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Can I play Marcus as well as my current character, Bree?

3/17/2013 #121 Report

accepted, and yes

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3/18/2013 #123 Report

can i be leo

7/31/2013 #124 Report

Name: Josephine Anne Connors

Bio: Josephine was born in Mission Creek in July of 1996. She was born to her mother Denise in the Mission Creek Correctional Facility, where Denise was incarcerated for murdering Josephine's father Kenneth while she was pregnant. So Josephine, being orphaned since she was a baby, was put from foster home to Foster home. Currently, she is living with the Davenports after she befriends Adam, Bree and Chase. She is 18 years old.

Appearnace: Josephine has shoulder length brownish-black hair with the most beautiful blue eyes ever (according to Adam). She stands about 5'6" tall, but has very long legs, so she tends to strut like a model when she walks . She has a Henna tattoo of a celtic symbol on her upper left arm and a beauty mark below her left eye. She has a scar on her right leg from when she survived a knife fight inine Junior High.

Age: 18

Special Abilities (If they have any, include how they got them):

She has a Fake right eye with a video camera in it, and a bionic chip that gives her Super Strength. She Got these abilities after Marcus and Douglas kidnapped her one time.

Part in Story: Not Quite sure yet

Other: She can be very flirtatious but extremely loyal....She has a crush on Adam.

11/29/2013 #125 Report

Maya Marian Mitchell

Maya was born in colorado and followed her friend to mission creek when she meets the DAVENPORTS and finds her friend and yeh

Long wavy brown hair with blonde highlights blue eyes 5/5

abillties are super speed manipulating voice and super senses

age: 15

she developes a crush on Marcus

1/2/2014 #126 Report
DJ Rynna Storm

Can I join? Here's my OC info: Name: Kathrynn Diaz Appearance: tall, heavy muscle mass, big boned, short spiky dark brown hair with purple streaks, bluish hazel eyes, likes to wear tee shirts from her fave radio station, wears hi tops,wears denim mini vest, medium light skin, enlarged almond shaped eyes, wears skinny jeans, and wears a cross necklace. Age: 14 Personality: Charismatic, heroic, sometimes unsure of herself, pure of heart, a Jesus Freak at heart(she doesn't care if anybody points it out), loyal, honest, funny, generous, and a spaz sometimes. Special Abilities: Strength(along with her two other abilities, she rediscovered then with the help of her chip implantation surgery. It enhanced them during football training. She is not as strong as Adam, but it's way beyond normal human standards), Speed(same, not as fast as Bree, but way beyond normal human standards), Intelligence(smarter than Leo, but not as smart as Chase, although way beyond normal human standards), Bioshock(lasts up to 45 seconds, she unlocked it during 6th grade), Biomechanic manipulation(shape shifts into other humans, cannot gain their abilities, unlocked at grade 7), Radio App(it plays contemporary Christian music, but it plays out of her ears when she glitches, unlocked at grade 4), Electromagnetic pulse disruption(there are two levels; first one only disables machines, but does not affect bionic chips, and the second level disables guns along with machines. It has its downside: when unlocked, it affects Adam, Bree, Chase, and herself; only Kathrynn is affected by the ability. She unlocked it during 9th Grade, second level not yet unlocked.) Part in story: first bionic with all three abilities and her own. Becomes best friends with the Bionic Trio. Bio: When she suffered a head concussion during football that diagnosed her with permanent immobility, her father created a website to pay for her surgery. Little did her father know that she had a chip implantation that mobilized her again. But, it enhanced her abilities. She needed to be mobile again to play football. She also has a natural talent of sounding like other people. Other: She ends up with an abdominal wound. She also has the tendency to annoy Chase more because she's around Adam and Bree more often than not. She turns out to be good, helping Adam, Bree, and Chase out. Leo despises her and claims she is evil. Adam , Bree, and Chase agree, until she helps them escape from Douglas.

2/15/2014 #127 Report
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