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Rosalie: *politely excusing herself from the crowd of men who essentially tried to maul her after singing just one song. She only had eyes for one man, and that man didn't even know she was here. She told Emmett she was going out for a hunt, and hopped aboard the next plane out of Canada, where the Cullens had moved to avoid the draft. She had left a note for him explaining why she had to go, but she knew that he must be worried sick about her. And it hurt her more than she cared to admit that what she was doing would hurt him. But she pushed all those thoughts aside, focusing instead on her mission of vengeance. She didn't expect Emmett to understand, she didn't expect anyone to, but she couldn't be at peace with herself knowing that an eighth attacker still lived and breathed. He would die by her hand, and then she would go home to her husband. She stared coldly at the woman who approached her. She knew the other woman must have thought that she was doing some kind of good deed, rescuing her from a hoard of unwanted advances from men who hadn't seen a pretty woman in months. But really all this would be hero did was annoy her. She wasn't here to talk to people or to make friends with anyone. She was here to kill a man who had been part of killing her. She accepted the alcoholic beverage without a word or a smile, faking a sip from it before lighting another cigarette and sliding the package and lighter across the table to the human girl. Smokes and whiskey. Two terrible habits that made someone look like they belonged somewhere. She raked her eyes over the other woman, taking in the insignia on her own uniform and quickly cataloguing it for future reference in case she ended up needed to steal one in the future in order to blend in and get closer to her mark. She still wasn't smiling and only occasionally faking a drink from her glass or a drag on her tabacco stick, but then it wasn't fair to the other woman to leave her question hanging in the air for so long. She was trying to be nice. The least she could do was acknowledge the other woman's existence.* I haven't been assigned a uniform yet. I'm new around here. I suppose you already guessed at that. I suppose I'll be getting one soon enough. *making a sound that was part boredom, part annoyance* I really thought he'd be here. *mumbling to herself as she looked around one more time, then realizing that she hadn't spoken as quietly as she had meant to, and the nurse was now looking to her with curiosity* Sorry, when I was sent here, I found out that an old...friend...of mine was stationed around here. I was kind of hoping to run in to him. *pausing as she ground out the stub that was left of the burning cigarette before it could burn her hand* My names's Rosalie. McCarty. My friend and I are from New York. George Alessio. Maybe you know him? *not really holding out for a lead from this human woman, but instead trying for some mundane conversation to cover the fact that she just wanted to get out of there and get on with her mission, seeking and destroying her last remaining tormentor.*

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Robyn: *From the way the other woman acted, Robyn wouldn't have guessed that she was new to camp. The fresh faces they usually saw were bright-eyed and optimistic, like she had been, at least at first. Rosalie seemed rather world-weary, especially for someone so young, so beautiful. She was the kind of woman she expected to see with a smile permanently plastered across her face, her laughter filling the air. She lit up the room all the same, she had the kind of beauty that shone rain or shine, the kind of beauty you only saw in Hollywood actresses, the perfect women that were always plastered across the television and magazines. Not that she was jealous, she actually felt badly for the other woman, for the way she was likely to be ogled every day here. Although the men here felt a little freer to do it thanks to the spirits they imbibed, she knew that they didn't think it any less back at camp, and she'd bene eyed by patients and fellows alike* Well, don't count on it. It seems like we're short of just about everything these days. We're lucky this bar is still stocked honestly. *Nursing the second drink she'd waved over during the silence in her hands and taking another drink, savoring the taste before she gently pushed the cigarettes back* Nah, I shouldn't. Those things'll kill you, you know. I ready a study in school, linked smoking to lung cancer, can you believe that? *when it became obvious that the other woman had little interest in having a conversation, she was prepared to go back to drinking in quiet contemplation, but then she heard the words muttered under her breath, and the question that followed* Nice to meet you. I'm Nurse Summers. Robyn Summers. I do know George, in fact, he was the infantryman assigned to my unit for protection. But, well . . . *Of course she had lost so many patients, so many friends over the last few months, but this was the first time she'd had to relay the news to the people that cared about them in person. Well, she didn't have to. She could have denied it and allowed Rosalie to learn the news from her new superior, but given Robyn's luck lately, that was likely to be her, anyways* Besides, if it had been Jasper . . . I would want someone to tell me. Someone who knew him. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but George passed away. He caught typhoid . . . we were able to get him the vaccine, but his fever never broke. We were able to give him morphine, he wasn't in pain . . . I'm sorry, but he passed away last week. Some of his personal effects might still be floating around. No one's been by to collect them. If you were close, maybe he wrote you a letter he wasn't able to send . . . *noticing that something wasn't quite right with the woman beside her* or . . . something. *clearing her throat softly as she dared to put her hand compassionately on the other woman's shoulder* If it makes you feel any better, he did good work here. He saved my life, the life of my fellow nurses a dozen different times. He even took a bullet for me once. Through and through on the arm, didn't even slow him down. I . . . I wish he was still here, honestly. The idea of having to replace him . . . it's awful. *kicking back the last of her second glass* And I only knew him a few months. I can't imagine how you must feel.

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Rosalie: *her expression a carefully masked neutral even as her mind was racing, cursing George for already having died, and trying to come up with a convincing enough lie that would make the human woman across from her believe that she was actually saddened by his death* His death was mine to force, not Typhoid's. I should be happy that he's gone, but all I can think that is that it should have been me to kill him not some **** disease. ******! It should have been me. He wronged me! Now I have nothing to release my vengeance on. It's been 10 years of **** because of him, because he did nothing! They would have burned his corpse to stop the disease from spreading. I can't even go back to New York and dig him up and burn him myself. It's not fair! But then perhaps...he thought this pathetic human girl was worth saving. What does she have that I don't have? I'm far prettier than she is. And George knew me better he knew her, at least he should have. We grew up in the same town. Why didn't remember him being there sooner. If I could have gotten here even a month ago, I could have killed him before the Typhoid had the chance. Why!? *belatedly realizing that the girl, Robyn, was still staring at her expecting some kind of reaction* Pity. It would have been nice to see someone from New York. *she spit out the lie with some difficulty, hoping that Robyn was just stupid enough to buy it without pressing her* We weren't as close as I may have indicated, he just...he wasn't a very good guy back then. Terrible, in fact. But he was from home. He only saved your life because he was paid to do it. It was his job. If it was his choice, if he wasn't getting paid for it, he would have let you die. He was a coward. I'll pass on going through his personal effects. He wouldn't have written to me. He cared nothing for me. I'm of half a mind...to kill you since I can't kill him. You're saying he was such a good guy, he wasn't. He saved you when he watched me die. *shaking her head and taking a deep breath* Nothing. I think I've had a few too many of these. *indicating the mysteriously empty whisky glasses on the table. Truth be told, she had poured her share into the other woman's glass a little at a time at super speed* I should go. Before I do something I'll regret. You got lucky today Nurse Summers. I'm angry with George. Not you. You shouldn't have to pay for his sins. *reaching around in a feigned stupor to grab the sweater she had worn to the bar and stuffing her arms roughly inside the sleeves before heading for the door. She would disappear into the woods. Maybe find a couple animals to hunt. She would have to lay low until the next flight out of China. Maybe once she was back in Emmett's arms in Canada she could somehow let this awful night go. Somehow she would have to find a way to just be grateful that he was dead, nevermind how he got there.*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(AH! I just saw your profile pic change! I love it, it's AMAZING!! :))

Robyn: I don't think— *Only beginning to refute the other woman before she realized that it wasn't going to do any good. The woman beside her was already getting ready to leave* Maybe it was me. Maybe I just didn't deliver the news the right way, or maybe . . . maybe there was tension between them, like there is between me and Mitchell. Something left unsaid, some void between them that can never be bridged now because . . . because he's dead. *sighing to herself as she watch the woman walk away, her eyes drawn to her unnatural beauty, before turning away with a drunken shake of her head, gently sliding the empty glasses closer to the inner side of the bar so the bartender could retrieve them more easily, but not standing up to leave just yet. Of course, that was when Brutus sided up alongside her. He didn't offer her another drink, he could probably see that it wasn't for the best, but instead he offered her a ride back to camp on his jeep* Yeah. Yeah, that would be good. Thank you. *The naval officer reminded her of Jasper in more ways than one. He had the same cool complexion, the same dark eyes, but his jet black hair set him apart from the other man. Brutus told her he was from Louisiana, well, he had actually said he was from the Bayou, but thankfully he hadn't been the first officer with a Cajun accent she'd met, so she knew that meant he was from the swampland in Louisiana. She couldn't fathom living in a place like that, but then again, Venice was a city built over the water, with canals instead of roads, and it was one of the most famous in the world for it's beauty. She blinked back to reality as he helped her off the barstool. He was incredibly handsome and charming, but her heart already belonged to another soldier. Besides, she knew better than to think that he was infatuated with her. He was simply being kind on George's account, or so she assumed. She hadn't even known that the two soldiers knew each other until she caught Brutus sitting at George's bedside one day, looking at the other man like he was the only thing in the world that mattered. It simply wasn't something that happened in the army, not openly, but none of the nurses said anything, simply gave him a wide birth as they waited for the vaccine to work. When it hadn't, when Robyn had told Brutus that George's fever was still climbing. When she had told him he should say his goodbyes . . . Brutus had requested that George be allowed to die in peace and quiet, asked for some morphine to help with the pain. Robyn hadn't been able to refuse, and her new rank allowed her to pull to grant the request. With the vaccine, George wasn't contagious anymore, or so it was said, so she allowed it. Brutus had returned the favor by taking his body to be burned afterwards. Robyn couldn't imagine the kind of pain Brutus had to be in. It was part of the reason she hadn't told Rosalie the whole story. Especially if they were only aquaintances, chances were she didn't know his true persuasion. Who knew how she would have reacted. Most people didn't react kindly. Maybe that had been the reason Brutus almost seemed to be hovering around her, taking care of her to help George live on, even in some small way* You . . . You should go through his personal effects, you know. *She told Brutus as he shepherded her into her tent* Maybe he left something behind for you. *But Brutus just shook his head and thanked her, telling her to get some sleep before he seemingly disappeared from camp*

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(Why thank you! I thought he deserved a proper military uniform for this one! :) Speaking of which, maybe it's about time he's released from his POW status. In addition to normal research, some of the ideas incorporated below are based on the TV show "Hogan's Heroes")

May 1943

Jasper: *no one was going to believe that he had spent the past seven months as a POW and come out the other side looking like he'd just spent seven months taking a holiday in the mountains, but he would worry about that later, right now he had to see to his men who beyond a little worse for wear. He still wasn't sure where things went wrong for his unit, but before he could even comprehend what was happening, his entire battalion had been surrounded and forced to surrender or get killed on the spot. There were too many of them for even him to take out on his own, not to mention his men that would have witnessed such an impossible feat. So, it happened. He was taken into custody by the German army, and locked away in one of several prison camps near the place in Algeria where they had been captured. The prison camp wasn't entirely terrible. His men received daily rations, and the only person they ever questioned at length was himself. Of course he never gave up anything useful. He grew tired of constantly remaining silent, and started to share the plotline of various episodes of 'The Lone Ranger'. Eventually, they caught onto his misguiding tell-alls and attempted to torture him. When the first few attempts at brutal violence against him simply broke the hand of the German interrogator and did no harm to his person, they gave up on that pursuit as well. Little did they know that the greatest torture of all was the fact that he wasn't able to feed as long as he was forced to remain a prisoner. He could have broken out and never looked back. But that would require leaving his men behind, and he wasn't about to do that. He had been placed in barracks with Sergeant Waters, Private Seth Clearwater, and Corporal Jacob Black. Together, they devised a plan to use this opportunity to try to sabotage the Germans from the inside. They were forced to do heavy labor for the Germans in exchange for daily rations. They started to forget things, misplace things, intentionally do a poor job in constructing whatever thing the Germans had them working on at the time. They even dug a tunnel that led from the inside of their prison barracks to the supply shed so they could move back and forth undetected and sneak in at night to set up traps and sabotages to be activated the following day. It was during one of these night time missions, he crossed paths with what he suspected was a pile of bodies waiting to be burned. Some of them were prisoners who worked themselves to death, others were Axis soldiers killed in battle. Either way, he could care less where they came from, he was so ravenously hungry at this point, he was starting to feel his body petrify in places. He devoured what blood was left in a full dozen bodies before coming up for air. When he did, he caught sight of someone watching him. An American, or maybe he was British, no matter, he had been caught, and now he had to kill an ally. He flashed in front of the other man and shoved him against the supply shed's wall* I'm sorry to do this, but you've seen too much. Don't bother begging me to spare you. You can promise not to talk all you want, but everyone talks eventually. *he was about to snap the man's neck when he properly scented him, and dropping him to the ground, he took a step back to re-evaluate what he was seeing. This couldn't possibly be true, there were no other vampires out here. He was the only one in the war as far as he knew* You're a vampire? How?

Garrett: *standing to his feet and rubbing his neck and shaking out his body from the rather rude attack the other vampire had initiated* Yes, I'm a vampire. And I would imagine that I'm this way the same way that you are. Name's Garrett. I'm a Lieutenant‑Commander in the British Royal Navy. But things went a little FUBAR for me wouldn't you say? Major Whitlock, is it?

Jasper: Yes, I suppose they did. *nodding at the other man's assessment* Well, since there's two of us now, I suppose we're going to have to set a few ground rules. We take turns. I ate this pile. You get the next one. And so on after that. Hopefully, it won't be too long during feedings. And before you say anything, it's too much of a risk to jump the fence and hunt and come back. And if a healthy officer goes missing, there'll be way too many questions for my liking. And I don't know about you, but I have men here to protect. You're welcome to join our cause if you would like. We already been behind the failure of several minor pieces of equipment, maybe with two vampires we can do even more damage than that. But it can't be too conspicuous without raising red flags.

Garrett: *rolling his eyes* Ain't my first rodeo, Cowboy. I fought in the Revolution, on the American side, mind you. Union Army during the Civil War, back to the British for WWI. How many of your men you got in on this? What can I do to help?

Jasper: *he quickly became good comrades with Garrett, only getting into minor disagreements here and there. Garrett was a leader, like he was, and he didn't like taking orders from nobody, his words, and despite the double negative used in his outburst, he did his best to respect the other man's wishes and simply made requests of him, never orders. They had just figured out the perfect system in the German camp when the Axis leaders received new orders. All POWs were to be loaned to Japan to help in the construction of the Burma-Saim Railway that would eventually stretch from Ban Pong, Thailand to Thanbyuzayat, Burma. Conditions as a POW to Japan were a hundred times worse than they were to Germany. Actually, more like a thousand times worse. His men were beaten. Rations were cut in half. They tried to beat him and Garrett as well, but stopped after one attempt for obvious reasons. They worked on the railway from sun up to sundown. A lot of good men died working there. And as soon as one of them dropped to the ground, the Japanese guards finished the job and carried the body away before he or Garrett could get to it. The two vampires were literally starving, and it was all they could do to keep from eating the men in their own units. He had come so close one day when Seth cut hand, but Garrett stood in the way and blocked his path. Thank goodness he did. Seth would be dead now if Garrett hadn't been able to stop him. Then finally, finally after so long of waiting in agony, news came that the Axis armies in North Africa had surrendered and as part of the agreement, a percentage of all Axis POWs would be released to the nearest Allied base. It was simply luck that his team, Garrett included, had made the cut. They were hastily transported to the Allied base in China where the Nurse Army Corps were stationed so that they would be able to receive prompt medical attention. Jacob, Gabriel, and Seth were all immediately placed in critical care, while he and Garrett were ordered to report to the Colonel. Which they did, right after sneaking away to hunt. He had killed and feasted on at least a dozen bodies before starting to feel any where close to himself again, but once he started to regain his strength, he was ready to face the Colonel. The Colonel was astonished that he and Garrett had managed to come through as unscathed as they had. They were told that Jacob had lost three toes to frostbite, and Seth had lost half an arm due to an infection that set in after the cut, and Gabriel...Gabriel fell unconscious within seconds of getting to camp. He was severely dehydrated and running a fever. The doctors were not hopeful. Nonetheless, the Colonel congratulated them on surviving and ordered them both to get checked out and cleared for duty. Once cleared, they were both to ship out to England where a joint allied task force was underway preparing a mission code named Operation Overlord.* Yes, Sir, understood! *he saluted cleanly before turning on his heel and heading for the medical tent. Maybe he could convince whatever nurse was on duty that he was fine before she probed too far. Something in the back of his mind was telling him that he didn't need to worry, but for the life of him, he couldn't remember what was so significant about the base in China that he wouldn't have to worry about a medical exam. Then he walked into the tent and everything came back to him, so brilliant that now he only had one single purpose in mind as he watched the brunette across the tent bustling around from one bed to the next. All he had to do was talk to her.* Robyn! My darlin' Robyn! How I've longed to see you again! It was only thoughts of you that kept me going when I was at my worse in Japan! Robyn! Please, turn around see me! *longing to run to her and embrace her, but knowing that doing so would tear her away from patients who needed her more than he did at the moment. He would wait for her. He would wait for her for as long as it took.*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *She had heard through unofficial channels—that is to say, she overheard one of her superiors saying—that U.S. forces were working on clearing a new road through "Hell's Pass," which despite it's difficult terrain, was still firmly within Allied-controlled territory. Of course, she had no idea how long that would take, or how effective a route it would be for transporting supplies. At present, they were still getting their supplies from over the Hump, which meant that supply shipments were slim and sporadic. Whether it was because of their low supply stores or the sheer number of officers and nurses that disease alone had put out of commission, the Nips were gaining ground on them, despite the success that the Allied forces seemed to be making at Hubei, Robyn was left disheartened and busier than ever. She had more administrative duties than she had ever imagined when she had volunteered for the Nurse Corps, they didn't have nearly enough forces to support their troops with medical evacuations, and they still had scant enough supplied and healthy nurses to take care of the injured and ill they already had at camp. Despite that fact, headquarters had seen fit to send them more injured men instead of the fresh faces they so desperately needed. Soldiers or nurses, she would have happily welcomed them with open arms, but they hardly had the means to help former prisoners of war, no matter how badly her heart ached for their plight. But, it was because she cared about her that these ordered frustrated her so much. These were men who had endured the worst of war. They had been beaten, tortured, starved, and overworked; she had also heard whispers that prisoners of war from Japan were experimented on by doctors, and that they had been known to feed prisoners their dead comrades so that they didn't have to sacrifice their own rations for them. She couldn't even imagine coming out the other side of that kind of torture, let alone being unchanged by it. And they weren't fit here to help those men, not the way they deserved, not anymore. It made her want to take her clipboard and throw it as hard as she could. She didn't, of course. Orders were orders, and she had a job to do* We'll do what we can for them, if I have to give up my own ration to make sure they can eat, that's what I'll do. *Things weren't quite that bad, not yet, but supply shipments were so irregular now that they could be easily. She knew the offset delivery schedule was meant to keep Japanese fighters from taking down the planes that weren't done in by the mountain itself, or forced to turn back because of inclement weather. So, she set about her day as she usually did. She started in the medical tents, going through each chart, trying to check in with each patient to ensure that everything was running smoothly. At least, that was the excuse she used—she couldn't let them tie her to a desk all day. She was a nurse for goodness' sake! She had gone through about half the tent's occupants before she felt a prickling sensation on the back of her neck, a sixth sense that someone she couldn't see was watching her. That wasn't a totally alien feeling, not on the front, where more men than she would have liked took to eyeing the nurses, especially when they thought they weren't watching. She'd gotten less and less of it since she'd received the additional badges that indicated her elevated rank, but it still happened. It had been flattering the first few days she worked with the Red Cross, but by now, it was all a bit tiring. It had been months, and she just wanted to do her job. In fact, she was turning to give the man in question an earful when she saw who he was. Seeing Jasper was such a surprise that she froze in place upon seeing him, blinking once, twice, before the stress of the last few months melted away from her face, leaving a vibrant smile in it's wake. She set her clipboard aside, unable to summon the serious expression necessary as she mimed a little salute his way, but even the facade of professionalism didn't last long; before she knew what she was doing, she had all but thrown herself into his arms, laughing when he didn't just catch her, but lifted her off of her feet and spun her around in a circle* I can't believe he's here! I've dreamed about seeing him so many times . . . what I would do . . . what I would say . . . Damn, if this is a dream, I pity the person who tries to wake me. *Her cheeks were starting to hurt from how widely she was smiling, but she couldn't seem to stop, even when he set her down on her feet. She almost wanted to ask him to pinch her, because believing that he was here, in front of her, after all this time. She took a deep breath, gathering her courage to do the one thing she'd promised herself she would do if she ever saw him again* I've missed you. *She said breathlessly before she stood on her toes, using the arms that were wrapped around his neck to pull him down for a kiss. The entire tent erupted into cheers at the display, but she couldn't bring herself to care. It was the prefect kiss, it was the perfect moment, it was the best thing that could have happened to her, and at a time when she needed happiness, hope, and passion more than she ever had before*

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *for a moment, everything was perfect. For 120 seconds, the world around him seemed to melt away. There was him, there was Robyn, and that was it. Nothing else mattered. He was blind to it, he was deaf to it, even his gift seemed to center solely around the woman in his arms, feeling her relief, her love, her weariness, her sheer overwhelming joy. She was so full of happiness, he feared that she would explode with all of it. Then again, maybe that was his own emotions he was feeling. Love, relief, a sense of being home again. For moment, everything that was wrong with the world didn't exist. There was just joy and happiness, perfection. Robyn was the first to break the kiss, pulling away from him so gently it almost hurt. He kept his arms tightly wrapped around her, not daring to let go for fear that she would evaporate into a cloud. He had dreamed of this moment while pulling the weight of three men while working on the railroad in Japan. Garrett had outdone himself too. Just when the two men thought the fire in their throats would consume them, of their human companions would stumble and they would have to catch them or watch them die. They picked up the slack wherever they could to keep the pressure off Jacob, Seth, and Gabriel. But just the same, they knew that terrible things, unspeakable things were happening to the men when they were dragged away by a Japanese soldier and returned an hour later looking completely shattered. He highly suspected the only reason he and Garrett weren't subjected to the same was because the Japanese knew it wouldn't work on them. When a slap to their face, or a punch in their hurt the attacker more than it hurt them, it usually caused people to stay away from them. He almost wished he knew a vampire with medical training to ask if down the road they would have side effects from the chemicals they were exposed to while working the railway. Some of the humans who had contact with the chemicals went into coughing fits and dropped to the ground never to be seen again. But so far, he and Garrett seemed completely normal, normal for a vampire, at least. He planted one last kiss on Robyn's lips before daring to allow himself to speak* I've missed you so, so much, darlin'. I'm sorry that I didn't write. I know how much you must have been worried me. I promise you that I would have made contact if I had been able to do so. Let me look at you. *holding her at arm's length for a long moment and allowing his eyes to rake over her* You're more beautiful than I remember. The uniform really suits you. Oh, I just wish I could hold you like this forever. *bringing her in close to his body again, and inhaling her glorious aroma.* You smell fantastic, darlin'. And you look incredible. I just can't seem to get over how unbelievable it is that you're in my arms right now. I survived for you, darlin'. Only for you. I really hope that you don't think it too forward of me, but I love you, Robyn Summers. With all my heart. These past seven months should have killed me. But it didn't. Because I was thinkin' of you the whole time and needin' to get back here. I'll say it again, I love you, darlin'. *finally releasing her from his arms* I should let you get back to your patients now. But when you have time, after you take care of the guys who really need you, I need to ask you to sign off on a slip to clear me...and the Lieutenant-Commander for duty. We'll wait for you. *He had almost forgotten that Garrett was standing there with him, but at the last minute remembered to ask Robyn to conduct his fitness test too. After all, he had gotten her to sign off on him once without question. He should be able to do it again, and she was the only who could be trusted to clear Garrett, with his unique physical attributes as well.*

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Robyn: *She couldn't help but flush at the praise he had given her. He was everything he had been in his letters, and more. The man before her was every inch the brave, intelligent soldier, with a heart underneath that was just as warm and tender as his outer shell was cool and tough. It hadn't just been a flight of fancy, a trick of the imagination. He was real—he was here—and she never wanted this moment to end. But it had to. They had to face reality, but she could spare a few scant minutes before she did. In fact, she needed to. She needed this. She needed to feel human, to feel something good, more than she could have realized before this moment. Even if it was so public, she almost couldn't bring herself to care. So what if half her nurses, all her patients, and the Lieutenant-Commander were all watching with piqued interest. Well, she cared. But, not enough to do more than lower her voice. Not now that Jasper was finally here with her, in the flesh* You aren't half bad yourself. *She said the words playfully, but the truth was that he was an ungodly handsome man. He was so beautiful, like an eclipse, it almost hurt to look at him straight on, but she just had to. Who knew when she was going to be able to see him again? And then, her feet touched the ground again. Not all at once, but after a few seconds the pieces clicked together, and she knew, horror washing over her face as she realized why he hadn't written her, why he was standing before her now* Wait . . . You're one of my POWs? I knew I should have made Marjorie give me that list before I did my morning rounds! *Scanning him again, carefully with her eyes, her hands gently moving from where they hovered between them to run them down his arms, then she gently ran them down he length of his chest, as if his uniform could have hidden the lost weight she would have expected from a prisoner of war that had been half-starved and forced to do hard labor day in and day out. Her eyes narrowed as she looked up and down the length of him, for any sign of hidden injury that someone of his rank might have received from torture, but she didn't see any. He hadn't flinched away from her touch, and even when she took his hands in hers to study them, he didn't have any broken fingers or painfully removed fingernails. There was still tension in her shoulders as she looked him in the eyes, silently begging him not to lie to her; if her patient had been anyone else, she would have given him the stink eye and a reprimanding tone, but this was the man she loved. She was a nurse, but she couldn't just be a nurse with him. In all things, she was a woman first, and that had been a fact she hadn't been able to escape even here* You're really . . . alright? *But she could see the truth in his eyes, he was fine. Somehow, he had come out the other end unscathed. For her, he said, and she couldn't have been more relieved in that moment. Boldly, she kissed him again, passionate but brief* I love you too; you have no idea how glad I am that you're here, that you're okay. *Glancing back over her shoulder at all the people bustling around, including a nurse with trembling hands who was in desperate need of oversight, then back between him and the man who had stepped a respectful few feet away, Garrett* I'm glad you're both okay. Just . . . give me twenty minutes. *It was an underestimation by far, and the babbling that followed proved it* I've got to remind Nurse Handleman how to treat a burn. And I need to check in on the rest of my patients . . . And I need to locate the rest of the men you came in with. *Squeezing his hands tightly before she began to step away, then caressing his fingers with his cheek, as if reassuring herself that he was actually there, that he was alive, that he was okay. She nodded to herself as she took a breath, forcing herself to turn and walk away, making a beeline for her clipboard before she approached Nurse Handleman, stilling the woman's trembling hands with a gentle one of her own and instructing the woman in a calm, even voice on how to properly clean a burn, where to apply ointment, and how to wrap it to best prevent infection. Afterward, she set about checking up on the rest of her beds, finding Private Clearwater, Corporal Black, and Sergeant Waters along the way. She had done her best to ensure that Jacob's foot didn't follow his toes* I know you're eager to get back in the field, but if the wound doesn't heal properly, if it's not dry and clean, you'll end up with a prosthetic foot. You'll never be able to run again, and they'll discharge you home. Do you understand? *It was only after that little speech did he finally settle down and stop demanding to be let out of bed, but he had been through a lot, so she pushed down the urge to assign him the most uptight nurse on shift, and instead gave him Nurse Edwards. Renesmee was soft spoken, but in a way that made even the most stubborn men listen, and she hoped that would work on the Corporal. She couldn't do much for the Sergeant, which was a shame, because from Jasper's letters, it seemed he had already survived one close brush with death, it seemed unfair for him to face another so soon* You could try a cold bath, but if you can't diagnose him definitely, we can't give him a vaccine. It could just make him sicker. *For Seth, there was literally nothing she could do. They both knew he was going to be invalidated, and they had already saved as much of his arm as they could. She only hoped he would receive the benefits he was a due as a wounded warrior back home* As soon as the infection is gone, you'll be free to go. *She said kindly, when he asked her how much longer he would be confined to his bed. Only after she had finished with the lot of them did she return to Jasper and Garrett* Sorry for the wait. Things are a bit hectic around here these days. *Setting her clipboard aside as she gave them both another once over* You two look like you're in good shape to me . . . *Shaking her head in disbelief* Any injuries? Complaints of any kind?

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(I know it's kind of silly, but I've been looking at 1940s era wedding dresses for Robyn. I found some really pretty ones. And looking at them made me think of Rosalie again. I'd love to do some Rosalie/Emmett roleplay, or to introduce Jasper to his old friend Brutus or the newborn George while he's in China. :))

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(Well, this is here, if you want to reply to it! If not, no worries. :))

Emmett: Where is she, where is she, where is she? She's never done this before. She's never just taken off. No note. No explanation. Is this because I asked her to marry me? I mean, it's been eight years. I could have sworn she was hinting when she left that jewelry catalogue open on her vanity. . . and the second I ask her, she asks for some time alone, goes for a hunt . . . and just goes. She didn't even take the ring! If that's the last time I see her *pacing back and forth nervously across the floor of the kitchen, it had been weeks—weeks—since Rosalie had taken off on her so-called hunt and she hadn't returned yet. To him, it felt like an eternity. Even as Esme warned that he was going to wear a hole in the floor, he couldn't stop himself from making the anxious strides, back and forth, back and forth, trying to burn off some of the energy that almost seemed to haunt his steps with Rosalie away. He almost felt like a newborn all over again. He was antsy, hyper-aware of everything, and possessed of a thirst the likes of which he hadn't felt since his first days as a vampire—but even then, Rosalie was there to temper the urge. She was a golden sun to the pale moon of the burning desire to feed, of every sense that had been turned up to eleven, she eclipsed everything else. She was his center, his focus, the only real reason he had been able to stand the animal diet she had been raised up in by the Cullen family. Not that he didn't love the Cullens, but their standards were a little hard to live up to at times like these, when he felt off-balance. Even their golden boy, Edward, had made some "mistakes," but that was before he or Rosalie had joined the family, so Emmett only knew bits and pieces about Edwards life away from the family, feeding on humans. He tried not to ask, really. Even talking about it was tempting. Especially without his beloved Rosalie here to center him. It was a relief when Edward asked him if he wanted to practice hitting out back. A storm was rolling in, and a few stray cracks of "thunder" wouldn't be noticed. You didn't need to be a mind reader to tell that Emmett was in need of distraction, but Edward was, so he probably knew better than either of their adoptive parents just how badly he needed to get out of his own head. Still, it didn't stop Emmett from mouthing off as they stepped outside* You sure I'm the one who needs practice? Last time I checked, you were still hitting a little wide there, slugger.

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(This finally posted! Yay!!)

George: *He had been a vampire for months now, and he still felt the burning in his throat just as viciously as he had when the burning had stopped. His fever had ran so high that he couldn't really differentiate between the high fever he ran and the first day after Brutus had bitten him. He suspected it had something to do with the morphine the other man had managed to give him, but he couldn't be certain. George knew so little of what it meant to be a vampire. Brutus knew more—so much more—but he couldn't remember his own transformation well enough to be of much help in that department. All either man knew was that it was well enough that he had either been drugged or dead tired that first day, otherwise Brutus would have never been able to smuggle him out of camp out of the guise of taking care of his corpse. The way he had screamed brokenly into the abandoned patch of land Brutus had secreted him away to the next day was proof enough that something had changed, even if neither of them were exactly certain what* Thank god that's over now, even if my throat feels the same as it did when I broke my voice crying out for relief. *But he had been very careful to stay away from populated areas, feeding only on the Japanese soldiers they came across, picking off lone soldiers or pairs scouting outside of camp, or feeding on the wounded. But, never on allied soldiers, never on anyone that could possibly be saved by medevac later. Not that he didn't want to feed on them, especially the ones who were bleeding out in the open, but he had gone to war to be a better man, and he made Brutus swear to never let him kill an ally that the nurses could save. He didn't really know if what they were doing was helping, but the least he could do was not make things any worse. At the thought of them, he turned his eyes to his companion, watching his lean, muscled form prowl around the edges of the small camp they'd made up for themselves. It wasn't much. Just a worn-out tent and the most meager of supplies. There wasn't even a pit for a fire, not that they needed one, even when the weather turned. Brutus was a bit of a mystery to him. He hadn't even met the man before he'd appeared almost mystically at his bedside, and then the other man was offering him an escape from death. Now, the other man tended to hover over him like a mother hen, but they were both tiptoeing around the obvious questions, the ones he asked himself every time he looked at the other man* Why me? What does this mean? What are we to each other? *He couldn't bring himself to ask the questions out loud, to risk creating a chasm between himself and the beautiful man that had given him eternal life*

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(hey, sorry for being away, but I actually have a legit excuse this time. My biological father died and it's kind of a mess right now. I've been back and forth with my brother trying to figure it all out. And don't be sorry about it, I'm not. He was a jerk, and we hadn't spoken or seen each other in more than 18 years. He was in debt up to the ceiling and out the walls and everyone is trying to give their input and I just want everyone to shut up and let me talk to my brother alone and let us figure this out, the two of us, instead of there being "too many cooks in the kitchen" kind of thing. Sorry, just had to vent for a minute. I'll do my best to start responding to your posts soon. :) )

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(I won't say I'm sorry, but I can't imagine what that must be like for you and your brother. I'm estranged from my father too, I haven't spoken to him in about 6 years, and I don't plan on talking to him again anytime soon, but I know I'd have some mixed feelings if he were to pass away like that. You totally don't have to be sorry, I miss you when you aren't here—obviously—but I know that real life comes first. It sucks that things are so complicated with his estate, I hope that you and your brother are able to work it out. It's nice that everyone is trying to be so supportive, but hopefully they get the hint sooner rather than later that you two just need some space to work through this by yourselves. I definitely don't want to be another "cook in the kitchen," but if you ever need advice, or just to vent more, I'm always here. :) I'm really happy to see you back on here, and I'll be here whenever you're able to reply!)

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Robyn: *Even after sunset, the main area of the camp remained dully lit by a few kerosene lamps. It didn't take much oil to fuel the lamps that had become so vital with the wounded and sick needing tending day and night, but supply shortages had been such that fewer were lit, especially here in the common area, that there had been when she'd first arrived. It wasn't that they were low on the fuel just yet, thankfully, but she and what other senior nurses remained had decided to curb their use of non-perishable supplies in anticipation of future shortages. It was an easy thing to have a few less lanterns to light their way in the dead of night, but Robyn mourned the decision now, as she gazed upon Jasper's face, wishing that she'd had the time to take a turn with him around camp while the sun had still been high in the sky. Still, she couldn't help the joy that overcame her even with half his features shrouded in shadow, with him twirling her around in his arms to the music that played on the radio at nights. One cool hand held hers firmly, the other fixed at her waist as they swayed side to side to Fred Astaire's The Way You Look Tonight. She felt the heat that rose upward from her collar at the romantic tune, at how closely their bodies were to each other. She couldn't take her eyes off the man in front of her, and for a moment she felt overwhelmed with how much she loved this man. She had cleared him to go back off to war because it was the right thing to do. He was fit to fight, against all odds, and more than that, he wanted to. She wanted him to, just like she was sure he would want her to carry on. They were both doing what they ought to do. But, at the same time, the idea of his loss terrified her. She never wanted to loose whatever it was that she was feeling. This feeling of butterflies in her stomach, this breathlessness at his proximity. She leaned close, pressing the side of her face to his and closing her eyes as she tried to calm her rapidly beating heart. She wanted to tell him how she felt. She couldn't let him leave in the morning without knowing—but no matter how hard she tried to calm herself, no matter how many deep breaths she took, she couldn't stop the temple that radiated through her limbs. She didn't even realize how hot she must be until he turned his head to press his lips press against her forehead, a kiss that felt like the first touch of frost. She was ready to chalk it all up to her anxiety, sliding a hand from his shoulder to loosen her collar, but then her feet failed her. She felt Jasper catch her, keeping her from falling to the ground when her knees buckled. Traitorous eyes fluttered closed against her will, and suddenly the noise around her dimmed to a buzz, as if it was all coming from somewhere very far away. And she realized all at once that something was very wrong with her* Jasper. *She heard herself whisper, when she heard his voice calling her name as if from the opposite end of a tunnel so long and dark she couldn't see the other end. There was so much more to say, so much more she should say, she knew, but in her delirium, all she could do way whisper his name until true unconsciousness swept over her*

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