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A Ambivalentanarchist

An All Human Western AU, where our characters all play a part in a budding town in the recently settled west.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(The role of prostitution in the wild west loosely based on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMycRBIXTWk)

Robyn: *It was a slow night in the saloon, as evidenced by the fact that the sun had gone down over the horizon and she was still perched at the bar of the saloon instead of upstairs in the bordello with a John. She was poised as she usually was, turned to the side to showcase the way her corset dress enhanced her curves, legs crossed so that the slit in her skirt revealed so much leg that the tops of her stockings were just visible. Still, she hadn't been approached by a single man. Not that it was a surprise, given how deserted the usually rowdy room was. On an ordinary night, there would be at least three games of cards going, she could get at least three customers in before nightfall, and if she were lucky, she would have time to sit for one of Rosalie's songs in between. Unfortunately, tonight's hanging seemed to have drawn their usual crowd away. It wasn't everyday that they managed to catch one of the many outlaws that were wanted out west, so she supposed it would be a novel experience for many of them, especially the newest men to town, the railroad workers who had only begun work a few weeks ago. A few of the other girls had gone to see it themselves, but not her. She had seen enough of death in her time* More than enough. *She knew that Esme, her Madam, must have seen the darkness in her gaze when the other woman gestured for the bartender to refill her glass of whiskey. Esme rarely paid for their drinks, preferring to pinch her extra pennies. Most of them went to running the schoolhouse, she knew. Esme had built it almost entirely on her own, paying for the wood and labor, and even the salary of the local teacher, Miss Swan. Well, it was technically Miss Cullen now that the doctor's son had finally convinced her to marry him, but everyone still called her by her maiden name regardless. Still, Esme was always generous where it counted, and apparently her glass counted tonight, as she recounted the horrible deaths of her parents, killed by looters right before her eyes. It was because of them that she had ended up working in a place like this. Not that she could find herself regretting it. She wasn't beholden to anyone anymore. Not her parents, not a husband, not children, not even Esme, really. Robyn had enough money saved that she could soon open a store or buy and farm and own it in her own right. If nothing else, theirs was a lucrative business, even if tonight didn't show it*

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M JacksonMiracle

(Did almost as much research for this one as I did for the WWII posts! :) )

Jasper: *being a horse rancher was easy compared to the time he had spent as a Major under General Sam Houston during the Texas Revolution. He had all but pleaded with the General to allow him to take a company of men to help defend the Alamo Mission when the courier had come with letters from General Travis asking for aide. But everytime he had volunteered for the task, General Houston had denied him. He couldn't help feeling a little sick a few short weeks later when James Allen arrived with news that the Alamo would likely fall to Santa Anna's Mexican forces. He personally saw to it that the letters Allen brought from the Alamo defenders were delivered to the intended recipients with some measure of haste. Two days later they learned there had been no survivors aside from a few limited women, children, and slaves. Even the infamous Davy Crockett had succumbed to his injuries in battle. Thankfully, this was the one thing that it took to spur General Houston into action. They were forced to march a retreat across the Navidad and Colorado Rivers all the way to Groce's Landing. If it hadn't been for a certain fire in the General's eyes, he was certain he would have joined his fellow soldiers in calling the other man a coward. As it was, he chose the General, and that trust eventually paid off. After two weeks of intense combat training, the army was finally ready to face Santa Anna. In a battle that lasted just shy of 18 minutes, Texas finally won its independence at the Battle of San Jacinto. He had grown to admire and respect the man who made that victory possible, and while General Houston had invited him to stick around and serve as part of his administration as the first President of the Republic of Texas, he had no love for politics and opted instead to travel further west where he founded a horse ranch. He bred, broke, and boarded the magnificent beasts until he could find a buyer for them. But he wasn't just interested in any buyer. He had to know that the horses would be treated right under the care of whoever he sold them to. As such, he currently held about a dozen horses that no one good enough had been interested in purchasing. They were mostly American Quarter horses. He had once met Steel Dust himself, and ever since then had fallen in love with the breed, and had become quite good at breeding them. There was one wild mustang in the mix that had taken him months to break, and he wasn't about to sale that rare beauty to just any ole rancher. Midnight Sun was his pride and joy, a true representation of everything that Whitlock Ranch stood for. He supposed that was why he couldn't resist taking the mustang into town for the scheduled hanging that evening. He didn't want to watch the hanging of course, that was a little boring for his tastes, especially the ones when the crook just dangled there and eventually suffocated. At least the ones in which the guy's neck broke right away were a bit more tolerable. Hangings, for him, were the perfect time to visit the saloon. Not too crowded, not too noisey. He could just be alone with his drink and his thoughts. He took note of the lady of pleasure seated at the far end of the bar as soon as he entered, but chose not to address her, instead ordering a whiskey and seating himself a little closer to the door* Thank you. *accepting the whiskey from the bartender and downing the shot all at once*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(I ended up doing a fair bit of research myself. I love the ex-military angle, by the way!! I thought you might make him a member of the Cavalry, but I really like the idea of a more peaceful, most-military Jasper. :) Also, great new profile pic!)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *When she heard the double doors to the saloon open, she hoped that it would be one of her first customers of the evening trickling in after an uneventful hanging. They always seemed disappointed, somehow, when it was over this quickly. Then men who liked to watch the outlaws swing seemed to take pleasure in watching their faces turn purple for lack of breath before their bodies went forever limp. A quick death wasn't a spectacle enough for both, although it did have a shock factor. It was the reason, perhaps, that some men choose the firing squad to end them instead, although that didn't always go to plan either, some men choking on their own blood from bullets to their neck or chest that should have rightly gone in their heads, giving them the instant death they desired. Instead, she looked over the rim of her glass to see a man who had never availed himself of her services before seat himself almost at the opposite end of the bar from her. Most of her customers were the same men. Regulars. Railroad workers, most of them. A few bounty hunters. One of the sheriff's deputies. An overlarge shopkeeper. And the one that weren't were one-offs that she had never seen before and never expected to see again. Some of them were just passing through on their way to settle lands even further west, or having one last night of fun before they rejoined the rigid society of the east. Others were tight-lipped about their reasons for being in town, likely because they were outlaws themselves. She tried not to think on that too much, especially not when they were on top of her. Not that she got much joy from her work, but it was difficult to even pretend with the image of her deceased parents fresh in mind. But, even though she tried not to think of them, she never forgot them, and refused to share her fate. She kept a small pistol she had never shot in her armoire in case of trouble, and a small, sheathed knife was hidden inside of one of the boots she went to lengths not to remove in the act, in case that should fail her. Of course, she didn't have to worry about that with Jasper. He was a local, and a regular at the saloon, even if he wasn't a customer in the bordello that sat just upstairs. He still carried his colt army revolver openly in a holster at his side, a testament to the pervious military service that made the Sheriff almost teasing call him "the Major," the name by which he was largely known around town* Not a military man anymore, though. *She thought, as she looked up at him thought her lashes. Now, he broke in the best horses within several days' travel of town—maybe weeks. Men came from all over to buy them, though more often than not, came back empty-handed. He was pickier than her in selling his wares, something he was almost as well-known for as his armed service* Can I buy you another? *She offered when she saw him take his drink in a single go rather than sipping it, as he usually did. But, she nodded to the bartender before he could refuse, and the man behind the counter seemed more than happy to pour them both another round, knowing that Robyn would be good for it at the end of the night. Then, she picked up her new drink, knocked it back, and set the glass down carefully on the bar before she approached him, leaning against the polished surface beside him with an inviting smile* We could take the bottle upstairs, if you like. *Now, at that, the barman's eyebrows rose. She would barely break even on a bottle, even if she managed to keep him upstairs all night. But, the barman didn't know was that she had Rosalie had put money down on her ability—or inability, as Rosalie had wagered, to get the famous Major in bed. Well, infamous, really, for his stubborn refusal to pay to lay with a woman. It wasn't as if he needed to. Not with his looks, not with his charm. Robyn was honestly surprised he didn't have a wife already. She didn't particularly care for the gender, not after all she had experienced, but even she liked him. Which was the reason that she wasn't ready to admit that she kept propositioning him, after all this time. She never offered her wares to the good doctor, the pastor, or the trapper who couldn't keep his eyes off of Rosalie, but she still offered herself to him, after being rejected no less than a dozen times already*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(So, we went hiking up at Mt. Rainier today, and there's loads of farmland on the drive, and even a little town with an old building that just screamed "western" to me! I couldn't stop thinking about this RP!! :) I'm really excited for this one.)

Peter: *He had been a scrapper his entire life. The unclaimed illegitimate child of a woman who had died when he'd been too young to remember her, Peter made his way in life through hard work. At the ripe young age of sixteen, he'd gone from stableboy and occasional farmhand to a recruit in the United States Mounted Ranger Battalion, protecting settlers along the east bank of the Mississippi, keeping the Santa Fe trail that led southwest open. He was too young, but his lack of family and his tall stature had made it easy for him to slip into rank. He'd fallen in love with the idea of becoming a settler himself then, though he'd become a Captain among the Dragoons and fought in the Second Seminole War before he'd been able to follow that dream. The conflict had been long and bloody enough that he'd lost the desire to find his place in the world on the battlefield. Instead, he kept peace in a town far west from where he'd done his military service. Sure, on nights like tonight, he saw to the deaths of murders, thieves, and rapists, but these men were ones that deserved it, not redskins standing up against what Peter had come to see as an unfair deal. It still haunted him that he'd put so many of their men down, even if he had only been acting on the orders he'd been given. These days, he lived a more peaceful life. He only killed the men he had to to keep the peace in town. Most of the time, he simply broke up brawls and let the worst drunkards stew in his sell instead of causing more trouble until they were sober enough to send home. That, and court the lovely farmer's daughter, Charlotte. It was the thought of her that gave him the strength to stand there soberly, like what was happening didn't affect him as the outlaws the bounty hunter had brought to him that morning dropped from the gallows, one's neck breaking instantly, and the others wheezing as the pressure of the ropes against their throats smothered them to death*

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M JacksonMiracle

(Yay! Sounds like a really fun time! :) )

Jasper: *refraining from groaning out loud when Miss Robyn sauntered up to him and not so subtly tried to entice him to partake of her services, instead he politely sipped from the whiskey she had kindly ordered for him, and offered her a warm half smile in return* I'm flattered as always by the offer, Miss Robyn, but as I've told you before, while I respect your right to earn a living for yourself and I have no doubt I would very much enjoy our time together, I much prefer a good conversation to anything you can offer me upstairs. *He could never deny Robyn's beauty. In truth, he would have asked her to 'walk out' with him long ago, or at the very least to join him for a ride through the mountains if it wasn't for the fact that her chosen occupation didn't allow her to engage in such common activities. And sadly, her father had died much too early in life, and she had no brothers he could have asked for permission to formally court her. For a while he'd had his eye on the preacher's daughter, Mary Alice. He had even gone so far as to accept an invitation or two to dine with her family. But it would seem that relationship was never really meant to be. Mary Alice couldn't understand his obsession with talking about how great a leader Sam Houston had proved to be when everyone else doubted him. He was still friends with her, good friends. She would come by the ranch every so often to check on the horses and bring by a pie that her mother had baked especially for him, but there was nothing romantic about their relationship. Then, there was Maria. Things were very complicated where she was concerned. She was the daughter of a cavalry man, and every bit the soldier in her own right. Or at least as much of one as a woman could be. But every time he asked to call on her, she presented him with a list of demands that he must meet before he could be allowed to sit in her parlor and listen to music she played on the piano. But if he could pick any woman in town to marry tomorrow, Robyn would be at the top of his list in spite of the untouchable stigma that surrounded trying to form any kind of courtship with her.* Perhaps, if you're really interested in a change of pace compared to your normal days here, you can stop by the ranch sometime for a ride. I have a gentle steed, Sandstone, that's getting too old for heavy labor, but he's still good for a nice long ride through the plains. *for a minute he could hardly believe he had spoken the words. He should have stopped at the polite refusal to join her for a bottle upstairs. But the words were spoken now, it was too late to take them back. It was a natural segway between her soliciting him, a man who had never joined her before, to inviting her to try something new she had never done before. But it was still a bit too forward for his normal gentlemanly charms. At least he hadn't implied that he would join her on the ride, now that would have taking things way too far. This was just an alternative suggestion. Instead of always pleasing men here, she could do something for herself at the ranch, his ranch.*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(It was! :) But, the entrance fees on top of gas are little expensive to go too often. Luckily today was a fee free day! Happy Bday to the Park's Service!)

Robyn: *She smiled through the sinking feeling of disappointment that settled in her stomach like a rock at his refusal* Well, you can't begrudge a girl for trying, can you? *She said, almost playfully, as if it didn't pain her to offer herself up to him and be denied over and over again. She shouldn't have been upset, she knew. It wasn't anything that she hadn't expected. Jasper had never taken any of the other working girls up on their offers, even when they offered their services at discounted rates. He was young, he was handsome, why should he pay for something that the other girls whispered to each other that he likely got for free from the likes of Mary Alice and Maria alike. Robyn didn't like to participate in such gossip, but she couldn't deny the logic behind those rumors. Jasper was young, handsome, and charming* Why should he pay for a woman's affections when he could win them for free? *Still, she liked to imagine that he was simply too courteous to lay with a woman without putting a ring on her finger, even if she knew herself to be romanticizing a man she hardly knew. Then again, the idea that he wouldn't have her or any of the other working girls in the bordello also came creeping up on her sometimes, surprising her with how much it made her feel small, even after plying her trade for years with confidence. But, she pushed that thought away when he offered a ride up to her. He had never given her much more than a kind refusal in the past. Sometimes they would exchange a few words before she went off to find another customer, but they were usually polite topics. They'd talk about whiskey, or the weather, or visitors to town, but he had never broached more than that with her. If she didn't know better, she would have thought that his invitation was a request to have her someone more private, away from the bordello. The Mayor had asked her to "take tea" with his son once for much the same reasons. But, she did know better. Or, at least she thought she did as she considered the idea, idly running her fingers along a scratch a broken glass had inflicted on the bar* That's a kind offer. It's been too long since I've ridden. *She hadn't owned a horse since before her parents had passed. Thanks to the bandits, who had only left her alive because she had been thirteen at the time, practically a child, she had walked into town, covered in blood. Sasha, the bordello's last madam before Esme bought out it's ownership, had taken her in, but it wasn't out of the kindness of her heart. It was less than a year afterwards that she was taking in customers upstairs, although even Sasha didn't dare sell someone as young as fourteen openly. When she retired, Esme put an end to that, but her reputation had already been sullied by then. When she turned seventeen, she went right back to the work she had once been forced into. She knew she'd never be someone's wife, but she could make do the best she could with the hand she'd been given, and that was exactly what she intended to do* In fact, I've been thinking of buying one. Although, I'm not exactly sure what I should be looking for in a horse. Tame and gentle is all well and good, but with wildness come speed and strength, and I have to say, that's all most men talk about when it comes to horses. *Nodding her head out the window, in the direction where he had tied up Midnight Sun, a mustang whose auburn hair was darker than hers, just a shade above black* If that beauty is any indication, you prefer the latter as well. Perhaps I could try a few of your mounts tonight? *Glancing around the still mostly empty room* It's a slow night, and the light of the full moon should be more than enough to ride by when the twilight fades.

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *raising his eyebrows in surprise when Robyn not only accepted his offer to come by the ranch, but expedited the timeline so that she would be coming along tonight instead of some time in the future* Tonight? *looking around at the nearly deserted saloon, even Rosalie didn't seem in any hurry to begin her set as she took her time setting the stage, every once and awhile glancing at him as he talked to Miss Robyn* Oh, I can only imagine the things that Rosalie must be thinking, me talking to Miss Robyn all alone like this. She should know me better than that. Goodness knows, I sit across the aisle from her in church nearly every Sunday. She knows I would never go upstairs with one of Esme's girls. They have a right to make money, but I have a right to hold more respect for them than that. And the rumors she would spread about me if I walked out with Robyn right this moment. Not that I put any stock in rumors. But others do. Then again, the type of man who listens to a rumor is not the type of man I should be concerned with anyway. I can take Robyn back to the ranch and still remain civil. Just because we'll be alone under the cover of darkness doesn't mean we'll be engaging in anything untoward. I have far too much regard for women to do that. Despite what she says, I know Mary Alice expects me to resume courting her someday soon and it would break her heart to hear that I had another at the ranch so late in the evening. There is an easy way to solve it, but I don't want to seem as if I'm putting Robyn off. *removing his hat and running a hand through his hair casually before replacing it* I suppose the hangin' is runnin' a bit late tonight. But you're certain you won't be missin' out on a customer here if you leave so early? *when she insisted that it would be fine, he had no choice but to offer her one last out, hoping that she wouldn't change her mind, but knowing that it was the polite thing to do* You can bring a chaperone if you would like. My ranch is some distance from here and it might make you a little more comfortable knowing that there's someone else there. *again, she refused the offer and he had no more excuses to deny her acceptance of his offer* Very well, then. Do you have everything you need? Midnight Sun can carry us both to the ranch. *he knew that it was very rare to ride on the same mount with a woman you were not engaged to, but the ranch was much too far away to ride there, saddle another horse and ride back with them both to pick her up. And again, Miss Robyn was not the type to care about propriety.* We've been through alot together. It's not so much his wild side that I like, as it is the bond that he's allowed to form between us. He has this really rough exterior, almost like a wall that's built around him, but for some reason he decided to trust me, to let me in, to follow me. He can still choose to run away any time he likes, and he still refuses to really show his true self to anyone else, but he lets me see it. It's hard to describe to someone who's never broken a horse before. But there's a moment when they stop trying to do what they want and start looking to you for guidance. I call it joining up. The horse joins teams with the horsemaster. Don't be surprised if he acts like he hates you at first. But if I put you on him, he'll accept it, and shouldn't act out against you or anything.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: I would grab my overcoat, but it's a warm night. I don't really see the need. *Smiling to herself as she listened to Jasper describe the bond he had with his mount, his words resurrecting an old memory* You know, I never much liked the idea of a horse having to be broken. When I was a child and I learned that not all horses were born on a farm, that they were free, wild creatures by nature, I tried to set my father's horse free. *A burst of laughter bubbling up at the incredulous look Jasper gave her. A horse was not a cheap commodity by any means, even to one who bred the creatures. There was a reason her family only had the one, in fact, on their way west, they'd hitched a caravan to a pair of mules to carry the burden of the things that they couldn't bear to leave behind, given how much cheaper the beasts of burden were compared to their vastly superior mounts* Don't worry, Butterscotch was a loyal old girl. I only ended up confusing her when I took away her reigns and her saddle and tried to urge her to leave... She just kept nudging me with her snout until I let her back inside her stall. When I left, my father was standing there, arms crossed, trying to look serious. He was too amused to do anything but tease me about it, luckily for me. *Her voice turned wistful as she described the gentle man who'd raised her, the ghost of her grief in her eyes until Jasper finished his whiskey in a long sip, and she tried to smile it away* It was no wonder Butterscotch was so loyal. I wouldn't have wanted to serve any other master, either. *With that, she was following him outside to greet the magnificent beast he called his own. She didn't stride up to him right away, but instead, admired him from a few paces away while he shuffled in place, obviously eager to be untied and ridden again* Aren't you a beauty? *Murmuring the words just audibly as she finally stepped forward, keeping her blue eyes fixed on deep brown ones that almost matched the mustang's dark coat as she extended a hand, but instead of touching the beast with gentle fingers, she turned her hand, the backs of her knuckles just touching Midnight Sun's muzzle and stroking a gentle path down towards his cheek. The stallion shifted like he might shake his head away, or kick his feet out in protest, but when she made a gentle shushing noise, the best seemed to calm, turning his head slightly into the touch instead, to her great delight. A bright smile spread across her face as he whinnied and nudged at her, as if her hand was certain to contain a treat* I'm sorry, boy, I'm fresh out of apples. Next time, hm? *Stroking him one more time before she turned to Jasper to help her mount him. If she had been anything but a prostitute, her cheeks likely would have gone aflame when his hand gripped her hip to steady her, or when he jumped up on the beast behind her, pressing his front against her back. Still, she couldn't deny it made her feel something* Oh, there are going to be more than enough rumors without you thinking like that! He clearly doesn't have that in mind! He asked you if you wanted a chaperone, for goodness' sakes! Just... be glad he's enough of a gentleman to make time for a woman like you at all. Even if it is only to sell you a steed.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(I really like the idea of all our usual couples not being established in this one, and them having to court one another! :) In that spirit, I just did a ton of research on hunting and trapping in this period for our favorite hunter, as well as some additional information on courting. So, here goes!)

Emmett: *Buffalo were the most plentiful animal to hunt on the plains, and as a hunter, he should know. There were plenty of other animals, too. Big game, such as mountain loins, bears, and deer, as well as smaller game; bobcats, coyotes, and rabbits. But, buffalo were the most plentiful, and in his opinion, the best. The generous amount of meat the animals provided could be salted and dried, an easy way to stockpile and saved for the harsh winter months. The leathers and furs from the great, hulking beasts were in high demand, even higher than bear hides had been back east. Bones, hooves, and horns all fetched high prices, sometimes to be turned into decorative knife hilts or blades. But, he had also heard that, like the bones of horses, the bones of a buffalo could be used to make glue. The last time he took down one of the great beasts, instead of selling all of the animal save some of the meat, like he usually did, he set aside some of the bone and leather, meticulously choosing the right pieces for what he had in mind. Rosalie had been rebuffing his every attempt to gain her attentions for months now, and he hoped a gift would turn her head in a way no man in town had yet been able to. He spent painstaking hours washing the bison horn, and meticulously carving it into the shape he desired, then polishing it, carving it further, before he made the delicate pair of roses he had carved into a necklace using carefully braided thin strips of leather. He hoped that the gift spoke of his intentions, as he wrapped it in rough spun cloth, wishing that he could wrap it more elegantly, but at the same time, knowing that it would be untoward to draw too much attention to the gift. He didn't want his affections to be a black mark on Rosalie's reputation. Sure, she worked in the saloon and often deigned to speak with the women who sold themselves there, but somehow, her good name hadn't been smeared by the association, and he hoped it never was, even if she did continue to rebuff his affections. The shape left no mistaking that it had been made with a particular woman in mind, the effort, time, and loss of profit that had gone into the gift spoke of his dedication, and the prized materials could leave no mistaking who the gift was coming from. At least, so he hoped, as he arrived at the saloon just in time to see Rosalie beginning her set. He saw Jasper leaving the establishment with Robyn at his side, and thought it was odd, but the confusion on his face gave way to awe when he stepped inside and was overcome with the image of his angel in soft pink, her voice ringing out as clear and sweet as a bell. He slipped the gift into the upturned hat she had laid out for tips, little to the notice of anyone there. He nearly always tipped the singer when he came into the saloon. Then, he sat back at a nearby table, listening intently as the bartender came over with his usual sarsaparilla*

(The necklace: https ://cdn-img-1.wanelo . com/p/9ec/acb/9fc/d494d97c1c990f0aac78801/x354-q80.jpg)

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(Hey! I know your birthday is coming up on Friday! :) How is your 30 before 30 list going so far? Do you have any special plans for The day? Either way, I wanted to wish you a happy early birthday in case I couldn't catch you the day of!)

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M JacksonMiracle

(Hey! The birthday was fantastic! :) I just got back after spending a couple weeks with my mom and brother. I basically used all my vacation time at once to take an extended trip and get in some much needed time away with family. I think I kind of ended up stretching out the whole 30 before 30 thing, and sort of turning it into a things to do in my 30s. Anyway, I did get to experience some pretty awesome things even if I didn't get in a full 30 items. I tried duck, I made a half dozen Youtube style challenge videos, I saw a museum exhibit, I took a tour of the Potomac River around DC, I ate at three semi-expensive restaurants, I made art using a 3D drawing pen, I signed up for a cheap mystery box subscription, overall I'd say it was a really fun month, and I'm keeping it going by continuing to try new things every chance I get. Anyway, I'm back now, and can't wait to start writing again. :) )

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M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *her gentle voice singing the melody of one of her favorite songs to perform* When Love in myrtle shades reposed, His bow and darts behind him slung, As dewy twilight round him closed, Lisettc these numbers sung: "Oh, Love! thy sylvan bower I'll fly while I've the power; Thy primrose way leads maids where they Love, honour and obey!" "Escape," the boy-god said," is vain!" And shook the diamonds from his wings: "I'll bind thee captive in my train, Fairest of earthly things!" "Go, lovely archer, go! I freedom's value know: Then hence away, to none I'll say Love, honour and obey!" "Speed, arrow, to thy mark!" he cried—Swift as a ray of light it flew! I've spread his purple pinions wide, And faded from her view! Joy fill'd that maiden's eyes— Twin load-stars from the skies!— And one bright day, her lips did say "Love, honour and obey!" *she always found it silly that a fairy-like creature with a bow and arrow could shoot a woman and magically change her mind on the concept of marriage. The song was blatantly against the idea of a woman remaining single if she so chose to do so, and therefore went against one of her foundational beliefs that a woman had the right to choose if she wished to marry or not, and should never feel pressured into doing anything she didn't wish to do. But just the same, her tips would double every time she sang the tune, so she kept it as a more or less permanent part of her set. She curtseyed slightly when the few saloon patrons applauded her performance* Thank you so much. I'm going to take a short break, but I'll be back with a few more songs. *lifting the hem of her dress slightly so she wouldn't trip as she stepped down off the stage to collect her tips from the first half of the night, smiling slightly as she lifted the wrapped object out of the hat and slowly pulled back the cover to reveal one of the most delicate, and intricate designs she had ever seen before. It truly was a remarkable necklace, and one that she couldn't wait to wear. She looked around the saloon for only a moment before her eyes landed on the trapper known as Emmett McCarty. She smiled kindly at him before making her way over to his table and sitting down next to him.* Now Emmett McCarty, I don't suppose you know anything about this necklace. *holding the object out to him* I would know this was from you a mile away. It's beautiful. Thank you. And next time, don't be so shy about it. You don't have to leave gifts hidden in my tips, you can hand them directly to me during my break. *waving off the bartender when he started to place a drink in front of her* No thank you. I've had enough for tonight. *turning her attention back to the gentleman at the table with her* Don't just sit there, silly, put it on my neck for me so I can see how it looks when I wear it. *laughing gently as his fingers fumbled with clasp for a second before he managed to get it around her* What are you doing spending time here anyway? I thought you of all people would be enjoying the hanging this evening. It must be taking a while. We haven't seen much a crowd at all tonight.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Hey, Miracle!! :) I'm so glad to see you on, and so happy to hear you had a good birthday! That sounds like a really fun trip. I'm glad you were able to get some quality family time in. I'm glad you're stretching you're timeline out a little so you have time to do more things on your 30 before 30 list. Those all sound really fun! Let me know how it goes! :) You made a comeback with some pretty epic posts, by the way! Hopefully my replies can do them justice.)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: *Listening to Rosalie sing was a little like looking right into the sun. It was almost too much. Too warm, too bright, that a man would go blind if he kept looking for too long. But, still, Emmett couldn't help himself. He had to watch her, fair skin and golden hair glowing in the light of the candles mounted on the walls and the oil lamps on each table that kept the saloon lit each night. Her melodic voice echoing off the corners of the wall she stood in, so that her voice pierced through the chatter in the room—although tonight there was very little of that—like those lights pierced the darkness of night that had fallen on them. It was an ethereal experience, even more so when she graced him with the honor of her company. Not that Rosalie was a shy woman. Just the opposite, in fact, she often talked to patrons, the bartender, and the working girls alike, but he couldn't help but feel special when she choose to sit and speak with him. Unfortunately for him, she expected him to speak back, and like it always did in her presence, his nervousness overcame him. He fumbled clumsily with his words, just like he fumbled clumsily with the necklace he had gifted her when she asked him to help her put it on. The curtain of her hair was so lovely when she pulled it aside, her neck so long and elegant, and here he was, with ten thumbs for fingers, and all of them broken as he placed his gift around it. He felt like a fool, but in the end he managed to get the job done* Well, I'm sure it must be exciting for so many to be there, but I—I couldn't wait to give that to once I'd finished it. I... I am glad you like it. *Smiling warmly at her, even as an embarrassing flush creeped upwards from his collar* It suits you. White always was your color. *Looking up when people began to pour into the room, their words carrying throughout the room as they talked about the outlaw who they'd had to drop a second time because one of the deputies hadn't tied the noose tight enough to kill him. The poor mad had turned red, then purple, some people even said that he turned blue, his body trembling as he gasped for air over and over, that he kept on gasping. A few people even sounded disappointed that the sheriff had finally called an end to the display and cut the man down so he could be strung up a second time with his noose fitted more tightly around his neck. When he had dropped the second time, he had died instantly, to the disappointment of all who had looked on, his head hanging awkwardly above his head, at an angle those who had witnessed it claimed would have been impossible for a living man. It did sound exciting, Emmett allowed, as he listened to the most vicious of the onlookers talk about all the things that particular outlaw had done, about why he should have been left hanging all night if that was how long it took for the noose to strange him to death, but he couldn't regret missing it. He had seen dozens of hangings before, and none of them would ever be worth missing out on Rosalie's sweet voice for* I... Didn't want to be too forward. I know there are many men in town who seek you attentions. I didn't wish to mark myself forever as an improper suitor. *Clearing his throat as he felt his face grow warmer* That... That is... if you would even welcome such a thing.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *She had never been to Jasper's ranch before, which was no surprise never having been to this part of town before. Well, it wasn't really in town. Most of the people here had made their homes in the same direction where the Mayor's mansion had been erected, not wanting to be imposed upon by on the tall grass and lake that Jasper had so willingly built beside, although quite wisely, he had put his home and the stables far from the lake to minimize his risk if there was ever flooding. The grass, instead of being a hinderance here, fed his horses, as she could see it missing in section as the property stretched out before her eyes. The light of the full moon was bright enough on this cloudless night that she could see how the silver light reflected off the brushed coats of the horses where they roamed, just enclosed by a fence that she could just see off in the distance. When he dismounted and went to help her do the same, her foot slipped in the stirrup, almost sending them both crashing to the earth. Thankfully, Jasper was strong, and managed to right them in time. When her feet hit the ground, she couldn't help but laugh at herself, the sound breaking through the soft din of crickets and grass bending in the wind around them* I'm sorry. *She said, her voice light with humor ever as she smothered her laugh* I'm not sloshed, I promise. *She couldn't have been, not after only two drinks. Her tolerance was much higher than that. Two whiskeys were relaxing. Five, and she'd end up falling asleep upstairs. She'd only let that happen once, and it had been rather bad day for her.* I just haven't ridden in a very long time. I must have been... Fourteen, then last time I was on a horse. And Buttercup wasn't near as tall. She was a... quarter horse, I think. *She reached out to run a hand down the horse's mane in apology. Luckily for her, Midnight Sun didn't seem too irritated by her ineptitude, and allowed her to stroke him before he nuzzled her hand again and allowed Jasper to lead him towards the stabled. She could already feel the tightness in her legs from the short ride, and she knew she would be sore come morning if she continued to ride, but she said nothing as they came to the stables where she was sure the tawny horse in the stall at the end lazily resting it's head atop the stall door was Sandstone, and she was eager to meet the gentle beast Jasper had thought so well-suited to her. Besides, she knew that she would have to get her riding muscles back sooner or later if she wanted to own a horse again, and she couldn't think of a better time than the present*

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M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *her laughter sounding like a crystal bell as Emmett practically stumbled over his own words. It was endearing the way he was almost shy around her when he was clearly one of the strongest and most confident men in town when it came to his trade. She offered him a sincere smile at his compliment, ignoring the other townspeople when they flooded through the saloon doors, making it clear that she only intended to spend time with him that evening between songs.* I usually don't welcome the affection of would be suitors around these parts. Most of the men in this town come around with the attitude that I owe them something simply because of the family they come from or their own status in the community. *Royce King being at the top of that list* But you're different Mr. McCarty. I like that about you. You never expect anything. That's very much appreciated. Perhaps, if you would like and you aren't too busy, you could stick around for the rest of my set and then escort me home. My father doesn't like me walking alone after dark. He would be happy to see an honorable man return me to him safely. *she liked that her father looked out for her well being as much as he did, although if anyone asked, she would tell them that she rather prefered her independence when she could get it. But it was difficult for an unmarried woman to do much aside from continue to live at home with her father and help her mother run the household. It was even difficult in all but a few states for a married woman to own her property, and certainly it was illegal for her to control that property. She wasn't happy about it, but it was as much as she could make of her station in life.* It's time for the second half of my set. *glancing over to the saloon manager who was shooting her a nasty scowl that meant she was due to take the stage immediately.* Enjoy it. *winking at him as she stepped back to the wooden platform* I'm glad you all seem to be in a good mood after the festivities this evening. Hope this adds to your enjoyment. *she nodded to the pianist to play the opening notes of her next song before beginning the soft melody* Gentle waves up on the deep, murmur soft when thou dost sleep, little birds up on the tree sing their sweetest songs for thee, cooling gales with their voices low, in the tree tops gently blow when in slumbers thou dost lie, all things love thee, so do I when in slumbers thou dost lie, all things love thee, so do I. All things love thee, all things love thee, all things love thee so do I. Stars above shine on thee like trusting love, when thou dost in slumbers lie, all things love thee, so do I when in slumbers thou dost lie, all things love thee, so do I. All things love thee, all things love thee, all things love thee so do I.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: *He wasn't wearing a hat this evening, but he tipped his head respectfully to the woman beside him all the same* Of course—I mean, that is—it would be my honor to see you home safely this evening, Miss Rosalie. *True to her word, he didn't expecting anything from her. He had grown to love her from a distance, and he wanted to make her his wife. It was his deepest desire. But, up until this moment, the idea had seemed like the silliest thing any man had ever dreamed up. The idea that a woman like that would choose him was almost laughable. Rosalie was so beautiful, so graceful, so kind to everyone around her regardless of their station. And that voice—she was like an angel. Any man could hope that she might grace them with a few drops of her grace, but to expect it? That seemed even more incredulous to him than the idea that she might one day agree to be his wife. He might have only been a simple trapper, but even he was wise enough to know that money couldn't buy you a woman's love. You couldn't be owed it. Not even from a working girl—although some men were fool enough to think that they were paying for more than flesh and pleasure. The thought that some men thought that sweet Rosalie owed them anything made his blood boil with anger on her behalf. It wasn't right to demand anything from any woman, especially one so fair. But, his rage was instantly cooled by her smile, by her musical voice as it filled the now bustling hall once more. He felt like his chest would burst as she chose to sing a love song next. He tried not to take it as a sign—Miss Rosalie sang so many love songs—but he couldn't help himself hoping that perhaps this one might be for him. When she was finished and had collected up her many tips again, he dutifully stood when she approached, walking a half-step ahead of her as they exited the saloon, but only so he could catch the door and hold it for her as they exited. Then, he fell into step with her, allowing her to lead the way to her home* If it isn't too bold—I don't mean to—I-I'm not like the other men, you've—who've— *Emmett sighed at his own ineptitude before trying again* If it isn't too bold, Miss Rosalie, I'd like to ask your permission to ask your father to court you. *It wasn't the custom, not at all. Usually, a man asked a male relative before he ever went to call on her, or gave her a gift to imply his intention. Emmett hadn't want to be presumptuous by assuming she would want his hand in the first place—he wasn't entirely sure she ever would. What else could he do but ask her if she was so inclined? He still couldn't be sure, and he didn't want to shame her with impropriety by continuing to try to court her without making his intentions clear, and neither did he want to alienate her family by leaving them out of what could turn into a proper courtship*

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *to say that he was impressed with the way Robyn handled herself around the stallion he rode would have been an understatement. The trust that Midnight Sun showed toward Robyn was remarkable to say the least. He watched girl and beast closely as they rode together, admiring her form as she chose to straddle the animal like a man and not ride side saddle as so many women did. Midnight Sun seemingly showed an innate intuition on how to adjust his gallop to account for the extra female passenger upon his back. When they arrived at the ranch, the stallion again showed an unnatural respect for the woman by nuzzling her hand in farewell while he wrapped his reigns about a post to keep him from dashing away while they readied Sandstone inside the barn. The light tan horse in the far stable neighed a greeting when they got close. He retrieved a nearby brush from a hook on the barn wall before opening the stall* Steady. Good boy. I brought a visitor by tonight. Say hello to Robyn. *smiling when the horse ducked his head in the woman's direction. He used the brush to gently stroke the horse's coat in a soothing manner to keep him calm while meeting the stranger for the first time.* Here. You want to finish brushing him out while I get his tack gear. *seamlessly passing the brush over to the other human occupant of the stable as they traded places so he could a saddle and reigns ready for Sandstone to wear during their ride.*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *She felt the warmth of his fingers slide over hers as he passed her the brush, and she was glad for the cover of night, so he couldn't see the color she felt high on her cheeks at the simple touch. It was silly, really, that a woman in her occupation could still blush after everything she'd seen, everything she'd done. She hadn't been innocent since she was fourteen, though at times that felt like only yesterday. She distracted herself from those errant feelings by speaking to Sandstone as she gently brushed out his coat, the soft tones of her voice seemed to soothe him in much the same way they had calmed Midnight Sun, or so it seemed, Sandstone was already so level-tempered besides, Robyn was sure it made little difference except to calm her* You're a friendly fellow, aren't you? *Grinning when he ducked his head down to nose at her side as she moved the brush down his neck, nickering softly* Yes, you are. You remind me so much of the horse I learned to ride on. Butterscotch was a sweet girl, and you two would have made the most beautiful foals. Golden, and gentle. With names like Amber, Buttercup, and Sunshine. Wouldn't that have been a fine thing, hm? *Chuckling softly at the way Sandstone almost whined when she moved too far for him to nuzzle her, so she could finish brushing out his flank, although he didn't flick his tail in irritation, only rested his head atop the gate again as she finished, replacing the brush were it belonged*

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