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A Smoker B

He shook his head "I don't believe you." He said before turning around and running off.

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Helena ran after him. "Then explain the marks! Explain your child! His scent is too similar to yours to be coincidental."

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A Smoker B

"Shut up!" He yelled as he stopped, gripping his head on pain as he tried to remember memories that weren't there.

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"No!" Helena snapped. "You shoved me against a tree in this very forest and stole my humanity away from me! Does that ring a bell to you?!"

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A Smoker B

He growled and shook his head "leave me alone!" He yelled and shot a bolt of lightning at her.

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Helena jumped out of the way. "Or how about when Rose attacked you and Ashley and by the end of the day you were fucking her in the backyard?! Does that sound familiar?!"

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A Smoker B

He was on his knees rocking back in forth "I have no idea what your talking about!" He yelled.

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"And what about when your son was born, huh? And you held him for the first time? He needs his father. He needs you!"

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A Smoker B

He yelled in pain before collapsing on the ground.

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"Wake up!" she yelled at him.

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A Smoker B

He didn't move an inch.

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Helena sighed and carried him back to the house

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A Smoker B

He still didn't move.

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Ashlynn was left staring as the entire group ran out of her house, she then heard a scream and was about to pursue them, when the woman appeared again carrying Lestat in her arms. It was then her mouth dropped open, "Ummmm...." Ashlynn ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off, before she flung open a door to reveal her bed room, fitted with a king size rustic bed. "Just put him there..... I'll fix him something....or something..." To say she was flustered was an understatement.

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Trent looked at Lestat, not really knowing what to say.

5/12/2013 #4,875 Report

(Can anyone tell me where the plot is right now?)

A random street in Forks...

Alexandria stepped out of a dark blue car. She sighed as she pushed her black glasses up and pulled a hand through her long brown bangs before putting it on her hip. She revealed her slightly worried countenance. "So this is Forks? A little too deary than I expected," Alexandria commented to herself.

"Well, it's your new home until school ends at least," her new legal guardian said. "C'mon, I'll show you to your room. Hurry up and unpack so we can plan your training."

"Alright," Alexandria replied, taking her black suitcase out of the truck and beginning to lug it towards her new home.

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A Smoker B

(The plot is kinda (pardon my language) fucked up at the moment, I was considering restarting it actually.)

6/2/2013 #4,877 Report

(Don't worry, I don't mind cursing. If restarting the plot is what it takes to set everything back on track, I'm all for it.)

6/2/2013 #4,878 Report
A Smoker B

Alrighty then, it'll just take a sec to make the new topic and lock this one.)

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