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Spencer: *finally relaxing when the doctor promised to look at Bayleigh as soon as he was done looking at him, flinching as the doctor taped his ribs and bandaged the cut across his forehead* Right, solid block, got it. Although, I have a feeling it's going to keep hurting no matter how much I move or don't move. I'll have to remember those breathing exercises we learned at that place in Assisi. *eyeing the medical bag next to the doctor and for a moment tempted to ask if he had any morphine in it, but then quickly changed his mind deciding it was best for the doctor to save any pain killers for someone who really needed it. He would be fine. He'd had worse than this before. He couldn't remember when, but he was sure that he had. He'd be fine. If Bayleigh could handle the pain she went through every day without complaint, then he could handle this.*

Bayleigh: *blinking when the doctor addressed them by name. They hadn't introduced themselves, had they? And she definitely couldn't remember his name, just the part about being a doctor. However, as she thought back on the past few minutes, she realized they had been acting a little bit like Jack and Rose in Titanic. Three pages of dialogue that consisted of nothing other than calling out the name of the other person, that was them. But she supposed that when someone was in an intense situation like this one or a sinking ship, the best way to express everything you're feeling isn't to give some elaborate speech, it's simply to call out to the one you care about. Sometimes, calling to someone can scream volumes without having to fully explain it in words. Shaking her head slowly at the doctor's questions* No, I'm fine. *hesitating a moment* I might be a little dizzy, but I'm sure it's just all the excitement and once I calm down, I'll be fine. I promise that I'll come find you if it gets worse instead of getting better. *offering him a convincing smile that she had managed to perfect over the past year and a half when she wasn't feeling great, but knew there was nothing to be done about it, and didn't think that bothering to complain would be beneficial to anyone*

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Emmett: *He, too, wanted to offer the poor girl some comfort. He had been lucky. He had come into this life with the whole family at his side, minus Alice and Jasper of course. They didn't join them until some time after he was turned, so it wasn't like he could exactly hold it against them. Still he had been in a comfortable bed, with Rosalie holding his hand. He had woken to her smiling brilliantly at him, to Carlisle's words of wisdom, to Esme's encouragement to run around outside, and Edward's willingness to run around and wrestle with him in the backyard until he almost didn't want to run to town and find someone to sink his teeth into. Robyn's entry into this world was quite a bit more chaotic. And, he felt guilty. He was a poor substitute for his adoptive father, and it made him curse the situation more than anything, that a new vampire would come into the world in the middle of all this mess. He felt for her, but at the same time, with the way she was crying, he knew nothing he had to say would make it better* We'll, uh, we'll be back to check on you guys in a bit, alright? Don't do anything I wouldn't do. *It was meant as a joke, but like most jokes, there was a little grain of truth buried in it. He was worried about Robyn, he was worried about Jasper, and he was definitely worried about them together. But, Jasper hadn't hurt her, even after she had basically asked for it, so he figured that he was right to trust him, at least in that. He only hoped that their distance from the carnage would keep both of them from doing anything else they might regret, but even baby-guarding them wouldn't necessarily stop that, as they'd already learned. It was all they could do to lend a hand in the meantime, and hope rescue came sooner rather than later* Come on, babe. You'll distract them and I'll do all the heavy lifting. What do you say? *already walking back towards the plane, one arm slung over Rosalie's shoulder as they moved, so that he could whisper something in her ear without being overheard* She'll be alright. You did a good thing with her. Sitting with her, being there when she woke up, talking about inconsequential things... When I woke up... Well, all that meant more to me than I can ever really say. Robyn will be better for it. She just needs some time to adjust.

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Robyn: *She sighed shakily when he finished speaking. She had finally managed to stop crying, although, strangely enough there was no evidence on her face, no tear tracks to wipe away. It was something she had noticed while she was crying. She didn't know whether to be distressed or glad for the change. Sure, there was no evidence, no red, puffy eyes and the embarrassment that followed. Still, there was a certain kind of relief in crying. It was freeing, like the water was carrying away all your sorrow, all your fear, all your anger, until you just felt empty. But, she didn't feel that way now. She still felt full. All those feelings were still there, just underneath the surface. She didn't know if it was because the release of crying was gone, or because her emotions really were more marked now, and she couldn't decide if she hated it, or if she was glad that they wouldn't be so easily forgotten* I certainly won't be going on another rampage anytime soon if I feel like this for the rest of my existence. The guilt. It's... It's weighing me down, like a block of lead in the bottom of my stomach. But, the temptation I felt... It was so strong. And the way I felt when I fed... It was like a firework, bright and hot and amazing until it was gone. I wasn't thinking, there wasn't time for thinking, but even if there had been... I don't think I would have imagined it like this. I know life, in general, is not an easy thing. I'm not usually this person, you know. I... I'm responsible. I'm too responsible, really, for someone my age. My best friend repeatedly tells me that I am no fun. At all. He's mostly joking, but it's because I don't let loose the way normal people do. So, when Rosalie said "bloodlust," I thought: Okay, well I know how to say no to a candy bar... But, it's not a candy bar at all. *laughing a little brokenly as she threw her hands up in the air* And now... It just feels like it's all for nothing. Everything I did, everything I wanted to do... I was confident. I knew who I was. I knew what I wanted out of life. And now... Now I feel like I'm this new person. I feel like the old me is gone, and I don't know if I like this new girl. And honestly, even if somebody else did... I mean, you do make it sound great—the whole mating thing—very poetic. Maybe it is... But, I'm not that girl. I'm not going to live my life sitting around waiting for some guy. *Wincing a little at the unintentional pun* This really isn't about Guy. It's not. I'm a modern woman. I don't need a man. That's all. It just... It seems a little passive to just sit around and wait, don't you think? Isn't there... More to this life. I mean, you have eternity, and that's how you're going to spend it? Waiting for some woman that might never come? *shaking her head a little as she realized the personal, probing nature of her own words* I'm sorry. Forget that. And... I'll forget about the whole "newborn" thing if you will. I... I should have just asked nicely. *unconsciously slumping to the side—to his side—her shoulder pressing against his arm, her head tilted towards his shoulder, thought it didn't quite touch it* I'm also usually pretty well-mannered. It's just... With all this, being compared to an infant seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back. It's sounds like a pretty normal thing to call a new vampire, from the way you were talking. It just... Irks me a bit.

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Carlisle: *grimacing regretfully at the glance Spence gave his bag* Unfortunately I can't give you much for the pain. I have aspirin, but nothing stronger. The TSA has tightened up regulations quite a bit in the last few years. I was trained as a surgeon, and they won't even allow me to carry a scalpel in this bag anymore. *But, with the declaration, he pulled out the bottle of aspirin and handed several tablets to Spencer. It was enough to dull his pain at least, but he couldn't give the young man enough to risk him falling asleep or being unable to move, the situation was much too precarious form him to risk either of those outcomes. He would have to monitor Spencer to ensure he didn't have a concussion, and he was sure they would all have to move up the beach in a few hours, to avoid the tide as it came in* Here, take these. I'm sorry I don't have any water to give you with them, just press your tongue to the roof of your mouth for thirty seconds before you take each one. Helps with saliva production. *he chuckled slightly at the odd looks that got from the two* It'll help them go down easier. *turning his attention back to Bayleigh, giving her a critical eye, but he couldn't help someone who didn't want to be helped, after all* Alright, just lay down if it gets worse. I'll be back to check on the two of you just as soon as I can.

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(waiting at the gate, and hoping to make through a post before boarding)

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(Yay!! :) Either way, I hope you have a great flight!!)

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(Merry Christmas!!)

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(Merry Christmas!! :) I hope you're having a great trip so far!!)

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Jasper: *wrapping his arm around her shoulders in a big brother kind of way, a gesture he often did when he sat with Alice. It was a show of comfort, but more than that, it was his way of saying that he stood by someone, that he would protect them. It was something he never would have gotten away with in the army. Maria hated affection of any kind, even if it was of the brother and sister nature. He had managed to have a sort of relationship with Yuzuki, but that was really just about releasing physical passion. There were no emotions to support what they had. They would spar until one of them lost a limb or had so many brakes or dislications they couldn't go on, they would lay there healing and when it was over they would release other physical passions before going their own way to hunt if it were allowed. He always suspected Maria knew and only allowed it because of their individual value.* No, I don't just sit around waiting all the time. That's just one benefit, the easiest one for an emotionally heightened vampire to understand. If you want a deeper reason than that, listen to your own words. We have forever, that's something that humans don't have. There are things that we can do with forever that humans can't accomplish in a single lifetime. You can go to school and become a doctor and surgeon like Carlisle. You can learn 36 different languages like Edward. You can build a fashion empire like Alice. Or become a home designer like Esme. Or build cars like Rosalie. Master every video game in the known universe like Emmett. There is literally no limit to what you can accomplish. Whatever your dream was as a human, multiple it times a thousand. And if you didn't really know what you wanted to do before, then experiment, reinvent yourself every fifty years until you find something you like. *Frowning a little in thought*. Actually, I'm a little surprised I listened to your outburst. I'm wasn't intimidated by it, and I'm certainly not a nice guy that just breaks a life long habit because I got yelled at. Maybe old age is catching up with me and I'm getting soft. *Shaking his head after a moment*. So, Robyn Summers, what is it that you like? What talents did you have as a human? What did you want to be when you grew up? Tell me everything about yourself, your life that you can remember, the good and the bad. Your human memories will fade with time, but anything you talk about now will stay with you forever. So, think about all things you don't want to forget and talk about them now.

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(so far, so good. We're going to go see grandma a little later and then watch Christmas movies with my mom and brother)

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Robyn: *Sighing and closing her eyes as she leaned further into the embrace. It felt good, to have something good come out of a touch she had been so afraid of. There was warmth with him, the comfort that she craved. It was intimate, without being sexual, like so many times she had cried on her best friend's shoulder—and him on her's—over life's hardships. She felt stronger, having someone there beside her, and relief that even though she was more animal now, it seemed that vampires, like humans, were social creatures. She wasn't doomed to walk the world alone for the rest of eternity. That was her greatest fear really, not the coffins, or the possible transformation into a bat. She was scared of being alone, just as scared as she was of becoming a monster* Well, Rosalie did say you were part of the family now, didn't she? *Smiling a little to herself when Jasper admitted her words had gotten to him, when they usually wouldn't have. Strangely enough, it made him seem more human, more relatable, that he would attribute the change to old age* Well, I can be very convincing. I argue, for a living. I'm a lawyer. Well, a law clerk, technically. That's... What I was studying. My father was one, too. A lawyer. I remember watching him when I was little, in his fancy suits and ties, carrying that leather briefcase around everywhere. I mean, I loved my mother, but I idolized my father. He was... So warm, kind, and gentle. The opposite of what you would expect from a lawyer, but he was more of an ambulance chaser than the corporate type. He believed in standing up for the little guy, in equal protection under the law. He even put away a big corporate CEO, made him pay out a big settlement after paying his employees retirement funds with watered stock... When he died, it just made me want to be like him even more. When it came time for college, I followed in his footsteps. I went to Stanford, I studied pre-law there, did great on my LSATs, and I took a clerkship in Rhode Island to see if Brown might be a good fit to finish my degree. But, my mom lives in San Diego, so that would mean a lot of flying. I... *rolling her eyes a bit at her past self* I thought it would be a great idea to spend this summer getting over my fear of flying, or at least trying to. And to see the world a bit. I've never really travelled. So, I went to the U.K., spent a lot of time in France. *conveniently leaving out the part where that was where she had met her boyfriend, with whom things had ended horribly in Italy, calling an early end to her tour around the world* Tried to ski in Sweden. Turns out, I'm awful at it. Then, I went to Spain. And, I finished in Italy. I was going to visit my Grandparents in Washington before I went back home, but that part of the trip never happened. *shaking her head a little at herself* Anyways. If I do have forever, I would definitely finish my law degree. Or maybe I'd do something crazy with my time. I entertained the idea of becoming an artist when I was little. It was ridiculous then, but somehow, I don't think I'd turn out to be a "starving artist" now. *looking to him curiously* You've mentioned Carlisle, Edward, Alice, Esme, Rosalie, and Emmett. What about you? What are you doing with your forever?

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(That all sounds great! :))

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Jasper: *smiling a little at the way she talked about her dad and idiolizing him to the point of choosing to adopt his career as her own. He could already see the way Renesmee was turning into a Daddy's girl just like that, learning to play the piano and write music just like her father.* A painting lawyer, we could use one of those in the family. None of us are very good at art, but Edward's a musician. It would be cool to see you painting while he's playing. I bet it would turn out wonderful. I've seen something like it before when we lived in New York. It was really cool. Right now the lawyer I use is a little on the shady side. It would be great to use someone legitimate for our needs. There are times when we have to disappear for a while. We sometimes need help pushing passports and other legal documents through the system in order for that to happen. *Taking a breath when Robyn inevitably asked about his personal mission in this life, what one thing he had become an expert at doing in all these years.* I'm a little complicated than the others. I haven't gone in to one specific field of study. Instead I'm more of a strategist, a war strategist to be exact. I've studied history, psychology, and I stay up to date on both ancient and the latest technologies. I own at least five different drones and six katana swords if that gives you any indication. I'm also a master at hand to hand combat. I speak seven languages and know basic field medicine. I built a ten board, three layer chess set from scratch. Basically, I know enough about the tools, the human element, and the methods that have worked well in the past that if there ever was a third world war the country who hired me as an advisor would come out on top every time, regardless of any other circumstances. Don't believe me? Just test me, give me a battle situation and I'll tell you how to win it.

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Robyn: *Smiling a little wistfully at the thought of being the family lawyer, of being able to contribute something useful to the group* I'd like that. Although, I'm not quite sure how good I'd be at it. There is a fair bit of forgery involved in being a vampire, I imagine. Because if a government official saw your real birthdate on official documents, they'd either assume a mistake had been made, or have a heart attack. Or both, depending on the constitution of the individual. *chuckling softly at the quite comical picture that presented in her mind, the sound soft and light, like the tinkling of bells* Though, being artistically inclined and and well-read in law, I'd probably be the best person to do it. *her expression turning thoughtful as she run the logistics of it over in her mind* You'd be surprised just how many people successfully forge birth certificates, social security cards, and passports on their own. Illegal immigrants and criminals on the run alike do it all the time. All you really need are the right kinds of paper, sometimes a good laminating machine, and a good, steady hand. *Looking at him with interest as he explained his particular area of expertise. Most people had rather predictable hobbies. Watching TV. Exercising. Reading. She even considered her own penchant towards art to be rather boring. But, playing at war? Swordplay? Well, those certainly weren't things people talked about every day* Oh, I believe you. *smiling a little impishly* You know, I took a profiling class back at school. I can't believe I didn't realize it earlier, to be honest. You're ex-military! I should have guessed from the way you were staring me down in the beginning, that fighting stance you took. I thought that maybe it was just a vampire thing, but it didn't come instinctively to me. So, you're a fighter. And the way you kept calling me 'newborn'—that's distancing behavior. And, well, Rosalie did say something about a 'God of War.' That's why you're so interested in it, isn't it? Because you've lived it before? *clearing her throat softly when Jasper didn't reply immediately to her revelation, and sensing that she had made him uncomfortable by saying it aloud, she tried to steer the conversation towards a lighter topic* Ah, well, I'm really no good at these things. By friend Mitch would always want to argue Batman V. Superman. I was always rooting for Superman, he's a nerd with superpowers, who wouldn't? But, Mitch always insisted Batman would find kryptonite somehow. What do you think?

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(I have been sitting on this idea since yesterday, figured I could throw it out there... :) I hope your trip is still going well! I hope you feel free to drop in anytime you have a minute, even if it's just to say hi. I know how crazy vacations can get.)

Alice: *She had made a quick escape from the carnage of the crash when they had hit the beach. Like her other siblings, she found it too overwhelming at first to do anything but hold her breath. But, while she was up the beach, holding her breath and closing her eyes against the tempting massacre that they had found themselves in the middle of, images flashed from behind her eyes, and she realized that she had made a grave mistake* NO! *She thought vehemently, watching, but unable to help as the image of Jasper's teeth buried in that poor girl's neck moments before it occurred in reality. She could hear her soft whimper as he began to drank her life's essence, as he began to kill her. Jasper had come so far from the man he had once been. He was so vastly different now from the day she had met him. But, she her own ability to stop feeding on a human before they died. She knew for certain that it wasn't something Jasper would be able to do* But the blood. I can't. *She stood paralyzed beyond the tree line, knowing that she would be just as useless standing there as she would if she tried to stop Jasper. She would only end up feeding on another human, or join him in putting a swift end to the life of "the brunette" as she had taken to calling the girl in her mind, despite the red hues hidden in her hair. They came out brilliantly in her vision, as Jasper's bloodied lips stood out in contrast to her pale, still body. And then—it changed. Someone had made a last minute decision. Emmett was pulling Jasper away, Rosalie was standing guard over the girl. She was alive. Then, Alice watched in fascinated horror as the girl changed. Just like that—she was a vampire. Just like that—the history she had been waiting to play our for decades was spun on it's head. She wanted, desperately, to tell Jasper the truth of what was happening to him, especially when he looked at the girl with such vehemence, but she was distracted before she could approach. A young girl approached her, clutching a doll, covered in her dead mother's blood, crying about how her Mommy wouldn't wake up* It's going to be alright, sweetheart. *She murmured, trying to be comforting, but she was utterly distracted as the young thing threw her arms around her legs. She bit the inside of her own cheek to distract herself from her thirst as she rubbed the little girl's back, but it seemed that her own injuries were quite extensive as well. Within minutes, her breathing and heartbeat had stuttered to nothing, and Alice allowed herself several soft sobs as she laid the girl onto her back, closing her eyes so that she looked almost as if she were sleeping. When she rose again, it was on unsteady legs, but they were headed determinedly in Jasper's direction. She hung back when she saw them together, almost hating herself for interrupting what she was sure was one of the happiest moment's of her dearest friend's life*

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(awwww....Poor Alice. We spent the day yesterday running around and seeing people, but are taking it easy today, so unless someone drops by that we aren't expecting then I should be able to swing by here off and on) Jasper: *impressed with how quickly Robyn was able to decipher exactly what kinds of needs they would have for a lawyer in the family, and how seemingly willing she was to give them a try.* Most of us are fairly young by vampire standards. Carlisle is the oldest by a long shot. He has a couple hundred years over me and I have several decades over the rest, but yes, we're all to the point now where we can't use our real birthdays unless, in Emmett and Rosalie's cases, it's to draw social security, but even that wouldn't be able to hold up for long before they would be expected to pass away from old age. *Hesitating for a very long moment before he spoke again, knowing that eventually Robyn would have to hear the truth about him, about his past, but hating that he would have to talk about it so soon. Taking a concentrated breath before finally deciding to speak.* You'll hear about all of it in time anyway, may as well let you know what you're getting into. It isn't a secret, but none of us like thinking about it. For me, it's important to remember so that it isn't repeated again, regardless of how difficult it is, but for the others, it makes them uncomfortable to think about where I've come from. I was raised during the time of the Civil War. In fact, I was the youngest Major in the Texas Calvary, part of the Confederate army. That isn't the part that makes everyone uncomfortable. We all have a human past full of ideals that are no longer common practice, and full of things that we now know weren't entirely right, things that we know now were wrong, things that we regret believing and practicing. So the fact that my family owned a pair of slaves is just part of the history of the US, part of the past that makes this country what it is today. We wouldn't do that now, but it's where we came from, and that's OK. But the South wasn't exactly a vampire paradise during that time either. It was difficult for vampires to control feeding grounds with the humans fighting themselves all the time, so the strongest vampires formed armies and they waged their own battles for the right to control land on which they could feed. I was turned into a vampire for the purpose of fighting in one of these armies. It was true hell on earth. The Civil War was nothing compared to the carnage of the Southern Vampire Wars. I became second in command over one of the armies, The Major, The God of War, Maria's Pet. That was my identity. I'm not just ex-military, I am one of the most dangerous fighters on this planet. I've never lost a fight. There are some who came close, but in the end I killed them. There are some who were on my side and I'm glad they were because if it ever came down to life or death between the two of us, it would be bad, very bad, and I can't say for sure who would win. That kind of thing can never happen again. It would literally be the end of the world as we know it. I'm not fascinated by war because I lived it, I've studied it, perfected it, so I can help prevent it, and end it quickly if needed. And now you know. *Welcoming the change of subject when it was offered, and carefully considering the strengths and weaknesses of the two so called super heroes before responding* Superman has proven that while kryptonite slows him down, it won't always stop him, he's faces it before and come out on the other side. It isn't fun, but he does it. He has a support network backing him up, Lois, Perry, Jimmy, his parents, Starlabs. But he's only ever had to fight one true enemy bent on his destruction, and Lex Luther is a rich mogul just like Batman. Batman is smart, he takes his time to think through a solution before acting, he has experience fighting a variety of different foes and knows that every opponent is different, but he's alone. Alfred and Robin and Commissioner Gordon can only do so much. None of them have that same deep emotional connection to him that Lois has with Superman. At the end of the day, it's going to come down to who makes the first mistake, a mistake that will the door wide open for the other one to claim victory. Will Batman fail in his kryptonite delivery system or will Superman fail to anticipate and avoid it? That's the crux of the entire hypothetical battle. At the end of it all, I would place all my money on the victor being..... *Interrupting himself before he could reveal his choice of the ultimate showdown winner when he heard a noise and looked over to see his best friend approaching*. Alice?

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(Well, I'm glad you're getting a little break from all the socializing. I know how overwhelming that can get after a while. :) I'll be here most of the day as well. I have to make a grocery run later today, but otherwise I'm wide open.)

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Robyn: Oh. *Her voice very soft, very small as he explained the truth behind the clues she had managed to piece together. Hearing about his past was a stark reminder that he wasn't just any ordinary boy sitting beside her. He was a vampire, and he had been alive a lot longer than she had. He had lived a life that she could hardly imagined. It was literally an age ago when the Civil War had taken place. She had only read a little about it in her history textbooks. It was the war in which "brother fought against brother," pitted against each other in a war that fought viciously over two issues whose morality had been very up in the air at the time: slavery and succession. Her teachers had always emphasized that everything had turned out for the best, but it was difficult for her to imagine life at that time, full of bloodshed* How do you just go on living like everything was normal after something like that? After a war, followed by another, even more brutal one? I mean... He hasn't really, has he? He's made it his life's work. *Clearing her throat softly when he mentioned being one of the world's most dangerous fighters. It made her skin itch to be reminded of just how dangerous he actually was to her. It reminded her of the many, many scars that were visible just on his exposed skin, and the countless others that were sure to tattoo his body underneath the edges of his clothing. It reminded her that he was dangerous, that he could kill her at any moment he desired, a fear that had been bright and prevalent when she had first seen him. He was more threatening then, the violence of his stance and the ferocity of his anger highlighting the already visible warning. She had almost managed to convince herself he was harmless, with his soft gentle voice, and his arm slung over her shoulder in a touch that was all comfort. She tried to hide it, but she could feel that fear creeping back in at his words* If you side with Mitch, I swear— *her words were strained with tension, despite their levity, but she was saved from explaining the tightness in her voice when another vampire approached them. She sprung to her feet in an instant. The woman was covered in fresh blood, and it was all Robyn could do to tighten every muscle in her body to avoid acting on the feelings that scent inspired*

Alice: Jasper. *She smiled solely at him, the expression breaking when Robyn leapt to her feet, obviously affected by the scent she carried. She sighed as she fingered the fresh blood on her dress. It obviously wasn't from a feeding, she knew her best friend would see that in an instant. There were several blotchy patches of it at the middle of her skirt, and on her hands, from comforting that little girl, but her torso—and most importantly her lips—were free of it. Still, she knew that the brunette beside him wouldn't understand it right away, especially not as affected by the bloodlust as she already seemed to be* I didn't. *She said simply, shaking her head immediately when it looked like Jasper might press her on the details. She could still see that little girl's face as vividly in her mind as if she were still standing just beside her. She would be able to see it with crystal clarity for the rest of her life. The image would haunt her, but she didn't want it to haunt anyone else. It was an awful thing, the death of a child, and though it hurt her nearly more than she could bear to think about it, she knew it would be worse to speak on the tragedy* I'm so sorry, Jas. If I knew this was going to happen—If I had seen it this way, you know I would have done everything I could to stop it. *despite her own words, she still felt so, so guilty. Not just about the plane crash—although it seemed impossible that she would miss something so important—but about the way he had met Robyn. When she had taken him to Carlisle, she had promised him in not so many words that he would have something worth living for one day, that taking his own life would be a mistake, but she had never imagined things would turn out like this. This strange twist of fate changed everything she had ever seen. They had thrown out the proverbial playbook, and she was so uncertain on what would come next. But, she did know one, very important thing: it was time to come clean* Can I talk to you... *Glancing over at Robyn, who seemed to have calmed for the moment, but still hadn't moved from her spot. She wondered if it was safe to leave the new vampire alone, but she wouldn't really be alone. They would both be close enough to stop her before she did anything too reckless. After all, nearly every human who had managed to survive the horrible crash had bumps and bruises, rather than cuts and scrapes* Privately, for a few moments? Please?

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Jasper: *tensing at Robyn's initial reaction to seeing Alice and springing to his feet best to get as a precaution in case the dried blood on Alice's clothes became too much for the new vampire to handle. He knew that she hadn't fed on a human given the color of her eyes, and the emotions radiating from her were almost painful to feel. He knew enough of those emotions and Alice's personality in general to guess at what had happened. But he didn't have time now to think about what Alice was going through after obviously having a front row seat to another passengers death. But it wasn't until she spoke that he realized the emotions weighing on her wasn't just about watching a human die* Alice, I... *Starting to offer what words of comfort he could, but didn't manage to get the words out before she asked to talk to him alone. He cast a quick glance back to Robyn before giving a short nod to Alice* OK. Robyn, we'll be right over there if you need anything. Try counting to a million in multiples of seven as a distraction against the blood if you need to. It takes a very small level of concentration, but it should be enough. I'll be back soon. *Moving far enough away with Alice that they could whisper without being overheard but could still see Robyn and intervene if needed.* Alice, no one blames you for this. You couldn't have possibly seen this. The storm maybe, but you didn't know to look for it and the pilot was making too many spur of the moment decisions to know we would end up here. And as for my slip...I don't think it's hit me yet. Once Robyn realizes that she was my slip, and that I'm the one who stole her human life, it might be different, but right now I'm still just numb to it. Are you OK? I assume you were the last thing there to comfort one of the now dead. I know how hard you take things like that. I'm going to have my hands full trying to train Robyn, but I'm still here for you too no matter what.

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(And back from the grocery store! They had chocolate cake for half off at the bakery. I'm very happy. :))

Alice: *Her eyes already burning with venom tears that would never be abel to fall as they stepped away. She was able to stop herself from sobbing at the words of comfort that she so desperately needed, but she wouldn't allow herself to. That would be tantamount to accepting them, to accepting that she hadn't been at fault, but she wasn't so sure* You don't have to blame me. *She whispered, so as not to be overheard by Robyn, who stood pacing back and forth, distracting herself by wearing a small path into the dirt as they talked* I blame myself. If I wasn't so focused on the Volturi and whether or not they might change their minds, then I might have seen it. It's not just that we wouldn't have been stranded here. I could have stopped this flight! I could have saved all those people! It wasn't just the pilot. This storm had to have been coming for a while, and maybe there were mechanical problems with the plane. In any case, I missed it. I subjected all these people to the worst kind of misery. *Her fingers grasping the areas where her dress was smudged with blood tightly, as if to punish herself for what she had failed to do* I couldn't move... I couldn't help you. I saw it, and I couldn't help you. I'm your friend. I promised to be there, to help you, always, and I failed. If it hadn't been for Emmett... *Trailing off suddenly, remaining quiet for several long moment before she started again* Then... Then this little girl comes up to me, covered in her mother's blood, just sobbing... She couldn't have been older than eight. She was a child. And, if she hadn't already been dying, I might have killed her. I'm not okay. And, I shouldn't be. *closing her eyes for a long moment after she admitted that, but it wasn't the only thing that she knew she had to get off her chest before she would be able to live with herself again* But, that's not the worst of it, Jas. I don't know if you'll forgive me this time... And I don't know if I deserve to be forgiven, but you need to know. *Sighing heavily, opening and closing her mouth twice before she was ready to begin again* Do you remember when we first met? *A forced smile on her lips as she spoke of the old memory, knowing that no matter how happy it was, he would soon be furious with her* ...When I told you that you had a reason to live? That you would meet your mate someday? And, then... After your first slip, how I told you that she would be human when you met her. I was trying to be encouraging, I didn't want you to give up, but you were so frustrated for such a long time after that. Every time you slipped, you felt like a failure. You were terrified that you would hurt her. You were angry that you didn't have the control that you wanted. And, so... When I started seeing visions of her all grown up... I waited. *Her expression flashing with guilt at the admission* I so wanted to tell you, but every time I decided to, I saw the worst. You... You weren't there yet. There was something about her, like there was with Edward and Bella, something that made her more tempting than other humans. Every time I decided to tell you, I saw you loosing control. I thought it would be even worse if I told you, so I kept quiet. I thought that if we had a little more time, maybe it would be better. I thought... Maybe it would be different. I just... Quietly watched her grew up. I tried to watch her closely, make sure nothing happened to her. But... *Not daring to meet his eyes as she told him the news—she knew he certainly wasn't going to take this well* But, something did happen to her. You happened to her. It's Robyn, Jasper. She's the brunette. She always has been.

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(yay for cheap chocolate cake!!) Jasper: *knowing that it would be pointless to argue with Alice about the plane crash. No matter how many times he tried to explain her innocence to her or explain that it was probably for the best in the end, she would carry this guilt with her the rest of her life. It's what made her Alice, it's what reminded everyone that even her ability had limits and as much as he wanted to take those negative emotions away from her, he knew enough to know that there was value within that negativity. Frowning when Alice shifted gears all together and started talking about his mate, a mate that she had promised him was coming, a mate that he was as terrified as he was excited to actually meet. Then his world came crashing in around him when Alice finally got to the point of her story.* No, no that's impossible. Robyn is not my mate. I think I would know if she was. But I feel nothing for her other than the need to make sure she doesn't go crazy. She may have been the brunette in your vision all these years, a human girl whose blood appeals to me more than any other, but she is not my mate.

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Alice: *Shaking her head at the denial that she was facing. It was probably selfish of her, but she wanted this part to be over with already. She wanted Jasper to accept what she was saying. She knew he would be angry with her, angry with himself, angry with the situation, but she knew that neither of them would get past it if he didn't let that anger out. That was the kind of person he was. It was part of the reason she often thought he was meant to be an empath. It wasn't because he was charismatic—thought, he really was, when he wanted to be—but rather because he was a bottler. Who better to alter the emotions of the people around him than a person who so often kept them tightly locked up inside? Perhaps it wasn't healthy, but it was rather fitting, in an ironic sort of way* You think that that's something I say lightly? She isn't just some girl, Jas. After I became a vampire, the first vision I ever saw was of the two of you. In the next one, I saw what you were going to do to yourself. And, then I saw that little diner in Philadelphia. That means something. She isn't just your singer. Her life is tied to yours. I can't tell you how many times I tried to look into your future and saw hers instead, and I can't show you what it looked like, every time I decided tell you about her... And then the horror that followed. It wasn't just that you killed her, Jasper. I watched you overcome with grief. You would still have her blood on your lips. Her body would go still. The life would leave her eyes... And, then, it would leave yours. The way you would cling to her body... *Grimacing as she remembered the images* Honestly, a part of me is glad that I can't show you, because... Because, no one wants to see someone else like that. And, I didn't know what to do. I knew I should have told you, but... But, I didn't want to hurt you. The idea of her gave you so much hope, so much drive, how could I tell you it was all for nothing? That you would hurt her no matter what you did? She kept getting older and older... And I watched it... And I didn't know what to hope for anymore, because then the Volturi were a part of our lives, and my visions only got worse every time I thought about telling you. *Smiling tightly* I'm just... I'm so glad she's alive. I know it isn't what you wanted, but she's alive. You two can have your chance now, you can be happy. It won't be the future I saw, but... She's your mate. *Fixing her gaze on her dirty shoes once more when she was met with denial yet again* Even if you don't believe that, I know you believe in my visions. You were in love. You were happier than I've ever seen you. You can have that, if you want it. She doesn't know... But, now you do. You needed to know.

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Jasper: Alice, please, stop this nonsense, just Thai one time you were wrong. There is no way she can possibly be my mate. I wouldn't, I couldn't, I don't feel anything for her. I should, but I don't. There hasn't been anything like what I thought would happen when I finally met my mate. It's nothing like Bella and Edward or Emmett and Rosalie. There's just no way. *Closing his eyes and running his hand through his hair like he so often did when he was trying to process what was happening as he listened to Alice plead with him to understand. As much as he wanted to keep denying it, he knew that her visions were always right and that meant that he was faced with an even bigger challenge than before. Did he tell her? How did he tell her? Is that why it affected him like it did when she asked him not to call her newborn? Is that why he apologized? Is that why even now, even talking to Alice like this, he couldn't take his eyes off her? Is that why he was so ready to reveal personal details of his life to her? Is that why he already thought of her as family instead of as just some newborn he had to train and set free? Is that the real reason he hadn't killed her as soon as he was alone with her? He didn't have time or energy enough to answer all those questions now. He was struck with just how guilty and sad and even a little afraid his best friend felt over everything that had happened. He let out a heavy breath and finally spoke in a monotone, nearly silent voice* Alice, what am I going to do? I can't tell that girl that not only am I the one who stole her life, but that I'm her mate too. She's already so fragile with the heightened emotions and enhanced senses. It'll be too much for her. There is no good way for this to turn out. I'm not mad at you. I don't wish you had told me sooner. I just wish this day had never happened in general. On the plane, I was breathing in her scent the entire time, I was struggling, but I was doing good. It wasn't until she was bleeding like that that I lost control and myabe it's good that I did. She would have died if I hadn't bit her and turned her. I just don't know where to go from here with it. I think it's best if she discovers this on her own. After she's had a chance to adjust to everything else. And I do wish those circumstances were different, but it is what it is and I don't blame you for any of it. I never pushed you to learn more about my mate because I didn't think that I was ready for her. And I'm still not. I'm no where close to being good enough for her, but again, it's too late now. I'll just have to let it happen. And as terrified as I am of how she'll react, I have to hope that we'll get through it. And again, none of it is your fault, you did everything you could, the rest of it is going to be up to us, up to her. Maybe you can see if there are any animals on the island. Without Animal blood, she's going to be even more difficult to keep calm until we're rescued. And you could use some too.

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Alice: *Blinking at him several times in disbelief* I... I can't believe you aren't angry. If you were me, and I were you... I would be furious. I would be spitting fire, that's how angry it would make me if I found out you had been hiding something this big, this important from me. Are... Are you sure you aren't angry? Because I can take it. I'm your best friend. You trusted me. I And I betrayed that trust. I was doing it for the right reasons, but that still doesn't make it right. At least not all the way. If you want to yell, you can. If you want to hit me, you know I'm not going to break. But, if you're going to be mad at me, I'd rather you just, you know. *Making an indiscernible gesture with her hands* Be mad at me. You just got over your denial. If there was ever a time for anger, it would be now. *Sighing a little when he seemed more melancholy than anything else* He skipped anger. It was denial, then bargaining, and now depression. That's even worse. An angry Jasper will eventually dust himself off and pick himself back up, but... Well, I've never really seen him sad before. I mean, I saw a glance when he found out his sister died, but he packed off and went to stay with Peter and Charlotte before any of us could really see what it was that he was going through. This must be so hard for him. He hates being vulnerable like this. This situation isn't ideal for anyone. Not for you. Not for your brunette. Not for anyone in the family. You know that I can't tell you what to do. I can't make the decision for you. I agree that being a newborn is a difficult and trying thing. I had to do it alone and it took me a long time to get to a place where I really recognized myself again. But, you'll be there. If there's anyone that should be there for her, it's you. You know more about what she's going through than anyone else in the family, even Carlisle. And, even if you decide right now isn't the time to tell her what there really is between you two, or the fact that you sired her, you'll still be there for her. That's what she really needs right now. Someone in her corner. Someone who can help her be herself. I don't think there's anyone better to do that for you than a mate. You may not love her yet... But, that comes with time. Even for Edward and Bella, they started out with curiosity, then obsession—love came later. Rosalie and Emmett denied having any romantic feelings toward one another for near a decade before they were suddenly engaged. Carlisle left Esme behind at first, in the arms of another man. Before I told you, you cared about Robyn in your own way, you wanted to help her, you wanted to protect her. Those feelings can only grow with time, and I'm certain they will. One day you'll both know, and when the time is right you can tell her that you knew she was a long time coming. I don't think she'll begrudge you giving her time to come to terms with herself before you told her. But, that's only my humble opinion. *Nodding in the affirmative* Of course. That's the least I could do, really. I... I still don't think I could stand to help Carlisle or any of the others down the beach. I do envy their control sometimes. I'll let you know what I find. *Turning and slinking deeper into the forest, quick and quiet, as to not disturb the wildlife while she searched*

Robyn: *If she still had the ability to cry, she would have been bored to tears by the time Jasper and Alice finished talking. She had tried counting at first, but it had been tedious, and ridiculously easy. She had gotten to One Million quickly, then she proceeded to count back by seven from there. She had quickly taken to pacing while she walked. Moving made her feel better, less antsy. But, after a while even pacing had her feeling restless. She felt rather childish, like a two year old who needed careful increments of food, rest, and stimulation to keep a tantrum at bay. Except a newborn vampire's tantrum was bound to be much, much worse than some spilled milk and a few tears* I feel like one of those fireflies, trapped in a little glass jar. But, someone's forgotten to poke holes in the top. So, I'm suffocating. And, no one ever taught this kid that it isn't nice to shake the jar. It knocks the bug this way and that, against the sides of the glass. *She wanted desperately to return to the beach, where the sound of heartbeats might as well be blasting boomboxes. Jasper voice had distracted her before, but now all was silent on that front, and all she could hear was the wind, and the rhythm of the ocean, and a few pounding heartbeats. More than that, she just wanted to do something. She had recently fed, and that left her with two things. First, a desire to feed more. Second, a desperate need to do something—anything. She would have shot off into the woods in search of that something, but she could feel the weight of Jasper's form out of the corner of her eye. He was like a magnet, pulling her in every time she paced a little too far away. It kept her grounded, whatever made her feel so connected to him* Why do I feel so connected to him? He... He's been so nice... But, I don't know if that's because he wanted to kill me and got outvoted, or perhaps in spite of that, he still likes me? Maybe he's just trying to distract me. Keep me from doing something stupid. Again. I can't believe—! How could he let me just—! I mean, it's not like their family just goes off biting people. They feed off of animals. Except... Except Rosalie said... And, even Jasper admitted he had slipped. Was it...? Was I...? *She hadn't had much time to dedicate to thinking about it until now. She had been keeping busy, but now that the cogs and wheels in her brain had taken a second to turn, they weren't stopping. A cloudy image appeared in her mind. Jasper, hunched over her. Jasper, with his lips on her neck. She couldn't remember feeling much, and she had closed her eyes when his teeth had punctured her neck, but she remembered trying to push him away. And, then he'd been gone. The fire was trying to consume her, but Rosalie was there. And it took so much energy just to focus on her, to focus on the present, that the disturbing image had slipped away. If she had lived, if she had woken up human, she might have dismissed it, forgotten it, but things were so different now. A dismayed expression flittered across her face as her fingers felt her neck for the bite mark. It hadn't been her imagination, it was on the same side, in the exact same place she remembered being bitten. The betrayal hit her like a physical blow to the stomach, and Alice hadn't been gone two seconds before she turned to him in angry disbelief* You did this to me? *She had expected that she would yell, but the words were just as broken as she was.* Oh, my god. *She audibly groaned. The connection was actually painful to make, but all that Vampire Diaries talk had stuck, and once the idea came to her, she couldn't un-think it* I'm Vicki. I was a stupid, impulsive accident, and now you're just trying to assuage your guilt. That's why you threatened me, isn't it? Because, I'm your responsibility. You made me like this. If I turn out wrong, if I mess up, it'd be your fault. So, it was better to kill me that to roll the dice. That's what you thought. But, Rosalie and Emmett nixed that idea, so now you're stuck playing babysitter. *The words came out far more bitter than she had ever been, but it hurt more than she expected to think that he hadn't actually changed his mind about her, that she was a burden and nothing more*

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(I was just thinking that it might be cool to add Gabriel as one of the Others instead of as a passenger. After all, he doesn't get to be a supernatural creature very often in these RPs!)

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(happy new year!!)

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(Happy New Years!! :) I really hope you're having a fun time ringing in the New Year! We ended up going out for dinner to celebrate.)

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(I know you're probably very busy, but I just wanted to check in. :) How is the vacation going? I know you're probably not back home yet, since you tend to check in during your flights. I hope all is going well with your Grandma and the rest of your family. I also wanted to take a second to share something fun with you. I have had this idea for a "Groundhog Day" or "Phoenix Stone" inspired RP bouncing around in my mind, where our characters are forced to face their greatest fears/flaws by reliving a certain experience over and over again until they "get" it. Until they've gotten over their fears, or learned to accept their flaws, etc. I was thinking it might be cool if these visions were used on them almost like a weapon by an unfriendly, uniquely gifted vampire, but it could be done by a friend as an odd favor as well, or maybe some kind of challenge from the Volturi. I'm not sure if it would be a bigger thing or just a fun thing we could do on the Flash RP, but I just wanted to share and see what you thought. Depending on how much time I have, I might play around with writing a short story of the idea on my own. I'll definitely share that with you if I do!)

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(Happy Valentines Day everyone!! I'll be out for a lunch date to celebrate, but otherwise I'll be here to RP or chat or whatever! I'd love to do something Valentine's Day themed on the Flash RP if you're feeling up to it. I was thinking it might be a fun idea to do a short sketch of a modern-day wedding for Rosalie and Emmett! With plenty of comic relief as everything possible goes wrong, of course!)

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