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Twilight (Restart)

Alexandria frowned before glancing outside. "Look, it's starting to let up outside," she said. "Do you wanna go walk outside? I wonder if the smell of fresh fallen rain is different here versus the kind from Seattle."

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(Ah! Hi everyone! I want to join in! What's going on?)

6/3/2013 #32 Report
A MazHatter

Just restarting the main rp Izzy

6/3/2013 #33 Report

(Ashley and Alexandria just met and they're heading outside, where they'll probably met Lestat.)

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(Is anyone here?)

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A MazHatter

(I am now.)

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(Should Alex just head out to the forest to meet up with Lestat?)

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A MazHatter


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Alexandria got up, took a final sip of her soda, before throwing the rest away. She grabbed her shoes and told her guardian, "I'm going back out!"

"Grab a jacket!"

"I did!" Alexandria took off her shoes, grabbed a jacket, put her shoes back on, and going outside.

"And hurry back! We need to talk about your training!"

"Alright, alright!" she yelled back, getting annoyed. Alexandria headed outside once more. This time, she decided to explore the nearby forest.


Alexandria trekked across the sodden forest ground. She did her best to step across puddles and make sure that her shoes won't get sogging wet.

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A MazHatter

Lestat was sitting outside his cabin on the porch in a chair as he looked around at the forest "peaceful." He muttered as he leaned back an closed his eyes.

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Alexandria climbed onto a large tree root that was next to a huge puddle. She attempted to jump over the puddle. However, she ended up jumping right into the middle of it, effectively soaking her shoes and letting out a loud squeal. "Shoot, shoot, shoot!" she said, knowing that it'll be hard to get the mud stains out of her white soles.

6/6/2013 #41 Report
A MazHatter

"What the?" Lestat mumbled as he stood and walked off his porch to find the source of the noise.

"who walks around in the woods while it rains?"

6/6/2013 #42 Report

Alexandria stood on a dry patch of dirt, trying to kick water out from her shoes. She suddenly tensed up as she felt a presence and heard a voice. She turned her head towards the voice, who stood on a porch. "I-d do," she said, turning her head back and beginning to walk away, not wanting any business with the man.

6/6/2013 #43 Report
A MazHatter

Lestat had a confused look on his face as he watched her for a moment before calling "hey!"

6/6/2013 #44 Report

"Nice to talking to you, sir," Alexandria yelled, deciding to pick the pace up to avoid speaking to the stranger.

6/6/2013 #45 Report
A MazHatter

"But we didn't even!...nevermind." He said sighing and rubbing his temples before walking back to his cabin.

6/6/2013 #46 Report

"Why was there something you needed?" Alexandria asked, slightly turning around.

6/6/2013 #47 Report
A MazHatter

"No I was just gonna say hi." He yelled over his shoulder before he sat down in his chair.

6/6/2013 #48 Report

"Well then... Hi!" Alexandria waved her arm.

6/6/2013 #49 Report
A MazHatter

That made him chuckle "hi!" He yelled as he waved back,

6/7/2013 #50 Report

"It was nice meeting you, sir! My name's Alexandria!" she yelled back before walking off once more.

6/7/2013 #51 Report
A MazHatter

He chuckled again but didn't say his own name in return since she was far away now.

"Why would somebody MOVE here?" He then wondered.

6/7/2013 #52 Report

Alexandria thought to herself, 'A new friend, a new forest, maybe this place isn't so bad, after all.' Alexandria decided to come back to the forest tomorrow. Maybe she could formally intoduce herself to the man, who never did give her his name.

6/7/2013 #53 Report
A MazHatter

Lestat sighed as he stood up and went back inside his cabin, still wondering why someone would move her to Forks.

6/7/2013 #54 Report

==The Next Day==

It wasn't exactly raining, but the forest ground was still drenched. Alex trekked through the ground, retracing her steps to meet with the man again. Why was she doing this? Because something attracted her to him. She just didn't know what. Since her shoes from yesterday were stilling drying out, Alex was wearing mid-shin rain boots.

6/7/2013 #55 Report
A MazHatter

Lestat was inside his cabin with a violin in his hand as he looked around for the bow "where the hell did I put that?" He growled as he lifted the couch up and looked under it.

6/7/2013 #56 Report

"Need some help?" Alexandria offered, standing outside the cabin after hearing the growl.

6/7/2013 #57 Report
A MazHatter

Lestat put the couch down and chuckled "sure!" He called and went over to the door to open it.

"Any reason why you decided to come back?" He asked upon opening the door.

6/7/2013 #58 Report

"I never got your name, and you seem pretty interesting. After all, you live in the forest," Alexandria answered, checking around and behind shelves. "Why did you last see your bow?"

6/7/2013 #59 Report
A MazHatter

"Really? Well in that case allow me to introduce myself, I am Lestat DeLeon." He said bowing his head slightly before looking aroun as well.

"That's the thing...I can't remember where I put it."

6/7/2013 #60 Report
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