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(You said in the Pm that I had to start so start I will.

I thought that the scene would be just at Emily's house and you could be any member of the wolf pack? I don't really mind. I looked at the other auditions and I couldn't find any wolf pack ones, so here I go! Oh and can I say the word 'Y'know' ? I don't really know if its proper grammar or... Meh, I'll just start)

Embry: *Grabs a muffin and flops onto the couch and stares at his muffin before taking a bite* I wonder if I could eat this under 20 seconds... *Grins*Hey Jared! I bet you 15 dollars I can eat this muffin in under 20 seconds! I think the world record is 22 seconds... I could easily beat that, right?

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Well, as long as it's "in character", I'd say it's okay. I mean, we have a few characters from the south, namely Jasper, Peter, and Charlotte, who routinely use the word darlin'. Even though it's not proper grammar, it actually helps create a more consistent persona to the cannon, so we allow it. Really, the things that bug me are consistent formatting and spelling mistakes. You know, like always forgetting to capitalize the word I, or what have you. Anyways, thanks for getting us started, Lucy! Love the scene you set up so far! :))

Jared: *laughs boisterously* Oh, if we had a shot at those world records, I bet we'd beat more than just eating a muffin. Half the title holders in that book could kiss their precious little accomplishments goodbye. I mean, a mile in 3 minutes? Any of us could do that, easy. *shaking his head a little* Nah, man, I'll keep my fifteen bucks. I swear you inhale those things like they're made of oxygen or something. *picking up his own muffin and chomping into it, careful not to get crumbs on Emily's sofa. He knew a sure way to incur the Alpha's anger was by upsetting his imprint, something he and the rest of the pack were careful not to do*

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(Thank you, I'm so glad you liked my scene!)

Embry: *Grabs his second muffin, as he had already demolished his first* Are you kidding me? Paul eats all the food at the bonfire! You know what happened last week? I bagged the last burger and he ate it. If he did that to Sam, he would've probably given him patrol for the week! Jeez, I wish I was Alpha. *Stands up* I'm going to see Jake, He's with Nessie, You comin'?

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Jared: *shrugs as he stood* Yeah, I guess. Although I don't know how much fun it's going to be. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Kim, but it's still kind of... Nauseating watching Jake and Nessie together. And it's not just because she's half leech. I mean, I don't care about that. It's not like she's really venomous, anyways. I don't know. It's just weird. I mean, she's just a kid. I mean, she looks older, but she's only three. And... And we're in his head all the time... And I don't know. It's weird. She's just so young. And it's not like Jake thinks about her the way Quil thinks about Claire. It's different now. I mean, if we didn't have to see it, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. I just feel weird about it.

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Embry: *Start's walking to his car* Don't tell Jake- Actually what the h*ll, he'll find out anyway. Nessie is a bit creepy, I think it's the eyes to be honest. But c'mon Jared! How do you think I feel, apart from Seth, Brady and Collin, I'm the last one to Imprint. You must be able to relate to Jake a bit, you don't know how much I want to Imprint, well you do... Whatever. I want to find a girl that is my true match, you get me? Seriously, the week you phased, you found Kim, I'm not even kidding.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Jared: It's a blessing and a curse. *sighing as he got into the passenger seat, closing the door soundly behind him* Don't go twisting my words around or anything. I love Kim. She's the light of my life. She's literally my everything. But, it wasn't exactly easy having that dumped on me literally days after I found out that not only were the wolf spirits in the legends real—but I was one of them. I had this new strength, this new speed, these new sense that I could hardly control. You don't have any idea how hard that was, Embry! It wasn't a walk in the park, not by a long shot! You should be grateful. You've all this time to adjust, to get used to being in your own skin, to learn how to control yourself first. You knew I was practically in a living h*ll the first few months after Kim and I imprinted. I mean, all we have to so is look at Em's face to know what happens when we lose control near an imprint. I was terrified to touch her, to talk to her, to even be around her for weeks and weeks. *sighing heavily as they began the short drive to Jacob's house*

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(I just realized that there is going to be 4 people in the same room... So maybe we could do two each? I don't mind :) )

Embry: *Getting out the car and slams the door behind him, chuckling at the conversation topic* Whatever man, this conversation is getting way too girly for my liking. We're so going to get laughed at on patrol tonight. *Shakes his head* Are you gonna' watch the big game on Saturday? Emily's making a big dinner for everyone *Opens Jacobs front door and walks into the living room* Hey Jake.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Actually, you've done three replies so this concludes your audition for Embry! :) I'll PM you in a sec with instructions for the personal interview.)

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katniss the writer




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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Sorry I didn't reply right away, Clara. I've had my hands full with school. I think Jane/Alec would be a good pair to audition with. Would you mind starting us off?)

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find me at blodreina

(Hi, so I wondered if I could audition for Alec.)

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Alec: *He feels himself tbegin to relax minimally as he moves toward the grand staircase that leads to the mchambers o the higher-ranking guard - it feels like it's been quite some time since he has been home in Volterra due to the very extended mission that Aro had sent him on. When he recieves such missions, the ones that will take weeks, or more rarely, months, he sometimes wonders if it is Aro's goal to hide something sinister by sending his most trusted guard members away. As he continues up the staircase, he pauses outside a set of white double doors, taking the briefest of moments to consider before he speaks* Jane? Sister, I have arrived home.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Sorry I wasn't able to reply before, Melanie. I had to take off for class before you posted. Anyways, now classes are over. :))

Jane: *closing the book she'd been reading and popping up from the chair she'd be lounging in, then appearing before the door to open this, of course, she was a vampire, so these things took her less than a moment; she wouldn't keep her brother, the only person she cared about in this world, waiting, at least not after he'd been away for so long, all but abandoning her among the virtual strangers that surrounded her in the Upper Guard* Brother... *opening the door for him, her mouth barely upturned at the corners, it was barely a smile, but she knew Alec would see it for what it was: happiness that he was again home with her* You've been away far too long. You should have never let Caius send you off to Bulgaria of all the god forsaken places you could have gone. And on a hunt for the Children of the Moon as well? *shaking her head a little as she stepped aside, silently inviting him into her magnificent chamber, the mirror image of his, which lied at the opposite end of the hell* I assume it was a wild goose chase, as usual?

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find me at blodreina

(Alrighty:) You can call me Morgan if you want to, by the way. That's my real name, but I'm also fine with Melanie.:))

Alec: It isn't as if I could have stopped him, sister. *He says, accepting the silent invitation and stepping into her room. Her chambers are painted differently than his, and the details are different, but overall, their rooms are indeed nearly exactly alike.* And no, it wasn't quite as much of a wild goose chase as it usually is. *He shrugs slightly, in a manner that is almost apologetic. He doesn't like to come back to his twin in a condition that is any less than the one he had departed in - she doesn't tend to fuss like some do, and she may not show the signs of her concern externally, but he knows that she does care and that it may worry her. Sure enough, though, there are three long, deep scratches slanting across his cheekbone, scratches that are undoubtedly from the claws of a Child of the Moon. However, they aren't as bad as they appear to be at first glance, and are already half-healed over. If he has any others beneath his shirt and cloak, he does not show it.* There was actually something to look for this time, but I managed the situation efficiently and the beast has been disposed of, so Caius had better be pleased. Last time he sent someone out on one of those hunts, Demetri didn't kill any of them.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Melanie is easier, because of your screen name. On here, I go by Biv! :))

Jane: *rolling her eyes a little as she remembered the last time the Guard had been sent out on such a mission, luckily she had been able to evade Caius that day, so Felix had been sent in her stead* Last time was a wild goose chase. Or so Demetri said. Or maybe that was just to soothe his pride, and those beasts really are running amuck in the wild places of the world, like Caius is always ranting about. Perhaps he is a little more sane than either of us thought. *with a soft chuckle that was more mocking than anything else* In any case... *reaching over and grabbing her brother's chin, her face impassive as she looked over the injury, only releasing him when she was satisfied* I will not be letting Caius drag us off for such things again. We are of the Higher Guard of the Volturi. We belong in Volterra. Such nonsense should be left to the Lower Guard. I will speak to Aro about it soon enough. You know he will agree with us. *exchanging a sure glance with her brother, silently reminding him that they were the favorites of the leader of the Volturi, and they shouldn't hesitate to use such an advantage* It's a pity about your face. It will scar. Maybe be visible to those human girls you love to chase—it might even be decades before it fades. *tilting her head as she examined him in sheer and curiousity* Do you have Demitri's stupidity to blame for that, or your own? I could... Repay him for it, if he had any fault, you know that. *with a slowly spreading, almost sadistic smile*

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Alec: *At this, he tilts his head slightly to one side, and the corners of his lips flick up into a smile. He knows that he is not quite as sadistic as his sister is, or so people say, but that does not mean that he doesn't love her for it.* I am sure, Jane, that you will do whatever it is that you would like, regardless. *He takes a half step toward the door.* Heidi was back around the same time as I was. *Considering that he's been back for a good few minutes now, they might be just a little late, but there should still be something left for the two of them, at least. He doesn't think Aro would let them go hungry.* Shall we go see if she's brought back any particularly good ones?

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(Is it still a three posts thing, or is the audition going to have more posts? Just out of curiosity.)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Sorry, your last post went up after a went off to bed for the night. Yes, the audition is over. I'll start on the personal interview part of the process via PM just as soon as I do a little homework. :))

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Brady and Jane



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Jane and Jared



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A Ambivalentanarchist

Hello, there! I hope you don't mind if we start with introductions. I'm Biv. What should I call you?

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You can call me secrets. Sorry my internet went out.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

That's alright secrets. Would you mind starting us off with a post for a Jane/Alec scene? I Figured we might start with your audition for her first:

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Jane:*She just finished feeding and is leaving the throne room. She prefers not to deal with the piles of dead bodies and she smiles to herself. She truly loved torturing the filthy humans before she drained them dry and she decided to go search for her brother since she didn't she him at the feeding. She walked through the halls and her eyes scanned all those who passed her. She finally spotted him and walked over to him." hello brother where were you? You missed the new batch of humans." She says as she stops in front of her brother.

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Deleted accountlosiento

HIYA! I am love!

Jared Cameron


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I would like to be Charlotte or Rose.

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