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Augmented RP

Esme: Really, it seems to take so much longer. That's what always happens though.. when something happens that you wish didn't..

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Carlisle: *sighs deeply* I keep going over it in my head, the last time we saw her... I just miss her so much... It's hard to believe she's gone... And now... *trails off meaningfully*

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Esme: *looking over at him* I miss her too. *frowns, sighing* As much as I wish there would be, there is no way to make what happened better. Not really.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Carlisle: I know... Her gift is far too valuable to them. There is nothing that I could give them for her peaceful return... And if we attempted to fight them for her... I fear our family would suffer at least one casualty. They make it a point to keep the strongest and most gifted vampires... *solemnly*

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Esme: There is no way then.. That she will be back? *her voice slightly empty of emotion now*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Carlisle: That doesn't mean we won't see her again... After the initiation process is complete, we would be free to see her in Volterra, given our presence didn't interfere with her duties... I don't make empty promises, you know that... I promise you, we will see our daughter again.

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Esme: *nods slightly* I know that you keep your promises, all of them. And thank you for that. *looks at him* I'm sorry that I keep repeating my worries.. It's a lot to think about; I know it's that way for us all.

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Peter: *releases the bed from his death threatening grip, his eyes soften* You would really do all this, for me? *his body still tense* I can't promise that you'll be safe, but I swear to you I will do my best to not hurt you.

Luke: You should consider it, your a bright young lady with a future ahead of you. Plus your hot. *smirks* But too bad your taken by me, because all the other guys can just look but not touch. That's my job.

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(Hi everyone!)

Bella: *Smiles and nods.* Okay. It has been a while. I miss everyone. Especially Alice. *Laughs lightly then turns serious* I wonder if Renesmee is there already... *Becomes thoughtful*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Hey, everybody... I know this might be sudden, but I feel like we've gotten into a bit of an RP rut... So, I've decided to switch us over to the Lost RP a little ahead of schedule! :) I'll see all of you over there in a little bit!)

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