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A samiamf69

1. If you are gone for 3 days or more without a valid excuse you are out. And yes, that includes me too. I'm very serious about these rules.

2. If you want your character, Canon or OC to be in a relationship you have to ask the person who plays that person. EX, I wanted Lexi to be Chase's love interest, so I asked the person that plays Chase, and he accepted.

3. I know how high school is, and that's why I will accept talking/doing things like weed and other drugs, and drinking, but please no vivid sex scenes. I mean seriously? they're in high school! I know people think it's fun and I know most people at my school arn't virgins but I really don't want to read two people having sex..

4. You can temporarily claim someone that hasn't been chosen. But since you are only temporarily claiming someone, if someone joins the RP and decides they want that person you MUST give them up, unless I decide that you can keep playing as that Character..

I might post other rules later as I think of them. I will let you know if I add more rules though.. If you actually read the rules post Bacon.

6/16/2012 . Edited 6/16/2012 #1 Report
A samiamf69


6/16/2012 #2 Report

Can our excuse be that our parents take away or computer during the school week? I'm out of school on Wednesday so until Sunday, I won't be active. Is that okay?

6/16/2012 #3 Report
A samiamf69

Yep. I will accept pretty much anything, I just need to know that you or whoever won't be on, will be coming back. You know cause if someone is off for like a week and doesn't let anyone know how am I supposed to know if they are coming back.

6/16/2012 #4 Report
Jaycee Marie Caniff-Espinosa


6/16/2012 #5 Report
The White Rose Pianist

I like bacon... occasionally :)

6/16/2012 #6 Report

Hey since my character isn't at the high school what do I do?

6/17/2012 #7 Report
A samiamf69

We'll be at the house soon I promise, but you can have more than one character if you want..

6/17/2012 #8 Report

One of the rules should be no Gary-stews or Mary-Sues... They pee me off

7/20/2012 #9 Report
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