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Attention! All Role players MUST Read this!

Okay, I am deleting this forum. Sorry guys! But good news, i'm simply restarting the forum! It will be back up very soon after I delete it but ResidentEvilChris will be the admin instead of Samiamf69 because I don't use Samiamf69 anymore since I stole my friend Chris's account. So seriously people, post below and let me know if you want to keep your canon characters. You can reuse your oc's also but if you don't want to you don't have to. I suggest you use this chance to add more to your oc and change up whatever you want.

7/9/2013 #1 Report

Can I keep Bree and Marcus?

7/10/2013 #2 Report

can i keep chase and can i make a oc

7/11/2013 #3 Report
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