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M JacksonMiracle

(Awww....ok....see you laters Light....)

Rosalie: *shakes her head as she watches Amber go* You have a curfew because your parents love you. Respect it. *grins to herself*

Jasper: *stepping out his own jeans and deepening the kiss, bringing his body as close to hers as he could get* (skip)

Logan: *growls deeply, bucking into her, his thoughts and breathing ragged* Oh....'Laina....yes, yes, it's what I want, more than anything....can't stop now....check....check my nightstand....I might....have some.....from school.....health class.....they pass 'em out sometimes....shouldn't be too old....check the expiration date....just....just in case...

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *panting and trembling slightly, leaning into him, shocked that the table hadn't buckled under the force of their lovemaking* Did you use steel plates on the table too? *asks with a hint of amusement*

Alaina: *moans and whimpers, grinding her hips softly into him before having to tear herself off of him, rifling though his nightstand at vampire speed, checking the date on the package of one and sighing when it was still good, pressing it into Logan's palm as she was on him one again, growling and purring as they kissed intensely, her tongue warring with his as she reached for the zipper of his pants, unfastening them* Oh, need you so bad, Logan... You're all I want, all I need. Love you so much, forever.

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M JacksonMiracle

(ah....forum ate my post!! :( )

Jasper: *chuckles to himself a little nervously* Uh....not exactly.....there's steel inside the table, just the outside of it is wood.....the guy at the art shop said it made a more sturdy work surface. But I don't think he had this in mind.....

Logan: *growls deeply, and lifts her, hitching her legs around his waist as he leads her over to the bed, walking out of his pants on the way over, lays her down gently on the bed, starting to pull her own zipper down and help her out of her pants, then very deliberately rips open the small packet, his lips returning to hers in less than a second* (skippy!)

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(Aww... Lame! I hate it when that happens....)

Robyn: *laughs quietly, kissing a particularly large scar on his shoulder, the one Maria had given him* Well, I'm glad we didn't break it in any case... It does make an awfully nice place to draw... among other things.

Alaina: *her breath coming out in heavy pants, her body trembling slightly from the lingering excitement of their first time together* Logan, that was... So amazing. Incredible. Wonderful. I didn't think... I knew it would be great, but I never imagined it would be that... magical. Thank you. Thank you so much, my love. *reaching for his hand with her quivering one, holding it lightly*

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *chuckles* Oh, yeah....gotta say, I'm adding to my favorite place for certain activities. Right next to our bed and the kitchen counter.

Logan: *squeezing her hand, his own still trembling a little* Oh....wow....thank you, my darlin' Sunflower.....I can't....I can't even imagine something more perfect....wow.....that was really intense......like.....wow....why did we ever wait so long?

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Robyn: *giggles slightly* I'm guessing someone had fun. *a little playfully before deeply kissing him* I can't believe we've never done that in here before... I mean, we've 'christened' just about every other room in the house.

Alaina: *smiles at his affirmation, pulling his hand in hers to her mouth and giving it a slow, lingering kiss* I... don't... know... Oh, god, can we do it again? *smiling as she moved her lips to his*

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M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *chuckles* Correction....we have now christened every room, hallway, and corner space of this entire house, including the immediate vicinity. This was the last frontier, and I was saving it because I told you in the beginning it was your haven...I didn't want to spoil that by making our mark on it until you were ready for it.

Logan: *chuckles* Oh, yeah.....we can do it as many times as you would like..... *makes a face to himself* Or until the condoms run out.....BUT I could last all night, and there is a drug store just a short run down the road......

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Robyn: *smiles, after thinking on it for a second* We have, haven't we? *moves closer, giving him a series of soft pecks* You didn't have to wait so long, you know. I mean, I'll admit, in the beginning, a small part of me needed this... a space that was just for me. Where it was almost like I was human again. But it's been a long time since I've needed that.

Alaina: *smiles, purring softly at the sheer thought of being with him, kissing passionately, letting her hands run down his body* Oh, I'm so glad you feel that way, honey... feels so good to be close to you, don't want to stop.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(GRACE!!! HI!! :))

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Amber: *getting out of her car and walks through the front door of her house, smiling and humming as she makes her way upstairs and to her room*

Peter: You would have to stay here for a few months, at least until I think you are stable enough to go back out with humans. *takes one of her hands and holds it in his* If you do not want to be changed then you do not have to. I will....just have to work on not drinking from you anymore. Though, your blood, is all that appeals to me at the moment.

Travis: *scrunches his nose* Can I go and play in my tree house once that is done being...baked? *shivers in disgust*

(hi...not sure how long I'll be on) (I'll be on later....damn tummy -__-)

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(Here's hoping you feel better soon!!)

Susan: *comes downstairs, dressed for her date night as she pulls out her phone to call Rosalie, smiling when she saw that Amber had made it in by her curfew* I wonder why she's so happy... Maybe she finally made her movie with Logan.... Hey, Amber. Did you have a good time while you were out?

Marcy: *swallows as she looks down at his hand holding hers, squeezing it softly, then back up to his eyes* I-- It's not like I even have anything to loose, not anymore, but-- I'm scared. Not of you... *mumbles softly* Although that probably make me pretty stupid... But, I don't have what you have Peter. I don't have a family... or anyone really... and I wouldn't want to live that long alone... *looks down, tilting her neck and using her free hand to pull the hair off one side* I'd rather you'd just kill me. Stop torturing yourself. And put me out of my misery.

Charlotte: *Nods and chuckles* If only I could too, but I have to watch to make sure this thing doesn't burn. Go, ahead, Travis, I'll call you back in after it's cooked.

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Amber: *furrows her brows looking up at her mother and smiles* Well, where are you going huh? *giggles* I did have a good time mom, I spent it with Aunt Rose most of the time. *bite her lower lip looking at the ground* And I get that Logan isn't mine, so....I'll just have to wait for my guy to come. *looks back up at her mother, her eyes shinning with joy*

Peter: *shakes his head slowly, not taking his eyes off her face, stringing himself from looking at her neck, using his free hand to lift her chin up to look back at him* If you have no one, then consider us....your new family. *being completely serious, slowly moving forward and kiss the top of her head* I can't kill you Marcy, that is not who I am. *moves back so he can see her eyes, his darken a little more but keep their red color*

Travis: *grins, nodding his head and running into the backyard, climbing up the tree and into his tree house* AHH! *shouts, kicking a few squirrels out* Not your house!!

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(OMG! You're here! Hi!!!)

Susan: *setting her phone back in her pocket for the moment* I was going to go out with the girls tonight... *smiles, moving in to give her a hug and a quick kiss on the head* I'm glad you had fun darling... and I hope you know, that one day, when you guy comes... I will do all I can to keep your father from killing him. *jokes with a smile as she pulls away*

Marcy: *furrows her brow, completely bewildered* You... want me to be part of your family? *searching his eyes, blinking back at the truth in them, then nodding slowly in understanding* H-how does it work? How would you change me? *quietly*

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(Lmao XD Yep! For as long as my eyes don't shut on me!)

Amber: *chuckles* Please mom, if anything I can always move something dad needs into a different spot by going into the past. *smirks, then sighs* I'm not sure, but, *takes out the drawing she drew over at Jaspers house, letting Susan see it* I saw this earlier while with Aunt Rosalie. I think it was the future but, there was a guy running after me and no it wasn't in that bad kind of way. More like, "I found you after a long time" or something like that. *shrugs*

Peter: It is....a painful processes but when its over you will feel new. *gives her a small smile* They way it works...is that either I or my wife can bite you in the neck or anywhere really. You just need a certain amount of our venom and it will begin to change you. *looks down, giving her hand a squeeze* The feeling you will get...will be as if you are burning form the inside out.

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(COOL! :))

Susan: *purses her lips as she takes a picture, examining it closely but not being able to identify the man in the picture* Huh... it's not anyone I know... *passes it back to her* Were there any clues as to how far in the future it might have been?

Marcy: *nods shakily, a little fearful tremble running through her body* Wow. *laughs dryly* I kind of wish I hadn't asked... *clears her throat* So, how long will I feel like... that? Will it be over quickly? *almost too afraid to ask*

Charlotte: *takes the finished pie out of the oven cutting a large slice from it and preparing the meal on a tray to bring up to Marcy, hoping Peter had calmed some*

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Amber: *taking the picture back, looking it over once more before putting it in her purse* It only seemed to be about two years maybe, I wasn't in a room so I couldn't tell. My cell wouldn't have worked either. *spaces out trying to think back, her eyes darkening* He was wearing that lab coat, and his voice sounded worried, anxious. I could see some of his face but not enough. The man's voice, it sounded so familiar...I...just can't place it. *sighs blinking her eyes back to their ruby color*

Peter: *opens his mouth to speak, smelling a weird stench in the air, acknowledging that its the food Charlotte was making and purses his lips* We can save that for another time, at the moment your food is being prepared for you. *glances at her neck and curses quietly, standing up and slowly let's go of her hand*

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Susan: *nods, taking in the information, then sighs* Well, maybe it's possible you aren't supposed to know just yet, Darling, I mean, usually when you time-travel everything is so clear, isn't it?

Marcy: *sighs softly, letting her hand fall into her lap and keeping her gaze there* It must be pretty awful if he doesn't want to tell me...

Charlotte: *takes the tray of food upstairs, knocking lightly on the door as she balanced the tray in one hand* Peter? *softly* I brought Marcy something to eat.

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Amber: *shrugs* It usually is, I just wish I....could....place...*her eyes widen* No way. *frowns* Why would he...*makes her way up the rest of the stairs and goes into her room*

Peter: *his head snaps to the door, letting a small growl out, blinking a few time and quiets himself* I'm sorry about that Charlotte. *smiles* You can come in. *his jaw clenched, keeping himself from doing anything irrational*

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Susan: *furrows her brow, following her daughter* Amber? Who? What are you talking about? *insistently*

Marcy: *reaches out a hand to Peter, placing it on his with a small smile, hoping he would be calmer if his attention was on her instead of Charlotte, rubbing his cool hand slightly with her warmer one* Is my blood really that appealing to him? That he would fight even his wife for me?

Charlotte: *opens the door and moves forward a little slower than normal* It's all right, Peter. *sets the tray op on Marcy's lap, giving Peter a quick, loving kiss and a smile* Just make sure she eats, please. She needs to keep up her strength. Especially with how much you've been drinking from her. *caresses his face softly before she leaves, going outside and standing at the bottom of Travis's treehouse* Just wanted to let you know the pie is out of the oven. *calls up softly, knowing he could hear*

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Amber: *turns to face her mother* Its just a hunch, so I'm not totally sure about it. But...who do we know that wears a lab coat..like...kind of all the time....no matter where he goes?

Peter: *calming down slightly when Marcy touches his hand, relaxing almost completely when Charlotte kisses him, giving a genuine smile as she leave, looking back over to Marcy* She is right, you need to eat something. *sits back down in the chair* I have been drinking too much from you, and it has only been one day. Your body is weak and you need to replenish...as do I. *glances to the door* I should get something from downstairs.

Travis: *pokes his head out front he window with a smile* Cool, thanks mom. I think I'll wait it out, let the smell die out from inside. *scrunches his nose* I can smell it from here. EW! *sticks his tongues out and makes fake gaging noises*

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Susan: *raises a brow after thinking about it for a moment* I don't know... who?

Marcy: *takes the tray off her lap, moving it off to the side, moving closer to him, and taking his hand to draw his attention away from the door, taking a breath to gather her courage* Peter... Just... get it over with. *her heart starting to pound in fear and anticipation, knowing the terrible pain that would come with the experience as she moved her body close, only centimeters from his, tilting the exposed side of her neck for him, closing her eyes as she waited* Please. The waiting is killing me. Just do it.

Charlotte: *chuckles* Well, if she stays human for much longer you're just going to have to get used to it, honey. You're just lucky your school runs on half-days so you won't have to sit through lunch.

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Amber: *sighs, giving up* Really mom? Really? *calms herself* He is the guy that we are all supposed to talk to at least once every two months so he can see how were doing. We get check up by him most of the time too. *furrows her brows* Damn, I forgot the name again. *groans and sits on her bed* Forget it...it doesn't matter anyway.

Peter: *glances at her neck, his eyes darken instantly as he hears her heart beating faster, opens his mouth and lets his tongue licks her neck, a soft moan escapes his mouth, using vamp speed and moves away from her, going outside and wraps his arms around Charlottes waist, holding her tight and whispers from her neck* I need you....right now Charlotte...*his voice husky, needing a release from all the pressure and stress he was under*

Travis: I know, I am so grateful. *watches as Peter runs over to Charlotte, smirks and climbs down the tree* I'll watch the human. *class over to them as he walls inside and goes up to where Marcy is* Knock, knock. *grins, walking in*

(MEH! Last one, me starting to fall asleep. DX)

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Susan: *chuckles* Your Uncle Eric? He doesn't always wear a lab coat, honey. Only when he's just come from work. What about him? *pauses, furrowing her brow, then realization, her voice laced with pity* Oh honey... you don't think... That's impossible. Eric may not be mated, but he's always dating and he's never acted differently around Amber. Eric is your doctor, honey.

Marcy: *whimpers softly and relaxes when Peter licks along her neck, then sighs when she opens her eyes a second later to find him gone, letting herself flop down on the bed, sitting up when Travis walked in, trying to mask her distress with a smile* Hey, Travis. Why wouldn't he just do it? I don't...

Charlotte: *nods, turing in his arms and kissing him deeply, running her hands over him* My poor Peter... It must be so hard for him...

(Okay, Light, see you later!)

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(OMG you guys, I completely forgot that we were supposed to start on the Flashback RP today!!! *facepalm* Are you all okay with that or would you like to extend this one a few more days?)

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M JacksonMiracle

(Hey, had one of the longest days ever today......but will try to RP for a couple hours at least on whichever one you decide......I think we hit all the "benchmarks" on this one, right? If you wanted to you move on, but if you want to linger, that's ok too......too tired to even really think right now.....I'm really starting to burn out on work..... :( )

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Oh, I'm so sorry Miracle!! At least you're almost to the weekend, right? I was thinking the same. I thought we could postpone if both you and Light wanted to linger, but if you're okay moving on, so I am, and I'm fairly sure Light will be too although she's not feeling well today so I'm not so sure how much she'll be here. So, I'll start up over there, and I'll see you there!)

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