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Character Auditions
A Ambivalentanarchist

Please Check the Character List to see if the character(s) you are auditioning for is(are) currently free.

If so, please list the character(s), what you prefer to be called, and who you would like them to be "interviewed" by.

If you have no preference, or if you suggestion is inappropriate or inadequate, a suitable audition character will be chosen for you.

You will have to reply to the interviewer three times. In this time, you are to be in character and be as creative and grammatically correct as possible.

Please try to stay in "script" format. With thoughts in italics and actions in asterisks.


Biv: Hello, and good luck! *smiles* Wow. I am way too excited for this.

At the end of the audition, you will also have to conduct a personal interview with a MOD to see if you are a good fit for the forum. Afterward, you will be told why you did or did not get the part.




Interviewed by Aro

If there is any confusion, feel free to read over past auditions to see how it's done!

Thank you and please enjoy!

4/6/2012 . Edited 2/7/2013 #1 Report

Esme, and Edward



4/6/2012 #2 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(Grace, it's so great to see you here!! I'm going to start with Esme. I'll play Bella, post-change. :)

Bella: *walks into the living room, sitting down on the couch beside her mother-in-law, smiling slightly* I didn't think... It'd be quite like this...

4/6/2012 #3 Report

Esme: *smiles* I hope that's a good thing. I suppose we all felt a little surprised at first after the change.

(Thanks. ^_^ I play Esme on a few other rps, so I figured I'd just here.)

(grammar issue bothered me)

4/6/2012 . Edited 4/7/2012 #4 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(If you'd be willing to play Seth and/or Carlisle as well, I'd be glad to just give them to you, since I've seen how well you play them. If you want them that is.)

Bella: *chuckles slightly* Everything is just so... *shakes her head* Even touching things.... My eyesight... *looks at her* What surprised you the most about it? Being like this?

4/6/2012 #5 Report

(I do Carlisle a lot XD I can do him if I don't get Esme, because I just get bothered playing two really close characters that way, but Seth, yeah. :)

Esme: *thinks for a moment* I remember realizing how real everything was, after beleiving I wasn't alive, and then realizing I was immortal. It was dream-like, so I understand what you feel now.

4/6/2012 #6 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(Awesome, I'll put you down for him, then we'll see on the others. :)

Bella: *nods, slightly* It is... dream like... *sighs* I feel... my human memories starting to slip away. Just like Edward said they would... *sadly, looking down slightly*

4/6/2012 #7 Report

(Okay :)

Esme: *nods and frowns, putting a hand on Bella's arm* Don't worry, they will never completely leave you... And just remember, that will help you make room for new memories. *smiles encouragingly*

4/6/2012 #8 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(Okay, you're really good as Esme and Carlisle, so I'll give you the choice on which you'd like to play. Let's go for Eddie! I'm thinking with Emmett. Any objections?)

Bella: *sighs, then smiles, thinking of the eternity she'd be spending with Edward* Yeah... new memories...

4/6/2012 #9 Report

(I'll do Esme, and yeah, Emmett works. O_o Though, I'm half sure I'll fail as Edward. )

4/6/2012 #10 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(Okay! And there's no harm in trying, right? You're a great RPer, I'm sure you'll do fine! :)

Emmett: *drops into the seat beside Edward at their usual lunch table, shaking his head minutely* Hey. *grunts out softly* I can't believe Rosalie wouldn't come with us to school today! *angrily*

4/6/2012 #11 Report

Edward: *chuckles under his breath, tossing an apple in one hand* A little angry?

(I can picture this, but not describe it. Tossing isn't really the right word)

4/6/2012 #12 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(I think I know what you mean... I can't think of another word either.)

Emmett: *grunts, opening his bottle of water and pretending to take a sip* You know I am... Our first day at a new school and Rose refuses to go with me... *says too quiet for human ears*

4/6/2012 #13 Report

Edward: *shrugs slightly* Makes sense, who would want to come here. *pauses, to pretend to drink his own water* She'll come eventually. She's already been thinking about it. *looking around the cafeteria, then back at his brother*

4/6/2012 #14 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: *sighs, glancing over at a grop of girls who had been staring until he looked, all of them suddenly averting their eyes* She better soon... at least I get ogled less with her around. *turns back to Edward* Thanks. *says with a half-smile*

4/6/2012 #15 Report

Edward: *nods, and watches where he was looking* You better get used to them watching, fair warning. *stands up* Talk to you later. *smiles slightly* Have fun at class.

4/6/2012 #16 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: *groans mentally* Right back at you... *grumbles* I hate high school. *stands, giving Edward a passing wave before promptly exiting the cafeteria*

(I think you did pretty great! You got it! :)

4/6/2012 #17 Report

(Lolz. Yay. Thanks. ^_^ I run scenarios like this through my head. I swear if I woke up as one of these characters, I could totally fool the others that I was them)

4/6/2012 #18 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(You earned it! I would try, but probably fail, Lol. That would be pretty epic! :)

4/6/2012 #19 Report

( Right? Anyway. I can rp whenever tonight. I'm just killing time 'till I get tired. Though I do have to volunteer at the food pantry in like...9 hours. O_o)

4/6/2012 #20 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(Well light should be on for you to RP with later, I'm actually getting off in just a few. I won't be on tomorrow, but Miracle, Light and Random should all be here, so I'll see you Sunday?)

4/6/2012 #21 Report

(Probably, yeah. Tomorrow I won't be on until probably 10 at night. And Sunday morning I'll for sure be on.)

4/6/2012 #22 Report

(here to audition for Bella.)

5/28/2012 #23 Report

(Cool! I can Audition with you but I am not sure if Biv wants to do this, but If she say's yes, who would you like me to play??)

5/28/2012 #24 Report

You can Roleplay whoever.

6/5/2012 #25 Report


Plot: Bella is in the kitchen cooking at the Cullen house for herself, Emmett is bored and decided to mess around with her for the fun of it.

Emmett: *walking into the living room, can hear Bella in the kitchen, smirks and walks in* Whoa Bells! *takes the knife away from her* You can cut your little human hand if you play with knifes. *shakes his head* Edward would be mad at me if I let you get cut.

6/5/2012 #26 Report

(When is the roleplay set?) Bella: Hey Em. *smiles* Give me the knife back. I know I'm clumsy but I can manage a meal. *reaches towards the knife*

6/6/2012 #27 Report

(We can say Twilight for now :))

Emmett: *chuckles, holding it just out of her reach* Come on Bell's you can do it, jumped for the knife. *grins*

6/6/2012 #28 Report

Bella:*puts her hands on her hips* Give me back the knife, Em!

6/8/2012 #29 Report

Emmett: You have to say the magic words Bella, come on, you know them. *clears his throat* Emmett is better at games then I. *smirks* Your turn, once you say it then I will give you the knife.

6/8/2012 #30 Report
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