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Private Rp for me and Mrs. Semple #2
M UnstableGuardian

Ashley chuckled at that before putting Anthony down on the floor. Lettin him run around. - "Well let's just get going." Merry said before helping strider with the saddlebags.

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A Smoker B

Lestat then went to sit back on the couch before turning the TV on to see if anything was on or not.


Cal saddled his horse up quickly then waited for everyone else to do so, his flute in his hands as he got ready to play a tune while he waited.

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M UnstableGuardian

Ashley silently walked to the kitchen and hummed softly as she went through the pantry. Getting a list ready for the next couple of weeks. - The hobbits scurried around. Helping get the necessities on the pony they had to carry the luggage for the trip.

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Lestat made sure to keep an eye on their son while he also watched an old football ham on the tv.


Cal chuckled to himself as he watched the hobbits scurry around "their much friendlier then those dwarves." He noted.

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M UnstableGuardian

Anthony squealed as he ran after the dog.

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Lestat watched their little bundle of joy with a smile on his face.

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