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Pretty Cure Series Idea

Edit: Deleting old post since I updated it below.

10/25/2013 . Edited 12/8/2015 #1 Report

That's a good one. Do U need some help in getting some ideas to jumpstart it?

10/26/2013 #2 Report

I've got a PreCure Fic that I'm writing on the board. It's called PRECURE USA and it's set in the US instead of Japan.

Here's the cast:


Cure Pegasus

Cure Aquilla

Cure Cygnis

Cure Phoenix

Cure Draco

Cure Centaur

Cure Apollo


Cumulos: a dragon Fairy

Nimbu : Fish like fairy

EnEn:Fox like fairy

Gheru:Racoon like fairy


Injustice: demonlord,lieutenant of lord Terror

GHOULS: Demonic Spirits who Invoke fear and terror in humans


Gracian: Guardian spirit of the western gate, Ancient Guradian of all PreCure.

That's all that I have in my head for now anyhow the premise for Precure USA is that when injustice attacks america through his ghouls, it's up to the new pre cure to protect humanity and stop them from harvesting human should through fear and terror.

10/26/2013 #3 Report

That's a fantastic idea!!!

6/28/2015 #4 Report

I've got a PreCure Fic that's coming up soon. It's called Reincartoonation! Pretty Cure! It's about when new groups of Pretty Cure are assembled and their past lives are cartoon characters! XD! It mainly focuses on a Pretty Cure group called Ninjago Pretty Cure! :P

Here's the cast:

Ninjago Cures

Cure Kai/Sumisu Kira: The Flaming Dragon brings courage! Reborn from Ninjago, Cure Kai!

Cure Jay/U~ōkā Jane: The Shocking Dragon brings happiness! Reborn from Ninjago, Cure Jay!

Cure Cole/Baketsu Chloe: The Shaking Dragon brings strength! Reborn from Ninjago, Cure Cole!

Cure Zane/Jurian Zanna: The Freezing Dragon brings kindness! Reborn from Ninjago, Cure Zane!

Cure Lloyd/Garmadon Lidy: The Energy-Giving Dragon brings hope! Reborn from Ninjago, Cure Lloyd!

Cure Nya/Sumisu Nate: The Refreshing Dragon brings nourishment! Reborn from Ninjago, Cure Nya!

Cure Wu/Sensei Wendy: The White Lotus brings patience! Reborn from Ninjago, Cure Wu!

Cure Garmadon/Sensei Garmadon: The Sneaky Snake brings knowledge! Reborn from Ninjago, Cure Garmadon!


Flameby: A fire dragon fairy and Flame's daughter

Wisperaro: A lightning dragon fairy and Wisp's son

Rockelle: A earth dragon fairy and Rocky's daughter

Shardrita: A ice dragon fairy and Shard's daughter

Ultratina: The molting of all four dragon fairies


Cure Overlord/Rōdo Olive

6/29/2015 #5 Report

Edit: I started writing the story, so I'm deleting my info to avoid spoilers.

12/8/2015 . Edited 1/14/2016 #6 Report

Maybe I can help you if you help me. I'm working on a Pretty Cure fanseries that I named PRECURE USA The first chapter has been posted and I'm working on chapter 2. maybe it will give you some ideas to work into you fanseries.

12/8/2015 #7 Report

Hello there! Is there anyone out here that wants to talk on this forum?

12/20/2015 #8 Report
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