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Private Rp for me and Izzy
A Smoker B

Okay here we go

4/26/2013 #1 Report

(Could you accept my new charrie?)

4/26/2013 #2 Report
A Smoker B

(I did.)

4/26/2013 #3 Report

Sam was in her library, her nose burried in her favorite book, a vampire love story, about a vampric prince who was saved by a mortal girl. She sat back in the commons area of the library a sigh on her lips, "If only vampire's were real..." She then sat up when she heard the door to the shop open.

4/26/2013 #4 Report
A Smoker B

Lestat stepped in through the door and hummed as he looked around at the books, walking around and browsing.

4/26/2013 #5 Report

"Welcome to Candle's Book Store, Can I help ou find anything?" Samantha looked up at the man who had entered her store, so far the only customer that day. She did a double take, he was hot, and super pale, and he had really cool eyes. He reminded her of the vampire in her book, Samantha's smiled became a bit more sunny, and her disposition a bit more friendly.

4/26/2013 #6 Report
A Smoker B

Lestat looked at her and smiled warmly "no it's okay I'm just browsing." He said as he walked around the store, looking at the books.

4/26/2013 #7 Report

Sam smiled, "Alright, just give me a call if you need anything..." SHe said chirply.

4/26/2013 #8 Report
A Smoker B

He smiled back "okay." He said looking still.

4/26/2013 #9 Report

Eager to find out more about this stranger, Sam stuck close. She was a curious type of girl, and her curiosity often times got her into trouble. She peeked around the corner, "Is there a specific genre you're looking for sir?" she asked quietly, pouching her glasses up on her nose.

4/26/2013 #10 Report
A Smoker B

He looked at her and smiled "no nothing to specific." He said putting a book of poetry he was reading down.

4/26/2013 #11 Report

Seeing the tittle, Samantha smiled and hurried over to the poetry section, pulling out three of the oldest most worn novels. She walked back to Lestat, "Here, you look like one who would appreciate the classics." She smiled and set the books down. "I don't think I've scene you in town, are you new to Forks?" she asked, trying to make conversation.

4/26/2013 #12 Report
A Smoker B

He took one of the books and opened it after running his hands over the cover.

"Uh yeah I am new here but I live in the woods." He said before starting to read.

4/26/2013 #13 Report

Sam's eyes widened, "Really? The you must be fixing up one of those abandoned cabins....I've always loved those old places, so majestic, mysterious.. a puzzle earner to be solved..." She trailed off, realizing she was rambling. "Can I get you something to drink? We have water, juice, different pops," She walked over to a small fridge underneath the main desk, bending over, she riffled through the choices.

4/26/2013 #14 Report
A Smoker B

He shook his head as he read "no I'm fine thank you." He said leaning against a wall, humming softly as he read.

4/26/2013 #15 Report

(Brb for a little but...)

Sam shrugged and pulled out a small can of cherry flavored something or other.

4/26/2013 #16 Report
A Smoker B


He nodded and sat in a chair, reading the book with a small smile.

4/26/2013 #17 Report

Sam smiled, finally a fellow book lover, she took a sip of her drink and opened the vampire book she was reading earlier. The title read "A Vampire's Soul..."

(I totally made that up....)

4/26/2013 #18 Report
A Smoker B


He looked over at the book and chuckled.

4/26/2013 #19 Report

Sam looked up to see the handsome stranger laughing at her, "What's so funny?" She asked her brows furrowing.

4/26/2013 #20 Report
A Smoker B

He shook his head "nothing nothing." He said looking back at his own book.

4/26/2013 #21 Report

Sam's eyes narrowed she didn;t believe him. "Oh really?" she said sarcastically. The chime to the door had her standing up, she glanced around a book shelf and froze, ducking back behind it quick as a flash. "Ah, Ummm, we're closing, please leave..." SHe suddenly said, her voice shaky and nervous. "Sam?" A voice called through out the store, and Sam blanched.

(Is it okay if Sam has a creepy stalker? I feel like it could add more drama....)

4/26/2013 #22 Report
A Smoker B

(Okay :)

Lestat looked up from his book and raised an eyebrow at her, leaning back in his chair to peek at who it was.

4/26/2013 #23 Report

"Sam?" A man called, the man had thick dark hair, a tall lanky form, and fake brown eyes. "There you are!" He called spotting Sam's signiture hair braids. She flinched. Sam plastered a smile on her face, "Hello Vlad..." She said in a shaky voice. The man smiled, revealing glistening white teeth, his eyes flashed red for a moment, and his gaze seemed fixed on Sam's neck. He walked forward and lifted a hand to caress her cheek, it trailed down to her neck and stopped at her fluttering pulse. Sam's eyes were wide and frightened, they flickered over to Lestat, "I've missed you, love...." Vlad whispered, not noticing the other vampire in the building. He locked eyes with her and Sam's eyes grew glazed and she kind of just slumped there, leaning up against a bookshelf, her body trapped between Vlad's arms.

(Yes, Vlad is a vampire, a crazy one, who has begun to stalk Sam....He's really creepy....)

4/27/2013 #24 Report
A Smoker B

(Lol okay.)

Lestat put his book down and stood up to protect her if need be. Even though he just met her.

His muscles tensed as he got ready for a fight.

4/27/2013 #25 Report

It was then Vlad noticed the other person in the library, he looked at Lestat his eyes fully red now, and his fangs long and sharp. "Ah, good evening brother.... I am sorry to say, but you're going to have to find another meal, this one's mine..." Vlad hissed, he had claimed Samantha as his own, she reminded him of his love before he was changed, not to mention she had delicious blood. He released Samantha's form, and she crumpled to the floor, as he too fell into a fighting stance.

4/27/2013 #26 Report
A Smoker B

Lestat crouched and hissed "I'm no brother to you...and you should leave her alone." He growled as his eyes flashed red and his teeth got sharper.

4/27/2013 #27 Report

This enraged Vlad, "Lies! She's mine! She always has been!" He roared, his eyes wide and crazed. Without warnign he lunged at Lestat, intent on ripping out his throat. Unbeknowest to the two vampires, Sam had started to come to, she blinked her eyes rapidly, and when they focused she slapped a hand over her mouth, muffling the gasp that came from it. There were two vampires in her library, and they were fighting.....she should be terrified, but she was facsinated instead...

(Sorry I have to go.....)

4/27/2013 #28 Report
A Smoker B

(Alright I'll see you later :)

Lestat growled and lunged forward at the same time, grabbing Vlad's shoulders and slamming him down into the ground.

Electricity flashed across Lestat's chest as he hissed.

4/27/2013 #29 Report

Vlad snarled and snapped his jaw, eager to dig his fangs into Lestat's neck. His anger was pallipable, his eyes insane.

4/29/2013 #30 Report
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