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Report FFNID 5330887 - Jeltsu Kagami-X - Fairy Tail [Troll][Resolved: Account banned]

Suspect: Makka Dragion (Indonesian Plagiarist)

Stolen: 1st Anniversary Natsu Lucy yang Gagal

Original: Day By Day Team Natsu (chapter 4)

OA: Lacie Helra-Chan

Same suspect

Stolen: munculnya cinta dalam misi (now titled "Little Love Story NaLu")

Original: Emerge Love at Missions (chapter 21), story deleted and no Wayback archive available.

OA: Himiki-chan

Same suspect

Stolen: My Innocent Shota Can't Be That Agressive

Original: My Innocent Shota Can't Be That Agressive

OA: Yorucchi

Profile of suspect:

Joined Nov 17, 2013, id: 5330887, Profile Updated: 1h ago Author has written 3 stories for Fairy Tail.

Comment? Complain? Even you don't know what has begaun? Idiot.

- Makka Dragion

You do not need to know my purpose here and why I'm doing plagiarism.

Just Shut Up and Watch

HIATUS - Fight Later

It is clear then that this author is not hiding the fact that he/she is plagiarizing stories. Please report this author!

1/10/2014 . Edited by RogueMudblood, 5/15/2019 #1 Report
M RogueMudblood

Confirmed and all added to C2.

Are you able to advise the OAs to file DMCAs with the site? If all 3 file, then the likelihood of the thief's account being banned is much greater. We have a template in the second post here: https://www.fanfiction.net/topic/124913/78263205/1/READ-FIRST-How-To-File-A-Plagiarism-Report-Also-contains-FAQ-and-forum-rules-UPDATED that they can use - it must be in English when submitted to the admins.

I do note that they are aware per the review boards of the plagiarism itself, but as the authors of the piece, if they file DMCAs to the copyright address instead of simply reporting on the story using the abuse function, then chances are this will be resolved more quickly.

1/11/2014 #2 Report
M O Long Johnson

I am most thankful for that comment Makka Dragon has left. It's perfect evidence to send to the admins. I've already got a screenshot of it.

1/11/2014 #3 Report
M O Long Johnson

Email sent to admins.

1/11/2014 #4 Report

Apparently, the first two OA already knew of their plagiarized work (judging by their review). I think that this plagiarizer is a troll, judging the fact that he/she did not mind plagiarizing more stories (and getting more flames). Anyway, I had adviced the third OA (yorucchi) to report it.

This is my PM to yorucchi in full:

Hi author-san. Mungkin author sudah mengetahui ini, tapi fic anda (My Innocent Shota Can't Be That Agressive) di-plagiat oleh Makka Dragion. Ini link untuk cerita plagiat itu: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9988118/1/My-Innocent-Shota-Can-t-Be-That-Agressive

Saya sarankan untuk melaporkan cerita plagiat itu. Mungkin link ini akan membantu anda untuk me-report ke admin FanFiction dalam bahasa Inggris:


Terima kasih.

1/11/2014 . Edited 1/11/2014 #5 Report
M RogueMudblood

Thanks so much, Aquos35. Like OLJ, I've sent a report via e-mail. Unfortunately, I don't know how long it will be before it's processed. The messages to the copyright address are worked much more quickly - but that one can only be used by the authors of the works.

1/11/2014 #6 Report

Yeah, it takes time. Anyway, I'm keeping an eye on this author for any new plagiarized works.

1/11/2014 #7 Report
A HorusTheAvenger

Have updated the title to indicate troll.

Welcome to the forum, Aquos!

1/11/2014 #8 Report

Thanks Horus!

1/11/2014 #9 Report
M RogueMudblood


1/15/2014 #10 Report
M RogueMudblood

e-mailed again.

1/23/2014 #11 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

New pen-name is Jeltsu Kagami-X. Preparing report to send.

Stolen: 1st Anniversary Natsu Lucy yang Gagal

Purged. 2 down, 2 to go.

1/29/2014 . Edited 1/29/2014 #12 Report
M O Long Johnson

User name changed to Jeltsu Kagami-X

1/29/2014 #13 Report
M RogueMudblood

https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9988118/1/My-Innocent-Shota-Can-t-Be-That-Agressive is also down

stolen: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10063496/1/Idiot-Is-Fun-Isn-t-it

Original: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9375754/1/Is-This-Family, story deleted and no Wayback archive available.

OA: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/4411204/Himiki-chan

1/29/2014 . Edited 5/14/2019 #14 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

Reported. Again.

1/29/2014 #15 Report
Lacie Helra-Chan

Thanks for you all who already report her, it's my honor. although I do not know how to report plagiarism. I am actually quite amazed by the sense of your care. :) *Sorry for my bad english

2/14/2014 #16 Report
M RogueMudblood

Lacie Helra-Chan,

Don't worry about your English, it's fine.

As to reporting the theft, there is a "report abuse" function on the story itself. At the bottom, under the review box, you see a button that says "Actions". Click on that. Then click "Report Abuse". Another window will pop up. In that window, choose "Not the property of uploading writer" from the drop down.

What I do then is type:

STOLEN! Original is [original URL]

Then enter the four digit code and click "Report".

[Original URL] is the link to the original story on the site.

Hope that helps!

2/15/2014 #17 Report
M O Long Johnson

Email sent.

3/4/2014 #18 Report
M O Long Johnson

Email sent.

3/8/2014 #19 Report
M O Long Johnson

Email sent.

4/23/2014 #20 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

He's at it again!

Stolen: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10492333/1/sayonara-my-nakama

Original Story: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/5351995/1/sayonara-nakama

Original Author: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/1813552/ARGENTUM-F-SILVER-CHAN

Edited to make FFN links clickable. - RogueMudblood

7/30/2014 . Edited by RogueMudblood, 7/30/2014 #21 Report
M RogueMudblood

Did you notify OA?

7/30/2014 #22 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

Not yet. I don't know if the OA is active.

7/31/2014 #23 Report
M RogueMudblood

Message sent to ARGENTUM F. SILVER-CHAN in English

8/1/2014 #24 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

The mods still haven't renewed their blog, so e-mail is the only option.

8/1/2014 #25 Report
M O Long Johnson

Email sent. Hope this one gets banned.

8/2/2014 #26 Report
M O Long Johnson

Email sent.

6/20/2015 #27 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

Himiki-Chan quit the site. :-(

6/20/2015 #28 Report
M RogueMudblood

Account banned.

5/15/2019 #29 Report
Make FFN Sensible Again

Yay! The admins finally slew this ole slewfoot! :D

5/16/2019 #30 Report
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