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That flight back from Italy didn't go exactly how the Cullens planned... Instead of returning to their home in Forks, they're subjected to a horrible plane crash on a strange, inescapable island. As if that wasn't bad enough, the island is populated by creatures equally as dangerous as the vampires who have landed on it. Inspired by the TV show "Lost."

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M JacksonMiracle

(Turns out I get an extra hour or so this morning before work, so making the most of it! :) )

Jasper: *Blood. When he was new to this world, it was the first thing that he thought about, the first thing that he wanted, needed, craved. In fact, it was the only thing he thought about for a long time. Blood. It was more powerful than anything else in this life. He couldn't even count the number of people he had killed just to get a tiny taste of it. Blood. For the past half century, he had been fighting the urge to indulge in it. He had good days and bad days when it came to temptation. There were times when he failed, when he slipped. But there were also times when he succeeded, when he resisted the delicious scent. Blood. Unfortunately, today was turning out to be not such a great day where his powers of self-denial were concerned. Commercial flights have always been an especially unique form of torture for him. But it had been impossible to book an immediate private flight out of Italy, so here they were, flying commercial. The meeting with the Volturi hadn't gone nearly as bad as what he had feared. In fact, if he were a braver man, he might have even said that it went well, but everyone was mentally exhausted and still emotionally on edge, and they just wanted to get home as quickly as possible. It looked like they would get there in record time, everything was going great. But fate had never been kind to him. A sudden storm started to form, forcing the plane to go off course. The Captain had briefly explained over the intercom that they would be about thirty minutes behind schedule, but had plenty of fuel left and everything would be fine. And then the storm changed directions and they flew right into the middle of it. He perceived the turbulence as barely being an issue, but he could tell that the humans aboard didn't agree with his assessment. Things kept getting worse, until they reached a pinnacle of disaster like it was out of some kind of movie. The plane was going down, quickly, so quickly that the oxygen masks had dropped, and he could actually feel the g-forces pressing against his stone body. He had heard Carlisle shout out a warning to his family to hold their breaths. But it was too late, someone had already hit their head against a sharp corner of the overhead bin when the plane bounced against an unexpected wind current. Blood had been drawn. It was impossible for him to think about anything other than that blood. He tightly gripped the armrests on either side of him, and clenched his teeth to keep himself from pouncing. The force of will it took for him to stay in his seat was so intense, it could actually be described as a physical pain. As long as he could run away the instant the plane crashed, he would be fine. He would come back to his family as soon as his head was clear again. Blood. The scent kept getting more and more powerful the longer he was around it. A tiny growl escaped from his throat, but he doubted anyone heard it. Blood. Several members of his family were looking his way, expressions of a blood lust pain etched across their faces almost as deeply as his own, but they were all more capable of resistance than he ever had been. Blood. It was almost too much for him to handle as time seemed to move in slow motion around him. Emotions of fear, and terror washed over him from the humans aboard the plane. There was a layer of regret to some of them, and he could actually hear a few whispering prayers under their breath. The screamers were the worst. He never had liked screamers. Blood. There was more than one scent in the air now. Someone else had managed to cut themselves struggling to put on an oxygen mask. He searched frantically for something, anything that he could cling to so he could maintain focus in these final few seconds before the plane hit the ground. He closed his eyes tightly and tensed his muscles ready to run the moment it was feasible. There would be more blood, a lot of it, but if he was fast enough then the buffet before him would be far, far in the background before he stopped running. Carlisle was nearly breaking under the weight of the compassion he felt for these humans. Esme wasn't much better. Rosalie was angry that something else was interfering in her plans. Edward and Bella were worried for Renesmee. Alice and Emmett were feeling the desire for another meal almost as intensely as he was. Blood. They were on the ground now. The plane was a twisted mess of metal around them, there were still screamers, criers, and prayers. His family's emotions hadn't changed. The only change from the moment that the plane was still in the air until the moment it was on the ground was the amount of blood in the air. It had multiplied exponentially. He literally saw red everywhere he looked. Bright, delicious, red blood. He finally forced himself to rip a hole in what was left of the fuselage, allowing him to make a hasty retreat from the carnage that was more dangerous than anyone knew with a family of vampires around. He was half-way out of the hole he had created when one scent rose far above the others, a scent so intense that resistance to it was futile. He spun around and changed tactics from escape to hunt faster than any human would have thought possible. It only took a second to locate the source of his desire, and less than a second after that to find himself hunched over a bleeding, but beautiful young lady. In another life, he might have found himself attracted to that beauty, but right now, he only wanted one thing, her blood. He would have it. She was his. Her blood belonged to him, and nothing could have stopped him. Blood. Sweet, rich blood. Warm, wet blood. Again, time almost stood still as he slowly lowered his lips to her neck. One human. Just one. He would get his fill from her and then run away before anyone else suffered. Just one. Just her. Then he was done. Sweet, sweet blood.*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Yay!!! :) That was an amazing post, by the way! I was a little stumped on how exactly to start, but that was beyond perfect!! Working on a post myself now!)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *There was nothing in the world she hated more than flying. It had always been a rather inexplicable fear. It wasn't like leaning against the fragile glass window on a skyscraper, it wasn't like she was going to fall. She was encased in a metal tube that was designed especially to sail through the sky. And, considering she had managed to overcome her fear of driving after the accident, she was determined to do the same for her fear of flying. It made more than enough sense rationally, a plane crash was so much less likely than a car crash. Still, car crashes were nothing like this. She had been an inattentive teenager, crossing the road at the wrong place, at the wrong time. She remembered the blinding headlights, the crunch of the metal against her, her skin burning away as she was driven into the asphalt, and then it had been sweet blackness until she had awoken broken and bruised in a hospital bed. This was much, much different. She was hyper aware of everything around her. She could feel every minuscule little shake as they began to hit turbulence. She felt it as gravity rebelled against them, pushing her forcefully down into her seat while those taken unawares were knocked around like bowling pins during a strike in the aisles. She kept holding her breath, and squeezing her eyes shut, and gripping the armrests beside her, as if she expected that to make it all better. She thought it would ground her, that had been her therapist's advice: a reality check. But, the more she tried to convince herself it was okay, the more evidence she was presented with that it was just the opposite. By the time those oxygen masks came down and the pilot came back on the intercom to warn them that they would have to make an emergency landing, she was already hyperventilating. Her hands were trembling too much to put on the mask properly, but they were going down anyways. She kept waiting to pass out, to loose consciousness, but it never happened. She watched helpless as the metal around her was shredded to pieces, seemingly by some invisible force. Unlike many of the other passengers, she remained in her seat at first, watching people fly this way and that, getting massacred by jagged edges and hard surfaces. And, then she was the one flying out of her seat. She thought she was safe at first, she had landed on something soft. Sand. She raked a hand across the gritty material and realized that it was wet* What? *she whispered, but her voice was quiet. Talking hurt, there was something stuck in her abdomen, a small piece of metal carved out from the casing of the plane, but it was large enough that she could feel it sticking out of her back, and her fingers could feel it hitting the air above her* I'm going to die. It hardly even hurts anymore… That can't be a good sign. I'm dying, in a damn plane crash. So much for the success of my trip around the world. *her vision was starting to go dark when she was a figure hovering over her, she hardly even felt it when his teeth dug into her neck to feed on her blood, although one arm rose to stop him, pressing against his shoulder on instinct. But, she was weak. It didn't stop him. It was over, or so she thought, until he was shoved away from her by a blur, and her body exploded in fiery pain*

Emmett: *It was probably too late for the poor girl Jasper had decided to feed on, he knew that when he had first seen them. She had a piece of the plane poking out of her abdomen, and she had lost at least half her blood volume into the sand before his brother had gotten there. She was a goner. But, Jasper had been doing so well, for so long. He had even managed to help himself around Bella while she had been human, with only one close call. And Emmett knew that if he let Jasper keep on like he had been, that his brother would carry it with him. He would be plagued with guilt, he would question himself for the next decade—and he wasn't ready to watch his brother go through that again* You don't want to do this, Jas. You don't want to be the reason she's dead. *fighting with all his considerable strength to keep the other man from returning to his prey, though it became more difficult when the once quiet girl began whimpering, then crying out in obvious pain* Rose! A little help here! *he called out for the one person he knew he could always count on: his mate, raising his voice to be heard above the pandemonium that surrounded them*

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M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *it took her a full minute to orient herself after the crash. She had taken Carlisle's advice to hold her breath and thankfully reacted quickly enough that she hadn't smelled a single whiff of fresh blood. But that didn't mean she couldn't see it. Emmett had taken off the near instant the plane touched the ground, but she hadn't seen where he had gone. She had assumed that he had run off to get away from the blood. She could see Carlisle shifting through tangled metal and smoking debris to look for survivors in need of immediate medical attention. She could hear Bella comforting Renesmee and Edward telling her to get her away from the crash sight, that she didn't need to see any more tragedy. She looked across the aisle to see an elderly man who was clearly dead and his shell shocked wife still clutching his hand. The vision snapped her back to reality as she gingerly made her way over to the woman.* Ma'am, are you injured? My name is Rosalie. Can I help you off the plane? It isn't safe for us to stay in here. Something could catch fire and that would be bad. My dad is a doctor. He can take a look at you if you're hurt, but we have to get out of here. Let me help you. *Finally the older lady nodded stiffly and allowed her to help her out of what was left of the plane. But before she could talk to the woman further, her own husband's frantic voice reached her ears. She gently lowered the woman down into a pile of soft sand, and quickly apologized for not being able to stay with her before taking off at a human paced run in the direction of Emmett's voice.*. Em! *Looking around when she didn't see him right away. Then finally she spotted him struggling with Jasper near the edge of the water. A woman lay on the ground next to them. She was bleeding, a lot, and looked to be very near death, but then she saw the ominous teeth marks on the woman's neck. She had been bitten. And she wasn't dying anymore, now she was changing. In the back of her mind, it finally registered they had crashed on some kind of beach. Maybe an island. That could be good or bad depending if the island was occupied or not. But they would have to worry about that later. The most immediate issue right now was to get Jasper away from all the blood, away from his prey that he was fighting to return to and finish off. When she got closer she saw for herself that Jasper's eyes were solid black with blood lust, once he had calmed down, she knew they would be red. She jumped into the middle the struggle, very carefully avoiding Jasper's razor sharp teeth that she noted we're still dripping with venom. It took nearly all their strength, but the two of them were finally able to drag Jasper away from the crash site. They fought against him, pushing and pulling against his blood lust enhanced muscle until the air around them was finally free of human scents.* Stay with him, Em. Don't let him leave. And don't let him do anything stupid. I'll check on the girl and get back here as soon as I can. Just don't let him come back until you're absolutely sure he has himself under control again. *Running back to the beach and dropping down next to the injured girl, and taking a moment to check her own blood lust and swallow the mouthful of venom coating her throat and causing it to burn* You're going to be OK. I know that it hurts a lot right now and that you have a lot of questions. Don't try to speak, just listen. I'm going to move you further up the beach, away from all this mess. I'm going to have to leave this hunk of metal where it is for right now. I'm afraid that if I remove it too soon you'll bleed out and die. If we leave it in for a while, then your body will have a chance to start healing around it and we can remove it without causing any further damage. It'll be awkward for awhile, but you'll adjust and then it'll be over. It's not going to feel like it, but it really is just a short amount of time and the more you relax, the easier it'll be. *Lifting the girl easily into her arms and carefully not jostling the metal spear that pierced through her entire body as she carried her away in the opposite direction they had taken Jasper. She gently laid the girl down in a grassy patch.* I know you have a lot of questions and I will do my best to answer those. But not now. Now you just need to relax and stay calm. My name is Rosalie. I'm going to make sure you get through this and then I'll explain everything. Just try to stay calm and not move around too much. It'll be over soon. *Even as she said the words she knew that three days of torture was going to feel like an eternity for the younger woman. But there would be no point in telling her that now.*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: *They were a ways up from the beach now, beyond the sand, beyond the grass, into a dense canopy of trees with knotted roots all along the ground. Given their superior eyesight, they could still see the carnage that raged alongside the water, but they were upwind, away from the scent of it all, and that was the most important thing. Both for himself, and for Jasper. After all, it wasn't like he was completely unaffected. But, he'd gained a considerable amount of control after trying and failing to resist his own singer years ago. After you tasted your singer's blood—well, nothing else compared to that* Jasper, man, are you with me? *he asked gently, still keeping his body poised between Jasper and the woman he had made a meal out of, ready to fight the other man if he had to, but he really hoped that he wouldn't, especially given how most of their backyard brawls tended to turn out* You know why I couldn't let you do it. Her being on the brink of death and all, just lying there helpless—I know you probably thought it made it better, in the heat of the moment—but you'd only have regretted it more once you had a clear head. You're not the guy anymore. You're not a killer. And I know how hard you've worked to stay that way, to stop yourself from hurting people. I know this isn't what you want, not really, and so right now, this is me having your back. Just… Remember that, if you decide you want to pound me into the dirt. *but, to his surprise, the other man didn't lunge violently at him. Instead he seemed to calm, his eyes bleeding from black to red, his tense muscles beginning to relax, his posture slumping as he moved from his toe to to position with Emmett to lean up against the tree* This is a crap situation. None of us could have expected this. None of us were ready for it. Don't go beating yourself up.

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(So, the working theory is that because Robyn has a lot more venom than blood in her body, much higher than the usual ratio when someone is turned, it's spreading though her body more quickly than the Cullens have seen in the past.)

Robyn: *she moaned softly in pain when Jasper was pulled away from her, his razor sharp teeth tearing at the delicate skin of her neck, leaving a mangled mess in its wake. It should have been gushing blood, just like the wound in her abdomen, but the venom was already helping her blood to clot, slowing what should have been a flood to a slow trickle. She was too dazed, too in pain to notice these little changes as Rosalie came to her aid. With her soft, musical voice, pale glowing skin and golden hair, she could have almost mistaken her for an angel, but Robyn quickly disregarded the idea. If she was already dead, she knew she wouldn't be in so much pain. She had looked death in the face twice now, and she knew in her bones that it didn't feel like this* It–It didn't hurt b-before— *she struggled to explain to the other woman, but it seemed that the suggestion of not speaking had been a good one, it took all her effort, and it moved the piece of metal stuck in her abdomen, making it feel like she was being stabbed anew with each syllable. That wrenched a fresh scream from her, so raw in it's pain that she made herself cringe at the noise of it* H-How am I supposed to stay calm? *she cried, the tears streaking her face* I f-feel like I'm on fire. It didn't hurt before! It stopped hurting. I d-don't understand! *she grimaced again, whimpering at the additional pain the metal in her abdomen was causing her. It was painful when it moved, and when it wasn't, it was like it was filled with acid, eating away at her. The burning was worse there, where the metal piece stuck through her body, and she wasn't sure how much longer she could stand it* We c-crashed. We were in a p-plane, and it c-crashed. I'm t-terrified of flying—*a broken laugh bursting forth through her, through her whimpering and tears, because it was just too ironic that this had happened just as she had been getting her her fears*—so, naturally, I know all the statistics. It won't be over soon. Assuming this island is even populated, it'll be hours—hours—before we're all treated. I'll be waiting hours with this piece of metal in me… And that's a generous estimate. Could be d-days before anyone finds us. And… And with an abdomen injury, my chances of survival would be very low, even if we had landed in front of the damn h-o-ospital. I'll lay here, and I'll bleed out. S-Slowly. Painfully. I—I don't think I can. I've n-never been in pain like this before, and… I'm not this strong. *with a final whimper, she reached down to wrench the damn thing out, cutting deeply into her palm as she pulled sharply upwards, before the other woman could stop her. It was thin and long, and she was gasping for the air to scream as the bloody piece fell from her hand and tumbled on to the grass beside her. She expected that the pain would have gotten better once she had removed the impediment, but the burning only got worse. Instead of all her blood flowing outside her body like it should have, the venom caused it to congeal, kept it from pouring outside of her body or filling up her lungs, both of which would have killed her. Instead, she cried as her heart hammered in her chest, her body working overtime to pump the gallons of venom and what little blood she had left throughout her body*

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *crossing his arms over his chest in half defiance, half self-assuaging hug.* Just leave me alone, Emmett. I don't need this right now. I won't do anything stupid. I can't smell the blood anymore, I'm in control, just go. This wouldn't be a Cullen event if I didn't mess it up somehow. *his voice was quiet, without the usual air of authority he possessed, but the look in his eyes was enough that anyone would know that he was serious about wanting to be left alone.* I doubt any of the humans will miss me if I make a swim for it and get out of here and just go home. I'll send rescue for the rest of you if they aren't already on the way. I am so done with this mess. *making a move to head for the water and escape the torture of this nightmare, and daring Emmett to stand in his way. He was almost past the tree line when some of his brother's words started to sink in* Wait…she isn't dead? I thought…I mean…I…I can't remember, I was so far gone into hunter mode. She isn't dead? That means that there's a changing vampire here. Right now? In the middle of all of this? We can't let that happen. A newborn will kill anyone who managed to actually survive the crash. We can't let her change. We have to destroy her before it's too late. I…I wasn't thinking. I was trying to run away. To get away from the humans, to get away from the blood, then…then I don't know what happened. Her blood, it was just too much. It was probably the sweetest thing I've ever tasted. Ever. But I didn't mean to go after her. I didn't plan anything. I was trying to get away, I really was, then she…her blood. But we can't have a newborn here. Forget how she ended up that way. I slipped, I'll admit it, I messed up. So, let's just clean up the mess and move on like we always do. I can handle the guilt of killing one human, what I can't handle is the guilt of creating a newborn in the middle of a plane crash. A newborn that will no doubt kill all the survivors and anyone who comes to rescue them. I'll finish the job, and toss her into wreckage. No one will ever know she didn't die in the crash. I'm telling you it's a bad idea. The family will recover as long as it's just me slipping. It's been 15 years since it's happened, but it has happened, and we always recover. But we can't recover if we allow a newborn to go crazy on a bunch of already bleeding and dying humans. Now are you going to help me on this or am I going to have to fight you first and then go destroy her?

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M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *cursing softly to herself as Robyn pulled the metal sword shaped shard out of her own belly, and instantly began to recall all of the medical training she had ever heard or read and apply it to a changing vampire* You foolish girl! You aren't dying! At least you weren't dying, not until you did that! You're turning into a vampire. That is a far cry from dying. *shaking her head to herself* Kind of. It's too much to explain right now. You aren't going to need your kidney or liver or anything else that thing may have sliced in half inside of you, but you are going to need a beating heart for the next three days, and your heart can't beat if it doesn't have blood pumping through it. That's basic biology. *pulling back the other woman's clothes so she could get a closer look at the giant hole in her body, and beginning to pack the wound as much possible with the limited material available to her, but surprisingly the only blood she found was what was dried around the edges of the wound, the cut itself was already scabbed over, and slowly turning into a glittering, hard shell. In fact if she looked closely enough she could actually see the two sides of the cut growing back together. Her skin was already cold to the touch and felt like soft stone, like graphite, not quite to the level of diamonds yet, but well on the way to it, much, much closer than any other transforming vampire would have normally been at this point.* That is impossible. You're changing too fast. If Carlisle wasn't trying to save a hundred other humans at once right now... *letting her voice tail off in astonishment* Let's do something to take your mind off the burning. I know it's kind of overwhelming and impossible to get past, but maybe if you aren't so focused on it, it'll take the edge off a little. I've only ever really seen two other transformations, and both of them were so different from each other and really different from this one, I don't know what to expect or how to help, but distraction seems good to me. So, what makes you think this is an island? It could be the coast line of some huge country. Rescue could be minutes away, not hours or days. We were off course. That means we may have gotten lucky, and this isn't the classic stranded on a dessert island stereotype.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: *He opened his mouth and closed it several times before he actually spoke, unsure of what to say in the face of Jasper's regret. Ot hadn't been like he hadn't been expecting it, it was just that he wasn't always the most sensitive or well-spoken of his siblings. He didn't want to do or say the wrong thing* Hey, you're not the only family screw up. I mean, I've only been clean ten years. It was the same for me... I just caught the scent, and I lost it. Totally blacked out. And, I was never like that. Not even in the beginning. But... I'm not the man you are about it. I'm still worried about what Bells will think of me when she finds out I'm not the goody-two-shoes she always assumed I was. Though, funnily enough, I guess I do look kind of harmless with Rosalie on my arm. *chuckling dryly, though his laughter quickly dropped off* But I... I can see you're good. I'll leave you be. *but it wasn't any sooner than he had stepped out of his brother's way that he was turning back towards him* Well... I mean, she was still breathing when I pulled you away. You didn't kill her... But, she was bleeding so much, before you even got there. Rosalie said she'd stay with her, but... Well... I kind of figured she'd kick it pretty soon. I mean, venom can only fix so much, and who knew how much blood she even had left in her veins when you were finished with her. *his eyes flitted over Jasper's shoulder at the unmistakable sound of tearing flesh, and he watched in a kind of awe as the girl tossed aside the piece of metal she had been impaled with, it had probably been the last thing keeping her alive, or so he thought. Of course, he himself had suffered pretty terrible injuries when he had been turned, but Rosalie had done her best to stem his bleeding before she had turned him over to Carlisle, and the doctor had hung several bags of blood for him while he changed. He remembered that Rosalie had held his hand tightly while he turned, both keeping him company and holding his arm down so that his thrashing didn't rip out the IV needle that had been lodged in his arm until late on that third day* See? Look at her. She's a goner. You don't have to do anything. Nature's going to take it's course. *but just as the words left his mouth, he saw Rosalie pull up the young woman's shirt, and it seemed like the wound was already disappearing, there was only a narrowing gap, dried blood, and a hole in her shirt* Oh... ****. *shaking his head mutely for a long minute* That's... That's not possible. How much venom did you give her? I... Even if we wanted to stop it, even if Rose would let you past... I think it might be too late.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *a broken laugh left her when the other woman tried to tell her what was actually happening to her* Y-You think—? Oh, t-that's a good one! A v-vampire! Ha! Either you're very, v-very bad at jokes, or you're very, v-very crazy. *an almost dazed kind of smile colored her expression as she looked at the other woman* I mean, y-you know you're s-supposed to be honest with dying people—right? J-Just common courtesy. I think I was in s-shock before. That's why it h-hurts now. Maybe that's why you're acting b-bananas. I k-kind of get it. If I'm becoming a v-vampire, you don't have to deal with me dying. P-Probably says something about you that you choose vampires, though. *Letting out a long breath as it became easier to breathe. Unbeknownst to her, the wound on her abdomen had finally sealed, along with the small tear the extraction of the metal had caused in one of her lungs. Of course, she didn't believe Rosalie in the slightest, but if she had, she might have mentioned the fact that the burning sensation wasn't so intense where she had once been impaled, but instead it was starting to spread move evenly throughout her body. There was so little of her blood left to turn to venom, and once her body had finished with that task, it was continually circulating it throughout her body, hardening her soft tissues. It had already began to heal her wounds and it was already hardening her skin and organs. Even her voice was noticeably different when next she spoke, soft and smooth despite the way she had screamed it raw earlier and the way she was intermittently crying now* They're a myth you know. Perpetuated by Vlad the Impaler. He was a really brutal military commander who claimed that drinking the blood of his enemies made him stronger. Not the kind of guy you bring home to your mother, that's for certain. *sighing and closing her eyes for a long moment when the fire in her veins seemed to begin to abate, relaxing back into the grass* I feel a little better now. I'm allergic to nickel, and who knows what they use to coat the wings of planes. Could've caused a reaction. *opening her eyes and lifting her head very slightly in either direction* It was a guess, based on the fact that the pilot planned to make an emergency water landing. Probably no large land masses around that he knew of. And, now I can see the horizon in both directions. So, we're either on a island or a narrow spit the pilot didn't know was there. Which is probably at least part of the reason we crashed. *sighing as she lowered her head again, only for her whole body to tense suddenly, her mouth opening in a silent scream as the fiery pain returned with a vengeance; after a near half-hour with almost pure venom in her system, her body had finally begun to reproduce it, and now that it had gotten to most of her soft tissues, it was finally attacking the last vestiges of her body that had managed to hold out against it, her skin, her bones, and—of course—her heart. When she finally caught her breath, when the pain had dialed back from ten to two, her skin was smooth and perfect like diamond, her hair was like the deepest auburn spun silk, and her eyes were pitch black*

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Jasper: *shaking his head in shock as he stood next to Emmett watching the scene unfold before them in the distance. Even as far away as they were now, he could hear the girl's heartbeat slowing until it was nearly nonexistent.* No...no, this can't be happening. It's a habit that I learned a long time ago. I always flood someone with venom when I bite. An opponent in battle, a human I'm drinking, it makes no difference. Initially I picked it up as a battle tactic to give myself even more of an upper hand in a fight, but I didn't have any way of changing my bite between biting a vampire and biting a human, so they get as much venom as an enemy in a fight would. It's a lot. I've never let myself get that carried away around anyone in the family, you would have no way of knowing that. Even when we were fighting Victoria's army, I didn't allow myself to go that far with it. The closest I came to that point was on Bella's birthday, but it was because of the double dose of blood lust I was feeling from Edward at the time. And today...I must have lost it because of just how powerful her blood was, I must have fallen back on those old habits. She would have gotten close to five times the normal dose of venom. But I didn't know that it would do this to her. I've never stopped half-way through a feeding before. It should be impossible, but...it's happening. *taking a few steps in the women's direction* It isn't too late. It's never too late. Between the three of us, we can still take her down, rip her up and burn the pieces before she can get to any of the humans and feed. Killing her as soon as she wakes up as a newborn is our only option. I'm sorry this happened. I'm sorry I messed everything up for us again, and yes, I am the weak link in the family. When you mess up, it isn't as bad. You don't do it nearly as often as I do, and always just one or two. When I mess up, it's a lot more frequently, and it's always in multiples. You don't have to stick around for this. I can take care of her myself if I have to. This isn't going to be like Bella. This is going to be a full out newborn, not one with exceptional control. It could get ugly before it gets better.

Rosalie: *standing up next to Robyn now, and prepared to act as soon as the other woman's heart stopped beating* You make some good points about this being an island and not a coast line. I'd have to agree with you on that at least. But I'm not crazy, and neither are you. You are turning into a vampire, and by my calculations, it's going to be over in 1/144th the amount of time it usually takes to turn. That is what should be impossible here. But the process of changing is a nearly annual occurrence in our world. Things are about to get worse before they get better, and sadly we don't have anything to give you to take the edge off right away. We don't know if there are any animals here and no one is touching the humans, dead or alive. We can't afford to have any more mistakes like this. *growling under her breath when Jasper and Emmett's conversation reached her ears, not taking her attention off Robyn for an instant, but responding to their words nonetheless* You are not going to touch this girl again Jasper Whitlock. She has suffered enough at your hands. We'll keep an eye on her. Find some animals for her somewhere. But we are not going to kill her. This wasn't her choice, but now that you've made it for her, we have a responsibility to make sure she survives this along with everyone else here. Even if I have to look after her alone, I will not let you or anyone else hurt her. She will make it off this island, and then we'll take her to Alaska for the rest of the year, and then she can decide what she wants to do from there, or where she wants to go next. You have taken her humanity from her, you will not take her life.

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Emmett: *shaking his head sharply when Jasper suggested that the three of them work together to kill the newborn. Everything had happened so quickly, it was hard to wrap his mind around. five ago the girl had been dying, and now she was a vampire. It didn't seem possible, but it was staring him in the face, with eerie charcoal eyes that were so unlike those of any other newborn he'd ever encountered* It has to be the venom. She didn't have enough blood in her body when she turned for her eyes to be red... Look at her, she's so hungry she's trembling. Poor thing doesn't even understand what's happening yet. You know that we can't do that. When she was dying, when it was a mercy killing... It might have been different. But, now? She's... She's alive. She's alive and she needs our help. And, unlike a lot of these people, we can actually help her. I know that none of us have the experience with newborns that you do... And maybe that's why none of us could agree with you on this... But, that's our line in the sand. We don't kill other vampires unless they're trying to kill us. That's just not our way. *sighing deeply as he moved to stand beside his wife, barring Jasper from trying to take care of the so-called problem on his own* And, you know I can't just stand back and let you have at it either. You might think it's for the better now, Jas, but it's not. We're in a tough spot, but this is not a battlefield. This isn't a war, and she isn't some wild animal. Not anymore than you, or me, or any other member of the family is. *a strained smile crossing his face as he attempted to break the tension with humor* Come on, you'll look like the golden boy compared to a newborn. You really want to give that up? *clearing his throat uncomfortably when he saw just how flat his joke had fallen* Tough crowd. Still, man, you know this isn't the right thing. There is a right way and a wrong way to fix this, and you know it.

Robyn: *When she rose alongside Rosalie, it was not with the usual grace and elegance of a newborn, but more like a newborn foal, standing on shaking legs for the first time. Her eyes were a deep charcoal and her body was trembling with the need to feed, humming really, every inch of her skin vibrating at a frequency that would have gone unnoticed by the human eye, but that was so evident to her that it was the first thing she noticed, studying her hand for a long moment before she reached for her shirt, lifting it to study the place where a once mortal wound had sat, her fingers tracing the perfect skin where she had wrenched a hunk of metal from* It's gone. That piece of shrapnel had to have left a huge gash, and there's nothing. And... And my scars from the accident. They're all just... Gone. It's like I have brand new skin. How can that even be possible? *she looked up to Rosalie for confirmation, because now that she was having to entertain the impossible, vampirism didn't seem too far off the charts* You... You were serious? Like, vampires? Really? *Even the sound of her own voice made her tilt her head curiously. It had the same tone and cadence, but somehow it was more musical, like an instrument that had been finely tuned* Do you mean, like, "Vampire Diaries?" Or Bram Stroker's "Dracula?" Because there are certain things I can deal with, and certain things I cannot, and I can tell you right now that bats and coffins both really freak me out. *She had been fine, normal, herself up until that moment, and then several things happened at once: she inhaled, and she saw Jasper over Rosalie's shoulder. The scent of blood around them made her moan softly as it hit her throat. It was beyond any food she had ever eaten as a human, it wasn't a hot chicken roast in the oven, it was like ecstasy was in every breath she took, calling her, taunting her, making her throat burn painfully an promising to quench that thirst all at once. And then she locked eyes with Jasper. Every muscle in her body instinctively locked up as she saw the scars that covered every visible inch of his body. And, if that wasn't enough to scream "danger" at her, he was poised to attack. So, she stood shock still for several seconds, torn between two instincts. She wanted desperately to feed, but vampires were also programmed for survival, and she knew that the only think keeping her safe was Rosalie and Emmett, who stood between them. If she left to feed—and oh, how she wanted to—she would die* I can't move. If I move, he kills me.

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Rosalie: *giving a short laugh at Robyn's attempts to figure out exactly what kind of vampire she was* Vampire Diaries is a lot closer to the truth than Dracula. In fact if you look close enough the Salvatore brothers have a lot in common with that one. *giving a short nod in Jasper's direction, and fixing him with a fierce look before he could protest* Ripper vs. God of War, who would win? *laughing again at the way Jasper rolled his eyes as if conceding the point that the way he switched between personalities was very close to the way the Salvatore brothers changed when they switched off their humanity switches.* But for everything they got right, they still got a lot wrong. We don't burn up in the sun, so we don't need magic rings to protect us from it. You can't kill us with a wooden stake or by ripping out our stone hearts. And vervain has absolutely no effect on us. And we don't sleep or dream. And we don't permission to enter a house with an owner. But the blood lust they portray is very, very accurate in a way no other genre has mastered. *pointing to the guys* That's Emmett, my mate. And the one staring daggers at you right now is Jasper. Don't give him a reason to hurt you, he will. And we won't be able to stop him. I know the thirst is bad right now. We're going to get you some blood, somehow. And then you'll be able to think a little clearer. And then we're going to answer whatever questions you may have and try to make the best of this. *A sudden thought occuring to her* You never did tell me your name. I could probably figure it out with some time, but... *trailing off as if she expected the other woman to simply fill in the blank.*

Jasper: *never taking his eyes off the newborn, his eyes screaming volumes at her more than any words he could say ever would, but he knew that Emmett was right, they didn't kill their own unless it was for a very, very good reason, like James. And Victoria. He briefly considered ripping her apart and leaving her dismantled until they were rescued and they could take her somewhere where she wouldn't endanger any humans, but that would be cruel, a unique kind of torture that she had done nothing to deserve. He was helpless to act in any way against her as long as she did nothing to provoke action* Fine. She lives. For now. But I have a piece of advice for you, Newborn. Stay in the woods. Don't go near anyone who isn't a vampire. We'll bring food to you. Don't hunt on your own. I'm telling you this for your own good. I haven't smelled a single animal around here, so for now, we do this the old fashioned way. Emmett, bring back two...no, three of the deceased. Make sure there's no way they can possibly be revived before bringing them. They'll still be warm, so she can get her fill from them for now. I don't know what we'll do later, but for now, three should sate her and take the edge off her initial instincts so we can talk this through and get a more concrete plan in place. We can't bother Carlisle with this, not while he's treating the injured. It's up to us to make sure she doesn't do something stupid while we're waiting for rescue. *he would never allow his adopted siblings to see it, but the truth was, he was actually scared for not only the human survivors on the island who might fall victim to a newborn, but he was actually afraid on behalf of the newborn herself. She would be confused, and scared, and thirsty. That combination was extraordinarily dangerous under normal circumstances, and these circumstances were far from normal. Not all newborns managed to succeed, not all of them adapted quickly enough to their new life, some became insane. They would know more after the first feeding if this newborn could handle things or if she was destined to lose her mind, forcing them into a mercy kill. He had never really cared one way or another if a newborn was capable of surviving and thriving, but he cared for this one. He didn't know if it was because his venom had created her, or if there was something deeper at play here, but he didn't want her to lose it, he wanted her to understand, to adapt, to process her new emotions in the healthiest way possible and allow the three of them to help her along the path to her new life. For now, he chose to stay poised in a ready position just in case he had to act quickly, but even as he revealed himself as the most dangerous threat to her existence on the island, in the world really, he used his gift to send her waves of calm and comfort and trust.*

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Bayleigh: *crying frantically over the unconscious form of her best friend* Spencer! Wake up, Spencer! Come on, don't do this to me! *the trip to Italy had been wonderful, they had toured castles, seen the Colosseum, ate lots of great food, and now it was all coming to the worst ending imaginable. He was the strong one, he was the one always taking care of her. He had ignored the instructions ingrained in them by flight attendants for years, he had helped her get her oxygen mask on long before he had tried to get his own over his face. If that wasn't bad enough, when their seats had broken loose and they had spun about in the wreckage like a rag doll, he had shielded her with his own body, taking most of the damage on himself, and now he was unconscious, and it was all her fault. If she had been able to take better care of herself, then he wouldn't have felt the need to protect her so much. But it had been the same thing with him ever since they were in middle school. He always played the self-sacrificing hero, coming to her rescue, and now he was paying for it yet again. She tugged at the seat belt that was somehow still wrapped around him, but it just wouldn't come loose* Please, Spence, wake up so I can get you out of here!

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Robyn: *Letting out a long, slow breath as the panic and fear that had flooded her system only moments for began to abate. Under the influence of Jasper's gift, her mind began to clear again, her body returned to a relaxed posture, her arms slipping from the instinctive self-hugging position her rigid muscles had locked them into when she had first caught the scarred man's gaze. He was still glaring, rather fiercely at her, it seemed. But, it also seemed that somehow the immediate danger of him had passed. He was still poised for attack, but the words that were passing between the two groups seemed to say otherwise, at least, that was how she rationalized the sudden turn in her emotions* ...Robyn. *she finally admitted, her voice still lacking it's usual confidence* It's Robyn. Summers. My name is Robyn Summers. *Shaking her head a little, as if to clear it, but she was still trembling all over. The involuntary muscle spasms were already beginning to irritate her, along with the fierce burning in her throat and her thoughts coming together at what seemed like a glacial pace* I... I know blood should sound disgusting. I should be disgusted. I just... *Clenching and unclenching her fists as she took another, unbidden deep breath. It felt so good, but at the same time, it hurt so much to smell the thing she desired most in the air. It was the blood, it had to be. She could even hear a few heartbeats. They were like musical little dinner bells, calling to the most primal side of her. She heard a deep, rumbling growl then, and it took her several moments to realize that the sound had come from herself. There was an instant where she realized that she should be ashamed that she felt this way, that she was actually lusting after someone else's blood—a person's life essence—but she was so desperate that the thought and feeling was brief and fleeting, like a wispy cloud on a windy day* Is it always this bad? It can't be, can it? I mean, how can you call just stand there when you can smell this? When you can hear this? I mean... I have really been critical on Damon's self-control in the past, but now I get it. 100%. *When she had started speaking, it had been to Rosalie. It made sense to her that she would trust Rosalie,that she would feel comforted by Rosalie. Rosalie had laid with her through the worst her pain. Rosalie and tried to tell her the truth from the beginning. Rosalie had stood between her and certain death. Rosalie had promised her answers. And now Rosalie was trying to crack jokes to relieve the tension. She was a natural friend in all of this. But, when she looked over the other woman's shoulder once more to ensure that Jasper hadn't moved into a more threatening position, she felt the same trust, she felt the same comfort, and she visibly started*

Emmett: *Closing his eyes momentarily in relief when Jasper finally conceded that they weren't going to kill the poor girl he had managed to turn* I mean, it's not like he couldn't be bluffing. Jasper was always way too good at that. But, this isn't a hand of poker, and he knows it. He knows he couldn't just kill someone like that—not anymore. There's a reason he didn't even try to fight us. He could have done it, he could have won, and torn her apart too quickly for us to call backup. Maybe it's because he knows we wouldn't be able to forget it, maybe it's because he's finally accepted that this isn't a war anymore, that things don't have to be that way... I don't doubt he would do what needed to be done if it actually had to be done... But, I think it's safe to leave her with him. At least for now, it looks like his bark is worse than his bite. Not that Robyn knows that. *grimacing in sympathy at the way the other woman started, purposefully making his voice as soothing as he could* Whoa... It's alright, Robyn. Jasper's not going to hurt you unless you give him a reason to. Just... Just sit tight. I'll uh... I'll go grab a few warms ones for you. After that you'll feel better, okay? It'll take the edge off. I promise. *giving both women a consoling look as he turned to the beach to collect said corpses. He tried to do it where Carlisle's back was turned. He knew his adoptive father would take issue with the desecration of bodies, but in this case, it wasn't like that had much of a choice. It was better for them to tell him later—have him hear about it—rather than see it first hand. Luckily for him, it seemed like Carlisle was so engrossed in trying to save the few lives that were left to save that he probably wouldn't have noticed if Emmett had giving him a play-by-play*

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Carlisle: *Dragging a hand over his face as the man he had so desperately been trying to save arrested for the fifth and final time. There was no point in trying to revive him again. He was clearly bleeding internally, and Carlisle didn't have the equipment to even diagnose those kinds of injures in his current position, let alone treat them. He had tried—he had tried so hard to save the man, to keep him breathing in the hopes that rescue would come later, that maybe the bleeding would slow or normalize on it's own, but it was clear that there was no coming back for him. It hurt all the more because it seemed to be the fate of nearly every passenger he had come across so far. The few that would live without his help had very minor injuries, bruises, minor dislocations, small breaks. Every one he had come across with major injuries, that he thought maybe he could save, had died on him instead. He knew it was time to start triaging them properly, to stop giving help to the ones that were too far gone, but with so many at the juncture begging him for help, he found it near impossible to say no. Still, he knew he would have to start, or anyone he might be able to save would die too, waiting for his help while he was trying to give it to someone who was beyond it. And so, instead of wallowing, he grasped the black, leather medical bag he carried with him everywhere firmly in one hand and forced himself to stand, quickly jogging to the aid of a young woman who was trying to revive a restrained passenger* It's alright. My name is Doctor Cullen, I'm here to help. Just step back for a moment, let me see if I can get him free. *he pretended to struggle with the warped buckle for a moment, but only for a moment, because this young man wasn't breathing. Then, he snapped it open easily and moved the man to lie on his back on the sand. It was hard packed enough that it made for a suitable surface for CPR, which he then proceeded to preform, only stopping when the young man announced his return to the living with a violent couch* You've been in an accident. I'm a doctor. Try to stay still. I'm not sure how much damage you've sustained. *he flashed the young a small, warm smile at the victory before he began gently examining the young man, checking for injuries big and small that might cause him to loose this particular patient before search and rescue arrived*

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Rosalie: *carefully not invading Robyn's space as Jasper had instructed the family in the months leading up to Bella's change. Newborns would feel threatened by a sneeze. Space was as important as the first feeding in helping them get over the initial rush and move on to the processing what was happening portion of the first few hours as a newborn.* Robyn Summers. That's a good name. It fits you. And yes, the blood lust will always be as bad as what you feel right now, but you'll learn how to resist it better. You'll learn how to cope with it, control it. It's an uphill battle, but you'll get there. Our family is one of only two covens in the entire world that feed exclusively on animals. That's what we would be getting for you now, if we could find them, but unfortunately, we don't have the time to look. But as soon as we do, that's what we'll eat. Animals taste...you'll see for yourself in time, I'm sure, but they don't taste anything like humans. But it's blood, and it will sustain us, even if it doesn't taste as good. Not all of us managed to resist the humans here. *pointedly looking over at Jasper* But for the most part we were able to hold our breaths long enough that we could get some distance from the blood and that helped. If you can't smell it, then it can't bother you as much, not in the same way. You'll always be thirsty, that burning in the very back of your throat will be a constant, but the overwhelming fire that you feel, the venom your secreting into your mouth, that won't always be there, not as long as you've fed recently, and as long as you aren't near an open wound. It will improve greatly after your first year, but it'll always be a challenge. All things considered, Damon's control is pretty remarkable. It's rare in our world for a vampire to openly converse with a human. Our family does it, but the majority of vampires live as nomads, only interacting with humans when it's time to feed. The very fact that Damon can live among humans and not kill all of them is impressive. His problem isn't self-control, it's lack of a conscience. Unless Stephan is the Ripper, then he at least feels guilty when he kills. When Damon kills, he just shrugs his shoulders and moves on.

Jasper: *ignoring the conversation between the two women as he focused in on Robyn's emotions in an attempt to anticipate any thoughts she might have of giving in to her blood lust and taking her chances with trying to get past him to go hunting on her own. For now, she seemed content to talk about fictional vampires on a TV show meant to entice swooning teenage girls. Unfortunately, he knew all too well how quickly that contentment could change.* What if Damon feels just as guilty as Stephan? He just deals with it in a different way. *trading a knowing look with Rosalie that spoke volumes about his own feelings. The Major and the God of War were not immune to feelings, they just dealt with them in different ways, the Major ignored them, the God of War used them to inflict even further destruction. Stephan's Ripper side could go as far as it does because he uses the emotions and pours them into his next kill, so intently focused on removing every reminder of his guilt that he would go so far as to massacre an encampment of children on Christmas Eve night.*

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Bayleigh: *tears streaming down her face as she watched the doctor administer to CPR to Spencer* Please, Spence, don't let this be the end, come back to me, please, I need you, you're my best friend. *her tears turning to ones of relief as she heard him coughing and dropped to her knees at his side, finding his hand and squeezing tightly.* I'm fine, Spence, no worse for wear, I promise, now just stay still and let the doctor look you over, you gave us a scare there. And I need you too much to let you forget to take care of yourself when I'm clearly in much better shape than you are.

Spencer: *his breathing had started to return to normal after his initial coughing fit, but his body ached all over and he hissed as a sharp, intense pain radiated through his entire midsection when the doctor lightly brushed against his rib cage* Ah, yeah, ok, that hurt. *shaking a little as the pain washed over him again before subsiding back to an ache instead of a raging fire* Bayleigh, let the doctor look at you too. I'm fine, really, just banged up a little. You're bleeding. *he nodded to a tiny red spot on her sleeve* Please, I'll relax more once I know you're ok.

Bayleigh: *shaking her head in exasperation* That's not my blood, it's yours from that cut on your forehead. It finally stopped bleeding, but if you don't stop moving around like that, it might open up again. Please, just stay still and let the doctor finish looking at you. I'll let him check me out later. After he's seen to more critical people. I'm really fine.

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Robyn: *sighing a little at Rosalie's words* That's... Not very encouraging. I've got to be honest here... You aren't the best at pep talks. At least Stephen pretends to like animal blood. You know it's awful from the way everyone else talks about it, but he's like the vegetarian who really thinks tofu is better than meat. Not that it's better for the environment, or that it's cruelty free, but that it tastes better. Or at least, that's the impression I always got from him. He doesn't brag about how great it is, but he doesn't complain about it either. Though, that could be just because he's Stephen. Who do you drink animal blood anyways? I mean, I'm not rooting for catch-and-release here, but it's the 21st Century. You could live off of blood bags easily. Like Caroline. I always thought she was a good model for moderation if not a little... Snobby and obsessive-compulsive.

Emmett: *trudging up the slight incline that led from the beach to to forest just as Jasper spoke* Well, I happen to think Damon isn't entirely wrong. There's no use crying over spilled milk. Doesn't mean the poor guy doesn't feel bad about it. Look at the way he drinks, man. *Hefting three still-warm corpses onto the ground from his shoulders, one from the left and two from the right. He had managed to find several still-warm bodies that had died from impacts to the head. There was very little blood around each one, so he reasoned, they would make perfect feeders for their newborn vampire. It would be better to sate her hunger now than to have to deal with the consequences later. He felt a little guilty thinking about them that way, but they were dead, each brained in a way that would have resulted in atrocious lives even if someone had been able to bring them back from the other side. It was better this way, if not very respectful to the dead. So, he lead each one out in front of Robyn, and stepped back in a sweeping motion. It was dangerous to get within biting range of a newborn at the best of times, and feeding was one of the worst times; he had learned as much when they'd gone toe-to-toe with Victoria's Army* They're all yours.

Robyn: *She liked to think that she was a person who was more than capable of exercising a little control. She almost always turned dessert down when the cart came around, she always stopped at one drink, and she got up early in the morning, every morning, to run. She had even managed to stand here beside Rosalie and Jasper this whole time, ignoring the tempting scents and sounds that surrounded her. She had seen that as a kind of accomplishment, but the moment Emmett reappeared with fresh food in tow, she realized it was merely a happy coincidence. He hadn't even stepped away by the time she was lunging forward. Luckily for him, he had managed to narrowly avoid her as she latched onto her first victim, though he could hardly be called that. He was already dead. In her mind, she tried to rationalize it. Humans were animals, after all. So, this was just another dead animal. It wasn't so different from having a cheeseburger. Except it was. And she didn't care. All she cared about were her teeth in his neck, syphoning out every drop of rich, sweet, warm blood and letting it fill her up. It flushed a soothing warm throughout her body first. It took away all her pain and replaced it with complete and utter ecstasy. Her trembling was gone as her hands latched onto the body, her mind sharp as she dug her teeth deeper into the corpses' back, ensuring she drained all of it's blood before she was willing to move on to the next. When she did she was faster, stronger, her hands unintentionally crushing bones to dust as she held the poor woman's neck as close to her mouth as it would go. She had made a mess with the first body, but she was more careful with this one, she opened her mouth wider around the would and forced herself to suck a little slower so more of the blood flowed into her mouth instead of dripping wastefully onto her clothes or the ground. It was difficult, because the artery she was drinking from was torn messily when she sank her teeth in, but she managed to keep it mostly under control. She corrected that mistake with the last body, placing her teeth just so. She moaned happily when it worked, allowing her to suck down the blood with rapid greed without wasting as much as a drop. It was over all too soon, however, and when she stood, she liked her lips mournfully, her deep crimson eyes flashing this way and that for more, because that couldn't be the last of it. It had felt so good, but that feeling was slowly beginning to fade as her body already began to process the much-needed blood she had ingested* They're already dead, you know. *she reasoned, ready to bolt toward into the direction Emmett had collected the bodies from* They can't feel pain. They're not people anymore. They're not there anymore. They're just skin and bone and blood, and you're just letting them go to waste. I get that you feed off animals—well most of you do. *She shot a tentative glance at Jasper, not because she had realized he was her sire yet—that memory was still fuzzy, and buried in pain she only wanted to forget—but because Rosalie had looked at him when she said that not all of their group had been able to resist. He was probably the one who understood her the most, if it weren't for his inexplicable need to kill her* I wonder if he would really try to hurt me. He could be bluffing. They're supposed to be the "good" vampires, right? *he would also be her biggest obstacle to do what she desired most—gorge herself* It would be so good... For a moment. Just like the dessert cart. Just like that second drink, that third drink. Just like sleeping in when you know you shouldn't. But, you'll regret it. *but despite those smart and very rational thoughts, she was a newborn, prone to impulsivity and instinct, so when she forgot she wasn't supposed to, and she inhaled, those thoughts flew out the window. She shot off like a bullet, latching herself onto a very alive man who was bleeding out from a decapitated arm. If it had been reason driving her, she would have gone for a recently dead corpse that still had most of it's blood inside, but instead she had gone for the scent of blood, and the sound of a beating heart—albeit a weak one. Unfortunately for the man, he was dead in seconds*

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Carlisle: *giving the young man a very firm look* You should listen to the young lady, Spencer. You had stopped breathing. Your heart wasn't beating. You've obviously undergone some trauma in the crash, including a head trauma, which can become very dangerous very quickly. I'll be happy to look at Bayleigh as well, but right now my concern is you. Bayleigh is not in danger of dying. You might be. So, please, lay back and let me do my job. Let me save your life. *smiling tightly when he seemed to acquiesce to the request, if not reluctantly* It looks like you have some damage to your ribs. They're definitely cracked. Could be broken. Hard to say without an x-ray. We'll bandage those us as best we can and I'll show you how not to move... In these conditions, you don't want to accidentally puncture your own lung. It's a miracle you've avoided that already. It doesn't look like you have a concussion, but I'd like to bandage up that laceration on your forehead. It's a little deep, it will probably scar, since I might not have time to stitch it for a while, but you'll live. *giving Bayleigh a comforting glance* A lot of blood is normal with head injuries. He'll need to rest up a little, but as long as we can avoid an infection, he'll be just fine. *and just like that, he was cleaning and bandaging the young man's forehead, and taping his ribs so they were in place* When you move, try to pretend your torso is one solid block, don't bend over, don't lean back, try not to raise your arms. It will hurt, I will have to tape your ribs again, and if your ribs are broken, you might injure yourself. *looking critically to Bayleigh once he was finished with Spencer, she didn't have any obvious injuries, but he didn't want to walk away and possibly leave her to die after he had saved her friend* Are you sure you're alright? No open wounds? No torso or head pain? No dizziness or nausea?

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *relaxing slightly when Robyn seemed to get the hang of feeding and her eyes started to turn from black to red, unfortunately, her thirst wasn't sated in the least by the three victims, and her words stirred up a mix of unexplainable emotions within him. Part of him was hurt that she would automatically assume that he chose to feed on humans as a normal part of his diet, it had been a mistake, they all slipped sometimes. Everyone except for Carlisle and Rosalie of course. Another part of him was frustrated that he had guessed wrong and that three bodies hadn't been enough for her. If she gave into those instincts and killed someone, it would be another life lost because of his lack of foresight. Cursing under his breath when his worst fear came true and she managed to get past him thanks to her superior newborn speed* Stay back! Don't interrupt her hunt! *calling out to Emmett and Rosalie before they did something foolish and incited the newborn into fighting or worse biting one of them.* We have to let her go. We'll catch her before she moves on to another one. At least she picked one that was out of sight and already as good as gone. *observing Robyn's chosen victim himself as he circled wide around her so that when she stood up from her feeding he was able to get in her path and blast her with a wave of paralyzing lethargy so great that she wouldn't be able to hunt without serious difficulties* Easy, newborn. You've had enough for now. You have to start training yourself now not to eat too much. If you overindulge, then it might become obvious to the human survivors that a conspicuous number of dead bodies are missing. If people are missing, questions are asked, questions that we don't have an answer to. There are rules that we have to follow as vampires. Number one, keep the secret. You can't keep the secret if you kill half the population of this island. You can either walk quietly back to the tree line, or I'll drag you there myself. *taking an intimidating step in her direction, forcing her to take a few steps in retreat before he stepped forward again* That's it, back to the trees. Damon would say you did that guy a favor. Maybe you did. But you can't let yourself go down that path again. Next time you may not be so lucky to choose a victim so near death. I hear you, there's a lot of blood out there right now going to waste, but if we allow ourselves to overindulge now, to eat everything on the buffet the first day...*hesitating before he said the next part, not sure how Emmett and Rosalie would react to it* It won't be there for us later if we really need it. If rescue doesn't come within a week, we're all going to be starving, and we'll have to eat something, even Carlisle, it's what we'll have to do to survive. You mentioned feeding on blood bags. Ill tell you, those things don't grow on trees and it's not as easy to steal them as Caroline makes it look. You can only steal ones that are about to expire, otherwise if a human needs a transfusion, there may be no blood left to give them because we've stolen all of it. And cold human blood is almost as unpleasant as animal blood. We can drain the bodies here into a thermos or a water bottle and bury it in the sand. As long as it isn't too cold at night here, then it should keep them warm enough for us to drink later, but only when we get really desperate. Yes, I am suggesting rationing blood just like we would any other food or drink. *moving a little closer to Robyn in case she decided to make a run for again, placing her body between himself and a sturdy oak. If she ran, he would use her own momentum and drive her back into the tree, using a little leverage and holding her there until she calmed.* Do you understand what I'm saying, Robyn? Feeding is good. Over feeding is not good.

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M JacksonMiracle

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(Good morning! I dozed off last night, but now I'm here!! :))

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M JacksonMiracle

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(I think RP is going to have a "command" version of Robyn. Her gift was a little over-powered when it was first introduced, so I'm going to tweak it a little. Like Jasper's gift, it can be resisted and overcome once the victim understands what's happening to them. I think it would work similarly to Jasper's gift, in that it's physical. Jasper's ability to alter emotions works by altering the levels of certain chemicals in your brain. Robyn's ability to command others works by creating new, bright electron pathways in their mind that make her ideas feel better than any that existed there before. It's entirely possible—especially for a vampire—to recognize and ignore those new pathways, but it's also difficult, because once an idea is planted in your mind, it can be hard to ignore.)

Robyn: *Hissing in irritation when she stood to find another warm body to drink when she was interrupted by Jasper. At first, it had seemed that the three of them had seen her logic, that they were going to let her roam free like she so desperately wanted to. She was wrong, of course. They were trying to protect themselves. They were trying to protect her from herself. She hated it, but she was an intelligent woman, and on some level, she understood that. The thirst was just so new, so powerful. It had the same hold on her that it had had on almost every other newborn that had come into being. Not that she really understood what that meant. Hence, her irritation with the word* Stop calling me "newborn!" My name is Robyn. *She practically snarled the words. She was misdirecting her anger and frustration, of course, not that she was ready to recognize or admit it yet. She was upset with herself, with having failed. She hadn't gone after a corpse, she had killed a man. A dying man. Not only that, but she had put all of them in danger of being found out, it seemed* Keep the secret. But, how are we supposed to do that with so many bodies missing, or mauled at the neck and exsanguinated? The crash could have spread out a ways, but they'll search the water, search any disturbed earth. We'll have to burn the bodies, but the bones will still be there. And we'll have to explain that to the authorities... And... And if I drink them all now, there'll be none later. For anyone. *But just when she had resigned herself to return back to the woods with him, for all their sakes, he took two steps forward, forcing her to take several steps back in that direction. He was backing her into a corner. Like an wild animal. It scared her just how fitting that description was now. She had never been this person, she had never been this out of control, she wasn't used to her emotions bouncing from one extreme to the next. It was all new to her. It was all overwhelming. The scent of blood. The tempting call of the few heartbeats left on the beach. Her new and violent urges. Her instincts told her that he was a threat this close, especially when she looked up at his face and neck, and saw the myriad of scars that were scattered there. She tried to push him away then, both hands pressing sharply against his chest. It seemed like she was stronger than him, because despite how firmly he had planted himself in place, she had managed to push him back several feet. But, he seemed to be expecting that reaction. He pinned her against the tree again, but this time he was closer, this time he had trapped her wrists on either side of her head. Being touched gave her pause, even when she knew she should be thrashing to get away. It wasn't how she remembered touch was supposed to feel like. She could feel the intricacies of the bark against her back, where it was raised, where the grooves were sunken in. She could feel the hard ridges of his muscles pressing against her comparatively soft curves. She could feel the warmth of the body that was pressed against her. Not the enticing heat of a human body, this was something different. She craved it, too, but in an entirely different way. There was a kind of comfort in it. And, if she closed her eyes and inhaled his scent, it was good. They both still smelled like blood, of course. And the oak behind her gave off a fragrant scent, but Jasper had a scent all his own. It was musky and masculine, like sandalwood. It was calming, comforting. It took her several minutes, but she did calm down* You're being crazy. He's not trying to hurt you. I mean, he's definitely very strong. He could have hurt me, he promised that he would... But his grip on my wrists doesn't even pinch. *When she opened her eyes, she felt more herself again. Her focus on him had helped distract her from the commotion on the beach, and despite the dried blood on them both, they were far enough away from the beach that the smell of fresh blood had finally abated. Her mind was clear, and she sagged in despair when she realized what she'd done* That... That man... The one I fed on. I killed him. He was alive. And I... *For the first time in her life, her eyes burned with tears she would never be able to shed. Despair, horror, and shame washed over her like they never had before. She had never done anything like that before. She was a lover, not a fighter, that was what she always liked to say, but she had killed someone. Maybe someone who would have died anyways, but who was she to say they. Amputees lived all the time. Rescue could be here in minutes, and she had given that man a death sentence when he could have lived* What have I done? What have I done? No, no, no, no. This can't be happening. How can this be happening? This has to be some dream. Some cruel, freaky, sleeping-pill induced dream. I have to wake up. This can't be real. *but even as denial raged inside, she lashed out at the only other person there was to lash out against* How could you let me do that?! Why didn't you just kill me?! You said—You said— *With a scream that spoke of pain far more than it did of anger, she shoved him away, punching and kicking. This time he didn't encroach upon her again, but he did remain close, only a few feet away, standing pointedly between her and the beach. She wanted to hit him so badly, but even in her state she knew that was a fight she would loose, so the tree got the brunt of her rage instead. All it took was a single punch and it was destroyed, like it had been struck by lightening. She would have been in awe of her own strength, but she was too busy slumping to the ground against the stump that remained, dissolving into hiccuping dry sobs* I k-killed someone. I'm a m-monster... H-How can you live like t-this?

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *watching as Rosalie took a step forward as if wanting to go to Robyn and offer her what little words of comfort that she could, but shaking his head at her* No, Rosalie. Just let her get it out. This is good. This is healthy. *carefully modulating his own emotions and those that he had been projecting to Robyn to be sure that he was no longer affecting her in any way. What she was feeling needed to be entirely her own. He couldn't change what she was feeling without it backfiring in the long run. Time would be her best friend right now.* You two should go see if Carlisle needs any help. I don't trust myself to go back yet, and he shouldn't be doing this alone. I'll stay with Robyn. You might try to salvage what you can from the plane while we still can. The humans don't need to be trying to do it themselves. *pointedly looking in the direction of a few men who were struggling to pull some bags out of the storage compartment of the wreckage* They're far too concerned about getting to their stuff and not nearly concerned enough with taking proper safety precautions. *watching as the mated pair reluctantly left before sitting on the ground next to where Robyn had curled up around herself, sobbing. The sound was hard to listen to, but it was a good sign. She felt guilty, but in a way that made her want to do better, not in a way that made her want to hurt more to get rid of the guilt or in a way that would cause her to freeze up and cripple herself. He allowed her to get it all out, sobbing for nearly 20 minutes in silence before she finally seemed to calm enough that he was able to talk to her. He kept his voice intentionally quiet, steady, almost distant, almost as if he wasn't talking to her at all, but more like he was musing to himself.* It isn't easy. This life stinks sometimes. But for all the bad it offers, it offers a hundred times more good. It's really difficult to see that good sometimes, but it's there, always there. The bad stuff mostly comes and goes, but the good is always there. For a long time, I didn't see the good, I was too blinded by someone else's ideals to really know the truth. But it's there. The euphoria of feeding on humans is always too clouded by the resulting guilt to make it worth it when there's another way. Accidents happen. We've all killed someone. Except Carlisle. And it really stinks when that happens. But in spite of that, we have to keep trying. We feed on animals so we don't have to live with the guilt of killing a person. Yes, I slipped today, but tomorrow's another day, I can start fresh again, and maybe tomorrow I'll be a little stronger in my resistance because of the guilt I feel over today's slip. And feeding isn't the only thing this life is about. It took me a long time to see that. Longer than most. There's a joy, a happiness that this life offers that you can't find anywhere else in existence. We feel emotions so much deeper than ordinary humans, that includes guilt, but it also includes love. For some of us in this life, we're lucky enough to find someone we love, someone to walk this life with, someone to share both the pain and the joy with. I haven't been lucky enough to find my mate yet. But every day I'm around those who have. Emmett and Rosalie, Carlisle and Esme, Bella and Edward. I can look at them and feel their joy and happiness and it makes me want to keep moving forward. I keep hoping that someday I'll find my mate, my true love, but in the mean time, I keep moving forward, it's all I can do. We can't go back. We can't undo what's been done. But we can look ahead, we can find euphoria in being with others that we care about, not just in drinking blood. It's the other people in this family that keep me going in spite of my mistakes. Emmett and Rosalie didn't condemn me for my slip today, instead, they're helping me make it right. I guess what I'm trying to say is, stick with us, we'll make sure you get through this one, and we'll do our best to make sure it doesn't happen again. You aren't a monster, Robyn, you're a vampire, but we're your family now and we'll make sure we get through it together. And I'm sorry I kept calling you newborn. Old habits die hard, but for some reason it just feels wrong to keep doing it now.

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