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All OCs must be approved before use. You are not guaranteed use of an OC just by submitting an application. You must control at least one canon character in order to submit an OC application. Personal interviews are now required before joining the forum.

Full Name (nickname) :

Date of Birth:


Place of Origin:




Hair color:

Eye color:







Special Ability(s):

Created by: (Your pen name ie: Ambivalentanarchist)

4/6/2012 . Edited by Ambivalentanarchist, 2/7/2013 #1 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Full Name (nickname) : Robyn Lynn Summers (Robby)

Date of Birth: October 5th

Age: 16

Place of Origin: San Diego, California

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Height: 5'5"

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Midnight Blue

Appearance: Has a thin build with slight curves. Wears A mix of casual, rock and roll and feminine clothing.

Personality: Creative, Open-minded, Easy-going, Social, Warm, Compassionate, Intelligent; can be reckless at times

Hobbies: Photography, Drawing, Calligraphy, Reading, Nature hikes, Dancing and Music

Likes/Dislikes: Warm weather, Nature, Beauty in all things, Sweet foods, Most types of music, Socializing/Spicy foods, Cold weather, Most sports, Cleaning

Mate/Imprint: None (Yet.)

History: Was born and raised by her mother, Stacy Summers in San Diego, not knowing much about her father. A few weeks ago, her mother was working a double shift at a bar and grill that she waitressed at when she witnessed a gang member shooting someone. After their apartment was broken into, Stacy'd had enough. She moved herself and her daughter to the house she'd grown up in outside of town in forks. Robyn started fall semester at Forks High School. There she met the Cullen's. Alice recognized her from a vision and it was revealed that she was Jasper true mate. When Alice left Jasper because of it, Jasper changed her, then fell in love with her.

Special Ability(s): Empathy

4/6/2012 #2 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Full Name (nickname) : Aaron Summers

Date of Birth: October 3rd

Age: 28 (when turned)

Place of Origin: Forks, Washington

Species: Vampire

Height: 6'1"

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Red (were a dark blue when he was human)

Appearance: tall, dark and handsome, rather skinny build with pale skin like many other vampires, his mark from being changed is on his right wrist, partially covered by his watch.

Personality: Kind, Honest, Patient, Sympathetic

Hobbies: Reading, Playing piano

Likes/Dislikes: Peace and quiet, family, Justice/ Conflict, Discord, Immorality

Mate/Imprint: None, but is still in love with Stacy, Robyn's mother

History: Married Stacy Everly, his high school sweetheart, a year after graduation. Shortly after, while he attended college to become a lawyer, Robyn was born. When she was only 7 years old, her was almost-drained and changed by a vampire who made his death look like a tragic car accident. He stayed away from his beloved wife and daughter to protect them from himself, having travelled alone for the last several years, only looking in on them now and then. When he heard of Robyn's death, he looked into it, and was able to reconnect with his newly changed daughter.

Special Ability(s): Can put anyone under his will with a single touch, with limitations

Created by: Ambivalentanarchist (Biv)

4/6/2012 #3 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Full Name (nickname) : Christian Ellison

Date of Birth: March 5th

Age: 20 (when turned)

Place of Origin: Austin, Texas

Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

Height: 5'11"

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Red

Appearance: Muscular and well-built, pale skinned like other vampires, oval face with especially strong arms

Personality: Honest, Can be harsh but is usually fair in his decisions and judgements, Not very friendly unless he has reason to be

Hobbies: Hunting and Fighting

Likes/Dislikes: Human blood/Harming the innocent, undue violence

Mate/Imprint: (none)

History: Fought in Maria's army with Jasper, who helped him escape Maria's grasp after she forced him to kill his eight children and wife to prove his loyalty, since he has been roaming the world and has discovered his power

Special Ability(s): Can make any woman pregnant, even a vampire

4/6/2012 #4 Report

Full Name(nickname): Vanessa Sanchez

Date of Birth: June 27, 1994

Age: 19

Place of Origin: Honolulu, Hawaii

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Height: 5'3

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown


Personality: Is timid, quiet, and soft. Though she is strong, determined, and reserved. She doesn't like it if people try to get to know past her name, if they do, she will give them attitude, and become b*tchy towards them. She chooses to be by herself a lot, not wanting to be around people

Hobbies: Reading, writing, the outdoors, listening to music

Likes/Dislikes: Likes reading, writing, listening to music, Dislikes when anyone tries to get to know her, nightmares about her past, and being around a lot people.

Mate/Imprint: None

History: Born in Honolulu, Hawaii to Sharon and Andy Sanchez. Andy, her father, was abusive to her and her mother both physical and sexual abuse. When he was finally put in jail, they were happy after a couple of years he came back, and there was no more abuse, but when she was 16 they told her, they had found her a husband they would like her to marry. She wanted to find her own husband and one day she got into a heated argument with her father and he beat her. She left the house that night hating both her parents. She took money from her father before she left for a plane to Forks, Washington. She heard about that place being depressing and rainy most of the time and wanted to go there. She doesn't trust anyone and has nightmares about her past. She writes dark stories about it, thinking it would help vent her feelings out. She hates it when people try to get to know past her name, this is why she likes to spend time alone.

Special Ability: None

Created by: RandomStories203

(It's obviously changed for the Pre-Bella AU roleplay)

4/6/2012 #5 Report

Full Name: Alicia Martinez

Date of Birth: March 23, 1995

Age: 16

Place of Origin: Houston, Texas

Gender Female

Species: Human

Height: 5'8

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Deep blue

Appearance: Long wavy black hair with deep blue eyes. Large eyes with cheisled features on her face. (Oh and minus all the markings on her body lol. Got this from John Carter :p)

Personality: Strong, stubborn, b*tchy, and barely believes in what people tell her. She is a vampire-hunter. She 100% believes in vampires and wants to kill one.

Hobbies: Hunting vampires

Likes/Dislikes: Likes reading, trying to find a vampire, training. Dislikes: People who tell her otherwise about vampires

Mate/Imprint: Max

History: Born in Houston, Texas to a Mexican mother and Italian father. Father was killed by an actual vampire. Her grandfather told her about 'the humans who live on blood' and has been after one since. Knows how to speak spanish, english and italian. Moved to Forks after hearing about vampires living there. (Sorry, haven't had enough time to think about the history :P)

Special Abilities: None

Created by: RandomStories203

4/6/2012 . Edited 4/6/2012 #6 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Both Approved! Please come back to Alicia's history when you do think of it and finish her up! :)

4/6/2012 #7 Report

Name's Luke and Max Trensmare

DOB: January 17, 1822

Age's : 19

Gender: Male's

Place of Origin: England

Species: Vampire

Height: 5'8- Max - 5'9 Luke

Hair: both are a dirty blonde

Eye color: Blood red

Appearance: (YESSSSSS!!!!)

Personality: Luke- Quite, Doesn't trust easily, protective. Max- forgiving, protective, wise, easy to anger.

Hobbies: listening to music, playing video games, baseball.

Likes: Girls, motorcycles, messing with people, nice car's, Going out with friends.

Dislikes: people ruining there fun, interruption them when the are torturing someone, false information, Liars.

Mate/Imprint: (None)

History: Max and Luke were turned by a rogue Vampire when they were asking home after a bachelor party for their friend. They were in an ally way and stayed there quietly as the change took place. They had spent a few years serving under Maria but then soon got out, Jane had found them when they were destroying a town and took them to the castle to meet with the Kings. The Volturi saw potential in them and recruited the twins. They now serve as guards for the Volturi helping them in anyway they can. They are twin males.

Special abilities: Luke- Fire Starter-----Max Wind Master

Created by: LightWitch12

4/6/2012 . Edited 9/28/2012 #8 Report

Name: Nick Frost

Date of Birth: March 20, 1987

Age: 19

Place of Origin: Washington

Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

Height: 5'8

Hair: Jet Black

Eye color: Hazel sometimes Red.

Appearance: ( Tyler Posey)

Personality: Calm, can be Shy, Funny, Patient.

Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Reading, Going out for Jog's, Taking Hikes, Riding his Motorcycle.

Likes: He likes to help people, learn new things, listen to music, Girls. --Dislikes: Metal music, Jerks, Men who don't respect women.

Mat/Imprint: None yet.

History: His dad got a job In fork's Washington to help out a Doctor Carlisle. They soon moved to Forks not too long ago. When Nick's mother was carrying him, she was only a human. he killed her when he was born, blaming himself for his mother's death. He tried many times to kill himself, his father helps him out and talked to him. It took about three years for him to get over it. He now lives to help those in need.

Special ability: He is faster and has more strength then normal vampires.

Created by: LightWitch12.

4/6/2012 . Edited 4/7/2012 #9 Report

Name: David Knight

Date of Birth: February 12th, 1992

Age: 20

Place of Origin: Kansas

Species: Vampire/Human

Height: 5'8

Hair: Brunette with some blonde highlights.

Eye color: Red, can be Hazel.

Appearance: (Chace Crawford)

Personality: Impatience, Protective, A flirt, Sweet.

Hobbies: Playing pool, Hiking, Surfing, listening to music, Singing, Riding horses.

Likes/Dislikes: Food, Shopping for others, Seeing others happy,/ When guys are jerks, people that destroy things for fun, His Father.

Mate/Imprint: None Yet.

History: His father was abusive and would beat him and his sister up when he came home drunk after work. His Father went out of control on day and beat his sister to death. David didn't take kindly to this and started to beat on his father, leaving him unconscious on the floor. Someone must have heard his fathers cry's and called the police, David Fled the scene and ran away from home. Moving into an apartment enrolling into Fork's High as a Sophomore so he can blend in with everyone.

Special ability: None

Created by: LightWitch12

4/6/2012 . Edited 7/6/2012 #10 Report

Name: Meg Graceland

DOB: June 13, 1998

Age: 13

Species: Hybrid, (Human/Vampire)

Height: 5'4

Eye color: Red

Gender: Female

Appearance: Lightly tanned skin, dark black hair, skinny, has a fair figure for her age. (

Personality: Fun, Caring, Loves others, childish

Hobbies: Practicing her ability, going out and playing, reading books that interest her, hiking.

Likes/Dislikes: Loves everything mostly/ Not being involved in most activities, eating her veggies

Mate/ Imprint: None (yet :3)

History: Meg was born in Italy and loved to go exploring, when her mother asked her to go out and buy some berries she did. While she was out a Vampire with a few of his friends came out and attacked the little town, Meg soon returned home gaping at the scene before her. The vampires friends found her and attacked Meg from behind. He started to drain her slowly, but then Max and Luke soon came and saved her, killing the vampires for gong against the rules of the Volturi. Luke and Max made the decision to watch over her as Meg's uncles, since when she was changed she no longer remembered much of her past.

Special abilities: Telekinesis

4/6/2012 . Edited 4/11/2012 #11 Report

Name: Moses MacAuley

Date of Birth: May 14 1990

Age: 18

Place of Birth: London, England.

Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

Height: 5'9

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye color: Hazel


Personality: Kind, Friendly, Calm, Hates to be lied to.

Hobbies: Swimming, Painting, Reading.

Likes/Dislikes: Fast Cars, Motorcycles, Running in the rain./ Human food.

Mate/Imprint: None yet hope he may find one :)

History: Moses was with his family in London, when a rogue vampire cam and killed everyone. He tried to fend for himself but it go him bitten. The vampire fled with its injuries and Moses was left in his house alone, screaming in pain as he changed. Later on he decided to travel to keep his ming off of his past. He ran into other vampires and made friends, some told him about the Cullen's and their diet. He was happy there was an alternative to keeping alive and accepted drinking from animals. He mad up his choice and left to Forks to thank the Cullen's personally, he in rolled in the High school so he could blend in and not seem like a creeper.

Special Ability(s): Telekinesis

Created by: LightWitch12

4/6/2012 . Edited 6/6/2012 #12 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(All accepted, Light. Would you like me to bring back Roxanne and/or Scarlet?)

4/7/2012 #13 Report

(If you want you can, unless you get all busy *shrugs*)

4/7/2012 #14 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Name: Roxanne Alexander

Date of birth: March 20th 1995

Age: 16

Place of Origin: Seattle

Species: Vampire

Height: 5'5"

Hair: Brassy Brown

Eye Color: Bright Red


Personality: Impatient, impulsive, immature, outspoken

Hobbies: reading, listening to music, being out in nature

Likes/Dislikes: Nature, modern things (electronics, rock music, etc.)/ Rude people, unnecessary violence

Mate/Imprint: None yet

History: Was turned during Maria's attempts to build an army, but escaped her. She doesn't want to kill people, but not knowing any way other than human blood tries to live off of bagged and occasionally slips, her guilt when she does is tremendous. She has decided to live further away from seattle to help fight her cravings.

Special ability: None

Created by: Ambivalentanarchist

4/8/2012 #15 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(May not use every OC in every RP, any may alter them to fit each one. :)

4/8/2012 #16 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Name: Sarah Catherine Banks

Date of Birth: June 2, 1889

Age: 23 human years

Place of Origin: Born in Kansas, changed in Texas

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Height: 5'6"

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue as a human, red/black as a vampire

Appearance: Very long hair that is usually in a bun, or hanging down in loose waves, usually wears long dresses, but every now and then she'll wear pants and a blouse, but never jeans and a t-shirt

Hobbies: Reading, sewing, eating humans

Likes/Dislikes: Likes human blood, watching old movies, reading old books, making dresses; Dislikes Jasper, small children, and modern society

Mate/Imprint: Married to Isaac as a human, but as a vampire, none, and doesn't want one

History: While visiting relatives in Texas with her husband and two children, Saul, age 5, and Rebekah, 6 months, she decided to take a stroll through the woods, where Jasper found her and took her to Maria to be changed. While Jasper was training her as a newborn, he discovered her ability and forbid her to talk about it to anyone else. Instead, he worked on her fighting skills to ensure that she would be good enough that Maria wouldn't have him destroy her after her first year. She learned to hate Jasper during this time and thought of him as the enemy, always the one to destroy the newborns who had outlived their usefulness, and the one to take them into battles where they were often seriously injured and many more were killed. Several years later, she was still around thanks to the extra time Jasper took in teaching her to fight, her ability allowed her to see Jasper leaving with Peter and Charlotte, and she follows them away from Maria's compound, keeping far enough away at all times that she can't be smelled or heard by them. Jasper now thinks that she's dead and has never mentioned her, not even to Alice. Recently, Sarah ran into Peter and Charlotte and they told her where Jasper was. She hates him for taking her away from her family and hates being around small children because they remind her too much of Saul and Rebekah. When she heard about the Volturi's move agains the Cullens, she decides to join the force of witnesses that the Volturi had called for. She instantly hated the thought of a hybrid child because it reminded her too much of her baby Rebekah. She has been loyal to the Volturi ever since, although she hasn't officially joined the guard, she does spend a lot time in Volterra and has occassionally run minor errands for the Volturi. She has formed a theory that Jasper is slowly corrupting the Cullens into becoming evil like he was when he was with Maria. She will support the Volturi if it comes to a battle to rid the Earth of all Cullens, especially Jasper Whitlock.

Abilities: Very similar to Alice, she can see the immediate future, but never more than 3 seconds ahead of time, too late to change it, just in time to adapt to it, like watching life in fast forward. She calls herself a three-second seer.

Created by: JacksonMiracle

4/8/2012 #17 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Approved!! :)

4/8/2012 #18 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Full Name (nickname) : Bobby and Susan Frye, and daugher Amber

Date of Birth: March 2, 1886; September 4, 1889; November 6, 2006 (assuming it's now 2007)

Age: 26; 22; looks 3-4, acts 8-9

Place of Origin: Bobby and Susan from VA, but changed in TX, now live in NY, Amber been in NY her whole life

Gender: Bobby-male; Susan and Amber-female

Species: All vampire, Amber-not fully matured yet

Height: Bobby-6'2"; Susan-5'3"; Amber-2'

Hair color: Bobby-black; Susan-light brown; Amber-brownish blonde

Eye color: All of them -red

Appearance: Bobby-very tall and lanky, not a lot of muscle mass, crew-cut hair; Susan-fairly short and skinny, very curley hair, just past her shoulders;

Personality: Amber-happy go lucky child; Bobby-Silent most of the time, likes to stay in the background, always willing to help as long as it won't get him into trouble with the Volturi, but passionate when it comes to his wife and daughter and defending them; Susan-ultra friendly, and over does the Southern hospitality sometimes.

Hobbies: Amber - coloring; Bobby - likes to work on cars, but not nearly as much as Rosalie; Susan-sings and paints water colors

Likes/Dislikes: All - like puzzles and games, and being together as a family / All - dislike having to be seperated for any length of time, and sunny weather because they can't go outside

Mate/Imprint: Susan and Bobby - each other; Amber -none yet

History: Susnan and Bobby were married in VA and took their honeymoon in TX, while there they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up being chosen for Maria's army and were turned by her and trained by Jasper, however they never quite got it, and Jasper was ordered by Maria to destroy them. Instead however, he helped them to escape. Several years later, they crossed paths with Christian who enabled Susan to bear children and soon they had Amber.

Special Ability(s): All - None or undiscovered

Created by: JacksonMiracle

4/11/2012 #19 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist


4/11/2012 #20 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(My edited version of Robyn for the Flashback RP.)

Full Name (nickname): Robyn Lynnette Summers (Roby)

Date of Birth: October 5th

Age: 16

Place of Origin: Boston, Massachusetts

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Height: 5'5"

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Midnight Blue

Appearance: Has an athletic build with modest feminine curves.

Personality: Creative, Open-minded, Easy-going, Social, Warm, Compassionate, Intelligent; has a knack for recklessness

Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, Stargazing and Dancing

Likes/Dislikes: Warm weather, Nature, Sweet foods, Music, Parties, Socializing/Spicy foods, Cold weather, Stereotypical feminine hobbies such as needlepointing and cooking

Mate/Imprint: None (Yet.)

History: Was born and raised solely by her fatherand elder brother in a large estate in Boston after her mother died giving birth to her. She was raised with a governess, although she was also indulged with several tutors and is as well-versed and intelligent as any man of her station; she can read, write and speak in both English and Spanish, is skilled with drawing and watercolor, can play the violin and has a steady understanding of history, medicine and politics. After watching her brother go to war and perish, her father followed, leaving her with a choice: marry to keep her estate or be left homeless and penniless when it went to some distant relative who held no love for her. After failing to find a husband she was assured she could trust, in a partial panic and rage she took her father's rifle (which she'd been shown many times how to use whilst he or her brother practiced out back) she dressed herself as a man, hiding her hair conveniently with a hat and putting on a voice to get herself into a regiment. She is now a vigilant sharp-shooting cadet and sometimes-medic in the 20th Bostonian regiment.

Special Ability(s): None (Yet :)

Created by: Ambivalentanarchist

5/17/2012 . Edited 5/17/2012 #21 Report

Full Name: Rowan Rose Stonewood

Date of Birth: March 14th 1843

Age: 24 as of Flashback- 169 real time

Place of Origin: Clemmens, Ohio

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Height: 5'6''

Hair Color: Dark Reddish-Brown

Eye Color: Human: Dark Brown Vampire:Red/Black

Appearance: She is medium height with reddish-brown hair and red eyes. Rowan's slender, and was just out of her teen years when she was turned. Here's the best I could find.

Personality: She's naturally kind, smart, and determined. She has a strong mind and additude, and is very perceptive. She doesn't like to come off as weak, but doesn't get along with others as much after being turned. Inside, she's always been slightly bitter about her transformation, but knows there wasn't anything that could have been done to prevent it.

Hobbies: Literature, Enjoying the outdoors

Likes/Dislikes: learning, history, the outdoors, literature/ hurting others, bossy people, people who act as if she can't do things for herself.

Mate/Imprint: None

History: Rowan first lived with her father, mother, and younger sister in Ohio. She lived with a strict Christian family who believed in working, and living as others before had. She married at a young age of 18, to a local friend and blacksmith, who her mother pushed her to marry. They then decided to move the down south for new work. When she was 20, they were settled in Texas, as he then had a steady job. Soon, they had a baby girl, and they lived with their family for about 2 years. When she was 23, her husband took the child with her newly arrived brother-in-law away for the day, and none of them returned, only a messenger telling Rowan and her sister that thier family had died. Knowing that her parents wouldn't want her back with them under these circumstances. She stayed in the south with her sister's family. She found works as a teacher where she could, knowing she was always good with children and learning. It was during this period of time that she was walking home from the schoolhouse one day that a newborn came and bit her, only another member of the army picking him off and taking her to Maria's army where she quickly rised in ranking.

Special Abilitie(s): She is able to know the intentions/feelings and emotions of others, but not influence them.

Created by: GRACE :D

5/17/2012 . Edited 7/6/2012 #22 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist


5/17/2012 #23 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Full name (nickname): Nicholle Ellis (Niki)

Date of Birth: January 15th

Age: 22

Place of Origin: a small town near Houston in Texas.

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Height: 5'1''

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Red

Appearance: Petite figure, Has pale skin like all vampires, and several scars from lost battles in the months she's been in the army, Straight, flowing blonde hair, soft pink lips

Personality: Shy, kind, less aggressive than most vampires in the army

Hobbies: Enjoyed reading, needlepoint and cooking before she was turned

Likes/Dislikes: Quiet, peace, literature, music/fighting, socializing in large groups, hunting on children or young women

Mate/Imprint: None

History: Nicholle was always more introverted. She grew up in From a early age she often chose to ignore the outside world. On her way home from the market one day, Nicholle was in a hurry to make it home in time to prepare dinner for her father. As she did the rain began to pour and she ran into a man. She fell down and lost her belongings. As she moved to pick them up, she was then drained by this Vampire that was a scout for Maria and was left in the street, since he had thought she was dead. On that same day that Maria sent her army to go feed after a battle. Nicholle's town was the closest. Max and Luke had been walking around and keeping watch, making sure all the humans were drained when the came upon Nicholle. She was changing and they had to choose weather to kill her or bring her back to camp. Something told them to save her and they did. She is now a part of Maria's army, but she is currently keeping her power to herself. She doesn't want to be used and wishes only to be left alone.

Special ability: Can block other's powers, but she only uses it in battle and sometimes in training because it quickly drains her energy

Created by: Lightwitch12 & Ambivalentanarchist

6/6/2012 #24 Report

Approved!! hehe :)

6/6/2012 #25 Report

Full Name (nickname) : Cassandra Cosmina McCarty (Later Cullen)

Date of Birth: 1902

Age: physical - 15, true- 110

Place of Origin: Wherever Emmetts from, sorry I forgot.

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Height: 170cm

Hair color: Deep brown

Eye color: Golden butterscotch

Appearance: Curvy, shoulder length hair.

Personality: Great sense of humour, protective over people she loves,

Hobbies: Reading,

Likes/Dislikes: None ATM

Mate/Imprint: None at the moment.

History: she had a baby at 12 but she gave him up so he wouldnt be frowned upon cause he was out of wedlock, she ran away from home and then at the age of 15 ended up in Biloxj where James fed on her but mistakingly left blood in her. Searching for her son believing hes alive.

Special Ability(s): Her emotions control weather. Rains when sad, thunder when angry, sunny when happy.

Created by: LetsGetFreaky (Cozmo)

6/13/2012 . Edited by LightWitch12, 6/13/2012 #26 Report

Is it accepted yet?

6/15/2012 #27 Report

Name: Saul Materson.

Date of Birth: October 22

Age: 21

Place of Origin: Texas

Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

Height: 5'8

Hair color: Brown, with natural highlights.

Eye color: Red

Appearance: (LOVE IT!!)

Likes: Reading, spying on people, using his gift to confuse humans, finding a quiet place to relax.....Dislikes: Being told what to do, getting ignored, sometimes the sun.

Personality: Player, Caring, Protective, Strong willed, Stubborn.

Hobbies: Practicing his fighting, learing more intel on people, scaring humans for the hell of it.

Mate: None

History: Saul was a a rich boy, he got whatever he wanted and no one fought against him. He could always have this way of fighting, almost like he would disappear then reappear right before he hit you with a final blow. One week, he was out searching for another pretty girl like he normally would, smirking and smiling sweetly to the older women he had meet with before. He was then attacked by a group of men whose wives had been seeing Saul in secret. He took the punishment for what he knew what he was doing was wrong. He didn't like the idea of always being alone since he had a medical condition. No woman would want to marry a man that give her children. Saul was then left in the street as it rained, bruises all over his body. Peter, walked by on the day Maria's army was destroying Saul's town. He saw something in the man that he could not describe, he then asked Maria if he could change him and got the okay.

Saul now saves Maria as one of her spies. His ability to teleport is useful to her. It makes for a quick get away. He is still the same though, flirting on every girl he thought was pretty, but he is starting to change little by little. He actually has an interest in finding his mate. Wondering who she will be or what she will look like.

Special Ability(s): Teleporting

Created by: LightWitch12

7/2/2012 . Edited 7/24/2012 #28 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

And if I forgot to tell you, Light, yes, Saul is officially accepted! ;)

7/15/2012 #29 Report

(I'm sorry if this comes out looking really confusing. I tried to fix it. .)

Full Name: Aislinn (pronunciation: Eyes-Lynn) Renniee Swansen (nickname: A. R.)

Date of Birth: July 12, 1793

Age: 16

Place of Origin: Ireland

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Height: 5'2

Hair color: Red

Eye color: Red

Appearance: slim/slender with slight curves, waist long curly hair.

Personality: Free spirited, motivated, knows what she wants, friendly, stubborn, can be hot headed, guarded, has moments of self consciousness. When she was human she had a habit of making people see the world as she saw it.

Hobbies: Reading, and perfecting her gift on unsuspecting humans and other creatures.

Likes: Competition, learning about anything and everything, music.

Dislikes: Close minded/ignorant people, being told what to do and how to act and be, being belittled.

Mate/Imprint: None (Yet...)

History: Aislinn lived a poor life in Ireland with her family. She wasn't your typical female. She had a tendency to become quite rebellious. Aislinn was very free spirited. She never understood why women had to act a certain way and men could do whatever they pleased, with that being said, she got herself into a lot of trouble at times. Until one night in the year 1809, Aislinn got herself into the worst trouble she could find. She came across a lone vampire. That vampire unknowingly turned her into a vampire. The vampire just left her alone, assuming she was dead. Three days after the transformation, she went home, not fully understanding what happened to her, just that the memory of her family was blurry. Arriving home, thirst overcame her and she slaughtered her mother, father, and older brother. Ashamed, angry, and grieving, Aislinn left the only home she's ever known. Traveling aimlessly, she came across Maria and her army. Deciding she had no where else to go, she stayed.

Special Ability(s): The power to manipulate a person's/creature's vision. For example: She can make someone think they are being attacked, ECT... She can only use it on one person/creature at a time. She's working on being able to use her gift on multiple people/creatures.

Created by: Fearless Dreamer3

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