she knew would remain until Peter was in her arms again, and maybe for some time after, depending on what he had endured and the state he was in* You might know what I feel, but that doesn't mean you have any idea what it's like to have to feel this way every day. *pushing back against the man before her when the pressure against her throat prevented her from inhaling the air she needed to speak further* You have no idea what it feels like to try to love someone so much that the idea of their pain is unbearable . . . Then have to sit on your hands and wait while that person gets torn apart. *her voice breaking briefly with tears that would never be able to fall* I try so hard to put him back together, but we're both falling apart. We can't do this forever. One day, we won't be here for you anymore. *deflating, her anger long gone, replaced with a mix of grief and acceptance* I'm sorry for that. It's my fault. The Captain would have been with you forever if I hadn't come along. *going silent for a long moment before glancing down at her right arm* Take my right arm. We both know I can fight without my left. It's a better excuse to sit on the sidelines, if that's what I'm to do.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *shaking her head at his apology* No. Don't apologize. I don't waste my own time. I saw potential in you. That's why I called you in here. And I haven't yet dismissed you because I still see it. I truly believe that you will do great things with your gift. Even if it only allows you mastery of your opponent on the battlefield, I shall be prouder than you will ever know. This, I promise you. You know that I only keep those in my service who have worth to me. *it was a statement that was true if nothing else was. She released the inept from her command when she could; it was something she often did with humans when she had to interact with them, though there had been a few vampires who had been too unable to control their thirst to be of any use to her that she had asked to find a furnace and throw themselves into it. She had felt unbelievably cruel at the time, but her conscience simply couldn't allow letting men she couldn't bear in her ranks roaming her territories unchecked. That was the sort of thing that invited the Volturi, or so one of the former leaders of the Massachusetts area claimed. Though she knew very well that those under her control for any length of time seldom lied, the idea of vampiric royalty still seemed like something closer to fairy tale or legend than the truth* . . . You have worth to me. You were one of my best fighters, even before this gift came to light. I am happy I saved you. You might even become my second officer one day. Do not be disappointed in yourself. I am not disappointed in you. I am very proud. *pausing for a long moment as she contemplated what to do next* If you would, I'd like a daily appraisal of any developments you see in your gift. Take a rest now. After dusk, I would like you to act as my personal guard. We have sent a scout out to Maria's army in the hopes that he brings something of value back with him. If Damon is not there, it may be a wasted trip, but I should not be alone, in case he brings more company than we expect. *smiling a little tightly as she dismissed him with a wave of her hand, her mind wandering back to the battle that felt almost inevitable now, despite all her efforts and plans to avoid it*

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *a brief second of some unreadable emotion crossing over his face* Stop talking like that! *momentarily raising his voice a bit too high before returning it to a whisper* I refuse to believe this is a losing battle. I refuse to give up on you. I refuse to go through this without the Captain and you by my side. For as long as I have any say in it, you will remain here. And when that choice is taken from me, you'll escape. Both of you. You'll never look back. You'll find somewhere to hide where she'll never find you. You'll get Peter back. And I'll keep existing. Just like I've always done. Just like I did for a long time before you and the Captain were ever part of my life. You have to keep fighting. You have to keep holding it together. You have to keep being strong for him. You two deserve to have whatever happiness you can with each other. I will not be the one to take that away from you. *bracing one hand against her right shoulder and taking a deep unnecessary breath before applying just enough pressure to cleanly dislocate the joint and tear it free from the rest of her body in one clean motion, ignoring the tiny whimper of pain that she couldn't hold back and shoving her right arm into her left.* Go to your tent and recover. Be there for him. Take the night. Be back here at sunrise.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Charlotte: And where could we run to, where she wouldn't find us? Once that Union vampire army has been taken care of, we'd have to cross an ocean or run across Central America and hope that she wouldn't follow us? And who says we'll live long enough to escape? We used to have such lofty dreams of leaving, once . . . But Peter has become more and more the Captain since then. Who knows if he would even be able to leave. Perhaps it is too late for him, just like it is too late for the Major. I want to have hope . . . but it only feels like I'm delaying the inevitable. We've been apart for almost a fortnight . . . maybe . . . maybe when I see him I'll feel differently. *biting her lip at first to withhold those thoughts, then biting it harder as her right arm was cleanly ripped for her body then pressed into her left. A small, involuntary whimper left her regardless at the sharp pain, and the burning feeling of tears building in her eyes returned* Good night, Major. *the words more formal and clipped in her pain than she intended as she turned away from him and made her way to her tent in quick strides, knowing that reattaching her arm would be less painful the sooner it was done, and that if she hurried she would be mostly healed before Peter retuned in the dark of night*

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M JacksonMiracle

Gabriel: *if he had still been human, he would have blushed a deep crimson at the compliments pouring out of Robyn's mouth* Thank you, My Lady. I will forever be in your debt, and will always strive to repay your kindness and generosity in whatever meager ways I can. I pray that this gift does come to serve you in some magnificent way. *the Philadelphia native bowed low before his Commander when she instructed him to take a rest for a bit until dusk. She had not granted him permission to feed, but one good thing about Robyn's Command over him was that he rarely felt thirsty unless she gave him express permission to hunt, then his hunger would make itself known tenfold. And he knew that he could go a little longer without sustenance. It was well known that Robyn allowed her men to eat far more often than the armies in the South were allowed to do so and for that he would always be grateful* I understand. Thank you again, My Lady. I will return to you at dusk. *taking his leave of the beautiful woman as he slipped out of the tent and headed for his own to rest for a while until his presence would be required again to fill the duty of Robyn's personal guard.*

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