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A Ambivalentanarchist

Just for fun! Our characters and human us! :) Let's say... On vacation in a hotel Resort in Vegas!

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(So a hotel in Vegas? Sweeeet! XD Does this mean our characters are human as well?)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Biv: *playing the slot machines, sighing in boredom on her third try* I don't get the big deal. Las Vegas isn't even that fun– *eyes widen to the size of dish plates when she hits the jackpot, lights and noises going off to alert the world around them, frozen for a moment before screaming and jumping up and down, using her purse when the cup she was using for coins overflowed* I won! Oh, my god! I won the jackpot!! *laughing happily as coins continued to spill out*

Charlotte: *huffs a little as she walked around the casino floor* I can't believe I have to wait until sundown to do anything fun... *stops when she walks by the big game tables* Well, I guess I could do that....

Carlisle: *sitting upstairs, the window shades of the Cullen's hotel suite firmly closed, fixing up his tie a little as he waited for Esme to come out of the bathroom* I'm sure whatever you choose to wear, you'll look beautiful, darling. *calls out to her* I wonder if they'll be as good as last time we saw them... *glancing at his watch, wondering for a moment if everyone would be together in time to catch the showing of Cirque du Soleil they'd all purchased tickets for*

Clara: *sunbathing poolside, sipping a virgin pini colada as she laid out on one of the many chairs beside the aqua water* Oh, the sun here feels so great...

Robyn: *navigates the casino floor, heading to one of the restaurants that the Resort housed* I have a few hours before the showing of Cirque du Soleil. I mean, I know I'm not dressed yet, but I might as well get something to eat beforehand. *smiles as she walked up to the desk* Table for one, please.

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Yupp! :) )

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(Okay... I may post... Not sure. XP I'm still like Meeeeeh. lol)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(I'll be on and off, you only have to post if you want to! :) )

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Light: *up in her hotel room, lounging around on the bed and rolling from side to side, not sure what to really do since I think slots are boring* *lets out a heavy sigh, jumping with a small yelp as she falls off the bed when someone knocks on the door* Come in its unlocked!

Max: You know its not really safe to keep it unlocked, especially in a place like this. *sighs as he walks into her room with Justin behind him* *acting like her older brother*

Justin: Dang, your room is bigger then ours. Lucky. *chuckles, shutting the door behind him, looking down at his bow tie and curses* Darn it... Damn thing... *groans as he walked over to the closest mirror so he could fix it* You gonna go downstairs to the slots with us or are we all going to hit the city for some fun?

Light: Uhhhh, city! *stands up with from laying on the floor in thought for a few seconds, hands on her hips* I don't want to do slots, they are boring as heck, and also we are going out to eat! I'm starving.

Max: *chuckles, walking over to his friends side and pats the top of her head* When are you not?

Light: *huffs, crossing her arms with a pout* Meanie. *moves Maxs hand off of her head, stomping over to Justin's side, licking arms with him once he finished fixing his bow tie* *rolling her eyes at Maxs comment as they all left her room laughing, making their way downstairs*

Alice: *fixing her dress up in her's and Jaspers room, putting on the right accessories that would accompany her dress fairly well, smiling as she looked over her reflection in the mirror* Love it! * squeals, taking a seat on the bed as she waits for her husband* (I am only assuming this is correct. XP)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Lol. Whatever, I guess. *shrugs* Sorry if I disappear. It is dinner time for me!)

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(I have too cook my junk! Not sure how long I have my laptop for. o_O She takes it at night now. lame!)

(I see you tomorrow I hope! Night lady!)

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(It sucks that she takes it at night! :( Sorry I haven't been on sooner. Today was Cory's last day of school so I was doing a bunch of Christmas stuff so things could be perfect when he got home.)

Robyn: *frowns when the waitress said there weren't any tables open* Thanks anyways, I guess. I'll be sure to make a reservation next time. Sorry for taking up your time. *sighs a little as she walked away* Maybe I'll just hit a buffet while I'm out... After all, they're not so bad. *walking towards the elevators to get back up to her room to change, smiling slightly at Max, Justin and Light as they poured out of the elevator she was going to take* Guess the elevators are busy today... *chuckles softly, more at herself than anything* It's Vegas. Everything is busy.

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(Hey! My family is going to dinner. I'll be on both threads when I get back)

12/14/2012 #11 Report

Grace: *walks out of the hotel, walking over to check out the pool, thinking of wether or not she'd stop by there later* I wish some of my friends had actually come. I wonder what it'll be like here- not too bad, probably.

Esme: *walks out of the bathroom only a minute or two later, happy with the dress she was wearing* Thank you. *she smiles* We won't be late, will we? I haven't checked the time yet. *takes a seat lightly on the edge of the bed wondering where the others were at the moment*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Clara: *smiles slightly at Grace as she walks by* Finally, someone my age! Or, at least, she looks about my age... *waves to the empty seat beside her* This one's free, if you're looking for a place to relax. The sun is great out here, don't you think?

Carlisle: *checks his Rolex before shaking his head* You needn't worry, dearest. The sun hasn't even come down yet. The show isn't for a few hours now. And don't you worry, I'm certain that we'll all make it there in time to see it. Besides, it's not as if it's the only show we'll see while we're here.

12/14/2012 #13 Report

Grace: *decides to sit down, taking a seat in the chair* Thanks. *smiles* Yeah, it's really nice here. I'm Grace.

Esme: Ah, true. I must not have taken as long as I had thought, then. *smiles* Have you heard from any of the others since we arrived here?

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Clara: *holds her hand out for a shake* I'm Clara. I'm actually here with my family. We're having a reunion here, later in the week. At one of the banquet rooms of the hotel. You on a family vacation, too?

Carlisle: Jasper left a message that he and Alice hand arrived at the desk. I'm not so sure about Emmett and Rosalie, though. I called their room a few times and they haven't answered. *clears his throat a little* Of course, there could be more than one reason for that. *turns to face her, his breath caught in his throat for a moment* You do look lovely, my darling.

12/15/2012 #15 Report

(I had good timing for checking the forum on my phone xD)

Grace: *shakes her hand* No. My family's all back home, actually. I'm here with my soccer team. High school level Nationals is held here this year.

Esme: I'm glad Alice and Jasper got to their room all right, then. I'm sure we'll hear from the others later. *smiles, watching him* Thank you. And you look quite handsome, yourself.

12/15/2012 . Edited by LightWitch12, 12/15/2012 #16 Report

Emmett: *in his and Rosalie's room, laying on the bed with his suit on wrinkling it up like Rosalie told him not to do, staring up at the ceiling as he waits for her to fix up her dress wear, groaning as he moves onto his side* Baaaaaabe, come on you look hot.

Light: *does a small dance with Justin as they finally made it past the crowd and got outside, slowly making their way towards the pool where they can hear some music going on from somewhere* Dudes, we need to really find ourselves a club, dance to our hearts content and possibly get a little drunk.

Justin: *laughs, patting her shoulder* No way! You're way to young for that stuff... *pauses, thinking about the kids now a days* Then again you are an adult. * pretends to ponder on the thought only to annoy her*

Light: *taping her foot on the floor, glaring at him* Fine! I'll go... Do whatever! *stomps away, bumping into Max* Ughhh, in my waaaay. *smacks his chest lightly*

Max: *sighs sadly, patting her head to get her to stop hitting him* We're here to have fun, I'm sorry if its taking a little longer to go "party" but I at least think we should get a few more friends so it will be twice as fun, don't you say? *his mind rushing back to the woman that had smiled at them when they left the elevator* Who was she? I feel like I've seen her before.

Light: *nods her head once with a pout* Yeah, I guess. *takes her cell out and texts Biv* Woman! Come out to the pool, we is going out to dance! XDD *taps Max's shoulder, grabbing Justin's wrist and pulls them out of Clara's and Grace's sight* Shhhh, I think I know one of them. *trying to act ninja*

Max: *shakes his head with an amused smile, his eyes shinning as he passed a glance from Justin to Light* We could scare them. *smirking*

Saul: *playing on one of the slot machines, not surprised when the lights went off and it announced he was a winner* *chuckling to himself as he collected all his winnings, putting it in a bucket he had with him and stuffs the coins inside* What to do. *with another sigh, he ventures over to an older couple who seem to have been playing for hours and are only losing their money, taps the mans shoulder and hands him the bucket with a grin*

Man: *gasps, looking up at Saul then the bucket, taking it from him with a shaky hand* Son.. Thank you. *pats his shoulder, slowly making his way over to his wife to show her what he had accepted from Saul* * turning to point at him only to frown when Saul wasn't there*

Saul: *groans, scratching the back of his head* Any ladies here that would catch my eye. *huffs, searching around*

12/15/2012 . Edited 12/15/2012 #17 Report

Peter: *glancing around the casino floor, both hands stuffed inside his pockets, a sigh of bordom escaping his lips as he watched so many people rush around, the sound of slot machines and others making noises, people talking and chatting too loudly because of the machines noise. All of it giving him a headache, the thought of burning such a building down coming to his mind countless times as his facial expression turned into a hard glare* *his eyes scan across the floor once again when his eyes land on Charlotte, grateful he was able to find her in this place, making his way through the rush of people so he was able to be by her side* *slipping his hand into her own, not saying a word, his expression still hard*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(Lol. Sorry I disappeared, guys. Took off for christmas shopping, then had to take care of dinner.)

Clara: *smiles* Oh, you play soccer? That's really cool. I bet you'll end up with a scholarship or something. I hear that's really popular now a days, for girls, at least. I played volleyball for a little while, but music is more of my thing.

Carlisle: *chuckles slightly* I'm glad that you think so... *looks at his outfit, then hers again* Perhaps I should choose another tie, one that matches your dress better. *frowns a little* What do you think?

Biv: *in the casino's office, with the lawyers there, signing the last piece of paper for the IRS regarding the 1 Million dollar sum she'd just one; sighs deeply* Is that all? Seriously, I thought gambling was supposed to be fun. *grumbles* I'll be a few minutes. You might want to go ahead. I won the jackpot... Apparently it's not all fun and games. I think I gave myself Carpel Tunnel Syndrome!

Robyn: *fussing a little in the mirror after dressing up, fixing her curled hair and straightening out the short black dress ( she had chosen, testing out her 3" heels by walking around the room as the sun began to go down before heading out the door, her belongings in a tiny silver clutch, heading back down the elevator and cutting through the pool on her way to the roadside, trying and failing to hail a cab right away* I wish I could whistle... Stupid blind taxi drivers... Hello, I'm right here!

Charlotte: *immediately stops the game she was playing, whispering below her breath as she led him toward the back entrance, knowing what he needed was a little peace and quiet* I'm sorry, darlin'. I thought you were still with the Major. The sun's going down, here, let's get you a little fresh air.

12/15/2012 #19 Report

(No problemo, mi amiga.) Rowan: *walking around the hotel, seeing what was all going on in the area* Grace: Yeah, hopefully. That would make paying for college easier. *nods thoughtfully* Volleyball is fun. What kind of music do you listen to? Esme: I think that you will look perfect in whatever tie you choose to where. *laughs a little, pausing and turning to his suitcase, picking up a tie from inside that matched the dark purple of her dress* But.. if you do want a matching one, this should do nicely.

12/15/2012 #20 Report

(Grrrr. I used the wrong tense of wear >:( My phobe won't let me edit.)

12/15/2012 #21 Report

Saul: *almost immediately spots Rowan and head over in her direction, clearing his throat so she knew he was by her side* I didn't think beautiful woman like yourself gambled. You seem more like the party type. *grins, putting on his charm*

Peter: *sighs in relief, his eyes drifting out to the many cars driving by, the fresh air doing him some good* He went back up to his room too check on his wife, they'll both be down sooner or later. *his voice low as he spoke to her, his ears still ringing from the sounds of the machines* You want to go back in and play? I don't want to take you away from something... Fun, if you were enjoying yourself.

Max: *brings Justin and Light away from the pool and towards the front of the hotel, shaking his head at the two in disbelief* *watching Justin read over lights shoulder when he cell buzzed, his eyes drifting away from the two when he spotted the woman from earlier* What is she...? *chuckles a little to himself, walking over to the front of the hotel and lifts his hand up, letting out a loud enough whistle for a taxi to notice him* *grinning when he got the attention of two, motioning for the other to come by as well* Excuse me, but you seemed like you could use the help. *smiles, holding his hand out* My names Max. *waits for Robyn's reply, watching her stare at him but says nothing about it*

Light: *blinks* Huh? You won?! WOW! THAT'S AWESOME!! *pauses in her texting to look up at Justin* *scowling at him but slowly grins* Oh.. Pssshhh, Noooo. You haven't met Sarah yet have you? *smirks* You gotta hurry up, I have a friend I want you too meets! ;)

Justin: *furrows his brows in confusion, nodding his head absent mindedly to her question* A friend... *crosses his arms over his chest loosely* Your not setting me up with someone are you? *brows raised skeptically*

Light: *blushes a little from embarrassment* Uhh.. Nope! She's just a friend of mine me wishes you too meet! *chuckles nervously, taking in a deep breath and turns away from him to hide her face, thinking of other things so her face could cool off*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

(It's okay, Grace. It's not a biggie. When you're on your phone, you're on your phone. And hiya, Light! :))

Clara: All types really... *shrugs a little* Well, not really rap. Mostly alternative rock, pop music... *chuckles a little* Italian opera. I don't just listen though, I sing. I'm in choir. I play a few instruments, too. Maybe I'll turn it into a career one of these days. *glances at the horizon as the sun begins to go down* I better get some real clothes on soon.

Carlisle: You always were too kind, Esme. *takes the tie from her* Hmmm... I didn't even know I packed this one. *takes his gold one off, putting on the purple one*

Charlotte: *shakes her head* The high-stakes poker was mildly enjoyable, but I was just biding my time until you and the Major were done, really. *squeezes his hand, giving him a loving smile* So, it there anything you'd like to do, while we're here? We haven't been this far south in a long time.

Biv: Yeah, baby! Lol. It was a Million, but after taxes is going to be about half that. :/ So I am not, technically a millionaire. Effing taxes. Anyways, I just signed the last paper, got it wired to my account. I should be down pronto. *waves goodbye to the lawyer as she got up from her seat and took the elevator down* Um... Where are you, again?

Robyn: *gasps at the loud whistle that comes from beside her, unable to take her attention off of the handsome man she'd seen before, in the elevator, slowly smiling, chuckling at her own behavior as she took his hand, shaking it gently* Right. Introductions. I'm Robyn... Thank you. Really... It's like I'm invisible sometimes. Oh, god... He's so... *laughs again, having to force herself to release his hand after a few moments, nodding to the cab he'd stopped for her* Do you want to share? We don't really need two... Unless you and your friends have plans of course... Don't be stupid, of course he has plans...

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Max: *his eyes lower to her hand* She's so warm, surprising she didn't comment about my temperature *hears her talking to him like a background noise and tunes back in from his own thoughts, clearing his throat before he looked back up at her* I am actually accompany a few friends to a club nearby. Its not really my thing, but they need someone to help them back here if they're going to partake in some beverages. *folds his hands in front of himself* If you'd like, and this is only a suggestion... But would you like to join us? It won't be a bother at all. That is... Unless you're meeting someone? *hides the small amount of regret in asking his last question to her* She's nicely dressed, I bet she already has a guy.

Justin: *taps Light on her head, tilting his head in Max's direction* He bring a date or is he getting one? *smirks, wincing when Light hits his chest lightly, rubbing it with a pout* Gosh, your so mean.

Light: Oh hush! You deserved that one. *sticks her tongue out at him, turning back to her cell when it buzzed* We be in the front of the hotel, you'll see me with my awesome blue pants!! And then Justin with his nice suit. :P He's the tall guy next to me being a bum! lol

Peter: *gives her a small, strained smile, his eyes darting to the people walking all around them, wondering why he was having such a problem with being in a crowd when he;s been in worst situations then this* *lets out a shaky sigh as he brought Charlotte closer to him, releasing her hand only to slip his arm around her waist, turning his head into her neck, nuzzling* I will do whatever it is you want. Anything to make you happy. *his voice a low murmur against her neck, a small grin gracing his lips*

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A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: Well... *bites her bright red painted lower lip in thought* It would probably be better than going to see a show all by myself, wouldn't it? And, I could have a little to drink. It's not the gala is until monday. *slowly smiles, tucking a tuft of shiny, curled hair behind her ear, her blue eyes shyly meeting his* I'm not meeting anyone. I would really love to come... *clears her throat, her face flushing softly* I mean, if it's really okay, that is. I don't want to be intruding on anything. What's wrong with me?

Biv: *walks out of the front of the building as she reads the text, tucking it away in her purse in lieu of answering, picking up speed a little in her heels, careful not to let her dress ( ride up as she rushed to Light, hugging her* You look so great in those pants! Seriously! *pulls back looking at her again* You really do clean up well. *looks at Justin, pointing* Is this the bum? *with a straight face*

12/15/2012 #25 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Charlotte: *hums a little, softly at the proximity, wrapping her arms around him in return and closing her eyes* This is all I've wanted all day. *sighs happily* Maybe we should go up to our room... It is nice. I took a little peek when I dropped off our things, earlier.

12/15/2012 #26 Report

Peter: *chuckles, pulling back so he can see her face, leaning his forehead against her's* Are you certain? We can go to a bar, maybe another casino that isn't as... Crowded.

Max: *his eyes widen slightly at hearing her accept his offer and the fact that she was meeting with no one* Yes! This give me a chance, she isn't swooning over me like other woman, so she must be the shy kind. *grins, checking over his shoulders at his friends, seeing that Light had got another* I think I may just get my SUV instead of all of us getting into a taxi. *allows some other people to take the taxis that were waiting on them, offering Robyn his arm* I'll introduce you to the group. Please... Please tell me don't let Light embarrass me like Luke would.

Justin: *staring at Biv with a straight face, reaching his hand out and takes a hold of her's* Hello, my name is Justin. *kisses the top of it* Its a pleasure too meet a friend of Alex's. she does talk about you a lot.

Light: *blushes, smacking his hand out of Biv's, being mindful not to hit her's* Shut. Up. *harshly whispers/yells at him, giving his forehead a smack* Could've had a V8. *huffs, turning back to Biv* I know right!? I look so awesome and yes... *points back at Justin* This be the bum.

(Last one, mom has me turning my laptop in. DX Nights!)

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Rowan: Oh, do I? *Looks at him, turning her head slightly* And I'm not gambling. You're right about that much. *continues walking* _ Esme: *nods* You didn't. I put it in your suitcase in case you wanted a different one. *shrugs slightly, walking over to him and straightening the newly put on tie a little.* _ Grace: Oh, wow, that's crazy. I'm nothing near musical. I sing VERY off key. *laughs* Where are you heading?

12/16/2012 . Edited 12/16/2012 #28 Report

(Heya Grace!)

Saul: *follows after her when she continued to walk away, keeping in step* So then does this mean I get a dance with you? I think it only fair. *grins*

12/16/2012 #29 Report

Rowan: Only fair?

12/16/2012 #30 Report
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