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A Ambivalentanarchist

Please use this room to chat with each other whenever you wish. However, keep Forum Rules in mind!

4/6/2012 #1 Report

OH NO! We were breaking a rule!

4/7/2012 #2 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

It's okay, lol. I guess it's not such a big deal. Wasting posts isn't such a big deal since I'm not planning on using posts limits for a while.

4/7/2012 #3 Report

Whaaaa? There is a limit thingy?! I thought we could only go to 10,000 post's??? O.O

4/7/2012 #4 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

No, I meant I'm not going to say: let's stop the RP after x # of posts. At least not for a while. Lol.

4/7/2012 #5 Report

OOOOH! hehe, I get ya now. XP

4/7/2012 #6 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Lol, yeah. I checked the other RP and saw miracle got off. (Best wishes to her Momma. We have a lot of struggling with depression and anxiety in my family, so I understand.) When she does get back, if for some reason I'm not here, could you asks her to check out the plot thing? And Grace as well?

Oh and please ask grace of she's interested in playing Char!

If not, I'll attempt to take her on!

4/7/2012 #7 Report

Sure thing! I'll let them know about it if I see them get on. I think Grace is on but left for a few minutes or something. *shrugs*

4/7/2012 #8 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Okay, Awesomeness!!

And I will post those OCs when I get on my comp, since I have them saved on there.

Then we will figure out what to do with them!! I think I will make Scar human again! ;)

4/7/2012 #9 Report

Haha, Moses better watch out for her! Oh geez, it got dark real fasts over here. I look around and see darkness O.O....I blend in so well right now. LOL

4/7/2012 #10 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Weird, here too!!

Anyways, I got to go!! Talk to you later!

4/7/2012 #11 Report

Awww :(

Okay see you later Biv!

4/7/2012 #12 Report

Heyyy guys! I was on...but fell...asleep. O_o Stupid time zones.

4/8/2012 #13 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Haha, yeah. That happens. What time zone are you in??

4/8/2012 #14 Report


4/9/2012 #15 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Oh. So you're a couple of hours behind me.

We've got Rose and Em back on the way to the Cullens so Ed and Esme can interact with them :)

4/9/2012 #16 Report

Okay. Thanks :) Normally it's pretty late here when others are on. O_o Which, I guess is good.

4/9/2012 #17 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Yeah, I know. I'm only on this early Monday through Wednesday. Since it's a school day Light should be on at like... 9ish, 10ish pacific (11~12 central)

4/9/2012 #18 Report

Ahh. I have spring break at the moment. ^_^

4/9/2012 #19 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Oh. I had spring break last week. Well, my fiance did. I don't go to school anymore.

4/9/2012 #20 Report

Oh, okay. I'm with my grandparents for the day, and my grandpa wakes me up at 6:30 yelling at me to get ready for school. XD

4/9/2012 #21 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Man, that's got to suck! I'm sorry!

If it makes you feel any better I had to get up at 5:30 my time. D:

So early, lol.

4/9/2012 #22 Report

Sigh. I hate early mornings. :P

I'll be in pacific time for a week and a half soon. My uncle lives in LA. When I go to college, I'll probably just live with him for a while..

4/9/2012 #23 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

I know right?

That's awesome! L.A. is a cool place (Although as far as cali goes I like San Diego thought!!) A little hot for me in the summers though. 100 degrees is pretty much my limit.

4/9/2012 #24 Report

XD. I go there every few summers. I've never been to San Diego, because we'd have to make a seperate trip for that.

4/9/2012 #25 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Yeah, it's kind of out of the way from L.A., isn't it?

I went there three summers ago. Had a blast at sea world and the zoo.

4/9/2012 #26 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Gah!! I've got to go. I'll be back in an hour or two!

4/9/2012 #27 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

I'm back!!

4/9/2012 #28 Report

HEHE I am on Spring Break this week!

4/9/2012 #29 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

SPRNIG BREAK!!! --Was last week where I am.

4/10/2012 #30 Report
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