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Private Rp for me and Izzy
A Smoker B

Lestat walked over and sent a huge amount of electricity into Vlad, a smirk on his face as he did so.

4/29/2013 #31 Report

Vlad hissed, it was in pain, but Lestat didn't need to know that, he somehow maneuvered his arms so that they were between himself and Lestat, he then used all of his vampiric strength and pushed him off. Once free, Vlad lunged, but not towards Lestat, but towards the now awake Ashlynn. In a rough movement he jerked her to her feet, pulling her in front of him, his fangs inches from piercing her neck and killing her. "Move, and she dies....If I cannot have her no one will...." He hissed.

Ashlynn let out a pathetic squeak when she was hauled against Vad's body, and she froze when she felt his breath on her neck, in an odd sort of way this was all her dreams...and nightmares, come true. Firstly, she was being fought over by two vampires, what girl wouldn't dream of that? Although....one of them had been stalking her for almost a month, and caused her to have black outs, which she now knew was when he fed from her, a disturbing thought, and the other was a complete stranger, who she had only met an hour before. Ah! Her thought ran away with her again, she tuned back into the scene in front of her, what was going on?...Oh, yeah she was being held hostage by a crazy vampire!

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A Smoker B

Lestat growled and circled Vlad and Ashlynn, his eyes blood red and his fangs protruding from his mouth "I can't let you kill her..." He said as he stopped in front of them. "So I wonder what would happen if..." He said looking up at the lights "...I did this!" He said holding his hand up and the electricity from the light surged out and truck Vlad.

He made sure the electricity wouldn't hit Ashlynn.

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A strangled scream tore from Vlad's throat and in a flash he buried his fangs in Ashlynn's neck, but crumpled to ash before he could cause much damage.

Ashlynn let out an "eel!" when the light bulb burst and somehow the electricity hit Vlad. Another sound escaped her throat when Vlad buried his fangs in her throat. Once he was gone, she slapped a hand to her throat to slow the blood that was now pouring down her side.. She looked at Lestat and offered a weak smile, "I get why you were laughing earlier...." Her legs suddenly felt weak and she fell to her knees.

5/1/2013 #34 Report
A Smoker B

Lestat was at her side in a second, holding her in his arms as he looked at the wound "yeah now you do." He said chuckling. Starting to work on fixing her wound.

5/1/2013 #35 Report

Ashlynn hissed as Lestat's fingers prodded her wound. "Damn! That hurts..." Flinching away from him. She then allowed her eyes to focus on his, "Why'd you save me? I don't know you...." she asked curiously.

5/1/2013 #36 Report
A Smoker B

"Because I couldn't let him kill an innocent human." He said simply.

5/1/2013 #37 Report

"Oh.....Is it bad I can't feel my neck?" She asked feeling woozy. "What's it like being a vampire? Do you have to drink blood all the time? Is it pleasurable like it says in all the books? Or does it hurt? I've read so many different books with so many different ending..." SHe was rambling.

5/1/2013 #38 Report
A Smoker B

"Your rambling....just rest and I'll answer your questions later." He said bandaging her wound up but he was wondering if he should turn her.

5/1/2013 #39 Report

(I wouldn't mind if you turned her.....It's up to you.)

Ashlynn nodded silently, the edges of her vision going black, "Okay..." her voice was weak, "But will you stay?" She grabbed his hand and clung to it for dear life.

5/1/2013 #40 Report
A Smoker B

(Okay, I thik I will.) Lestat smiled and nodded "yes I'll stay...just close your eyes and rest." He said leaning down and biting into her neck. He didn't drink her blood he only injected some of his venom to turn her.

5/1/2013 #41 Report

Ashlynn nodded and closed her eyes, a soft sigh on her lips. But then her neck erupted in fire, and a strangled scream tore from her throat. She weakly fought Lestat, "No...!" she whimpered. The fire spread from her neck to her whole body, after a few moments she fled into the peaceful blackness of unconsciousness.

5/1/2013 #42 Report
A Smoker B

Lestat pulled his fangs out of her neck and picked her up gently in his arms "sorry about the pain...there's no way to turn you without it." He said softly as he carried her out if the store and quickly ran off into the woods to his home.

5/1/2013 #43 Report

(Should we do a time skip? Because, doesn't the change take a little while?)

5/1/2013 #44 Report
A Smoker B

(Okay, so lets say a day?)

5/1/2013 #45 Report


Ashlynn was bathed in fire, it consumed her, melted her flesh away, and turned her bones to ash, but slowly, oh so slowly, the fire began to fade. Until there was nothing left, Ashlynn felt her body, every muscle, every tissue, she was the same, but something was different.....she felt stronger. She slowly opened her eyes, only to squint them at the sudden light that assaulted her senses. Her head began to throb and slowly she sat up, blinking rapidly as she surveyed the room, this wasn't her house....where was she?

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A Smoker B

The room she was in was large and spacious, you could tell it was a cabin from the wood walls and floors but the appliances inside looked like they belonged to a more high tech house. She was on a king size bed with silk bedding. The sound of a violin playing was heard throughout the cabin which was even stranger.

She'd have to follow the music if she wanted to find out where she was.

5/1/2013 #47 Report

The sound was beautiful and it was as if the music was in the same room as her, but it wasn't and that struck Ashlynn as odd, she should not be able to hear so well. She slowly maneuvered out of the bed and followed the sound of the music.

5/1/2013 #48 Report
A Smoker B

The sound was strongest in the main room of the living room, and inside it was Lestat. He had a violin which made it obvious that he was the one playing the music. It seemed that he didn't notice her since his back was to her, but he actually knew she was there.

5/1/2013 #49 Report

(This eerily reminds me of the movie 'Queen of the Damned' )

Ashlynn seemed to be enthralled by the music, she didn't want to interrupt, so she moved over to the piano in the room and began to play along with the violin, somehow knowing te song.

5/1/2013 #50 Report
A Smoker B

(Lol that's where I got my character from...and I'm actually watching that now XD)

Lestat smiled softly when he heard her started to play, turning to look at her.

5/1/2013 #51 Report

(lol, that is one of my all time favorite moves EVER! Lestat is a total hottie!......Sorry, I just had a fangirl moment....X3)

Ashlynn kept on playing and didn't notice when he had stopped playing. As she finished the song she added a little flourish, she looked up to see Lestat looking at her and she blushed.

5/1/2013 #52 Report
A Smoker B

(Lol it fine, it's one of my favs too.)

Lestat smiled and said in a cool voice "well hello there..." He said as he set his violin down and walked over to her.

"How do you feel?"

5/1/2013 #53 Report

Her brow furrowed, "I feel fine, better than fine acctually...what ever medicine you gave me must cost a fortune...." Her head tilted, "Although," She smiled a little sheepishly, "I am a little hungry...."

5/1/2013 #54 Report
A Smoker B

He chuckled "I didn't give you medicine...I simply made you like me." He said pointing at his big marks I. Her neck.

5/1/2013 #55 Report

It took a moment for it to sink in, and then her mouth dropped open in disbelief, "W-w-what! L-l-like you!" She stuttered she then rushed over to a mirror and pulled her collar down to reveal tow circular marks. Ashlynn's eyes widened and she whirled on Lestat, "WHY!" She growled, and then flinched, she actually growled!

5/1/2013 #56 Report
A Smoker B

"Because you seemed to want to be like us AND you were dying." He replied simply, smirking when she growled.

5/1/2013 #57 Report

That shut her up, "Dying?" She asked, she didn't remember dying.....was she dead?! Was this a twisted form of heaven?! But then she saw the smirk and she all but melted, he was handsome when he smiled. She leaned against the wall and slid down it until she sat on the floor, "I'm a vampire......I'm a vampire, do I really have to drink blood?" SHe asked her voice barely above a whisper.

5/1/2013 #58 Report
A Smoker B

"Yes you do...but there are perks my dear...have you noticed that you don't have your glasses on and yet you can see perfectly?"

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