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A Ambivalentanarchist

This RP is going to take place in an AU where the vampire world is run differently than it is in the canon. There is a little stricter code of laws that every vampire has to follow, enforced by a single ruler and the people they elect to rule with them in each continent. In North America, it's Carlisle and the Cullens and in Eurasia, it's Aro and the Volturi.

The vampire world is very dissimilar from the one we know in the saga. There's a whole other underground world that human's don't see. Secret clubs with bottled blood blood in coolers and O negative on tap. Blooding "farming" companies who keep humans healthy in facilities in order to take their blood on a regular; the same ones who imitate legitimate blood donation institutions like The Red Cross to get people to unknowingly give their blood for vampire use. Auction houses where humans are sold as "pets". Etc.

There is a strict code governing these facilities and vampires as a whole. Breaking it has consequences, of course, handled inclusively by the Cullen family. Carlisle is the final authority on any case in N.A., although he usually only judges substantial or unusual cases. Rosalie and Emmett often deal with the justice-dealing part of the system, most notably executing those who have been found guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt of crimes which fit that punishment. Alice, Jasper and Edward have all served as a team in investigating crimes that they were less sure had been committed. Although, since Edward met and fell in love with Bella and the two welcomed a daughter into the world, they've been on a break from the family business to enjoy the new joys of parenthood and so that Bella could have some time to adjust to being a vampire, leaving Jasper and Alice as partners. Jasper is feared by a large part of the vampire community for his aptitude to deal out punishment where it fits the law.

I really hope you all have a lot of fun with this RP! :) If you have any questions/comments/concerns about this RP, feel free to voice them via PM! Biv

7/25/2013 #1 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(First post! :))

Robyn: *sitting back in the dank, musty cell she'd been kept in for the last six months, away from the bars, as far away as she could get, hiding in the corner behind the weather'd cot that sat in there inside with her* How did this happen to me? *tears in her eyes as she laid her head against the cement wall, her arms holding her knees close her her body as she shuddered, remembering the horrific night she'd been pulled off of the streets on the way home and thrown into a black van, she'd fought and fought, but the people who took her were stronger, faster* I shouldn't have been out. I should have stayed in the dorms and studied. A party. What a stupid idea. So stupid. And this is what I get for it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. *wiping the hot tears away as they trailed their way down her cheeks, wincing at the soreness in her arms from several improperly done blood extractions, one that left heavy, dark bruises from her wrists to her elbows* I hope they don't come again today. I don't think I could take it... *freezing up when she heard hard footsteps, ones that meant shoes, which meant her captors, waking along the hall, stopping at each cell to get a bottle of water and a hunk of bread through each set of bars, only letting out the breath she'd been holding after the man came and left her cell without incident, unlike other times that made her want to shutter, times when he'd grabbed her through the bars, when he'd bitten her wrist and left a white, ugly scar* Just wait... *willing herself not to grab the sustenance her body ached for until she was sure he was long gone, knowing how quickly they moved, although it had been hard to believe it wasn't a trick of the light or her mind until she'd seen it clearly a few times* Don't... *closing her eyes when she heard a cell door open, trying to ignore the greeting, moan, then sickening crack and thump that followed* Not again. This can't keep happening... *her body trembling as her mind tried to cope with the stress of what was happening around her*

8/2/2013 #2 Report
M JacksonMiracle

(Second! :) )

Rosalie: *this was her night club, her bar, and her stool, or at least she liked to think that. She wasn't the owner, but she was a regular customer and no one inside dared to question her about her presence or her tastes or where she would sit or what beverage she would choose to enjoy. She was feared, and respected. In the beginning, she hadn't been able to really understand the appeal of power, but the more she tasted of it now, the better it got. And the more power she had, the more she drank, and the more she drank, the less she had to remember. The bliss of blood always caused the defeat and agony of her everyday life and the unwanted demons from her human one from forcing their way forward from whatever hole she had banished them too. Taking a long drag from the warm mug in front of her, she sighed in relief from the oblivion and ecstasy that came with every swallow of human blood* Divine! You've absolutely outdone yourself this time! I'll have a second!

8/2/2013 #3 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: *walking into the loud, bustling environment he knew his wife loved so much, his head held high and his shoulders back as he walked past the bouncer without so much as looking at the other vampire, the crowd parted for him respectfully, the few who knew exactly who he was, the coven he belonged to and the authority he carried bowing their heads and exposing their necks in a show of submission as he made his way towards the bar, towards his wife and her usual place at one end of it* Hey, babe. I'm sorry I took so long. Business. *a little darkly, not wanting to tell her the details of the human he'd had to kill because of a dispute over their ownership, turning to the bartender with an almost-friendly look, knowing how fond of them Rosalie was* I'll have a double of whatever she's having. *choosing to lean against the black top of the bar instead of taking a seat beside her, stroking down her spine with a single hand* Did you miss me, my Rosie? *whispers down to her, huskily*

8/2/2013 . Edited 8/2/2013 #4 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *accepting the thick white envelope from the messenger* It's interesting that you would have so much information from a farm that you were never a part of.... *staring down the other vampire and getting a strong read from his emotions, letting him sweet it out for several moments before backing off just slightly* Regardless, if what you say is true about the improper care and treatment of humans in this particular farm, then it is something that should be dealt with immediately and without mercy for those who run it. *ripping open the envelope and removing photos of battered and haggard, malnourished and ugly human blood banks* These don't even look to be worth their upkeep. I can't imagine the blood we get from them is any good considering how weak and near death they look. You have to have a healthy crop to get a healthy yield. These are so under-cared for that I don't know if they even have enough human left in them to be worth keeping them alive. *his eyes snapping up to the messenger* Perhaps if you don't have anything to do with this farm, you do have a role in a neighboring farm who wishes the enemy crop to be destroyed, and reporting them for bad business practices is the best way to do it. Am I wrong?! *once more glaring down the opposing man*

8/2/2013 #5 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *openly moaning at the contact he made with her, swallowing down several more mouthfuls of the delectable blood* It's alright, I understand. And you're here now. That's all I can really ask for. *turning her sultry eyes on him and letting them roam over his chiseled form, very visible under his tight clothing, a purr escaping her throat* Don't you just look....real nice tonight. Whatever it was couldn't have been too bad if you got to wear that. *humming again as she slid a hand down his chest and back up again, public displays of affection such as this the norm in a night club like this one* Has anyone ever told you how sexy you are?

8/2/2013 #6 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Riccardo: *swallowing hard, keeping his head bowed to the infamous Major as he opened the envelope* I can't tell him I was involved. I can't. I got out as soon as I could, right away. Just as soon as I'd gotten what I needed to shut them down, but even that... Even being a part of it. Participating for a single day made me just as culpable. I can't. I can't! This wasn't my fault... *holding his breath as he watched the powerful, merciless vampire before him shift through the photos of obviously illegal activity that he'd already risked his own life to get, although a part of him really didn't know why–the things that had happened there had just made him so sick, despite believing in the "old ways"* But, this wasn't like this... When you kill a human, you kill them. You put them out of their misery right away. But, this... It's just... Sick. *opening his mouth to begin to beg for leniency, when Carlisle curbed the corner, ducking his head further and dropping to a knee* My Lord Regent. *murmurs, respectfully*

Carlisle: *ignoring the man on his knee as he stepped into Jasper's office* I'm sorry to interrupt you, Major. *using the title because they were in mixed company, although he would have usually called him Jasper in private, glancing between him and the man on his knees* Should I come back later?

8/2/2013 . Edited 8/2/2013 #7 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: I changed–but that doesn't matter. I'm just glad to be here now, with you. *taking a long drink of the double he'd been poured to forget the name of the poor, helpless human whose neck he'd been forced to break, grinning openly as he set the mug back down continued stroking her perfectly curved back, feeling the vibrations of her purr though the fabric of her dress* I might have been told before, but, I've never been told quite like that before. *smirking as he inched closer to her, brushing her hair back so that he had access to her neck, kissing it with a feather-light kiss, his chest rumbling proudly, knowing he could dote that kind of affection on her and more, glad that every man in the club could see that Rosalie belonged to him*

8/2/2013 #8 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *shaking his head absently at Carlisle's question* Of course not, you should see this, My Lord. *handing the pictures over to Carlisle* My associate and I will leave tonight to investigate and deal with those responsible. *turning his attention to the man on his knees and pulling him up to stand by his chin, tightly gripping it, his words coming out in a snarl of disgust and hatred* As for you, you worthless piece of junk! I will spare your life, however for your part in these crimes, you will be subjected to 30 lashes with a CoM whip. *throwing the man away from him* Go! Wait for me with your face to the wall across from this office, if you think of running, I will know it, and I will hunt you down, and I will snap your neck, rip you into a thousand pieces and burn each of them one at a time for your crime. Now, get out of here!

8/2/2013 #9 Report

(I might just read posts tonight and write my own tomorrow.)

8/2/2013 #10 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *arching her neck for him as she deduced his intentions* My Emmett, mine....all mine....I love you. Is the drink to your satisfaction? I would hate to think that my choice in beverage didn't satisfy you. *her hand resting on his chest over where his dead heart should be beating* What's on the docket for tomorrow? Do we get to have any....fun? *her public way of asking him if the next day held more trials and executions or more free time that they could spend in each other's company, forgetting for a moment who they were and enjoying the life they had*

8/2/2013 #11 Report
M JacksonMiracle

(Ok, Grace, welcome to the dark underworld anyway! :) )

8/2/2013 #12 Report

(That sounds kinda scary. Otherwise I'll wait for a good time to jump in.)

8/2/2013 #13 Report
M JacksonMiracle

(I think I just scared myself a little actually, LOL!)

8/2/2013 #14 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Carlisle: Thank you, Major. I was just going to ask you what the messenger was here for. I haven't had much today. *taking the photos from the other man and blanching a little at the horror that was depicted within them* We haven't had a case this bad in quite a while. I've seen them try to cut on the overhead, skimping on food, or health care, or taking blood a little too often, but, this... I had hoped we'd outgrown cases like this. *sighs softly, setting the photos on the edge of Jasper's desk, not moving in the slightest to interfere between him and the man who'd provided the information, knowing it was well within his jurisdiction to deal such a punishment* Keep me updated, won't you? I'd like to make it a point that we don't see this again. *giving Jasper a level look, letting him know without saying it that this case should be taken more seriously than other's he death with before it*

Riccardo: *freezing and withholding an instinctual growl as the infamous Major manhandled him, keeping his eyes low out of respect despite the new angle of his face, his body letting out an exhale of both relief and dread–relief that he'd been allowed to live and dread at the punishment he knew was ahead of him, catching himself on the doorframe so he wouldn't crash into a chair as he was thrown backwards* Thank you for your mercy, Major. *whispers below his breath, his voice trembling as he nodded to both him an Carlisle respectfully* My Lord Regent. *backing out of the room, having to focus to keep his body from quivering as he faced the opposite wall, putting his palms shoulder-width apart on the surface as he awaited his punishment* I have to... To take it. I... I'll probably want to die, but the end... 30... *shakes her head a little* But, I'll live. I have to. I'm never getting involved in farming again.

8/2/2013 #15 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(Haha, hopefully we didn't frighten you off, Grace! :))

Emmett: Oh, yes you are. *nibbling on her neck a little before he relented, aching to taste her but knowing it would be better if they did it behind closed doors, where she could be his completely, although not a single soul would protest if he decided he needed her there and then* It's delightful, Rose. You know how much I love AB negative. It tastes a little different, though. Is it some sort of new blend? I know those are popular right now. *smiling warmly at her as she caressed his chest through the thin white shirt he was wearing, the buttons open in a distinct V, revealing a tantalizing hit of his chest* Actually, we have the whole day to ourselves. Well, unless something new springs up on us. It's been quiet. *leaning down to take another long drink of the blood he'd ordered, moaning gratefully as he did* It's mixed with B positive, isn't it? That has to be it.

8/2/2013 #16 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *exchanging a solemn nod with the man he had grown to respect over the years* Yes, My Lord. Of course, we'll let you know immediately what we find upon arrival. My associate and I will not be showing any mercy. If it's as he says and as these photos indicate, I'll send all those involved directly to Emmett and Rosalie for holding until you pass your judgement. Those who try to escape will be executed on the spot. Those humans who can survive it will be sent to one of our own farms for rehabilitation. Those who cannot survive it...... *exchanging a meaningful look with Carlisle and leaving the rest unsaid. If a human can't survive the farming process, they are worthless, and Jasper would be forced to kill them on the spot, snap their necks and then drain them one last time so that not a drop of the precious commodity was wasted. It was really the merciful thing to do. Put the humans out of their misery before it was otherwise too late for them. Crossing to the cabinet behind his desk and surveying the different whips for a moment before selecting a rather thick one, covered in CoM tooth spikes, and taking a few warm up swings in the mid-air* I shouldn't make him wait too long, the anxiety is almost worse than the whip itself. So, if My Lord will allow it...? *giving Carlisle a look that let him know he still had a chance to leave before being forced to witness the punishment, which would be for the best given knowing how unsettling such punishments were for the other man*

8/2/2013 #17 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(Will reply first thing–have to get off now! Night! :))

8/2/2013 #18 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Rosalie: *laughing musically* My man does know his blood flavors! It's 20% B positive to be exact! I'm impressed that you caught it so quickly. You know what they say about quiet though? It's really just the calm before the storm. There's something brewing. There always is. It's just a matter of when we'll catch up to it. And when the perpetrators are sent to us for justice. And when we're commanded to hand out that justice. Maybe we should start tomorrow a little early. *her voice low and dark, lustful and full of desire* What do you say, Monkey Man?

8/2/2013 #19 Report
M JacksonMiracle

(night, Biv, see you tomorrow! It'll be in the afternoon more than likely, I have a funeral early to go to, so won't be on until after that.)

8/2/2013 #20 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(Good Morning, all! :) Catching up now! See you when you get here, Miracle.)

8/3/2013 #21 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(When Jasper says "associate", he does mean Alice, doesn't he? Or does he mean to take Riccardo with him after he's been punished? On that note, I've been thinking a little about titles. It only makes sense that Esme would be Lady Regent. And, because it's the title he's so famous for, Jasper has kept Major. But, for the others, I was thinking "Sir" and "Madam" would work along with their last names. Like, Madam Branson, for Alice. Sir McCarthy for Emmett, and so on. The only one who probably wouldn't hold a title would be Renesmee, although she would probably still be address formally as "Young Miss Cullen" or something along those lines. Thoughts?)

Carlisle: As it should be. *manages, evenly, as Jasper described what he would have to do in accordance with the Code when he arrived at his destination, not allowing himself to get emotional about the loss of life a few, greedy individuals had managed to cause* If those photos are correct... If that many humans die because they're so far gone... Then the proper punishment will be death and I won't have to worry about them again. *quickly glancing between at the painful implement in his colleague's hand and the man who was about to receive the tail end of it* Of course. I will not hold you up any longer, Major. If you would kindly excuse me. *giving the other man the slightest tilt of his head, treating him with the same polite regard he always had, gracefully turning on his heels and exiting the office, turning to march down the hall to his own, closing the door to help muffle the screams he knew would come in due course before taking a seat at his desk, going through the little, insignificant cases they'd gotten this week and giving them his full attention anyways, feeling it was his duty to attend to even the smallest matters in his region when he had the time and resources to do so*

Riccardo: *gritting his teeth and fighting against his body as his deepest instincts urged him to fight, to cower, to run away, to do something other than stand there and wait for the inevitable* Can't... Can't... *his body growing that much more terse when the Major flipped the whip he intended to use on him through the air a few times, wincing a little at the sickening crack it made, but not daring to allow himself to look back and find out ahead of time just how punishing this punishment would be*

8/3/2013 #22 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Emmett: *smiling winningly* Really? *laughs a little* Well, if I am, it's all thanks to you. You're the blood connoisseur. You know I'll drink just about anything that's warm. *laughs a little, at himself as he finally slid onto the barstool beside her, glad to be that much closer to her glorious body* Yeah, I know what it means when it's quiet... It means we're about to be very, very busy. *his hands reaching out for her hips and easily moving her from her previous spot onto his lap, so that she was straddling him, although even the overt action got little attention from the pro-occupied crowd around them* Mmmm, that's better. *rubbing her lower back a little, his eyes growing dark at the tone her voice took on* I say... Whatever you want babe, whenever you want, I'm there. *his voice low and rough, almost dangerous as he pulled her head down to kiss her, this kiss pure passion, pure animal, his mouth ravaging hers as he held her against him* Mine... My Rosalie... All mine... *growling low in his chest*

8/3/2013 #23 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

Robyn: *laying down on her aged cot after eating and drinking what little she'd been given, the metal of the object squeaking in protest beneath her* Don't get sick, don't get sick... Not again... *breathing in slow, practiced breaths as she waited for the nausea to pass, the touch of food just enough to quench the ache in the pit of her stomach, but not enough to stop the queasy feeling whenever she tried to move* It's over. *sighing and closing her eyes when she'd stayed still just long enough for her stomach to stop churning* Just need to... Lie still for a while. *curling her arms in towards her as she made her head as comfortable as it could be on the rolled-up, holey blanket she used for a pillow* Please, God, I... I don't know if you're even still listening. But, please make it stop. Please. I... I can't take much more. *going rigid when she heard a creak at her bars, keeping her eyes closed and trying to keep her breathing even, hoping whoever it was would assume she was asleep and leave her be* Just go. Just go. Just go. Please, you don't want me. *unknowingly projecting disinterest, even in her weak and panicked state, wanting to sob in relief when she heard footsteps walking away, but not being able to for fear whoever it was might return*

8/3/2013 #24 Report

(That makes sense. About the names. Just... generally. Anyway, hi.)

8/3/2013 #25 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(Heya, Grace! :) Glad to know you approve of my idea. And to see that we didn't scare you off last night. ;) How are you?)

8/3/2013 #26 Report

(You both didn't. It actually seems really fun. I'll probably have Edward jump in with Red and then Esme whenever there's a good time to. And I'm doing good. Spending time with family.)

8/3/2013 . Edited 8/3/2013 #27 Report
A Ambivalentanarchist

(I'm glad you're doing good! :) I hope you have a good weekend with your family. Really looking forward to your post! :) :))

8/3/2013 #28 Report
M JacksonMiracle

(Yes, associate means Alice, he doesn't like to use her name in front of those outside of the family to make her seem more threatening. And I like the titles! :) That being said, now introducing a very different Bayleigh! :) )

Bayleigh: *owner of "Eclipse" night club for the past decade or so, along with her husband, Spencer, making her rounds with the frequent customers and showing off her husband's new pet, Rachael, when she spots Sir and Madam McCarty, smiling a little to herself as she makes her way over to them, tugging on Rachael's leash and indicating that she should kneel at her feet while she visited with the customers* Sir and Madam McCarty, so good to see you tonight. *smirking when she takes in the way Madam was straddling Sir, her hips grinding into his while he kissed her senseless* I do hope that I'm not interrupting, but may I offer you one of our back rooms for the evening where you can enjoy each other's company. *lightly stroking the top of Rachael's head as she spoke* Perhaps, I could even let you borrow one of my husband's pets as well to keep you entertained. This one is still very new and yet fully broken in.

Rosalie: *laughs musically at Bayleigh's offer, not really minding her interruption since it would keep her and Emmett from making fools of themselves by going way too far in public* Actually, I do think that our commandeering one of your back rooms for the evening would be in everyone's best interest. *leaving her body from the neck down totally exposed and open to Emmett as she spoke, not wanting him to stop while she made the plans for them* We would be gone by sunrise of course, and I don't think that we'll the pet for any extra entertainment. But thank you, nonetheless. *letting out a tiny moan as Emmett continued to ravish her, her fingernails leaving a trail up and down his back under the fabric* Please, I think that you should probably lead the way before we don't stop. What do you think, Em?

8/3/2013 #29 Report
M JacksonMiracle

Jasper: *nodding to Carlisle as he watched him exit the room, pausing for a moment before the darkest of grins came over his face, his voice firm and clear as he addressed the one being punished for his part in the crimes he was now reporting, blasting him with a wave of fear and compliance in the same motion, enough to force him to stay in one place throughout the whipping and to further add to the psychological punishment that was part of it* I can only hope that it will be enough to discourage him of any future involvement in such crimes. He should have left as soon as he knew what was happening, and allowed me to gather the evidence we need. I don't know if he really meant all that well by staying or if he was just too selfish and chicken to leave right away! *flashing next to Riccardo and ripping his shirt away in one easy move, leaving only bare skin in its wake that would be fully exposed to the full force of his whip* You'll thank me for that later, having to peel away clothing before you can heal is a *****. *clearing his throat before loudly and firmly stating his crimes prior to the execution of the punishment* Riccardo Martinez, you are charged and found guilty of aiding and abetting a certain criminal action that abuses our most precious commodity, our food source, an unforgivable crime. You will receive thirty lashes in penance. Count them off! *the whip suddenly whistling through the air and making swift contact with the meaty flesh of the other man's back, not giving him a chance to really recover from the first one when he swings the leather and CoM tooth spiked implement over his head three more times in rapid succession, ignoring the cries of pain the contact was causing the other man, and simply, robotically carrying out the punishment.* I can't hear you counting, Riccardo, do it!

8/3/2013 #30 Report
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