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Roleplay: Horror
The White Rose Pianist

"Yes.", Marilyn said with a nod. She wouldn't tell him. After all, her answer wasn't really true... right? She liked Dustin. He was nice. He just wasn't...

9/23/2012 #6,781 Report

(just wasnt.. what???)

Dustin smiled at Marilyn. "If your sure. So why fencing?"

9/23/2012 #6,782 Report
The White Rose Pianist

(lol, not quite sure myself. He wasn't exactly like Kevin? (Who's practically a villan?))

"I'm not quite sure. I watch, sometimes. I've been meaning to try, at some point."

9/23/2012 #6,783 Report

Dustin sighed. "ok. well lets go in I suppose"

9/23/2012 #6,784 Report
The White Rose Pianist

Marilyn looked at Dustin, "Was that not the response you were wishing for?"

9/24/2012 #6,785 Report

Dustin shook his head. "Its just.." he sighed again. "Im not really sure"

9/24/2012 #6,786 Report
The White Rose Pianist

"Don't sigh to much, it's not healthy."

9/25/2012 #6,787 Report
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