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"Well... Do you usually keep the bow near the violin? Where do you keep the violin?" Alex asked, checking around stands and a small table.

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A Smoker B

"In my room on the violins case but I already looked in my room." He said sighing and rubbing his head.

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(Sorry, I haven't replied)

"Do you have a closet around here?" Alexandria questioned again, looking behind the bookshelf. She got up and looking at the collection of book he had. "Oh, never mind, it's right here." She carefully reached for the bow on the fifth shelf.

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A Smoker B

(It's okay.)

"Oh thanks." Lestat said walking over and taking the bow gently "don't know why I didn't see it there."

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"You probably just overlooked it," Alexandria suggested. "Um... Is it alright if I hear you play? I bet you're really good."

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A Smoker B

He smiled at that and got ready to play "I actually am pretty good." He said starting to play a slow but beautiful song.

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Alexandria leaned left to right as she closed her eyes. She thought the music was beautiful. The floorboards creaked beneath her feet. "That's really beautiful," she smiled.

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A Smoker B

"Thanks." He said speeding up a little before slowing down again.

(god I can't describe music for shit XD)

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(It's alright XD Neither can i.)

"What song are you playing?" She asked, beginning to take interest.

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A Smoker B

(okay good :)

"it's called 'On the Beach'." He said smiling.

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(Whoa, I know this song.)

"By Queen of the Damned?" She asked, curiously.

6/11/2013 #71 Report
A Smoker B


"Yup." He said playing the song perfectly.

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(Yeah, my friends once played it at a recital.)

"Amazing. How long have you been playing?" Alex wondered.

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A Smoker B

(Thats cool.)

"A very long time." He said smiling.

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Alexandria was about the say something when her cell phone went off. "Sorry, give me a moment," Alexandria asked, taking her cellphone out. "Yeah, I'll be there in a bit," she muttered under her breath into the phone.

"Sorry, Lestat, I have to go now," Alexandria hung up and left. "I'll see you later."

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A Smoker B

"Alright bye." Lestat said stopping his playing and putting his violin away.

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Alexandria waved back and ran out to the edge of the forest. "What?" she told her legal guardian.

"Why are you always in the forest? You have school tomorrow."

"I was just getting to know the forest. I'm going to train there," Alexandria made up, thinking that he wouldn't appreciate knowing that she was hanging with some guy that lived there.

"Fine. We're going home, and you are getting to bed early."

"No training today?"

"You start tomorrow, and I'll be sure the push you."

==The Next Day==

It was a fairly sunny day in Forks. Alexandria was attending Forks High and has already received more than enough homework. "A book report on Shakespeare? Such a hassle," she silently complained walking home.

"Warm up with a couple of arrows, I'll meet you out there in fifteen," he said.

Alexandria aimed for a branch and used her crossbow to shoot an arrow. She accidently shot a bird's nest down. "Cr*p!" Alexandria yelled, running to the tiny nest. She picked it up and began inspecting it. Thankfully, there were no cracked eggs. Alexandria looked up to the branch and sighed, "It'll be hard to get to back up there."

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A Smoker B

Lestat was in a tree by his house and looking around at the animals that passed by "deer....deer....chipmunk." He said as he licked his lips hungrily.

"Come on gimme a challenge...."

6/11/2013 #78 Report

Alexandria stood on her tip-toes on top of a branch as she tried to place the next on the tree again. Finally, she placed it there again. Alexandria reached for the arrow that she shot in hopes of reusing it. She accidently let go of her branch and fell the ground. "Owww!" she yelled.


Alexandria's guardian heard the yell and became to run towards the shout, sprinting past the tree Lestat was in, but not without giving him a glare.

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A Smoker B

Lestat waved off the glare "I have better things to do." He said before jumping off and tackling a cougar to the ground, the both of them starting to fight.

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"Tch, bloodsucker," Dan frowned.

Dan arrived on the scene, seeing Alexandria laying on her back aiming her arrow. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"Aiming," Alexandria replied.

"Get up," Dan ordered.

"Alright, alright," Alexandria got up.

"Have you seen a man around in the forest?" Dan asked.

"No," Alexandria lied.

"Alright," Dan said, helping Alexandria improving her aim.

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A Smoker B

After Lestat finished draining the cougar dry he hide the body before going back to his house and walking inside.

"That was refreshing." he said chuckling and sitting down on a chair in front of his fireplace.

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"Alright, enough of that," Dan said. "Do you know how to identify a vampire?"

"No," Alexandria replied.

"Pale skin, golden or red eyes, and when they walk in the sunlight, they sparkle," Dan explained, holding up three fingers.

"They...Sparkle? Like glitter?" She asked.

"Yeah, basically. You'll know it when you see it. But actually getting a shot at them is harder. They're fast, stronger, and are nearly invincible."

"So how do I kill them?"


"Like a little fire?"

"It's enough."

The two continued to talk about how to kill a vampire before moving on to how to kill a shapeshifter.

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A Smoker B

Lestat eventually walked out of his cabin and went to watch them from a tree up high though he didn't say anything at all as he watched.

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Havk leaned back, a beer in his hand, he looked at the group of men, "-And I say to him, ''You'd better grab mine too!" a roar of laughter exploded from the crowd, he chuckled, which one of these fine fellows would be his dinner?

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